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    Finally got this!!!!!!! Very satisfying ... Koutoulou Impertinence and Duo were quite challenging.
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    Double post! 18K FUCK YEAH >:DDDDDDDDD
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    ~_~ if someone is interested in compos https://imgur.com/a/cCEU6al
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    felt more accomplished getting this virtual childhood dream of mine than skydiving from 15,000 feet a couple of days before LUL shout out to Austin, Maya, and Rob for logging 8+ characters each to help me open the gates at such an unaccommodating time
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    Hi everyone, a few of us have been working on DofusLab for several months now, and we're excited to show you guys our progress. DofusLab is an open-source set builder where you can experiment with your equipment. Please come give us a try at https;//dofuslab.io! I'd like to stress that this is a project that is still taking shape, and we welcome whatever help we can get, whether it be feedback/bug reports (join our Discord), code contributions/translations (GitHub), or coffees. I'd love to hear what you guys think.
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    Hi, some notes. You don't need to know well about the bosses, I'd figure out simple turns depending on your class. Depending on the placement you should have decent sets (nothing too specific). Probably takes some tries as I'm starting out. Current price: 15m Update: 20m, got a lot of resquests
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    Not gonna lie, all the people that still play are in their late 20s
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    Ho, ho, ho. This is the 6th year I've wished you all a very merry Christmas or happy holidays from those of us at Imps Village! Unlike last year, I won't make any wishes for the future given how that turned out...
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    Evening, Just realised I hadn't posted in about 6 months, I'm sure Coops is pleased. How is everyone? How have you been spending various lockdowns or whatever other policies have been introduced? I was fortunate in the sense that I was able to work from home during the UK's lockdown in Spring/Summer without being furloughed. We've just entered another 1 month lockdown until December, but it looks as though I can continue working from my firm's office, no dining room table for me ...
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    This was a grind ... the Spirits quest was the most challenging thing about this ornament (my multiple deaths to Founoroshi Duo notwithstanding). Thanks to @Uther-Idea for AFKing in front of Damadrya's Bamboo Grove for me!
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    Finally hit 5200 rating in solo 3v3 on el xelor
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    Just like Wesmaster's recent post, I've also decided to make a youtube channel. If you decide to visit my channel, be warned of poor audio and video quality on my videos since I'm navigating the platform with zero knowledge. If you ever have any beginner user friendly tips for me regarding topic ideas, editing especially since that's my weakness, and any other extra input, feel free to let me know here. Make sure to support other Dofus english youtubers you come across (New or Old) because you never know if they decide to come back and play or restart up their channels. Supporting or viewing content whether it is through comments, likes, views, etc. helps improve the Youtube's algorithm by moving the content up higher in the list. This means more exposure for the game and the minority. Youtuber List: Benjamight, The-Epiphany, Defy, Bamis, Wesmaster, Dofus Reflex, Flawless SH, Nubcakez, Deroy, Caleb's Chill Gaming - Dofus, Mvpdofus, VipeR, The-Nusk, Matt Wright, Foamingatthemouth SH, Creator Dofus, Hipster Gamer, Just Laguna, Calstrom, Time Well Spent, Retro Romby, Sacrience, Elesyl Dofus, Astrognome1, Ziberian, Mystopia, AlexandreRocha, Juse, Frozthax, Leanna, Xal, Veldin, Hakfu, Ultimate-Sensation, Snarkles, RalfyRalfy, Beehiveone, ModraKrevTV, Platinum TV, ChrolloLucifer, Blippero, Captain-Gale, Azn, Excynic, Celestial-Sun, Persona, Zing, Uthman, Cagri, Tazz, DofusSolar, Sweetkraz, Lyoto, WindowDV, RobYourHood, Rayban, -Ecko-, Tyde, LeoCC, Midnight-Hunter, Pentecost, Ftw-Family, Leonbohh, Kevinplaysdofus, and there's many more out there. This gives them motivation to continue making Dofus content and represent the English side of the community. Thanks for reading. Youtube Channel --> Bochi
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    The next one will be even better
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    I uncovered this cringe account, reset the password with an ancient email address, and logged in just to post here. An OG member of Misfits on Rushu. I remember her, the name, her recruiting of me, before the drama, the departure, and the rebirth. The fact that I am here over a decade later with memories of this game, this community, everything is so surreal. I'm randomly ranting and have no idea about the answer to your question, but I just wanted to create another footprint on a forum that will forever own a piece of my soul.
