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  1. 25 points
    Thank you for sharing, Amber. Sarah was one of the most beautiful, genuine and talented people I have ever met. She also happened to study at the same university as me. When Sarah found out about this, and as enthusiastic as she was, she wanted to meet up. From this first meet-up I was immediately in love. We dated for a while and I can honestly say that was one of the happiest times in my life. She lit up my world, as she did for many others. It is crazy to think about how we hung out at her place. The same exact place where she was stabbed to death by her roommate. It is crazy to think that I have seen her killer in real life. The cello playing weirdo she used to complain about. It is crazy to think that someone would dare to hurt someone so unbelievably kind and caring. Life has not been fair to Sarah. Sarah’s smile made the world a brighter place. Rest in peace Sarah, you will have a special place in my heart forever.
  2. 20 points
    A couple of us had the pleasure to meet Sarah a couple years back in Brussels. We stayed at a small hotel that was sorta abusing AirBnB to get customers (I’m pretty sure it’s meant for non-hotel individuals to open up their homes) for a weekend. We had such an amazing time with her, and me and her tried our best to cook for the lot of us. Unfortunately the kitchen was terribly small and all we had was pots, not a single pan. She wanted to make baked potatoes and we ended up burning them to the bottom of the pot. It was a sad sight which we could only laugh about. @Jodx still complained to this day how he had to clean up our mess. And Sarah and I promised that the next time we meet we’d take our own pans with us. I tried to keep in touch with her through all kinds of social media, chatter her up semi-frequently, to see how she was doing. She was a sweetheart of a person, she cared so much for everyone around her, struggled with her work and her studying. The last time I talked to her I told her about the tough time I had at work. She said that it’ll be okay. I keep staring at that. I so wanted to see her again. I wanted to see that infectious smile again. I only met her once in person but I counted her as my friend. A friend that is gone now forever. This isn’t okay. And I’m torturing myself with the thoughts of her last moments. Her agony, her pain, her loneliness. She was stabbed and beaten up. She tried to be a friend to her roommate and he killed her. I miss you so much Sarah.
  3. 17 points
    Sarah’s nickname on dofus growing up was “cc” after her iop Casper-Cutie. We both started out on Rosal as 11/12 year olds and we spent all day everyday together at -10,24 talking about life. The little things. Transitioning into new schools. First crushes. Staying up past bedtime texting because we were so fascinated by our first cell phones. She wanted to be an astronaut back then. A few weeks before this happened, Sarah talked about how she didn’t feel like people were proud of her diligence and her accomplishments. Sarah had to go through the pain of her brothers suicide. She tried to make sense of it but never could. She never let the pain consume her. The pain inspired her to study Psychology, and she empathized with so many members of our community who were dealing with poor mental health, staying up all night to talk to friends, acquaintances, even strangers who were experiencing suicidal thoughts. She started living on her own and providing for herself at such a young age. She had to grow up so fast. She dealt with much more than most do in a lifetime. She wanted so badly to help people, even when she felt her safety was in jeopardy. Sarah was so selfless. Sarah was so hardworking, but her accomplishments stretch far beyond work and school. She enjoyed life to the fullest. She traveled every chance she could, went on adventures, she fell in love with making music again and again. She loved meeting people and connecting people. She had a talent for befriending those who needed a friend the most. She left behind so much love, and so many lessons. Be patient. Be forgiving. Show love. Help others stand tall. Transform pain into something beautiful. Take risks, enjoy life, and never look back. Cc, we are so fucking proud of you.
  4. 16 points
    nice qued-quit xdddddddddddddddddd w8 this is not clickb8 tho tldr: I’m quitting, bye :^) Full text: Dear ImpsVillage Forum users, I bet most of you have already noticed my absence both in Dofus game and on the ImpsVillage Forums. This post is not supposed to change anything in my life or your life. Instead it will have solely an informative purpose where I would like to make it clear with everyone once and for all. I will be straightforward and simply announce my decision to quit playing Dofus game forever. The main reason is quite simple, for I no longer have enough time to play Dofus anymore even considering the fact that I still love this game despite all of its drawbacks. Should I be more precise, I would say that I no longer have time to enjoy the game to the fullest because the majority of Dofus activities (especially the endgame content) not only requires way too much time in front of a computer but also demands a lot of thoughts and plannings in advance. Now those are no more things that I could afford with my current lifestyle. In fact, Dofus is a game that does not really have any true final goals, the players give a goal to themselves so that they could enjoy the game for themselves to its fullest. Now that I do not have enough time for the game I cannot give myself any goal to accomplish anymore, making the Dofus game meaningless for me. There are sadly other reasons to my decision. My favorite guide website, the dofuspourlesnoobs.com has been inaccessible in my country for more than a year. The CyberGhost VPN 6 cracked full version program which I had been using to get around the restriction is now no longer working. So far I could not find any replacements to that VPN in terms of being free, reliable and without any traffic restrictions which meant a harsh inconvenience in using it on a daily basis. Moveover, recently the impsvillage.com website has also become inaccessible(!) with most of ISPs in my country. (So basically you are reading a post which is published via a random free VPN.) That was the final trigger in my decision. It seems that everything is stopping me from interacting with anything