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    I figure I will make a thread to track my 1.29 goals and serve as a place that anyone can find me and message me for friend list addition, grouping, etc... Feel free to say "hi" /w Cadderly. You can also join my guild and leave anytime. The guild is just me (+ 1 other cool New Zealander as of last weekend!) and not intended to be a force on the server. It's a place to house my alts and not go anywhere should anyone want to stay in touch that way. It's easier to chat via /g than /w. I've seen 3 English guilds start and die because the leader and main players quit. This guild will remain, even if it's just me, because I plan to be around a long time! The guild name? It's "Anglais Ingles English" or AIE! for short Lame, I know. I was hoping people would see the name and realize I speak English...but given the amount of Spanish and French I get hit with, evidently not. GOALS | STATUS Raise 1, Level 100+ Cra | DONE! Raise 5, level 100+ enus | DONE! Crafting Professions Step 1 Jeweller to Level 80 | DONE! Tailor to Level 80 | In progress. Gathering ~10k Piwi feathers/seeds now. Shoemaker to Level 80 | Current Level 3x Gathering Professions Miner Level 100 | Current Level 7x Lumberjack Level 100 | Current Level 8x Magus Professions Jewelmagus to Level 100 | Current Level 3x: May level more as a break from gathering. Magus is a pain to level... Tailormagus to Level 100 | Not started Shoemagus to Level 100 | Not started Crafting Professions Step 2 Jeweller Level 81-100| Not started Tailor to Level 81-100 | Not started Shoemaker Level 81-100 | Not started
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    Selling Red hispanic shield mimied to stalak shield perfect stats IGN: Veis http://prntscr.com/mks16m Price: 300mk, easy to negotiate
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    btw Victory Paradise sucks dont join, join my guild rather, its called seamen from rushu and is really gay in general
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    Please include a price range of what you're looking to buy/sell for as per our marketplace guidelines. The reason we ask for this is so that these forums can both benefit you in a quick sale but also provide a future resource for others to price check items. Also moving this to the correct forum section. Thanks!
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    What's the price you're buying it for?
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    You are my personal ISDOFUSGODOWN app
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    Because the new quest are tedious and generally nerve racking I decided to make a general thread regarding alignment/ivory questions. I'll be updating this thread with things that are missing on this guide. I guess if someone has questions regarding both questlines you can ask them here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Ivory quests # Dungeons to run: Catseye, Protoz, King Nidas, Tal Kasha, Missiz, Nileza, Meno, Anerice & Sylargh. The White dragon (Complete on guide) Passing Test Dust to collect: - Pandawa warrior soul: Take the boat at [29,-46] and fight the Ghost, then go in the temple and pick up the soul - Wabbit soul: Enter small cave at [21,-13], fight two wabbits with dmg sharing and pick up the soul - Cursed soul: Click the tomb one map left from dungeon entrance [11,-77]. (Need to be in possession of a climbing rope) - Porcos soul: Go down the hatch at [-2,33] and pick up the soul - Ailurophiliac soul: Go down the ladder at [-54,14] (dark jungle) and fight the bow meow ghost. Put the kwismas present next to the bow meow in order for it to become invuln for two turns. If he hits you in cc he instakills. - Pingwin hunter soul: Enter pingwin dungeon cave at [-64,-55], go one left and go into the opening. Click on the skull - Secretarian of the unspeakable soul: Koutoulou area [25,28] Go down and click on the tomb. - Enutrof soul: Enutrof Temple [-1,-4]. Go right from where you can find dopple. Go down the ladder and fight the Enutrof that summons 4 Treasure keepers. (You can ignore those and just kill the enutrof) - Heroic Bontarian soul: Heroes' Cemetery at [-20,-61]. Fight a Bontarian chafer (elite) by clicking on the tombstone and pick up the soul. - Tortured Brakmarian soul: Cemetery of the Tortured at [-10,35]. Fight a Brakmarian chafer (archer) by clicking on the tombstone and pick up the soul. - Servant of Moon soul: The forbidden jungle at [29,7]. Click on the tree towards the middle left side to enter a secret passage. Click on the pile of dirt to collect the soul. - Miner & Volcanologist Goblin soul: Sidimote moors at [-23,21]. Enter the mines and go left twice. Inside the crack in the wall you'll find the soul. Get the blessing of a Psychopump Ghost: Run Protoz'orror dungeon and talk to NPC after beating boss. Go to Ilyzaelle dungeon at [-72,-77]. The dungeon keeper will bring you to the last room. Talk to Ilyzaelle to finish the quest The grey country Talk to Ilyzaelle after finishing "Passing Test". Equip the death mask you retrieved and go through the portal. Find the map Last Sigh Bridge: Talk to Morty Sharn with following options: - Hold out your arm, hoping it wont' be too painful. - Suffer in silence. - Politely ask the Morty Sharn to stop his examination. - Reply that you've been told you have a bad taste. - Go up the stairs. Get information about queen of Externam: - Talk to Lost Mane in the first room Enter the Citadel and talk to Impatient Mane, Citadel Baillif will appear. After talking to Baillif, fight Curious Mane. On turn 6 you will summon a Creaper that insta kills her. Talk to Baillif, choose the 2nd option and walk up the stairs towards the right. Talk to Archon Kebesto and finish the quest. Break-in Enurado Talk to Archon kebesto after finishing "The grey Country". Go to Enurado dimension Look for information about the precious chest: - Talk to Dungeon keeper of Brutatax's Factory at [-6,-2]. - Go to [-8,-5], talk to Grandpow and enter the Alloyance building. Once you're in and go two maps left you will be auto aggroed with 3 of Hyrkuls apprentices. The fight can be done in team but everyone who has the quest active will be aggroed when entering the map. Defeat King Nidas. After beating the dungeon attack the precious chest on the right. (Advised to do in team 16K HP aoe hits) Give the precious chest fragment to Archon Kebesto (NPC in the citadel accessible through Ilyzaelle). Talk to Queen Thanatena and Ilyzaelle. Go to Ecaflipus and talk to Dardondakal (Catseye dungeon) to finish the quest. Norrdeal Talk to Dardondakal after finishing "Break-in Enurado". Go visit 3 sisters in a cave in frigost at [-76,-80]. - Frigostion: Walter Aygo [-77,-44] - Ouginak chief: Canynan the Merinan [-26,-5] Talk to Hyrini at [-27,-3] & the sacred fire - Oracle: Aparluk [-59,-58] Buy 10 Dark chocolates at the Pandala Chocolate factory [23,-35] and give them to Aparluk. You will be transformed into a pingwinch and need to head left towards a raft located at [-74,-53]. Offer the sacred Pingwin a ghost icefish: Complete the quest "The Guard Does Not Surrender" ([-71,-78] Beat 40 monsters of the Ilyzaelle area and defeat 3 groups of Armarines (Clickeable helmets on the floor in the area, always 3 missiz freezz monsters). After you finish the quest the Fisherman of the day Without End will reward you a ghost icefish.) Give the ghost icefish to the sacred Pingwin at [-74,-53] and head to open sea. Sail West and talk to Maewin & Galaethiel. Go to the Sarakech Port to find more about em: Talk to GlasolIkwid at [15,-56]. Talk to Moum-Ra at [8,-76] Run Tal Kaska. Talk to Em the Cursed after beating the dungeon. Go see the three sisters in the cave at [-76,-80]. You need to earn the three sisters trust by doing following quests: - Oh, Happy Spray! - A Crystal-Clear Voice - Deathly Hollow - The black warrior After completing these you receive a Dardondakal's Thread. Put it on the weaving loom in the cave. Go back to Ilyzaelle's lookout at [-71,-78] and talk to Hyrkul, a combat will be launched. You are accompanied by two Centorors who buff shields, ap, mp & spell damage. Make sure to stay away from hyrkul he does massive damage in cc. After the fight talk to Menalt's Spirit to finish the quest. Oh, Happy Spray! Talk to Polo Kowello at [1,16] (Edge of Evil tree forest). Go to the Nimaltopia emote map [-65,29] (Enter cave by walking on top right cell) and talk to Rainikron. Talk to Mishell at [-63,29]. Fight the two hunters at [-67,31]. Go inside the cave at [-66,28] and fight the Stooges monsters (fight can be done with3) to get a suspicious vial. Show the vial to Polo Kowello. Go to the Smarf's Village at [-14,34] (Requires Rikiki wand to enter) & click on the book in the house. Bring 4 ingredients to Polo Kowello: - Enchanted leaf: Inside the house at [-14,34] right from the book. - Meow Whiskers: Fight Meowzrael at [-10,30]. - Mushroom powder: Fight Ougaa's Wrath at [-27,5]. - Pink Seeds: In a bag of Eniripsa temple at [7,1]. Give Polo Kowello in exchange for an Alchemist's remedy When spray the remedy on Rainikron a fight will start. After the fight go and see Urdnona and end the quest. A Crystal-Clear Voice Go to [-76,-71] and talk to Asselo (Snowbound village). Talk to Wes of Tubsterville at [-68,-76] (Count Harebourg zaap). Next, defeat the mob at [-70,-77] so you can talk to the Music Loving Ghost. He tells you, you will find more information at Nileza so head out to Nileza's Labratory. After beating the dungeon talk to Nileza to find out Meno created the crystal. Head out to Meno's ship and beat the dungeon. He tells you you need to recover several concertos: - Lemonade: André Rieur at incarnam tavern [0,-3] - Royal: Amakna's Castle at [4,-6]. Click on the piano right from Allister's