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    Hello, Dofus community! My name is Vitalii and I discovered the World of Twelve in far 2007. Even now I am playing from time to time, but much less than before. Anyway, Dofus is a really huge part of my life, so I would like to make a contribution into the Game community. I noticed that there are no good tools for helping with Smithmagus. I mean, there are excel sheets and very simple web applications. But everything is just hard or annoying to use or they are not covering all the scenarios (like negative sink). Since I am a beginner mobile developer now, I decided to work on Smithmagus Sink Calculator and try to make it as much convenient and easy to use as possible, considering my game experience and my perception of good UX. Finally the app got released on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vitaz.sinkcalculator I would like to ask you to give it a shot. Currently it has a comprehensive interactive tutorial for easy onboarding. The App allows you to pick the characteristics your item contains and creates the list of corresponding runes. Every magus action in the Game could be reflected in the App by just several taps which makes Sink calculation as easy as it was never been before. The App can work with Negative Sink as well and allows you to proceed with Critical Failures which happen pretty often in Dofus. Also it is doing logs for every action performed for better traceability. Currently the App is available for Android only since it is native and written with Kotlin. But I am planning to make the one for iOS as well if this App would be in demand in Dofus community. Here I have made a walkthrough video, showing the example of simple cloak Smithmagus: Further planned work in the app (decreasing priority): Bug fixing. I know about 2 bugs currently (one on the Item Creation screen and another one is empty History log being generated). Also I will respond if got new bug reports from users. French translation. I would need help from Native French speaking players, please reach me out if you are willing to help. Global progress saving. Currently the progress is being lost once you close the app or start a new magus job. I am planning to use database inside the app to save the progress and be able to see the global history as well as to be able to continue previous magus job. Create a new item using template from previous jobs, automatically generating similar rune/stat list. Start using Dofapi and be able to pick real items, applying corresponding stats automatically. That would make user experience even more smooth. As well as with iOS porting, I would be glad to work on all this if the App will really be in demand. Please feel free to leave you feedback and suggestions about improvements in comments, or sending me emails from the App title screen. Thank you for attention and hope you are going to have great experience with the App and with Smithmagus in general. Good luck!
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    Hey, 200 xelor here. I finally recovered my account after having the itch to play again. I'm always down to do dungeons or whatever, just send me a PM. I'm having fun with the game and all of the new xelor spells are very cool!
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    this crazy amulet comes from Rubilax , hispanic server, i'm just making a friend famous because of this xD
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    Don't need one for this either
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    Wow, nerd also @Ouest where are u ;-;
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    Apologies for the late results guys! Congratulations to @Sunbathe and @Rob for your winning entries and being Imps’ no1 power couple .
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    Hello die-hard Dofus fans, For the people still around on this iconic forum, I have a message. Recently I started a Dofus channel on YouTube. This is the link: Wesmaster For now there are no videos in which I speak but that will be the case in the near future. All those videos will be in English.Check out my channel if you like to watch Dofus videos, let me know if you liked it or not and subscribe if you want to see more!Thanks!
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    Welcome back(?) Question #1: What would be the current meta for casual play, questing and running dungeons with two characters? I remember rogue/panda being very popular combination back in the days. I have access to a omni/crit dmg cra, int/cha/mp reduction enutrof, int/healer osamoda and class change is also on opinion. There's still a lot of Rogue/Panda going on if you're looking for something, "optimal" but you can play whatever you like from what I've seen so far to be honest. Omni Cras are powerful for PvM still. Gear is cheaper than when I played when CB~Kolosso stuff was 10m+. You can decently outfit a lv 200 for 60m (with exos) now (excluding Dofuses). Question #2: What would be a ideal set/gear for these characters? I still have all my gear and items from back in the days (mainly Frigost, whale and abyssal items), so I'd have to grind for new fancy sets. This will depend on what classes you end up with but I haven't been back long enough myself to comment on this. I have an Intel PvM and Agi PvM sets built for Elio, but I don't think either set would help in your case. Question #3: What is the current state of low to mid level (100 to 150) pvp? I remember having a blast with 1v1 bonta vs brak and 3v3 Kolossium before Ankama ruined both of those, which caused me to finally give up on the game. If yes, what would be a solid all around solo character to casually do kolossium? Sacriers are OP
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    Yea, I used to play 3-4 accounts depending on dungeon but I'm solo accounting this time around. I have been considering duoing, but I'm also trying to stick with my strategy of not taking on too much. To be honest, I'm spending way more time playing than I expected which could be good or bad depending how you look at it. If you're on Echo @Constructs, drop me a PM and I'm happy to chit chat or help
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    Oh, that sounds really lovely actually. And fast when it comes to the leveling, gg! I agree everything is new and there is so much to take in but I really like it too so far, the quest system seems really nice to me - it gives you some purpose and I like that. And it makes it easier to relearn as you go I think as well. I was so confused at first btw both with professions and those spellpoints lol, was so frustrated couldn’t figure out how to put the points in I’m currently running around on three (one too many for me tbh,I do like running two but I’m trying to relearn a bit before deciding class and server), doing quests around Astrub familiarising myself with some of the old classes (cra, enu, sadi) before wanting to try one of the new ones. Still so undecided if I’ll regret locking myself to one acc or not but if Izy is as active as everyone says then perhaps no need to multi. I’ll sub one acc this week, make a decision lol. People do make the game what it is, I’ve forgotten a ton but that’s one thing I noticed, I remember it being such a nice community and from what I see here that really seems to still be the case.