connected to Dofus, making it less less convenient for me to play the game. And as stated above I unfortunately no longer have a privilege to circumvent those troubles. My subscription has also ended at the beginning of February. I believe there is nothing vital that would hold me in the game anymore. On this note I would like to announce my plan to gift my account to two persons who I think deserves it the most: - @bulgari, also known as Osama, a person who has actually made a huge impact in my gaming experience since the time I was still an unknown player and thanks to whom I have become so successful in this game, no matter what impression he gives to everyone today; - @Goast, also known as Arthur, a second person with whom I have had one of the best Dofus gaming experience in my “late gaming period” and with whom I have enjoyed doing most of endgame contents (including doing Ivory Dofus quest line together almost from a scratch) which I could not do with Osama due to his frequent hiatus. I am giving away this account with all the security details and all the account belongings to them and allowing both of them to do whatever they want with the account because I cannot really care anymore. But to be honest nothing would really change because both of them have already had my login details for a long time and this post is simply a formal and official statement for other people to know. (I hope you people will not report me for breaking ToU 4.3.1 <З) Of course I cannot stress enough how thankful I am absolutely to everyone else who has played any role in my Dofus journey. I wish to thank everyone regardless of the influence they had on me, be it positive or negative. The list of those people starting from Osama and the awesome Platinum members ending with random people I have encountered inside and outside the game would be so big that I would not possibly be able to remember and mention everyone. But I can surely say that if you are at least reading these random blocks of my awkward text you are already playing a small role in my Dofus life. I really do not know if I will return back to the game or not but I absolutely do not regret giving away everything I have accumulated during my gameplay because during all these years of playing Dofus I have come to realization that should I actually come back to the game I could have always started from scratch and came to the top provided I would actually have free time and also awesome friends like the Platinum members (and many others too) to assist me in my new journey. Dofus will always have a special place in my heart. I have truly enjoyed every single moment spent in the game, be it sitting in front of a zaap away from keyboard or dying in a dungeon trying to do numerous achievements with my noob Sacrier or bullying guildmates and getting bullied by them everyday in Platinum’s guild chat. Again, thank you everyone I have come across at least once in the game or on the forums or the social networks for enriching my gaming experience. Thank you ImpsVillage for an awesome community and the “Post Price Please” legacy. Thank you for all the memes and troll posts on this forum since I believe only humor can save this world. Thank you for bearing with my cringy and immature way of writing comments on this forum with shortened words, I really had fun interacting with ImpsVillage community in that way and I hope you do not have anything personal against me for that. Always stay passionate about what you do inside and outside the game, always be true to yourselves. Love you all, Quadro P.S. QnA w/ Qued: Q: qued pls tell us ur joking we want u back af!!! A: Nope I am dead serious :^) Q: qued wut iz ur name??? A: Maybe next time :^) But I am neither Putin nor Natasha, sorry to disappoint you all :с Q: qued r u dofus mod??? A: Nope, in my opinion being a Dofus Moderator is actually one of the useless things you can do in Dofus (except for generating jokes about it xD) Q: qued r u even a real russkie??? A: хD Ok, I am sorry for lying to you, I am actually Vietnamese but I was born in Russia and I live mainly in Russia :^) Yes I have a Vietnamese name, yes I speak Russian better than Vietnamese. I do not drink though. Q: how old r u qued??? A: 21 Q: wtf qued arnt u like 70+ or smth??? Q: wut do u even do for living??? A: I am a student ;р Q: qued why do u even lack time??? A: The responsibility I have now in my life is pretty high for me to allow myself to sit in front of a computer playing games for several hours straight. Q: qued gibe kems pls??? items??? anything??? A: No :^) Q: wut gonna hapen w/ pletinum utube chanel??? is even alive??? A: Dunno :^) Q: qued r qued and just-monika same person????????? A: Yes they are с: Q: ty qued we had our doubts til now!!!!!!!!! Q: qued r quedro-[rus] and quedro same person??? A: Yes they are Q: pls qued we kno u gonn play dofus touch!!! traitor af!!! A: No, I will not be playing Dofus Touch for the same reason why I am quitting Dofus: I no longer have any means to invest myself into such a long term game. Q: did u kno quinotaur and timeless r same person????? A: Guessed so, but there is nothing a random person like me can actually do with that knowledge. Q: will u still visit impsvillage??? A: I might lurk around the ImpsVillage Forums sometimes but I will no more be as active as before. It will be the same for all the social media related to Dofus. Even now I am already no longer relevant to this game due to my absence, so no real point getting myself involved into the Dofus community anymore. Q: qued but ur q&a dosent hav question i wunted to ask!!! wtf refund pls!!! A: I am deeply sorry, maybe next time :^) Q: wen next tiеm??? A:
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    They won't roll it back. And I called this guy a cuck from day1. Also you'll all forget about it in a week and treat him normally just like you do timeless/rukai/juse/many others and they'll have made easy money with little to no repurcussions l u l. Guess who's always right
  7. 13 points
    I recently subbed a month on 1.29 for my daughter as a 12th birthday present. I sat with her and walked her through each class on the selection screen and she gravitated towards an osa. After playing, she liked the game and fell in love with gobballs. When we team up and I kill them, she always gives me crap ha. Anyway she wanted a gobball cake for her cake of choice, so my wife made her one. I think she did a great job!
