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    Okay, but just because you're special and it's so damn relatable! No more for today after that, I don't wanna blow my whole stash in 2 hours ._.
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    When noone nominated you for the good egg hunt.
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    Oh goodie, I been meaning to post this meme here. IGN: Barley-Maid
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    Howdy Imps! For those who don't know me, hi! I'm Kyek. I created Imps Village in 2006 (12 years ago! Holy crap), and have been funding and maintaining it ever since. Running this place has been pretty amazing for me. I was an active contributor here for years, even after my Dofus-playing days fizzled out. In the past handful of years, though, my role has been solely paying the bills and keeping the server hardware running. ...with a brief stint to team up with Garne to create the badass forum theme ;-). Regardless, Imps and the friendships and memories I've made here will always be near and dear to my heart. There are still threads here that can still make me laugh so hard I cry, and there are real-life marriages that have happened solely because this place existed and encouraged people to connect. That's awesome. But the nuts and bolts of it is, Imps deserves more attention than I can give it. Over time, we've seen the 'active user' list at the bottom of the site move from 200+ at any given time of day to, at times, single digits. I've also come to realize that, if Imps should ever fall offline, I'm not at a place in my life where I could be confident I'd be able to drop enough obligations to bring it back up. Which, as anyone who's ever run a server can tell you, that's not an "if", that's a "when". It forced a decision I was putting off making: Should I shut Imps down so that it can go out peacefully, giving the community time to save anything important? Or, should I find someone that this community can trust to not only keep Imps running financially and technically, but also give it the time it deserves to build the community back up? I am incredibly pleased to report that the moderator Rob (Kikn) has taken up the mantle. Rob is super capable and excited to take this on, and I'm thrilled he's the one doing it. Not only is this a guy who has loved this place for years, he's also a long-time high-level staff member who's already been entrusted with the care of your account information. On the technical side, while it is always advisable to have secure passwords that you change occasionally, your passwords are salted and hashed (call it "encrypted" if that's greek to you) and no ownership change can ever expose that information. In fact, one of Rob's goals once the site transitions to him is to get Imps running on SSL (https) so your logins are more secure. You are in great hands. Rob will post with his own thoughts and deliver more information about the timing, but we're looking to have a brief downtime tomorrow (Thursday March 15) to shift everything over to his name. For my own part, I'll keep my account here and may pop in from time to time just to see how Imps is doing :). Regardless though, thanks for making this the incredible ride that it was. If you'd like to get in touch outside Imps, you can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn. Here's to a bright future! Kyek
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    It has come to my ears that more memes are requested at this very moment. Two more shipped. Next delivery tomorrow.
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    I vote laoshi bc i need kamas svp everyone help my
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    Ayyyyy, this thread was made for me! Here, have two finely-made memes from my personal collection. I got others for later. IGNs and pictured: Hesy-Ra, Morgan-Floyd.
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    [22:12] Achievement unlocked: [Ivory White] x 8 Special thanks to @Veldin for his clear guide. Took me about 1.5 week (including aligment quests, nimaltopia achiev and other). I have to admit, the questline is awesome and I did enjoy every single step (except for solo fights which I had to repeat 8 times :D ) <3
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    I actually want to take my vote back from @laoshi and nominate our beloved Juse. For his endless fight on enriching the women wherever he goes. There is no a single person with more respect for them than him However he is not above boasting his achievements But he does whatever he can to also help women in the third world. (yes it is true) And! He is not cheap about it, he is picky but not too picky and price is never an issue! As you can see he is very worthy of this nomination, the work he does for women all around the world is incredible! But you may ask: "What does he do for women in his home area" And to that! Fear not he if a true gentleman at home. Tho he is not very fond of creepy men, sadly. Day or night! Any time of the day his lust to uphold women never stops! This is why he deserves a proper nomination! He is without a doubt the single most deserving person in this thread!
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    I would like to nominate my dear friend Martin a.k.a Latakia. https://gyazo.com/c35c9af19ce4505b0320dc1f48965574 Here are a few reasons why: 1. Loyal to a fault: I have never seen this man's face, and I don't remember his voice from the one time we were on voice chat. But I would trust him with all my belongings, for I have not met any other friend who is so trustworthy. I trust him more than some of my real life friends. 2. Stays away from gossip: He is always in group with me whenever I'm online, and many a time there's some banter or gossip going on. I have never seen him partake in it, and he minds his business the entire time. I strive to be like you Martin. 3. Prouder than Vegeta: In the rare event that you happen to do a favor for him, it is rewarded tenfold. I don't know what I ever did for him, but this stubborn Slovak won't ever accept kamas from me for any items in his bank. No matter what they are worth. He also has a hoarding problem. The world needs more people like you Martin. You are one of the reasons I like logging into the game.