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    Now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time.
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    Sup loves never touching dofus again but I will touch all of you
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    UPDATE 2.58 DOFUS [English translation] by Juse & Slay Full ENG translation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1seMX1evHW51DTN6A85szwE4VHlxRzSt1eSnrfXqlNEs https://www.dofus.com/fr/forum/1557-discussions-generales/2347313-changelog-2-58-eveil-pandala-partie-3 ITEM CHANGES Pryteks: The shield refreshes every turn, and last one turn. Prytek1: 20%/15/10 Prytek2: 15%/15/15 Prytek3: 10%/15/20 The shield cannot be stacked. The goal is to allow all the pryteks to have a role depending on your gameplay. Catseye Bow: 5ap, range is now 4-7, crit nerfed (15% -> 5%, 6do -> 5do) Corruption Bow: 6ap now Hammerture: 6ap now Corruption cape: When the bearer gets to 100% of his max life, he applies a poison in his best element to everyone in a 2 range AoE. last 2 turns, cannot be unbewitched, 1 stack max. Jessica belt:: now steals 100 dodge instead of 50. Fallanster shield: The effect only applies if you got an enemy in LoS at the end of your turn. Dodge: At the beginning of his turn, the bearer teleports on a random tile next to him. If he cannot move, he gets 10% crit and 80 pb damages. DOES WORK IF GRAV’D Pb boots: Pushes 2 instead of 1. Weapon dmg crown: When suffering an AP, MP, or Range reduction, the bearer gets 3% weapon damages for two turns, stackable 5 times. Death Defying shield: The effect now does proc anytime, instead of at the beginning of bearer’s turn. NEW EQUIPMENT 1 paper set, 1 ink set, 1 independent set 3 no-set items Inky set: Amu, Boots, Belt Bi element: Cha/int/Ap red/Cri High stats, but heavy debuffs (MP & AP red/dodge, dodge). Bonus: 10 AP red, 40 int/cha, -10 MP red, 1 mp (3 items) Paper set: Cape, Hat, Weapon (basically Ink’s opposite) Bi element: Str/Agi/No-cri High stats, but heavy debuffs (AP red, tackle, crit) Bonus: 40 str/agi, 10 mp red, -10 ap red, 1 ap (3 items) Changing how Scythes work (the new weapon being a scythe). Hits in an AoE including 3 melee tiles (face, right, left) or 3 ranged tiles (same pattern). The damage on the left and right cells are decreased by 25%, front one does 100%. New out-of-set items: Agi/Pb dmg ring Agi lifesteal Scythe Cha bow New hammer: 3 ap, two uses a turn, no crits 16-18 Fire + 1-12 Lifesteal Fire Fire stats New wand: 21-28 Fire + 5-8 Lifesteal Fire Fire stats 3 res lines New ring: Int/agi/cha Docri 3 res lines Last Set: Weapon (bow), Hat, Amu Str/Cha set Cri set Debuffs: Ap red, dodge Note: heavy bow with two nice lines and crit based DOFUSES Sparkling silver: Heals 40% -> 30% Triggers when the bearer goes below 20% hps. The effects apply at the beginning of the bearer’s turn, until that he got an icon above the head. Ivory: 40 fix res all -> 4% all Passive now reduces the damages by half every 5 damage lines. Ebony: Stats doesn’t change Passive -> Attacking ranged AND melee in a single turn allows your next attack to apply a poison for 2 turns. Can be applied multiple times a turn. No more 10% buff. NEW DOFUS (BLACK-SPOTTED DOFUS - NEEDS 2 SLOTS TO WORK...) +20 heal +20 cri res If the bearer deals damages during his turn, his allies who bear the Dorigami and the Bearer get 16 damages for 1 turn. If he doesn’t hit, Domakuro’s bearers gets 100% of their level in shield for 1 turn. The buffs cannot be stacked. OSA No more Spiritual link and Sacrificial Fire The 4 base elemental spells have been changed : The spells don't work on allies anymore so they aren’t “bread and butter” of the class. The Informo doesn’t suffer allies damages anymore, which allows the osa to stack his passive on the summon instead of spamming his spells on his allies. New spells: Tandem Animal: gives a buff to the target and the osa depending on the element the osa is in. Can be stacked up to one buff of each element. Agi: +1 mp Str: 180% of your level as Shield (+360 sp at lvl 200) Water: 150 Pow Fire: increased heals received Variant: “Natural preservation” all caster’s summon gets 30% elemental resistances until they die. The caster suffers 15% more damage and cannot use summon spells until every summon is dead. Whip is reworked: Attract a caster’s summon to his melee. If the tile is already taken, the summon is cooped symmetrically to the caster. The shield spell is reworked: The target summon gets 225% of its level as shield. High energy shot:: Gives less vita Gambol (the melee tp agi spell): Cost goes from 2 to 4 ap, and decreases by 1ap every use Gobball fleece:: Instead of “if there are enemies in the area get a shield”, always get a shield (+200 sp at lvl 200) that increases with the number of targets. Generates up to 2 charges and is only 4 ap! Toads are modified: 3-stacks toad main spell is nerfed, and the attractions spells are changed for another damages spell that attracts in a cross shaped area Dragons: 3-stacks first heal isn’t linear and don’t need los / the second spell now always ub but only if the Dragon is controlled 3-stack gobbal doesn’t shield anymore, instead he now steals MPs and dodge to the target for 1 turn (can be used 3 times a turn, 2 stacks max, 2 times per target) The goal was to make it harder to gain charges by just stacking on allies. MASQ Variants and spell levels are changed 2 masq changing per turn instead of 1!!! Classic mask variant now gives 1 ap instead of lock = free mask change! Basic classic masq now gives 10% reduced damages. The masq effects cannot be unbewitched anymore and are now infinite on the Masq. Agi: Now able to AP red with Picada -2 and Retention -3 - 1 max accumulation. Str: ranged MP red spell now rapes more mp but cannot be stacked anymore. 