  8. 13 points
    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at Imps Village! Stay classy.
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    A collection of useful things to improve the Dofus Retro experience. All improvements should be placed inside the Dofus Retro folder where Dofus.exe is located. _____Installing Dofus Retro_____ > Ankama Launcher Ankama Launcher can be used to launch Dofus Retro, though first it needs to be enabled: > Standalone Launcher Standalone Launcher is the regular small and simple Dofus Retro Launcher. _____Improvements_____ > AHK Script AHK Script (Adobe Flash Projector included) is an AutoHotkey script that automatically launches a specified number of clients, logs them in, selects the server/character and invites them to the group, as well as lets you switch to a specific character window with F1~F8 hotkeys (can be changed). Open Start.ahk with Notepad or any other text editor and configure it following the instructions there. (Currently the newest version is 18) Double-click Start.exe to start the script. Start.ahk/Start.exe can be placed anywhere if you specify the Dofus folder location in Start.ahk. You can rename Start.ahk/Start.exe to anything you want, just be sure that they both have the same name. > Dofus Remastered Dofus Remastered increases the quality of Textures/Sprites/Spell Icons/Music/Sounds and has the option of custom made colourful Spell Icons based on element/spell type, as well as increases the FPS of animations from 20 to 40, among other graphical improvements/fixes. (Forum Thread, Video Trailer, Changes) > Adobe Flash Projector Adobe Flash Projector (included in the AHK Script) can be used to launch Dofus Retro for improved performance, the Adobe Flash Player 10 version is recommended as newer versions make the game stutter, the regular launcher uses 8 by default. Launching the game via Flash.exe (Dofus.exe automatically launches the game and works with the AHK script): Fixing the trusted application error (occurs on the very first launch if launching through Flash.exe): _____Other_____ > QoL Modifications QoL Modifications is an awesome feature packed client modification. Not officially approved by Ankama to use. Features: > Dofus HD Dofus HD increases the quality of Textures/Sprites/Spell Icons/Music/Sounds, as well as has great colourful spell icons based on element/spell type. (Download link) It has been merged into Dofus Remastered, along with 40 FPS Animations and a lot of other graphical improvements/fixes. > 40 FPS Animations 40 FPS Animations increases the FPS of animations in the game from 20 to 40. It has been merged into Dofus Remastered, along with Dofus HD and a lot of other graphical improvements/fixes. > 2.0 Spell Icons 2.0 Spell Icons changes the spell icons to look like 2.0 ones. The Dofus Remastered improvement has great colourful spell icons based on element/spell type. > 2.0 Looks 2.0 Looks is a full Dofus 1.29 zipped with a lot of textures changed to look like 2.0. (Forum Thread) Not compatible with Dofus Retro (1.30). > Updated Dofus.exe Updated Dofus.exe is a modified launcher made by Starlight, it uses Adobe Flash Player 18 instead of 8 that the regular launcher uses by default and fixes the chat scrolling up on each received/sent message bug. Use Dofus.exe to launch the game instead of the updater/uplauncher. Not recommended to use along with Dofus Retro and/or QoL Modifications as it breaks some menu stuff, also better to use Adobe Flash Projector with Adobe Flash Player 10 as newer versions make the game stutter. > Tactical/Anti-Lag Mode Tactical/Anti-Lag Mode adds Tactical and Anti-Lag Modes into the game. It is no longer needed as a better version is implemented into Dofus Retro and QoL Modifications. > Server Name Fix Server Name Fix is a manual fix that fixes the display of server names without the need to run the game in the Spanish language. See also: Dofus 2.x Starter Pack Dofus 1.29 Wiki Dofus Logos Ankama Games
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    Final update: Donee Odegard, Sarah’s mother, has been added as the GoFundMe campaign’s beneficiary and is now in direct control of the funds. Arrangements for Sarah’s transportation are in place. In addition to your donations allowing her mother time to grieve without financial worry, your kind words have also been passed on to Sarah’s family and community back home. We hope this can help paint a picture of how far and how expansive Sarah’s light had spread. Sarah, you are loved and deeply missed. Thank you for sharing your happiness with us.
