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    Okay, but just because you're special and it's so damn relatable! No more for today after that, I don't wanna blow my whole stash in 2 hours ._.
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    When noone nominated you for the good egg hunt.
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    Oh goodie, I been meaning to post this meme here. IGN: Barley-Maid
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    It has come to my ears that more memes are requested at this very moment. Two more shipped. Next delivery tomorrow.
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    I vote laoshi bc i need kamas svp everyone help my
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    Ayyyyy, this thread was made for me! Here, have two finely-made memes from my personal collection. I got others for later. IGNs and pictured: Hesy-Ra, Morgan-Floyd.
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    Finally a place to share some homemade memes hoarded over the years. Content.
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    I actually want to take my vote back from @laoshi and nominate our beloved Juse. For his endless fight on enriching the women wherever he goes. There is no a single person with more respect for them than him However he is not above boasting his achievements But he does whatever he can to also help women in the third world. (yes it is true) And! He is not cheap about it, he is picky but not too picky and price is never an issue! As you can see he is very worthy of this nomination, the work he does for women all around the world is incredible! But you may ask: "What does he do for women in his home area" And to that! Fear not he if a true gentleman at home. Tho he is not very fond of creepy men, sadly. Day or night! Any time of the day his lust to uphold women never stops! This is why he deserves a proper nomination! He is without a doubt the single most deserving person in this thread!
  17. 15 points
    I would like to nominate my dear friend Martin a.k.a Latakia. https://gyazo.com/c35c9af19ce4505b0320dc1f48965574 Here are a few reasons why: 1. Loyal to a fault: I have never seen this man's face, and I don't remember his voice from the one time we were on voice chat. But I would trust him with all my belongings, for I have not met any other friend who is so trustworthy. I trust him more than some of my real life friends. 2. Stays away from gossip: He is always in group with me whenever I'm online, and many a time there's some banter or gossip going on. I have never seen him partake in it, and he minds his business the entire time. I strive to be like you Martin. 3. Prouder than Vegeta: In the rare event that you happen to do a favor for him, it is rewarded tenfold. I don't know what I ever did for him, but this stubborn Slovak won't ever accept kamas from me for any items in his bank. No matter what they are worth. He also has a hoarding problem. The world needs more people like you Martin. You are one of the reasons I like logging into the game.
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    Happy Easter Echo, and welcome to the “good egg” hunting thread! This is a server wide event that is open to everyone. In lieu of a scavenger hunt this holiday, we’ll be hunting for 27 “good eggs” on Echo. If you have a dope friend who has ever done anything kind for you or another person on the server, this is your chance to nominate them for a 1mk prize by sharing their good deed with us. All you have to do is make a post on this thread with a screenshot of that person and a short blurb about why you think they’re a good egg (-: 26 of most genuine posts will earn a prize of 1mk for the person nominated. This number may increase if I come across more funding, and the deadline for this event is midnight on Friday April 6th (Dofus time). FAN FAVORITE EGG: The post with the most upvotes will earn a prize of 10mk for the person nominated, sponsored by Snips. Happy hunting! Tldr;; nominate someone nice for a prize of 1mk by posting a screenshot of them with a little blurb about something cool they did. 26 winners will receive 1mk each. The post with the most upvotes earns 10mk for the person nominated. Deadline midnight Friday April 6th. DONATIONS Shoutout to Jodx for the event donation! <3 Shoutout to MarkTheFeca for the event donation! <3 Shoutout to Bootiful for the event donation! <3 Shoutout to Snips for sponsoring the "Fan Favorite Egg" contest! <3 Shoutout to Cuppa for the event donation! <3 Shoutout to Lafiya for the event donation! <3 (10mk towards this event, 20mk towards next week's event)
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    ok so here's an idea why don't we stick to memes instead of random images with random captions
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    My life in 3v3 solo kolo :'( My team : Me: 5.5k vit sac 1k agi 40%+ all 10/5 Iop 10% all 3600 vit with no damage 11/4 agi Osa that says "i don't need 6 mp since i get 2 mp from my tofu form" Enemy Team: 5k vit osa 40% all ivory 4800 str iop 11/6 35% all with cloudy/ivory and one shots my teammates and a third like that....
  22. 14 points
    Our first time actually being productive on dofus (': So grateful to all the friends who helped us along the way <3 [23:17] Snips: back to being lazy bums? xd [23:17] Animuffin: fuck yes [23:17] Animuffin: -1,0? [23:17] Snips: oui oui
  23. 14 points
    I nominate my man @Casino-Royal. He's always the first person to congratulate anyone on his friends list for getting an achievement, and he's a Fantastic 5 grinding machine. He took at least half a dozen people through simply because they hadn't done it yet. Super chill and always willing to lend a hand.
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