2 spells deleted: Atabak & 5ap lifesteal water spell 2-masq spells (can be used with 2 different masks), some spells have been changed to be used with 2 masks (such as Ponteira) 2 new spells: -> Carnavalo: 3ap, 1-3 range, 15 cri, 5 turn cd.. Deals damage in the best element, pushes the target and apply a shield on the caster. Yes it does all 3. 1 of the 3 effects is buffed depending on the current active mask. Changing the masq reduces cd by 1. (24-28, 100% of the level as shield, pushes by 1. buffs: 29-33, 300% as shield, pushes by 3). Classic carnavalo is dope, 600 shield, other two give 200 shield. 3 cell pb one decent for pb mask. Increased dmg one is hardly an increase but decent for all in. With 3 ap left, can switch back to classic for free (gives 1ap now) and shield self for 600 and u can hit ally or enemy to proc it -> Transfiguration: 3 ap, 1-6 range, 6 delay. Apply an effect to the target depending of the masq. Changing the masq decreases the delay by 1. (effects are: -20% melee damages, healing received *50%, -20% ranged damages) Diffraction modified: The amount of shield is modified depending of the distance between the Masq and the targets. (0-5 = 450%, 6-11 = 250%, 12+ = 50%) Grimace (summon) is nerfed: hp 1500 -> 1200 (cause now it can be controlled which is HUGE) OUGINAK Bestial form now allow “bark” spell to make you unmovable and give you 2mp Bestial form can now TACKLE, but still cannot be tackled Prey variant Venison now increases the damages inflicted to the target by 10% instead of applying lifesteal effect (effect still last 3 turns) Snuggletooth, Rcanine’s variant heals 5% of max hp, costs 1 ap and reduces rage… insane. 5k max hp > 250 heal. R-canine is now 150% power for 3 turns, the extra turn is so nice! “Canine channel” now applies an effect to the Prey that spreads 50% of the received damages in a 2 range AoE. “Call of the Pack” now attracts every ally from 4 tiles to the target if it’s the Prey. Tetanisation nerfed -4 to -3 mp rape Ouginak’s shield cannot be unbewitched directly (can still be unbewitched by applying pb damages) “Affection” heals an ally by 7% Shield’s variant now apply shield if the ougi suffer an MP red Bloodhound now attracts every target in a cross shaped area around the prey - really nice, you can use tailing now and still have an attract that removes ivory (note: new ivory is harder to Amarok now gives 10% melee resistance to the allies around the target - STACKS WITH WATCHDOG CARRION IS 3 AP WITH RESPECTABLE DMG but only 10% ero, 2 turns Stripping got it’s base damages lowered, is upped to 5ap cost, but still got a big damage buffs if allies are melee with the target Yapper is controllable via summon mastery No nerf to sniff, thank fuck MASTER OF SUMMONS New common spell allowing every class to take control of their invocations. The spell works on an “Enable/Disable” pattern. The spell is free (costs 1 ap, gives back 1 ap) Don’t know how to get this yet, can’t find on beta. Beehive one said it’s at [UNKNOWN_TEXT_ID_876463] [8,-31] but we don’t know how to get there NEW TITLES & ORNAMENTS 20k achievs -> ANIMATED ORNAMENT New pandala dim achievs NEW MAPS Dimensions, abysses etc are now available via the world map (M) You can now access a zone with GPS MISCELLANEOUS Conney, enu dmg share and living bag, all sadi summons, hupper guardian, yapper, pandawasta can be controlled which means sadi turns will be aids hhh Huppers pb: They already talked about that, they don’t want to set a patch too quick, they know it’s too strong, THEY THINK YOU DON’T SEE THEM ENOUGH Sram jinx reduced from 5 to 4 ap which is huge for that 46-50 water crit steal
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    OK Im not even mad though
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    It's been a while since my last flex so here is something. (couldn't find all the screenshots)
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    20ch, 17ch, 15ch less than 20 souls ;d
  41. 2 points
    Opened. Big thanks to Rainy and Sweetkraz who helped fill the low-level rooms, and the people who showed up for the 200 room.
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    This is Google translated, when an English one is up I will post that in this one's place. Until then, enjoy. https://www.dofus.com/fr/forum/1557-discussions-generales/2335265-changelog-2-56-eveil-pandala ENGLISH VERSION: (no patches, just the first beta) https://www.dofus.com/en/forum/1138-general-beta-discussions/337274-beta-2-56-changelog-pandala-awakens