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    I wanted to overmage it by 100 vit but then it turned out just differently I guess
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    After about 50 masto and 40 ping runs Tezar still hasnt managed to get a crown for his eni. This morning we found tezar in his room like this. #pray4tezar
  16. 11 points
    Amber, I think what you did to bring the community together is amazing. It breaks my heart that such a good person was taken from this world. Sarah known as (Wink-Wink) was a memorable person in the Dofus community, I have known her since I first started playing and have continued our friendship throughout the years. It troubles me because I didn't see the news until late Sunday while I was visiting family in another state. This broke my heart and I immediately came back home. Sarah started this game years ago when she wasn't the greatest at socializing. I remember how much we used to talk about school, family, and friends. She was one of the strongest people I have ever known and had the pleasure of calling my friend. When I was in the darkest of times and had my family in shambles, Sarah was there. We would text 24/7 and she helped me through everything, she gave me the courage to break free of from what I was living in. Endless hours of sometimes not even gaining any xp but rather in the days of 1.29 hanging out at the crackrocks among friends. To this day the group of friends that just "hung out at the crackrocks and talked" till talk and keep up with each other after years apart. To me this girl meant the world, we kept contact up until recently because of working so much throughout the last 6 months. I wish anything to be able to of played one last day of Dofus with her, she brought so much happiness to not only me but 10 years later to a whole new set of players on dofus. Sarah you will forever be in my heart. - Chris "Aka" Cj
  17. 11 points
    Update 1: Sarah’s boyfriend, Nico, is our main point of contact and will be helping us add her mother as the beneficiary. Her mother and stepfather will arrive in NL Saturday. The family has received a new inclusive estimate of transportation and funeral costs at $40,000. In total, the US/Dofus/NL funds have reached roughly $30,000. From Sarah’s friend: “Hi everyone. Thank you so much for your generosity to Sarah’s family. Her parents are heading overseas today. There have been some questions about costs etc. The goal on this fundraiser is just an estimate of travel costs, funeral costs, burial etc. Of course we don’t know what costs might be covered by insurance yet but rest assured the family will need the funds. Donee is out of work right now with a broken shoulder and her husband will be missing work as well. Your donations are going toward helping a family have peace of mind about finances so they can focus on healing from the loss of Sarah. Again thank you so much.” Update 2: Some of Sarah’s Dofus friends in/near the Netherlands are arranging a meetup to remember and celebrate her life. If you are interested in being added to the WhatsApp group, the link is https://chat.whatsapp.com/Jgboq7QHecnHd1lq1Ahpp1 If you are willing to help with arrangements, please contact the organizer, Tim de Kant.
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    I swer2christ its a real pet !!!!
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    Boi that was quite annoying, but slowly getting back to PvM after long break
  22. 10 points
    Five months of competing, ended #1 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/439889503
  23. 10 points
    3 gearless leechers + sidekick. This is a Count/Klime run with 200 Score, Nomad and Limpwrist (For Klime), done as a 4v8. Went in thinking it's impossible, apparently not.
  24. 10 points
    I'm staying on 0% forever now.
  25. 10 points
    jumping on the eternal champion bandwagon aha
  26. 10 points
    Cloudies on all 6 of my chars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Massive thanks to @Volox for his donation of res gear for the Bird of Time fight, and massive thanks to @Owyn for assistance with quest fights and 8-loot mobs. I think I'm gonna take a break from doing quests on 6 chars for a while though. :')
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    What? Literally none of that rant is relevant to his point. (Also, using dregg hat in PvM lmao) Pebbles in recipes is fine imo, they're cheap and everyone can get them. It's really nothing in comparison to 90+ mats that are like 50kk ea for certain items, so still complaining about this makes little sense to me. No and no. The game is dying because people that have been long time players are losing interest, and Ankama doesn't seem able to haul in enough new players to counter that. I think the game itself isn't dying, it's just the international community. I don't complain because I simply don't care enough, but if you try to deny it it's because you're either blind or just stupid. Seeing you argue people complain because they suck, it's most likely the latter. It really isn't weird that for many, after 10 years of playing they start to lose interest and develop an actual life where there is no time or place for Dofus anymore. Trust me, at some point you will too lose interest to log on just to perform some tedious and repetitive tasks to keep your p2p or farm a new item you want. I HAVE THE ATTENTION SPAN OF A 6 YEAR OLD AND AM FAR TOO POMPOUS TO READ THAT, BUT FEEL FULLY QUALIFIED TO COMMENT ANYWAY EVEN THOUGH I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL THIS IS REALLY ABOUT. HERE IS MY RESPONSE THAT WILL NOT CONTRIBUTE TO THE THREAD. the game is too old and messed up, ankama can't easily fix it without taking a huge amount of time to undo some of their terrible design choices
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    Ebonys Effect- Instantly get 30% off when using trade chat
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    Hi, Welcome back to Default Land. During our brief downtime, Imps' software has been updated to the latest version. While the majority of these changes will not be visible in front-end use, those of interest are summarised below: Performance Improvements: Added Lazy Loading for images, which will speed up page rendering. Improved default profile photos to use inline SVGs rather than generated images, which will speed up page rendering. Improved browser caching of pages served by the guest page cache, which will reduce the number of requests reaching the server. Optimized images to reduce file size for faster page rendering. Other minor performance improvements to reduce database queries and fix unnecessary code execution. Other Changes: Post Before Registering to encourage guest engagement Animated GIFs can be embedded directly from the post toolbox The custom theme's a bit fucked Leading on from that last point; unfortunately our custom themes (Imps at Night and Imps Graphite) are currently incompatible post update. These will both be restored to their prior glory in due course. However, due to my own time constrains, this won't be instantaneous as has been with previous updates and may take a day or two. In the meantime, you will have to suffer with this normie default trash. Thanks, Rob x
