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    mods are busy banning sapeuh and volca for using ankama’s own imbalanced spells ^_____^ also cherche a company that can actually revamp mf dung *cough* not ankama *cough*
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    We've had some situations on our servers with players admittedly using bots to secure an "income". I've known a lot of people playing Dofus as an income over the years and some of them I haven't bothered with. I knew a player from Venezuela who used kamas to feed his family and flee the country, one guy from India who had to chose between playing Dofus with his wife or sell her to other men. There are always reasons and sometimes I get them. Sometimes - the reason is to make easy money and abuse the game to it's max. This annoys me. Some players (4 especially) on Henual 1.29 has been botting to advance faster in-game and sell kamas as extra income. More then this, they have been an annoyance to the community on our server. They insult, they destroy some of the markets and they even make fun of Ankama in their own discord for not being able to do anything about it. We've had screens of everything, including purchases sent in directly to the head of moderators - since we felt the moderators couldn't be trusted. 8 different yet proper reports has been sent in to 3 different moderators. The players we've reported has sometimes approached us with the screens which shows the moderators "warns" rich cheaters. This is why I decided to make another approach to one of their "bigups". One of these 4 players offered me to buy 700 million kamas in one go. He exchanged me and showed me the kamas, asked me if I wanted to buy through paypal and I kept fishing to make sure it would be a proper report to send in. The head of moderators happily accepted the screens and the next day the player was banned with a huge thank you (I even got offered a really weird compensation). Today, 1 month later - this player approached me in-game on the account he was banned on to tell me he's back and wanting to make more money. We've had these players information with /whois and /time when they've admitted to botting and selling kamas. We've provided their alts, their merch spots, usual botting maps, moments they are transferring between their mains and their bots etc. Shit that can make then catch these assholes in the act. Yet we are the ones who get sanctioned. These players get shown the screenshots and thereby they also know who sent in the report. Awkward situations for some considering Henual being a very small server with a close-knit community. It's not like Eratz or Echo - therefor stuff like this gets known. It's getting to the point that people are quitting and it's frustrating to know that the moderators (who are players on Henual and moderate on Eratz) are biased. Even worse that their "boss" handles it just as bad as they do. I would like to send my gratitude to Seydlex however. He's responded and taken actions each and every time. Yet, he's only been able to give out max one weeks ban. I have to give credits where credits are due. How should one approach this? Ankama wrote that they wouldn't moderate 1.29. When kamabuying became a huge deal, they changed their minds and added 4 moderators and 3 employees. None international and none on Henual. Posting this at OF wouldn't work because the topic would get removed (like they always get when Ankama loses control). Should we encourage botting, buying and selling of kamas? Should we just give up? Whats the point in trying to make something good out of something that Ankama doesn't care one bit about? When the fuck will they learn? A normal player can't compete with botting. When Ankama encourages it themselves, what could we do? Can we have ONE normal fucking server please?
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    @Youbutsui only read the first paragraph but I already agree
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    it’s ok, no filzpunkte for it to be called perfect anyway ^_____^
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    Pa vit triggers me hard. Overall not too shabby.
  8. 3 points
    Looks like I haven't missed a lot since I quit, people still are joking about exo mages with low/not perfect filzpunkte.
  9. 2 points
    All of them were properly equipped, just played bad, cause they thought 3vs5 is free.
  10. 2 points
    Thanks a lot, just re-reading it now I realize how badly worded that specific part is...my bad; That's exactly what I meant. The thing is that Tot usually speaks about feedback he received and how Dofus and Wakfu taught them a lot and were good "experiments" that would be finalized in Waven...but that's not showing at all except maybe for the artstyle and them using Unity instead of Java/AIR. I know I'm not alone when I say that I personally don't want simplified Wakfu/Dofus...I want a better and improved Wakfu/Dofus, where balancing something for PvE and PvP differently is not a coding nightmare for how old and messed up those systems are to deal with.
  11. 2 points
    It counts as an exo, so you can't have a -0 range bubotron item and another range exo. The sink the rune takes up to go from -1 to 0 is halved for exos though so for example passing a MP exo on nekochief would take up 45 sink. As you can have 101 sink over you can have 101-45 = 56 sink of other stats overmaged on it, which means you can have a nekochief with 9% res over + MP exo technically speaking.
  12. 2 points
    Pretty sure in that second quote he means make a new game building upon the foundations laid by Dofus/Wakfu in Unity with better balance, content and systems than Dofus and Wakfu have, rather than implying that they should go and add that stuff to the existing games.