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    Hey, you used Shadowy beam that one singular time.
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    This was definitely not an autowin as I thought it would be, and was the most fun I had in an achieve lately. Thanks @Veldin for sharing yours therefore motivating me to do it as well and @Jaelia for sharing the video. @Proxy-Error's comment also solved an issue I was having with timing my spells correctly, so thank you for that. @Goast is the best for lending me the Ivory as well hh
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    Pandala is an old zone in DOFUS that hasn't changed much since it was created. In the last few years, many of you have expressed interest in seeing the island brought up to date, and this project was important to us too. As an iconic zone in DOFUS, Pandala deserved more than just a graphical overhaul. And so, with enthusiasm and great care, we completely revamped it. In addition to major geographical changes, there will be an expanded version of the history of Pandala. The flora and fauna will be different, which will affect the items made from resources collected on the island. Players will get to complete new challenges and be rewarded with glory, power, and wealth. And our more experienced adventurers needn't worry, as Pandala Island will have many secrets yet to be revealed in the summer of 650. This update will also allow us to continue the work of balancing classes. STORY Can the future change the past?Fueled by desperation in the wake of the disastrous Eliocalypse, a dragon decides to break all the rules and travel through time and space. His goal: prepare the World of Twelve for the trials the future has in store for it, thus allowing for a different future. This dragon is none other than the protector of Pandala Island.Only the ancient spirits tied to Pandala can alter the course of events. Their powers are great. However, nature being untamable, in response to the dragon's call, the entire island is forever changed in a cycle of destruction and creation.This time of great upheaval seems endless to the Pandalans; for all other Twelvians, it will have lasted for a single night.Pandala's AwakeningThe Pandawas had to adapt to their new environment and coexist with the spiritual beings, resurrecting previously forgotten faiths and traditions. At the same time, rebuilding efforts continue.As Pandala reconnects with its past, the elders notice a worrying threat. The spirits seem agitated and are sometimes hostile to the Twelvians. What is causing their behavior? Is there any way to soothe them? What are their intentions? Could the dragon's cure be worse than the disease he's fighting against?All these questions will eventually be answered… But one thing is certain: Pandala will never be the same again. GEOGRAPHY Pandala Island is emblematic of the World of Twelve. Maintaining the identity of the place was important, made more difficult due to its old graphics and having been built with outdated tools under outdated technical limitations.Pandawa culture is largely inspired by China, of course. Well, the first thing you notice when you look at the ancient island is that, except for Feudala with its debatable volcanic appearance, it is entirely flat. And yet the "sugarloaf" mountains of China are intrinsically linked to the giant panda's ecosystem.The 2020 version of Pandala was therefore built around a set of round, very vertical mountains that frame the whole island. In Aerdala, of course, but also in other zones, including the village, there are mountains everywhere, offering a nice feeling of terrain and navigation. We then gave each area its own graphical set to highlight the element it's associated with, in a way that's much more evident than in the old version. Akwadala is dotted with rivers and waterfalls; water is much more present there, instead of simply surrounding the conquest village like before. In Terrdala, rocks are now featured prominently as works of art. Aerdala rises up to dizzying heights and is covered in windmills and kites. Feudala has changed the most; instead of a volcano, it is a place centered on spirituality tied to incense smoke. Finally, Pandala Forest is now Plantala and is covered in moss and vegetation fit for an area designated a "forest". CONTENT Although the Primordial Dofus storyline quickly brings you to Pandala Island, the content of the island is not really suited for characters that have just left Astrub. Other zones in the game already serve this function (e.g. Kingdom of Amakna and Cania Plains) and offer content and challenges adapted to these characters. When Pandala Island was added to the game over 14 years ago, its content was meant for medium- to high-level players. Since then, the average level of characters has gone way up. This is due, among other things, to players' veteran status, changes to the game, and faster leveling compared to when the island came out. Monsters To make sure Pandala still appeals to veteran