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    Don't leave yet! If you just came back and are wondering what the hell happened to this forum and the game you used to love: We don't understand it either and the communication kept being pretty... ... One sided. Don't blame us, because we keep trying. The international servers decreased in population. This resulted in a merge to one single server named Echo. Your characters are intact, your characteristics are messed up (2 freaking point systems?) and you might even have gained a level since the experience gap between level 199-200 was cut in half. Oh yeah, your spells are changed, replaced and I think you even have twice as many now. Don't worry, you'll get it in just in time for it to change again. Are you getting sick and tired after each update and having nobody to listen? Here's your chance! You wont have to face any updates or changes that makes it harder for you to play, and we offer direct communication with a mixed community consisting of 100's of players from all servers, some with up to 15 years of history and fame (Hi Demonic Soldiers, Razielle and Chevalierdelafourche) that are older, wiser and uglier but still will agree with you! We will gladly listen and gloat about how awful you consider 2.x to be. This version of Dofus is considered unbalanced by some (don't listen to them), but according to us it's still in better shape and much more enjoyable then 2.x in most aspects. In 2016 Ankama decided to unlock the two Spanish servers on Dofus 1.29 to the international community for those who weren't happy at the 2.x servers. There are 2 server choices but the names does not show in the English client. Eratz (First Server Choice) This server is mainly Spanish and French speaking. International players does exist but they are few and split out. The community is dominated by younger players and many of them quit before 2.0 or started his/her carrier on Dofus here. Subpar in community but wealthier in PvP and business. About half of the community has been playing on Eratz since 2010 and the exos are plenty. Evidently this makes PvP flourish and the downside are that many pay real money for success. Despite these negative factors, the server is extremely active, actually more active then you'll find Echo on 2.x to be. Markets are packed with cheap resources and items. Anonymity is at large unless you actually manage to make a name for your self. If you want extreme activity, heavy PvP and speedy progress - this is the server for you. Henual (Second Server Choice) This server is a lot smaller and it's opening in 2012 was a result of Eratz rapid population boom. The International Community is quite large and are actually starting to dominate the server despite all the French and Spanish speaking guilds. There are currently two International guilds, Under The Edge, with closer to 100 individuals. And another insignificant and small one. No drama, but promotes PvP. Every single player I've come across on this server are older and longtime players who either: 1. Left 2.xx due to the continuous negative changes or: 2. Upon it's release. The largest discussions tend to lean toward nostalgia, advice, salutes and complaints about Dofus History. We suffer a lot of muting by a communist Ecaflip who's running against the current King but we have ways around that as well (good luck in a Democracy, you tits). We've got the documented history of this event and some chapters will make you cry. We play as we used to, but not always and not every day. We know better this time around and advance faster then we did the first time. We don't mind sharing our secrets. The markets aren't as busy as they are on Eratz. Items and resources are expensive and you wont find as many fully exo'ed players. However, that's exactly why we love this server. It gives us a perfect opportunity to help each others evolve. We get to know each others pretty well and we invite almost everyone. If you are an "older" player, I can guarantee you will know at least some of the names on our server. Join Henual and ask in any open channel for our members. We will get in touch with you. So, before leaving Dofus: Make sure to at least check us out. https://www.dofus.com/en/more-dofus/1-29 https://www.dofus.com/en/shop/599-dofus-1-29-items https://www.dofus.com/en/forum/1119-1-29-eratz-henual http://129dofus.com/ PS! PM Ecards for leech!
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    Now I am buying 8 tickets to Shukrute and going to visit Rushu for a nice spring break. Wanna give a shout out to Djaul, who assisted my squad in this endeavour.
  33. 9 points
    First level 200 big shoutout to Anas and Lance, and for Hamza for making racing to 200 fun extra bonus meme :
  34. 9 points
    This is money snek. Upsnek ⬆⬆ in 7.123 7⃣ 1⃣2⃣3⃣ snekonds or you will NEVER get monies again Beware!! You don't have much time!! You may never get monies again!!
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    Finishing the towers and consequently the achievements of the game on ilyzaelle missing only the will killson incarnation, breeding and 290 Christmas points i'm accepting tips for the vortex 200
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    Many of us (the people posting here) has been around practically since start. We know what our community used to look like contra what it is today. I've had over 1000 people in my guild (Blank) over the years. I remember a majority of them, at least by name. Do you know how many of them that still are playing? Max 20. It's not about becoming "adult". I'm 36, I have good jobs, educations, houses, wife etcetera and I still log on to play with people in similar situations from servers all over on 1.29 servers. I even know players who got kids in the early days of dofus where their kids are playing too. Many of us are still around but majority quit 2.x to get back what was lost. Some things could definitely be better on 1.29 but overall it is 100 times better then 2.0 in some aspects (the ones we personally prefer). Now Bob explained it pretty good. It's players like us who make the community. If we are gone, there will no longer be a community. People that are "new" (2012 and after) have no idea what our community used to be, why someone like "Rambopl" was such a huge deal or even who he was. How to efficiently farm kamas without using bots, third party programs or real money to progress. Experience and drops is out of the question. On 2.x servers it's a joke compared to what it used to be. MMO <--- Good luck when you have no history, no welcome and no knowledge. Who the hell did you think shared how to do anything in this game from start anyway. Without us, wiki, youtube, dofusplanner etc wouldn't be around to lean on when you have too much problem figuring out this game. Give us credits and listen to us at least once, BAH. So freaking frustrating. Our communities could fix this game, no doubt. Ankama keeps saying they'll lean on us but once their projects starts - it gets put in the shelf again and we get ignored (just look at the breeding system). Mentorship, moderators (how many years has the applications been closed now?), Game Masters (not Moderators) - do we even have any? How many community managers have we gone through - 10? How many of OUR ideas have been implemented? That project when certain players were invited to a community platform in OF (I even forget the name) to discuss improvements. How many remember Serianne, how it was managed and why only Jiva and Djaul had it while we were left without? Harvestpale is the #1 person I can come to think about. Livitems (Tweaks still make me nostalgic ^_^), items, resources etc with referrals to players in our community - those are the only credits we've gotten since 2007. Everything people like Gravestorm, Veldin, Rob, Ala, Belokk, Blueballs etc have done without even getting a thank you. They focus on money rather on a living community and that is where they fail, no doubt. If they just would listen, this game would flourish - I have no doubt. People would come back and people would start playing and stay.
