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    I hate to double post but it's been long enough I think I'm fine. xD I'm a Vampyre now ... spooky ... >:O Real talk though Anerice Duo is fucking annoying and I'm glad I never have to do it again. :') Thank god that Trees can take a Ghoulification and stay alive.
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    wow it's very much unlike every other advent calendar that ankama have ever done i'm deeply shocked and surprised
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    We listened to your complaints and after some hard work and groundbreaking innovations, I'm pleased to announce that the service is now 100% gluten-free! Can't eat bread? Use Frav's mount leveling service instead!
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    That is an absolutely fucking incredible mage. That said, the fucking nerves of steel needed to just drop a fucking summon on that thing.
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    Can any1 explain me why i can't buy orgines? i tried to make an offer but i had the same alert edit.
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    My previous post was a joke; which you don't know what it means, cuz, for some strange reason, you assimilate with "personal attack". Nevertheless, I wish you and everyone else reading this thread happy holidays. Someone else please pick up on posting answers and prizes, cuz it got bitter-sweet for me now.
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    What? That's not what 3 dots imply... If you knew to read a joke aka "my post" you'd know that "my post" means "What a terrible reward nobody cares about and never would have probably been better than late." . Bohemia more like cerebral ischemia amirite
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    Nice reply after 7 years :^) (^:
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    Account settings
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    how do we mute people in this forum ?
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    Sorry, earning kamas thru mining is hard with all the bots going on
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    Int iop, chance cra... feca and me both died before we even played rip my anus
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    What baffles me is that Ankama has no concept of taking small steps to try and improve the game. Everytime they change something, it's like they had an epiphany and decide to completely overhaul some aspects of the game, and this approach deals in extremes. It's completely hit or miss. This also makes it difficult to take breaks from the game. People go on breaks for whatever reason, and once they are back, they see that nothing they possess is relevant anymore, and guess what, that break just turned into a quit. Why not start with baby steps? Take small steps and see how the community responds. My biggest issue with the game right now is how dead it is. I play on PST and log on after work to find the same 3 people online and absolutely nothing going on. Granted this timezone doesn't have the largest player base but certainly there are steps which could be taken to fix these issues. A very basic example would be to have dedicated players playing in different timezones(offered some compensation like ogrines) to organize some events on a frequent basis. There is no community right now whatsoever. Even if what I just said completely fails, it was a baby step and there isn't any irreparable damage done. Compare this to completely revamping pets (not their worst idea) but some 36 of my Croums and Scaradors just became worthless. Not only did I lose a lot of money, but I also have to spend more money into maxing out new pets. Why does everything they do have to be giant leaps of faith hoping that things will work out?
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    I think Ankama in general just need to have a sit down and really think about which direction they want to go and whether they're happy to continue the way they are. I'd personally like to see them stop getting side tracked and taking staff and time away from their main projects to create games which won't and never will generate an audience or a profit margin. Instead they could be working on their own form of project such as dofusplanner or something similar i.e dofusgo, there's no excuse as to why their player base as beaten them to create such things. Another issue I find is that - A. Subscription expenses are extortionate, if I sub 8 characters every month it'll cost me roughly £32, or £380 a year, give or take, which makes you ask yourself, who are Ankama's target audience? And to subscribe 8 accounts through kamas is near impossible. B. They REALLY need to stop adding pre-existing, rare and expensive cosmetics into ogrine packages, imagine playing the game for years and years, finally being able to afford a cosmetic that you've wanted, only for them to add it to a package a week later, causing you to lose your dofus careers worth of savings. There's other ways to push profit margins and revenue, whether it's through marketing or advertisements. C. Are they ever going to try and push dofus in other countries through advertisements? It's a worrying thought for a player of the international community to constantly see our numbers dying, in all honesty we may as well all be merged into French servers, at the moment we're just waiting to die out. D. Isn't it about time guilds were revamped, maybe something past just obtaining level200? infact, whilst they're at it they may as well work on the flop that alliances have always been. Give us a reason to actually be part of an alliance. E. Community events? I don't remember the last time a mod logged in game to organise something for the community other than maybe to hand out a few fireworks. 1.29 days where they'd organise guild 8 v 8's, PvP tournaments, GOULT FFS!?! given that these are all PvP orientated, but I tell you now, there were thousands of players, even on shika at the time, flooding In to be a part and see what was going on. F. I mean, what even is the use of prospecting anymore? It's completely and utterly lost it's value through achievement drops and dofus questlines to the point where half of the new end game gear doesn't even include prospecting anymore, because guess what? Even ankama realise it's pointless. Want 8 of a certain drop per character per fight? Use some idols. G. Dungeons and access to dungeons, crafting certain keys are near impossible for you to obtain in masses such as royal rainbow blop or dreggon dungeon, the recipes are extremely outdated and so are the amounts of experience you gain from the majority of dungeons, -nidas with 20000 idol score. H. Give us an actual decent service with decent response times and informative replies to issues, with a much better attitude than copy/paste replies. All in all there's been far too many neglected aspects of dofus and I honestly believe it's down to mismanagement, not really knowing which direction they want to take the game and throwing staff onto unwanted spin off games rather than fixing/updating what could be a GREAT game.
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    the truth is that dofus is cancer, it’s just that we love cancer (c) :^)
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    I would like to change my name to what it was when I first started playing way back in 2008 but I think the character I used to have still exists on an account on which I have forgotton both login name and password and was wondering if you could help me out here as I'd really like to get it back, thanks. And would maybe like to get a response from Izmar too as her pm's are blocked :P Just to be clear on the last part i'd also like to hear suggestions from others too as long as they're not think of a different name :P
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    Hi, I'm gonna have my 8 ivories soon exchangeable. Send me a message if you want to reserve one. 90m each no nego. Exchangeable 14th December 03:14 DOFUS Time.
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