players, the overall level of monsters encountered on the island will be increased, and the early zones will now be intended for players of around level 100 to 150. The goal here will be to provide a seamless block with greater continuity, as with previous zone revamps and additions. The bestiary will also be completely updated. Whereas currently, the combination of monster families and their level are uneven (you may encounter a group of monsters where the level gap between them is over 50 levels), the number of families will be reduced and you'll no longer get weird combinations. Duplicates will be removed (Daggero's Lair and Kitsoune Dungeon); each monster and each family will have their own distinctive gameplay (no more Kitsoune with only the color and element changed); and there will no longer be a significant difference in power between two monsters of the same level (Pandulums' damage, Bulbs' resistance, etc.). There will be a total of five monster families, some new and some updated, for adventurers to (re)discover. As for the ghosts in Nolifis Island, they remain true to themselves, but for how long? The monsters in Pandala will continue to occasionally add archmonsters to their ranks. However, since the number of monsters on the island has been reduced, several archmonsters will migrate to other lands to be paired with other monsters. Pandala monster souls in players' possession will disappear; only archmonster souls will remain. Some wanted monsters aren't fond of the upheavals that Pandala Island has undergone. As a result, four of these are moving to the continent, while the other three will stay firmly rooted to the island. New fugitives may, at some point, decide to take their place and settle on the island of the goddess and spirits. Items Among the changes accompanying the Pandala bestiary overhaul, the number of resources that can be collected from monsters has been drastically reduced. Each monster will provide fewer types of resources, but each of these resources will be more useful (and therefore potentially more valuable). Resources that are now obsolete won't be deleted from your inventory; the resource vendor in Pandala Village will exchange them for other resources. Pandala resources are used in hundreds of recipes, all of which will be adjusted following these changes. This includes equipment as well as breeding items, keys, and others. These changes will in no way impact the level or effects of equipment; these aspects will remain unchanged in the update. However, the transformation of the island will feature various new sets and equipment. Whether you're looking at stats or appearance, there'll be something for everyone. There are several pets that hide in Pandala, and they too will be affected by the transformation. Changes will be made to their spawn criteria and the resources needed to collect them. A handful of them will become temporarily unavailable until a new hiding place can be found, which will take a few months at most. Conquest We've started discussing the social aspect of the game, the future of guilds and alliance, and the conquest system. Given these uncertainties and due to the impact of recent events on production, conquest villages in Pandala Island will be removed, and the resources found there will be made accessible to all. It's much too early to predict their fate in the long term, to say whether they'll return to the game, and if they do, what they'll look like. Treasure Hunts Mainly because of time constraints, treasure hunts will initially be impossible in Pandala Island. This feature will become available on the island later this year. Quests The story of the island will be largely fleshed out and linked to the changes and improvements made to Pandala; the existing storyline will be considerably impacted. As when we revamped Astrub, several quests will disappear, and others will be adapted to the changes. As mentioned above, regarding the Eternal Harvest in particular, it will be handled the same way as was when Cania, Sidimote, Dreggons, and other elements were overhauled: Monsters that are now obsolete will be replaced by other monsters, and archmonsters will remain unchanged. A number of quests will allow you to discover the new Pandala Island and its secrets, introducing you to local drinks and the Pandawas' ancestral martial art. Achievements Achievements linked to Pandala will be significantly affected by the update. Achievements associated with monster families and dungeons will be disabled. Characters that have completed these achievements will lose the points granted but will keep all other rewards earned (ornaments, titles, etc.). Counters (number of quests, achievement points, etc.) will be updated, but the achievements they are associated with will remain confirmed if they have been unlocked. Of course, new achievements connected with Pandala will be added and available to all characters. SPECIFIC CHALLENGES A minor new mechanic will accompany Pandala's awakening: monster-family-specific challenges. Quite simply, these are combat challenges designed to highlight the specific features of a monster