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    After many years (about 4) it is finally time to say i got max achievement points. Big thanks to all of my friends who helped me with many achievements. Big thanks to rng for giving me the last seemyool after only about 3months of trying. Thank you guys for the amazing fights, can't wait to find something new to smash together!
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    It only took about 6 months in total x). But seriously, gz Lord! We have done some sweet things together, and I'm sure we will continue doing that in the future!
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    i'm not targeting the girls, only targeting the entire community
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    Thanks everyone for the adsense revenue from this thread
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    Bootiful referee???? Rigged comp
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    FIGHT CLUB Fight Club is a server-wide pvp event that is open to everyone - looking forward to seeing some new and some returning faces! You may register for the event any time between now and Friday the 20th at 23:00DST. You can find the rules below and check out what prizes we have up for grabs! Tldr;; GEARLESS 3v3 pvp event this Saturday the 21st, registration closes Friday REFEREES & STREAMERS Referee: Animuffin - Discord: Amber#5839 Referee: Bootiful Referee: Kurama-Kyubi-Sama Streamer: Morcha - Twitch: Morchaa Streamer: Killer-Spirituel - Twitch: KillerSpiritual SCHEDULE *Tentative schedule - this will be updated once we have an idea of participation numbers. Players will have at least 10 minutes between each round to change variants if so desired. NOW: Registration is open! FRIDAY Apr 20 23:00 DST: Registration is closed FRIDAY Apr 20 0:00 DST: Bracket posted SATURDAY Apr 21 20:00 DST: Round one SATURDAY Apt 21 20:30 DST: Round two SATURDAY Apr 21 21:00 DST: Round three REGISTRATION -Officially registered teams will be listed at the bottom of this post -There is no registration fee for this event -Register your team by posting on the thread here, or DM Amber#5839 on discord using the following format: ...............Team Name (Optional, must abide by ToS or will otherwise be referred to by Captain name) ...............Team Captain: Character name, class, level (main contact person) ...............Character name, class, level ...............Character name, class, level ...............SUBSTITUTE: Character name, class, level TEAM COMPOSITION -3v3 format -Lvl 190+ -No duplicate classes -No person may be on more than one team -Subs may be used if they are the same class -Multilogging is permitted, but we encourage you to register with friends! RULES -NO GEAR OF ANY KIND IS ALLOWED FOR THIS TOURNAMENT -No incarnations, candies/boosts of any kind -You can access the Goult maps by walking through the orange zaap at [-6, -12]. Go right - this is where teams will meet before each round -The system for map selection will be updated here once we have an idea of participation numbers -Both teams must check in with a referee and wait to be cleared before beginning the fight -If a character leaves during a fight (d/cing is not leaving) the team automatically loses -Every single characteristic point must go into an element - no points may be put into vitality -A system is in place to check that players are not using any gear. If a player is found to be cheating, the entire team will be automatically eliminated and their opponents for that round will move on TOURNAMENT SYSTEM -The info provided here is tentative and will be updated once we have an idea of participation numbers -Teams will be randomly matched in the first round using a random single elimination bracket generator -There will be no draws -Teams must arrive 15 minutes before the first round to check in with their assigned referee and wait to be cleared before beginning their match -Teams that are more than 10 minutes late will be considered forfeited -Each round (excluding the final) will be one fight. The final round will be best of three -The losing teams in the semifinals will compete for third place -A sample bracket is shown below: REWARDS *All rewards will be distributed evenly to each player on the team 1st place team: Skeleton Seemyool Harness, Sufokian Seemyool Harness, Brakmarian Seemyool Harness, 12mk 2nd place team: Coulive shield, Coulive shield, Coulive cape, 9mk 3rd place team: 6mk MVP awards: Referees who notice particularly impressive plays or carries by a player on any team may award them mimisymbics - we have many MVP awards available DONATIONS *In addition to donations from our previous event… Thank you to an anonymous donor for sponsoring our MVP awards with mimisymbics! OFFICIALLY REGISTERED TEAMS 1. Team Updog ...............Snips, Xelor, 200 ...............Somniatis, Panda, 200 ...............Bomb-Voyagez, Rogue, 200 2. Team: Noobfighters ...............Gangster, Panda, 200 ...............Luxord, Enu, 200 ...............Zexion, Osa, 200 3. Skrhi's Babes ...............Erios, Eni, 200 ............ ..Azmorea, Feca, 200 ...............Haircat, Eca, 200 4. Boobs4life ...............Chebsi, Cra, 200 ............ ..Anjulica, Eni, 200 ...............Alexia-Feca, Feca, 200 5. Ryu on Ice ...............Ryu-Roo, Osa, 200 ...............Dr-Ayelid, Sac, 200 ...............Envoyer, Feca, 200 6. Psicotics ...............Psi-Origin, Eliotrope, 200 ............ ..Psi-Age, Xelor, 200 ...............Psi-Bolt, Cra, 200 7. recnac ...............Carebear70, Sadi, 200 ............ ..Putain, Osa, 200 ...............Tamere, Enu, 200 8. Spiritualisation ...............Killer-Spirituel, Sac, 200 ............ ..Enutrof-Spirituel, Enu, 200 ...............Gneu-Gneu, Osa, 200 9. Team Dustin ...............Millenium, Rogue, 200 ............ ..Allessee, Cra, 200 ...............Zrye, Sac, 200 10. Name to be Determined ...............Barley-Maid, Sadi, 200 ............ ..Chems, Iop, 200 ...............Vengeanz, Osa, 200 11. Love-BMF ...............Love-summons, Osa, 200 ............ ..Love-shadow, Sram, 200 ...............Dark-thoughts, Enu, 200 12. Angry Puffles ...............Master-Psycho, Masq, 200 ............ ..Frosn-Up, Enu, Sram, 200 ...............Raynerian, Osa, 200
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    Henlo Psi, not sure if you ever maged something or know how does it work, but if you think to find a TF belt like that for 20-40mk you must be ********. Of course, not only belt, but that Atcham Cape too. TF belt like that would go for 150M+, and that cape... Well, let's just say you've to drop an AP rune for it and then hope for 2nd Ra VIt to crit success, because that's the only way of landing it. Landing a 2nd Ra Vit is also 1% chance, so practically dropping an exo and exoing an item again... I'd say this item would cost 120M+ at least. Ring you're looking for could be found for 40mk, so Sabres. Also I don't think you'll find such items on Echo (besides that ring maybe) so might consider getting them on FR servers.
  11. 6 likes
    1st of all, even if amber due to her hardworking personality might consider checking out every dmg every turn of every char of every spell (and mind u some spells can change base dmg due to buffs like sac/iop/cra/sram/etc or force of nature, the latest which can still be bugged in some cases) i doubt sm1 of abud-senpai's calibre would chech everything and not just "cba" :') jk ily all but even if we assume a hypothetical situation where abud isn't rigged (huehue) and all referees actually make effort to recheck every dmg in every situation, there's still one debatable case: what if i get myself a statless captain shield but w/o stats except for -%ranged res, then i mimi it to invis shield and i wear it in purpose to increase my opponents' ranged dmg thus allowing me to accuse my opponents of "cheating" while they did not?
  12. 6 likes
    Thanks for the replies, I actually got a group of randoms together and we beat it the first try. There was one character who knew the dungeon really well and helped ghe team out a ton. I just looked at the wiki and asked when I had a question, team of 5 people.
  13. 6 likes
    Omg this is best thing that has happened to me this year. How would I word this when adding it to my resume???? THE MOST IMPORTANT THING HERE IS THAT MEMES BROUGHT US TOGETHER THESE LAST COUPLE OF DAYS.
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    Well perhaps you should open your eyes then because having every chat spammed by %off buyers is one of the worst things that ever happened to Dofus. Anyone selling to them or encouraging it should consider keeping themselves safe.
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    I feel extremely violated and personally attacked by the meme you chose to win. I personally don't care about koth and actually ask for portal positions during them in /a. You're calling me, and specifically people like me donkeys. Thanks for that.
  17. 5 likes
    i want to exchange my 2m for the islands. i think is pretty good damn deal
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    I'm feeling this is something I could get behind. Grinding with a specific goal was always one of the more enjoyable aspects of Dofus.
  22. 4 likes
    So manny great events, you are a gem for this community! <3
  23. 4 likes
    Well technically Imt helped me way more... :D And damn.. 6 months.. Time flies when you are in konvict with such great people!
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    Can you just make future contests say you're going to pick who you want to win because in the past 2 contests you've just straight up ignored the posts with the most likes in an extremely like-centric contest.
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    isnt CC just one to the left (assuming its clockwise confusion right? I havent touched count for like 2 yrs by now) for every damage roll (so flinties is 90+90=180 deg right, random 3-roll weapon is 90+90+90(270) or 90 in the OPPOSITE direction
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    I made this a while ago and a few peeps who used it found it very useful and told me to post it so I guess here is a good place to do so.
  29. 3 likes
    Can use the Phishing Rod.