throne - Spiced: Saloon in Ohwymi at [15,-57]. Click on the piano - Webs: First room in the Lair of the Rac Queen at [-6,-15]. Click on the piano - Bow Meow: Secret house at [3,17]. Click on the piano on the top floor - The Mercenaries: House at [6,-21]. Click on the piano - Amaknian: Amakna Inn at [2,-1]. Take right door and go upstairs. Click on the piano Go to Meno (Talk to the snapper at dungeon entrance) to hand over the concertos. After that talk to Decimandi at [-76,-80] to end the quest. Deathly Hollow Interrogate Ahlly Vampire at [-16,25] about Funestaro. He tells you to go to the crypt at [-11,37] where you find a yellow scroll with tips for suicide (lol). Talk to Funestaro at [-23,22]. Go back to crypt to see if he reappeared. Since you don't know how to kill a vampire go look for a Vampire specialist at [-16,32]. Vanella Sings has some ideas on him to kill one. Get following items: - Garlic bread: Exchange Rucar 50 Frosteez at [-23,32] (Brakmar Farmer Workshop) - Flask of Holy water: Click on the vase in the Amaknian Church at [6,3] - Vampire Hunter Stake: Fight a Sinister treechnid at [-10,-13] (Solo fight, treechnid KO's in cc). He drops sinister wood that Agrid Shakoku at [4,8] can transform into the stake Go back to the crypt to test out the items on Funestaro. After a failed attempt to kill Funestaro, talk to Vanella Sings again. She tells you to escort Funestaro to the Forfut Manor at [-14,25]. So go ahead and go back to the crypt to get the suicidal vampire. Run Anerice to get an audience for Funestaro. After completing dungeon introduce Funestaro to Anerice. Talk to Skuldmort at [-76,-80] to end the quest. The Black Warrior Starts after beating Tal Kasha and talking to the three Sisters in the cave at [-76,-80]. Go see Joris in Bonta at [-35,-61]. Go to the Bramarian Library at [-28,37] and talk to Liam Nesswiltee. Read some books: - Buy Hyrkul's Advent from Liam Nesswiltee. - Buy Crimson Dawn (part 1) - Found Fragments IX from Liam Nesswiltee. - Buy Crimson Dawn (part 2) - Found Fragments X from Liam Nesswiltee. - Go to [-18,16], defeat the bwork and read the book on Hyrkul's demise. Talk to Arpagnagrobis at [2,-9] (Need achievement Astrub History X to continue). Visit menalts grave at Cemetery of heroes [1,-12]. Talk to Justa Lafs at bonta tower [-34,-57] and bring him 3 2% droprate items from 3 zones: - Shadowy Heights (Srambad) - Scarlet Tannery (Frig III) - Rygurgal Plateau (Koutoulou) Return to Justa Lafs with the items, next go pray at Menalts grave ([-1,-9]). Talk to Mentals spirit to finish the quest. Time to Die Starts after finishing Norrdeal. Go inside Externam using the deathmask and talk to Lugubrious Mane. She tells you to head towards Sylargh dungeon. Let the Unstable Nekraniac explode by standing close to it after beating the dungeon. (Surprise) Then talk to Agony outside out of the dungeon, she will give you a Snifalos Bone. Recover earth from Hyrkul's tomb at [-14,21]. Recover old piece of reapalak fabric by fighting 1 reapalak and 2 riders at [-16,13] in Agony V'Helley. Double click the Snifalos Bone to reveal Hyrkul's Location in a cave at [-33,38]. Defeat Hyrul in a single fight. You have -2MP infinite. First thing to do is kill the cross. You can only do so attacking it in close combat making Hyrkul vulnerable. After that the stones will have a blue light shining in random directions. If something is within 3 range linear from the blue light & has the blue icon on top, it gets -10% infinite resistance. You can also hit the lights and get attracted to them 3 range in order to flee from Hyrkul. If you do so, the blue light will disappear from that stone for a few turns and you can no longer use it to attract. Hyrkul can also cast -10MP (non unbewitchable) from 4 linear range every 2 turns. He hits very heavy in cc (>3k 20% res). Talk to Queen Thanatena & Dardondakal (Catseye dungeon) to finish the quest.
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    Little meme on the side for y'all: 10 Subscriber special soon.
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    Final update: Donee Odegard, Sarah’s mother, has been added as the GoFundMe campaign’s beneficiary and is now in direct control of the funds. Arrangements for Sarah’s transportation are in place. In addition to your donations allowing her mother time to grieve without financial worry, your kind words have also been passed on to Sarah’s family and community back home. We hope this can help paint a picture of how far and how expansive Sarah’s light had spread. Sarah, you are loved and deeply missed. Thank you for sharing your happiness with us.
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    fuck I kise nibet
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    Perfect stats doesn't exi.. Waiting for flitzpunkte warriors to comment
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    We've moved over to Discord.