family, and to more properly reward your combat-related feats. These challenges only appear in fights occurring in the target zone and nowhere else.With these new challenges, we hope to make combat a little more varied from one zone to the next. They encourage you to adjust your play style to the monster family and reward you for doing so.For example, the new monster family in Akwadala places static summons on the field that deal damage to nearby units. Here are examples of the challenges associated with these monsters: Have each monster defeated by an enemy summon. Have two monsters defeated by an enemy summon in one hit. Kill none of these summons. As this is a new system we're testing out in 2.56, we invite you to post in the forums to share what you think about these challenges. Tell us which ones you found interesting, which ones you didn't like, and share any ideas you might have for new challenges. Our main goal with this update is to determine, together with you, whether you like this feature and how we can develop it and perhaps expand it at some point. CLASS BALANCING In response to the needs expressed by players and issues that have been observed, for this balancing phase we focused on the following classes: Sacrier, Foggernaut, Huppermage, and Ecaflip. Since the most recent changes, certain bugs have unfortunately disrupted the experience of Sacriers along with that of their opponents, occasionally distorting the outcome of a fight. The changes made today are intended to correct these bugs and prevent the abuse they enabled. This debugging comes with several nerfs, as well as a few minor improvements that you can check out in the changelog.Between these bugs and the many defensive spells and effects, the Sacrier's tanking was excessive. Our goal was to limit reduction stacking with the defensive spells and the passive, while limiting the rotation of these spells to give opponents more opportunities to fire during combat. Following the changes made to Foggernauts and Huppermages last summer, these two very versatile, so-called "Swiss Army knife" classes had their gameplay relaxed and their overall power increased. However, they turned out to be overpowered in several different roles within the same fight when compared with so-called "specialist" classes. This is particularly true with the eroder role, where they're supposed to be a secondary choice relative to the main eroders, namely Iops, Ouginaks, and Ecaflips. Their capacity for erosion has therefore been reduced so as to maintain this capacity while also giving the primary eroder classes more opportunities to flex. More precisely, Foggernauts will mainly see a reduction to the resistance of their turrets and the protection they can offer allies. In terms of improvements, the MP reduction mode (already somewhat used in PvM) has been emphasized, along with the Earth path, which was a bit low on damage, through the Trident. A number of spell descriptions that were wrong or incomplete have been corrected. As for Huppermages, their individual tanking capacity has been reduced. The flexibility provided by certain spells related to managing elemental states or positioning via runes has also been weakened. Regarding improvements, bi-element spells that were applying states in the wrong order have been fixed, and the Arcane Torrent spell has been completely reworked to emphasize the management of elemental combinations, and therefore multi-element modes in general. Ecaflips tend to struggle more often than their peers mentioned above, especially in PvP. The changes we're offering are meant to give a boost to the class in this respect, especially by placing greater emphasis on its role as an eroder. The spells Tails or Heads, Bluff, Meowch, and Nerve didn't work in an ideal way and have therefore been updated to serve that purpose.The Clover spell, which is no longer central in gameplay since the passive was added, has been completely redesigned. Pushback damage paths have been slightly buffed. Rekop and Trickery have been reworked so that their randomness works in a more appealing way. The Misadventure has also been modified to work without the Clover and to provide a more appropriate mechanic. As usual, we kindly ask that you test out these changes and give us your feedback in the relevant forum threads. We'll very closely track the development of the classes affected, while preparing the necessary changes for the next set of classes to be put through the balancing mill during the next few updates. NEW MUSIC IN DOFUS We are very excited to announce the release of part 2 of the DOFUS music revamp! The sound department has been working tirelessly to provide a music and sound experience fit for the World of Twelve. As Guillaume Pladys, your steadfast composer for the music in DOFUS, explained in the Twitch episode last December 5, we strive for a subtle balance between music and sound effects so that the listening experience is unique. With the first batch of tracks added during the Eliocalypse, next we'll be releasing no less than 40 new titles as part of the Pandala patch. Let's start with the dungeon