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    As for good points, I'd stress the class changes (along with spell variants, shields being relevant and Dofus revamp). Classes are very "clean" today as opposed to old times where classes were a huge mess (weapon spam, half of spells irrelevant, several times the same spell like Sacrieur punishments or Feca reductions). If the game is worthy of "tactical MMO", it's clearly today and not in its past. You can't list Idols as good since they've damaged the game a lot, not fulfilling their goal at all. The idol pool is big and diverse enough, meaning you can choose specifically the ones that you won't care about, for example "intouchable" idols on a big map and a ranged team (very typical) or "CC" idols as Kyoub or Payo. For the benefit, there's just no reason to increase difficulty when you can just put ignorable compositions. At the same time, they allow to increase drop and XP rate as was never possible before, so they've highly contributed to price dump of PvM ressources. Quests or drop for Dofuses are a matter of taste, but quests are the healthier way. If they're only obtainable as a rare drop, solo accounters have more or less no chance to obtain them (or name me a solo character that grinds Vulbis^^). It's a bit the same principle as with the achievement ressources that lower a lot the price of boss mats, but that give a chance to solo or duo accounters. Otherwise, repeating the same dungeon dozens of times just to craft some items is just insupportable for solo chars. not to mention repetitive and dumb (sorry, this part is subjective!). The era of Dofus being a 99% farm game is over. Come to think of it, rare drop still exists with Vulbis and is getting reintroduced with 2.48 and future updates. Also, modern questlines are driving away from frequent running from NPC to NPC (of course, you still need that to tell a story!). I think for example of the Abyssal Dofus questline that is quite short and rather bases on your skills. You can do it in a single day if you're very experienced and familiar with the content. You could say questlines are also inaccessible with a single character, but recruiting friends for 2-3 group fights is a completely different thing than to have a big team to begin with. Not convinced by your argument of forcing PvM players to do PvP. PvM mats still sell (me for example, I buy 100% of the monster mats in market if I make a new set, and plenty of others too, there are still quite expensive ones especially for the newest areas). Other than that, there are a lot of ways to make money and it's natural for players to possess a certain amount. If someone is disadvantaged, it's by far the PvPers that entirely rely on kolo tokens, not the PvMers. As for the decline of players, you shouldn't forget that back in the day, you were younger and exploring the game for the first time. Now we are all getting older with less time for the game. Also, the competition is just enormous today as opposed to a decade ago (LoL, Fortnite, OW, etc). As the game has remained an MMO with grinding, it just barely stands a chance to attract new players as opposed to let's say Fornite. I feel like these aspects have more weight than all the supposedly bad evolutions. For me, it's obvious that from a quality standpoint, Dofus is leagues and leagues ahead of back in the day (even if there is nostalgia).
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    At his old age, he's having some trouble remembering his login details, let alone all the mechanics in 2.x.
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    Won 2 major tournaments in a row #eSport
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    Hi Dofus is celebrating their 15th birthday. Use code DOFUS15ANS to claim 3 days of free sub.
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    You guys know the deal, like button bottom right
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    How to obtain: To get the soul stones you need you must first run dungeons. For the next 2 weeks from when this post was written, there is an event going on called "The Call of Draconiros." How this event works is, for each dungeon you run you get something called [Dream Fragment]. The amount you get depends on how hard the dungeon is that you complete, ranging from 1 to 400 per win. You can get more from repeating dungeons, but the drop rate is significantly reduce (1 per fight per char on a medium-low % chance, again depending the dungeon level). Once you have enough dream fragments, go to Turbe at [5,-18] (Astrub Zaap), and click buy. There are 4 soul stone options you can buy; Level 50 is 100 fragments, level 100 is 400 fragments, level 150 is 900 fragments, and level 200 is 1600 fragments (Warning: If you die the soul is lost and you do not get a refund!). Chimeric Prysmaradoth: Chimeric Prysmaradoth is the boss you're trying to vuln/kill. He's a little dragon dude with 100/20/20/20/20 resistance, and 3.2k-30k hp depending on what level soul you're fighting. At the start of the fight he casts 'Pryschim' which puts him in the invulnerable state and removes a percentage (?) of his health depending on the amount of characters you have in the fight (The more you have the more health he loses?), so try to bring 8 characters if you can! He will also cast this spell at the start of every turn. If you are standing next to him with all 4 elemental states, he will become vulnerable. Starting on turn 2, dragon boss casts 'Rude Wakening' which puts everyone more than 6 cells away from him in pacifist state, and gives -4 range. It lasts for 2 turns, and he uses it every 3 turns. Dragon boss has another spell that is a 1 range + AoE around him called 'Quadramental Chimeric Fury'. It reduces damage dealt by the target(s) by 20% and does Neutral + Random Element damage. His last spell is called 'Quadramental Chimeric Breath' which is a 1-4 cell linear AoE spell that deals damage from a random element, and applies a 3 turn poison in the element from which he hit. Aerodream: Aerodream has 2 spells. 