  13. 2 points
    11/15 filzpunkten, crush please
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    finally getting matched with people from my own skill level
  15. 1 point
    Lend me an Ivory for Bethel & Solar duos, I'll be your BFF
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    I feel you...it's such wasted potential and they're developing this one, imo, with the wrong audience in mind. They're trying to streamline everything (simplified gearing, simplified combat, etc) and so that it doesn't take long to do much if anything in game. Very mobile-esque. PvE is also looking pretty grim with their latest blogpost about a new boss-mode: Everyone basically plays by himself on a different board; Simultaneously the other 3 players in your party do the same and there's no way of interacting or helping other players other than "gifting your sidekicks" to them. The boss is just a wave-fight (The boss loses HP the more mobs from the waves you kill). Very disheartening how much they're pushing the sidekick collectible galore (nobody cares), instead of ways you can cooperate and interact with one another either in the overworld or in combat...and how they want stuff to be easy because "Not everyone has a lot of time nowadays", which is true...but linked to a strategy turn-based game...it just doesn't work. You can have easy content, but you should have the more hardcore side of things aswell, so you can please everyone (WoW has LFR - Normal - Heroic - Mythic, and each difficulty has more or less mechanics for example...why can't we have something similar). In the comments though, he said that this will only be 1 mode in PvE, but it doesn't mean that it'll be the only one and that there won't be a more "classic" approach with the others. (Altough he then talks about a BR mode where 50 ppl can compete on this type of boss etc...bleh). I don't know...they had a solid base both with Dofus and Wakfu's systems...they only needed to upgrade their engines (this new artstyle is pretty great and appealing to a lot of people), balance stuff properly and add new content and interesting extra systems and content (which should be easier in Unity than doing it in Adobe AIR and Java), but nop...we have to screw it all up by trying to appeal to a super casual audience, hoping they spend a lot of money on the mobile version... That's why I had my hopes up for Dofus Dungeons...but they decided to cancel it because people from Dofus told them "Go back and design stuff for Dofus you lazy bums", basically...which sucks. I repeated this 100 times already, but this is definitely gonna be Krosmaster Arena 2.0, and it's gonna fail in the same way if they keep doing stuff like this imo. [May I ask kind @Gravestorm for an "official" translation like the previous blogposts in this thread? Google translator is not 100% trustworthy when it comes to most languages other than english. Thanks a lot.]
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    Put whatever you want to use inside the Dofus 1.29 folder where Dofus.exe is located. _____General Improvements_____ Audio folder adds HD music to the game. Clips/Modules folders add Tactical Mode/Anti-Lag Mode and 2.0 Spell Icons. If you do not want the 2.0 Spell Icons, delete the Spells folder in the Clips folder before copying. [Download General Improvements] _____Script_____ Start.ahk is an AutoHotkey script that automatically launches a specified number of clients, logs them in, selects a server and character and invites them to the group, as well as switches to the corresponding window with hotkeys. Open Start.ahk with Notepad or any other text editor and configure it following the instructions there. (Currently the newest version is 10) Double-click Start.exe to start the script. Start.ahk/Start.exe can be placed anywhere if you specify the Dofus folder location in Start.ahk. You can rename Start.ahk/Start.exe to anything you want, just be sure that they both have the same name. [Download the Script] _____Performance Improvements_____ Dofus.exe is a new launcher for Windows with improved performance that uses Adobe Flash Player 18 instead of 8 that the regular launcher uses. It also fixes the chat scrolling up on each received/sent message bug. Use Dofus.exe to launch the game instead of the UpLauncher. Flash.exe is a new launcher for Windows (Flash.dmg for Mac) with even more improved performance that uses Adobe Flash Player 31 instead of 8 (10 for Mac) that the regular launcher uses. Be sure to install Adobe Flash Player 31 if you don't have it already. Sadly it has the chat scrolling up on each received/sent message bug, so it's mostly useful for alt accounts, while the main account is better off being launched through the above client for Windows, or the original client for Mac (unless you don't care about the chat). Unless you were experiencing the bug with the original client as well, then at least the performance boost will be a nice addition. [Download Performance Improvements] How to use: See also: Dofus 1.29 Wiki, Dofus 2.x Starter Pack.
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    Sorry man. It's now back online.
  20. 1 point
    You all know what happened after that.
  21. 1 point
    > Panda has some crap 3% Water overmage Pawl Amu > I figure I should mage it to like 450-500 Vitality instead > Buy runes > Slap one Ra Vit > Best magus Echo
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    i just checked my datafault and found the old standalone player. can't attach it here due to max filesize of 2Mb. Want me to mail it you? Its still working here, 64bit (multilib gentoo) (i could also mail it an admin that could attach it here, i think its useful!)
  24. 1 point
    Thanks! I've found that I totally suck at this game now haha
  25. 1 point
    hi diz iz ma best mage and it haz more wiz, jelly ?????