music. As there is a very high number of these tracks in DOFUS, we decided on a musical composition by theme. For each one, there will be exploration music and combat music. This way, you'll hear the music alternate between mysterious, enchanting, frosty, childlike, jungle-y, sinister, subterranean, warlike, industrial, and magical. These 10 or so well-defined ambient tracks will liven up your wanderings throughout the game. Then, after inspecting the ins and outs of a dungeon, you stumble on its guardian… For the final boss, the musical aesthetic needs to be different, and much more epic. So the final confrontation in a dungeon will happen to the tune of strings, woodwinds, brass, and especially vocals! The entire symphony orchestra is used, along with a full choir. Perhaps they'll inspire you to defeat these bosses? We've also added unique tracks for the most iconic characters in your favorite game. Who hasn't dreamed of a battle with Count Harebourg set to amazing music that does justice to the guardian of Ilyzaelle's Lookout? Or maybe you've imagined collecting the Vulbis Dofus with a majestic choir singing Crocabulia's praises in the background. As you've rightly expressed in the forums, areas like Ilyzaelle's zone, the Bwork Camp, and Agony V'Helley lacked a specific musical sound. With the revamp, this is no longer the case; we've diversified the music you hear in the largest areas of the World of Twelve. By way of example, Pandala Island will feature 10 different musical tracks. And last of all, we're officially releasing music from the game on audio streaming platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, and more). You'll be able to immerse yourself in the Krosmoz wherever you go! To tide yourself over until then, visit Ankama's SoundCloud for a special preview of a rearranged Pandala track. Happy listening, and see you on July 8! The Sound Crew CONCLUSION After waiting and waiting, you'll finally get to see the new and improved Pandala Island. Be sure to participate in the beta test for Pandala, available on the dedicated servers, and then share your impressions on it. Your feedback is important as it allows us to fix recent bugs and tweak the game experience. Though the five elements will be in the spotlight this summer, the waning of sunny days will benefit other spirits, who will surely appear when the opportunity arises. So, plan to extend your trip to Pandala Island beyond your summer vacation. https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/devblog/tickets/1200540-new-day-pandala
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    Misery's Guide: 30-60m 390 66 int 66 str 26 wis 3 crits 12 dam 12 '' 7 res 7 '' 10 ap res 10 mp res 20 Crit dmg proplr shield: 10-15m 25 25 20 13
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    I'll join the necro party here! These are some legends that inspired me on my way up on the game. Odiegood/baddog? iop - I think we were essentially enemies but he was a decent sort to chat with. Vivi - inspired me to make a wisdom xelor Jseu - Long talks about xelor play and development. Without each other I think we both would've scrubbed. oOoAmonoOo - Good guy and helped me with guild leadership. I sponsored this guys tailor. Skye - I think he was the original wisdom xelor. He even had that high level hat that had like 50 max wisdom and actually looked like a xelor. Maltese-killer - A lot of talks about maging with this guy. I spent a lot of time on rushu talking to him and discussing maging. Essenceofsuperiority - Probably the worst sram in the first goultarminator. However he was always higher level than everyone and was absolutely terrifying to fight. old-nick - Fuck that guy I'm sure there is more, but these people probably pushed me more than most. Or helped me develop. These are some friends that I truely miss. Meemah - My first dofus wife. I miss running gobbal dungeon with her. Alexie-skye - My 2nd dofus wife. Lost track of her 10 years ago. We led guilds together. Completed everything in game together. Her encouragement helped me when I was depressed. She also gave me seed money for exo maging. Without her I never would've been able to. Cyv - I married her in real life. We still are together. However her impact on my team and my shitty laptop helped me grow as a player. Mac-gyver - Introduced me to cyv. Would spend countless hours chatting with him. Helped me learn professions when I was a baby xelor. Megaquake - Just a good friend for chats. Real name was Rowan. I named my son after him. I'll just fire off a bunch of names I remember fondly. Frizel, namhcir, sosen-eihei, twisted, ferrocyanide, pantaleo, morganobree, acey, leafie, fickle-mistress, meros-blood, so many more I cant remember... This game was more about the friendship along the way, I remember that so much more than anything I accomplished. I stayed because of the friends I made and come back hoping to find them.
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    Due to lockdown I've decided to come back. Hit 16k, aiming at 18 now. Thanks for your support
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