'Aeropoke' is a 1-8 range (modifiable) single target spell that applies 20% erosion, and deals a small amount of neutral damage, and air damage that increases based on your eroded HP. He can cast it at least 4 times per turn. Its secondary effect is every time an ally takes damage (after being hit by it), a small portion of the damage is ricocheted onto any ally that is within 1 cell of the character, in any direction. 'Aerothing' is a 1 range spell that has a + sized area of effect. It removes mp (dodgeable), and will push the character by 1 cell. Aquadream: Aquadream has 2 spells. 'Aquathing' is a 1-5 range, non modifiable, single cell spell that applies the weakened state to the target, and does 10 water damage per MP. It is also cast in a 1 cell AoE around the monster, and the same effects are applied. 'Aquapoke' is a 1-10 range linear, modifiable, single cell attack that deals water damage, neutral damage, and reduces your AP (dodgeable). Pyrodream: Pyrodream goes invisible unless one of your allies (Summons/Cawwots work too) is within 8 cells of him when he starts his turn. He has 2 spells. 'Pyropoke' and 'Pyrothing' have the same AoE. It is a 2 cell area around the monster. 'Pyropoke' deals neutral and fire damage and reduces healing recieved by 50% to everyone caught in the AoE. 'Pyrothing' gives everyone in the AoE -50% resistance to everything, and deals 10 fire damage per AP used. Geodream: Geodream is in a permanent Heavy, and unmovable state. Very annoying monster, would recommend killing first. He also seems to get +1 mp every turn, but I can't really figure out why. Geodream has 2 spells. 'Geopoke' is a 1-6 range linear, non-modifiable, single cell spell that attracts the character he uses it on. It deals a small amount of neutral damage, strength damage, and applies the gravity state for 1 turn. 'Geothing' is a 1 range (?) spell that deals strong earth damage. Monster Special Spells: When you hit the monsters with spells that are elements of the resistance of which they have 50%, it applies a buff to each of the enemies that are still alive. When you hit Geodream with an Agility spell, he casts 'Geochim' and all enemies receive 80% sustained for 1 turn. When you hit Aerodream with a Chance spell, he casts 'Aerochim' which gives all enemies +2mp, and +2 range for 1 turn. When you hit Pyrodream with a Strength spell, he casts 'Pyrochim' which gives all enemies 20% Spell damage for 1 turn. When you hit Aquadream with an Intelligence spell he casts 'Aquachim' which gives all enemies... A bigass shield for 1 turn. When you activate these special spells, they are applied after the damage is registered, and they go away on the turn of the one who activated them. They cannot be unbewitched. Monster Special Rules: Each monster has a rule that makes it so they can negate certain damage. Geodream: Does not take damage if you critically strike the spell or weapon you use on him. Aerodream: Can only be damaged in close combat AKA if you're standing right next to him. Pyrodream: Can only take ranged damage AKA you do nothing if you're next to him. Aquadream: Takes no damage from weapons. Spells only! Note: Even if they take 0 damage you can still activate their special spells. Vulnerability Mechanics: In order to vuln the boss what you have to do is activate all of the special spells that the monsters have by hitting them with a spell or weapon that is in the element of which they have 50%. Geo gives str state, pyro fire, ETC. In order to get put in the state however, you must be within 4 cells linear to the monster you're trying to get the state from. The state only lasts for 1 turn, and it will go away on the turn of the one who activated it. A character must have all 4 states and then the boss must start his turn next to that character in order for him to be vulnerable. Vulnerability lasts for 3 turns. Once he is vulnerable, all of the other monsters become invulnerable until the boss is dead, at which time they all become vulnerable, or until the 3 turns are up, and you have to repeat the process. Rewards: There are 4 different rewards that are unique to these souls. [Tiny Dream Coin] for level 50 souls, [Small Dream Coin] for level 100 souls, [Large Dream Coin] for level 150 souls, and [Huge Dream Coin] for level 200 souls. The exact drop rate is unknown, but it gets progressively higher the higher level the soul you fight. I have done a few of each and only not gotten some on the lvl 50 souls. Ankama said that these coins would give you a "headstart on the new update," so I'm assuming when the new update hits you can exchange them for the dream currency that comes with the Infinite Dreams dungeon... thing. Edit: After playing beta for a few dungeon rooms a little red xelor appeared that let me buy 1 Reflet for 1 tiny dream coin. Total ripoff imo. Opened a Small Dream Coin Pouch for ~120 Reflets Opened a Large Dream Coin Chest for ~730 Reflets None of my Huge Dream Coins saved on beta so idk how much they're worth. To put in perspective, you get between 1.5k-5k Reflets per room win you achieve, depending on what boss you're fighting. I beat a dimension wave fight and got 20m exp and 7.3k Reflets, but it was super hard; the monster mechanics are crazy and versatile af. Waves also spawn every 3 turns instead of 5, and all of the monsters are lvl 200+ You need 150k Reflets to craft 1 legendary item. Strategies/recommendations: Do not kill any monster until the boss dies or else you lose the fight! *You're going to definitely want to fight in creature mode otherwise the monsters will take up 3/4 of your turn with wonky animations!* **When you're vulning the boss, try to have the first character that goes after the boss do all of the hitting for the special spells, this will allow all of the effects to be gone (most importantly the shield from Aqua) when the boss becomes vulnerable!