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    If you have yet to do so, please read Kyek's "passing the crown" before this post! Hi guys, While I’d expect most of you know roughly who I am, just in case, I’m that small, elderly Enutrof Kikn that can occasionally be seen around Echo. I’m less active there than I used to be but still stop by to make sure a certain Rogue knows he’s still a noob. Please take the time to read this post as it does concern you! Yes, you! As you will likely have just heard, on Thursday the 15th March (all going well) I will be taking over the hosting and technical management of Imps Village from @Kyek. He has been the important, but recently elusive, shadow that has been running these forums behind the scenes since their creation over a decade ago. It will be a great blow for all of us to see him step down. The contribution he made to the English Dofus community through these forums was without doubt significant and literally ‘game changing’ if you’ll pardon the pun. Hopefully, he won’t drop off the map completely though. After all, I’ll be needing his advice when I inevitably tit something up and erase the entire internet. I’ll use this post to briefly explain what you can expect in the coming days in the name of transparency. On Thursday the 15th March Imps Village’s database and the forum software will be transferred to a new, but almost identical server hosted in Europe. During this process, a small amount of downtime can be expected, this should last several hours at most. The domain will then be pointed to the new server and the forums should now be accessible again. The next step is to migrate all your media (screenshots, profile pictures etc) to their new home. Again, there may be brief downtime as this takes place to ensure nothing you upload gets lost in the transfer. I will make an announcement a few hours before this takes place, which may be on a different date to the main transfer. Following a (fingers crossed) successful migration, Imps Village will then be quickly updated to the latest version of IPB 4.2 to benefit from security patches. Unfortunately, with this may come with another segment of downtime [dependant on when this update takes place]. It is also highly likely that during this process our current theme will be broken, and the site will be reverted to something default temporarily. This will be fixed ASAP but may be outranked by other priorities. I apologise to your eyes in advance for the inconvenience. While in an ideal world this transfer will run entirely without hitch, if in the event problems do arise, I will communicate through the Official Forums with information regarding any extended downtime. [Hopeful end of disruption] Heading into the future, you can expect continued updates as Invision releases them. These serve primarily to ensure the site and your data remains secure but may also bring with them neat new features. As such, you can look forward to: - Reactions, to replace the current ‘like’ system - Clubs, this will allow members to create and manage their own miniature community within Imps Village. This could be utilised by guilds, alliances or used to organise community events, reminiscent of the old dedicated guild forums. The exact way this feature will be implemented here is TBD. A more detailed explanation of this feature will be posted as it arrives. - Customised (Dofus related?) emoticons and the return of Wub In general, my aim is that you should not feel any real difference in your experience at Imps Village following the transition; I hope we can continue to provide you with a valuable community tool in the years to come. That being said: If you have any feedback on Imps Village in its current form or have any realistic suggestions that you feel could improve your time here; this the perfect time to make them in the ‘Suggestion Box’ . Post price pls, Rob.
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    Happy Easter Echo, and welcome to the “good egg” hunting thread! This is a server wide event that is open to everyone. In lieu of a scavenger hunt this holiday, we’ll be hunting for 27 “good eggs” on Echo. If you have a dope friend who has ever done anything kind for you or another person on the server, this is your chance to nominate them for a 1mk prize by sharing their good deed with us. All you have to do is make a post on this thread with a screenshot of that person and a short blurb about why you think they’re a good egg (-: 26 of most genuine posts will earn a prize of 1mk for the person nominated. This number may increase if I come across more funding, and the deadline for this event is midnight on Friday April 6th (Dofus time). FAN FAVORITE EGG: The post with the most upvotes will earn a prize of 10mk for the person nominated, sponsored by Snips. Happy hunting! Tldr;; nominate someone nice for a prize of 1mk by posting a screenshot of them with a little blurb about something cool they did. 26 winners will receive 1mk each. The post with the most upvotes earns 10mk for the person nominated. Deadline midnight Friday April 6th. DONATIONS Shoutout to Jodx for the event donation! <3 Shoutout to MarkTheFeca for the event donation! <3 Shoutout to Bootiful for the event donation! <3 Shoutout to Snips for sponsoring the "Fan Favorite Egg" contest! <3 Shoutout to Cuppa for the event donation! <3 Shoutout to Lafiya for the event donation! <3 (10mk towards this event, 20mk towards next week's event)
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    My life in 3v3 solo kolo :'( My team : Me: 5.5k vit sac 1k agi 40%+ all 10/5 Iop 10% all 3600 vit with no damage 11/4 agi Osa that says "i don't need 6 mp since i get 2 mp from my tofu form" Enemy Team: 5k vit osa 40% all ivory 4800 str iop 11/6 35% all with cloudy/ivory and one shots my teammates and a third like that....
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    Our first time actually being productive on dofus (': So grateful to all the friends who helped us along the way <3 [23:17] Snips: back to being lazy bums? xd [23:17] Animuffin: fuck yes [23:17] Animuffin: -1,0? [23:17] Snips: oui oui
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    I nominate my man @Casino-Royal. He's always the first person to congratulate anyone on his friends list for getting an achievement, and he's a Fantastic 5 grinding machine. He took at least half a dozen people through simply because they hadn't done it yet. Super chill and always willing to lend a hand.
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