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    Heavenly Knights is recruiting active, friendly players on Ilyzaelle and Temp V! We have some spots open to fill and we're looking for players of all experience levels to join our fam. All levels are welcome. Connect with us in-game for more info. If you enjoy Discord chats, virtual karaoke with the alliance (we have an Open Mic Knight coming up soon with a 20mk prize pool!), regular guild events and some laughs, we're your people. We invite old, new and returning players to join us! WHO TO CONTACT TO JOIN? PM us in-game on Ily (/w) Marza-Elite, Nixstix, Parralax, Elchappo We also have a guild on Temporis - Server V - if you're playing there for the time being - most of our members have invite rights there. REQUIREMENTS English-speaking. Interested in community vibes, questing, PVM and a bit of PVP, as well as helping fellow each other progress through the game. Non-toxic! Our no.1 rule is "Don't be a dick!". THE GOODS We're 170+ members strong and growing. We're part of MAG (Magnum Opus Alliance) who share our community values. Our player base has multiple time zones with players from varying backgrounds (US, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa!). We have events at least once a month (Discord Karaoke - yaaassss, Soul Events, Scav Hunts and other fun stuff). We are very active on Discord - get on voice chat and enjoy the game with us. Opportunities to grow with us and progress into management roles if you're keen.
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    Many of us has been trying to get in touch with you the past days, but you're never on! I think you'll get happily surprised about our guild. Guild (yeah, that's our name - long story) is an international guild with lots of people you'll know. A rough guess is that you'd know at least 10-20 people by name. Without a doubt one of the most active guilds on retro servers. We're on Henual and our core consists of people that never quit. We're staying put no matter what. There's no reason for you to play alone unless you chose to (as many do).
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    A lot of people moved from multi to mono servers, because they prefer to do things with other players. My choice was a bit different. I was about to end the game on Echo, but some friends told me to chill play with them on Illyzaelle, so I did and it ended like that.
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    Bullying? you think you're so cool? -The girl you just called fat?... She is overdosing on DIET pills. -The girl you just called ugly?... She spends hours putting MAKEUP on hoping that people will like her. -The boy you just tripped?... He is abused enough at home. -See that man with the ugly scars?... He fought for his country. That guy you just made fun of for crying?... His mother is dying. -Put this as your status if your against bullying. I bet 95% of you won't re-post , but I'm sure the people with a heart and backbone will. Repost, like, share,or just leave a positive comment if you agree with me unlike some girl or guy that is being a jerk and thinks none should post a comment about stopping child abuse which is an important message CYBERBULLYING IS NOT A JOKE, FOR MORE INFO GO TO https://www.cybersmile.org/advice-help/category/who-to-call
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    Just like Wesmaster's recent post, I've also decided to make a youtube channel. If you decide to visit my channel, be warned of poor audio and video quality on my videos since I'm navigating the platform with zero knowledge. If you ever have any beginner user friendly tips for me regarding topic ideas, editing especially since that's my weakness, and any other extra input, feel free to let me know here. Make sure to support other Dofus english youtubers you come across (New or Old) because you never know if they decide to come back and play or restart up their channels. Supporting or viewing content whether it is through comments, likes, views, etc. helps improve the Youtube's algorithm by moving the content up higher in the list. This means more exposure for the game and the minority. Youtuber List: Benjamight, The-Epiphany, Defy, Bamis, Wesmaster, Dofus Reflex, Flawless SH, Nubcakez, Deroy, Caleb's Chill Gaming - Dofus, Mvpdofus, VipeR, The-Nusk, Matt Wright, Foamingatthemouth SH, Creator Dofus, Hipster Gamer, Just Laguna, Calstrom, Time Well Spent, Retro Romby, Sacrience, Elesyl Dofus, Astrognome1, Ziberian, Mystopia, AlexandreRocha, Juse, Frozthax, Leanna, Xal, Veldin, Hakfu, Ultimate-Sensation, Snarkles, RalfyRalfy, Beehiveone, ModraKrevTV, Platinum TV, ChrolloLucifer, Blippero, Captain-Gale, Azn, Excynic, Celestial-Sun, Persona, Zing, Uthman, Cagri, Tazz, DofusSolar, Sweetkraz, Lyoto, WindowDV, RobYourHood, Rayban, -Ecko-, Tyde, LeoCC, Midnight-Hunter, Pentecost, Ftw-Family, Leonbohh, Kevinplaysdofus, and there's many more out there. This gives them motivation to continue making Dofus content and represent the English side of the community. Thanks for reading. Youtube Channel --> Bochi
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    Just wondering if there are any old shika folk still kicking about, its been almost 5 years since i last logged in and having some free time was considering popping in here and there.
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