** For the level 50 and 100 souls, it's not very hard. You can easily do it with a sub par team of 4 of any characters! The level 150 soul is quite difficult. I would recommend having a healer and a tank/lock character (preferably panda). The damage goes up considerably with this soul from the last, and the health does too! This is the soul level where the effects of the monsters really starts to bite so try not to activate them more than you have to. You will want a heavy damage dealer to nuke the dragon when you can, it's not fun to have to vuln him more than once. The 200 soul is next level. I would highly recommend a fully equipped team of 8 level 200s complete with at least 1 tank/lock character, and 2 support characters (preferably masq and eni). The damage from the monsters is very high and the effects from their special spells are brutal to deal with. Definitely do not activate them unless it's to vuln the boss! You are going to want to keep them at bay, or hide, or shield yourself immensely while you set up for your damage dealers. Having to vuln the boss more than once is a death sentence that few could survive! The erosion from Aerodream is awful, so avoid that like the plague (-range works fine). Having a rogue with well placed bombs, or elio/iop is a huge help to nuking the 30k health. It is crucial to time his vulnerability with your charged spells (not hard once you practice a little bit). Try to lock the boss close to your team to avoid pacifist, while you have 1 character go up to gather the elemental states you need. It is very helpful to bring an enu or a cra so that you can reduce the range/mp of the monsters. Both Aerodream and Aquadream are rendered useless if they have no range so do that as much as you can. Try to have a tanky character lock both the Geodream and the Boss close to (but not linear) the rest of your team so that they don't get in the way, and you can avoid the pacifist state. Having a very mobile/slippery class helps a lot to get states quick while you keep the other 3 monsters at bay. Make sure to keep track of Pyrodream if he goes invisible. Try to summon a Cawwot within 8 cells of where you think he is to make him visible. Most of the effects can be unbewitched from yourself, so try to bring Boozer on Panda, Ghostly Shovel on Enu, a Sadida, ETC. Edit: According to Ace-Dece's twitter (Follow him!) , starting on room 26, you can buy the resources needed to craft legendary items. Conditions to buy: Have the achievement 'Four over Five' completed.
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    I think Ankama in general just need to have a sit down and really think about which direction they want to go and whether they're happy to continue the way they are. I'd personally like to see them stop getting side tracked and taking staff and time away from their main projects to create games which won't and never will generate an audience or a profit margin. Instead they could be working on their own form of project such as dofusplanner or something similar i.e dofusgo, there's no excuse as to why their player base as beaten them to create such things. Another issue I find is that - A. Subscription expenses are extortionate, if I sub 8 characters every month it'll cost me roughly £32, or £380 a year, give or take, which makes you ask yourself, who are Ankama's target audience? And to subscribe 8 accounts through kamas is near impossible. B. They REALLY need to stop adding pre-existing, rare and expensive cosmetics into ogrine packages, imagine playing the game for years and years, finally being able to afford a cosmetic that you've wanted, only for them to add it to a package a week later, causing you to lose your dofus careers worth of savings. There's other ways to push profit margins and revenue, whether it's through marketing or advertisements. C. Are they ever going to try and push dofus in other countries through advertisements? It's a worrying thought for a player of the international community to constantly see our numbers dying, in all honesty we may as well all be merged into French servers, at the moment we're just waiting to die out. D. Isn't it about time guilds were revamped, maybe something past just obtaining level200? infact, whilst they're at it they may as well work on the flop that alliances have always been. Give us a reason to actually be part of an alliance. E. Community events? I don't remember the last time a mod logged in game to organise something for the community other than maybe to hand out a few fireworks. 1.29 days where they'd organise guild 8 v 8's, PvP tournaments, GOULT FFS!?! given that these are all PvP orientated, but I tell you now, there were thousands of players, even on shika at the time, flooding In to be a part and see what was going on. F. I mean, what even is the use of prospecting anymore? It's completely and utterly lost it's value through achievement drops and dofus questlines to the point where half of the new end game gear doesn't even include prospecting anymore, because guess what? Even ankama realise it's pointless. Want 8 of a certain drop per character per fight? Use some idols. G. Dungeons and access to dungeons, crafting certain keys are near impossible for you to obtain in masses such as royal rainbow blop or dreggon dungeon, the recipes are extremely outdated and so are the amounts of experience you gain from the majority of dungeons, -nidas with 20000 idol score. H. Give us an actual decent service with decent response times and informative replies to issues, with a much better attitude than copy/paste replies. All in all there's been far too many neglected aspects of dofus and I honestly believe it's down to mismanagement, not really knowing which direction they want to take the game and throwing staff onto unwanted spin off games rather than fixing/updating what could be a GREAT game.
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    the truth is that dofus is cancer, it’s just that we love cancer (c) :^)
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    Sorry about the poor performance earlier this week. There were a bunch of issues that I've been looking into; most of them should be resolved but please let me know if you're running into problems still.
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