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    You are an experienced player, an accomplished adventurer… Wait! What am I saying? You are a hero! Your noob days when you walked the World of Twelve for the first time are far behind you. But what if the Temporis server was your opportunity to re-live your adventure, with today's experience? Imagine a brand new server, all fresh and innocent: the black diamond slopes of the World of Twelve, where you are the first to glide through the powder! All those glorious firsts are yours: first resources, first dungeons, first bosses, and first kamas! The Temporis server is all that: a whirlwind of newness and rediscovery. The Temporis server will open its doors from April 25th to July 31st. That's how much time you'll have to rush as never before! For the first time ever in DOFUS, live rankings will let you measure your experience, and that of your friends, your guild and other players. And rewards will be waiting in the end. Ready for this new conquest? FAQ Why recreate a version of a single-account server? The single-account server experience was very interesting, and made us want to continue in a new format. With update 2.46, we took into account the importance of immersion at the start of the game, and to this end, we simplified the quests and overhauled the game mechanics to make them more dynamic. Similarly, the profession recipes early in the game have been simplified to make equipment more accessible. For the most nostalgic, the aim was also to rediscover this feeling of freshness and conquering a new "territory", and emphasize the cooperative aspect at the early stages of every MMORPG. We hope that it will give you a lot of pleasure, especially in groups, playing with your friends, guilds, and alliances. You'll need to cooperate if you want to win these rewards: You'll have to reach an achievement level of 2,000 points to unlock the cape and 5,000 points to unlock the hat. And those of you who reach an achievement level of 10,000 points will win an exclusive title. Rewards will be distributed after the server is closed when we are certain of the final results. For the most competitive among you, a ranking – or leaderboard – will be updated live and take into account several categories: the first player to defeat a boss, achievements, professions, etc. How is it different from the classic servers? The difference is that the Temporis server will come to an end. You will, however, be able to transfer your character(s) to the classic servers starting on July 31st. A post to this effect will be published on the website to explain the transfers in detail. What language will the server use? All communities can take part. And what about the economic model? Players who preregister can access the Temporis server for free for 7 days when it opens. This access is specific to this server, and does not include the classic servers. Players who do not preregister and want to play on the Temporis server when it opens will need to have a subscription to access it. The shop will be available, but limited to only cosmetic objects and certain services. Will this server have a Kama Exchange? The server will not have a Kama Exchange (a.k.a. KE) during its lifetime. Are are the restrictions linked to the TEMPORIS server? The Temporis server followes the same rules as the single account servers. More information here: access conditions. How can I play on the Temporis server? Click here to go to the preregistration page to ensure priority access to the servers. There, you can: Choose your class and gender. Reserve your character's name. Invite 5 of your friends to join you. Once the Temporis server is open, you can go there and all you'll need to do is customize your character (colours, face, etc.). You can then keep track of your ranking and that of your friends and guild on the leaderboard.
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    I think osas might be a bit problematic no? Nevermind, gearless means only 1 summon :))
  34. 3 likes
    Team Updog Snips, xelor god 200 Somniatis, pandawa boss 200 Bomb-Voyagez, rogue 201 Substitues: none, cause we don't need that shit
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    Every time you level up you've gotta type "ding-ding" in /g...
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    This is the most pvm thing i have ever heard someone say.
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    thx austin id give you the falklands back for a day if i could caus of that
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    I want to dedicate my triumph to @Coopers he is the funniest in chat discord. quiero dedicar mi triunfo a @Cooperses el mas chistoso del chat discord.
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    hi it seems you have made a mistake about the meme the community upvoted the most, luckily someone found it so it can be corrected !! #justiceforsunbathe-eonni
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    Congratulations to our 10 honorable mentions, voted upon by the community! Please contact Animuffin in game or Amber#5839 on Discord to collect your 1mk 1. @Barley Maid 2. @Morgan E Floyd 3. @KillerSpirituel 4. @Tezar 5. @Sunbathe 6. @Filthy Weeaboo 7. @Gravestorm 8. @Sinbad 9. @Shano 10. @Aureus
  44. 3 likes
    Congratulations to our five winners of the meme contest, voted upon by the CMs! Please contact Animuffin in game or Amber#5839 on Discord to collect your 2mk 1. @Morgan E Floyd 2. @JoX 3. @Aureus 4. @Good Gaucho 5. @Fravanlan
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    We just did Count Versatile and it was very fast and cheap leech for it, im happy for it. I also never use imps so i might seem like a new member :D - Tychus-Findlay (Echo)
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    If the damage looks suspiciously high (or a team consistently winning in less turns than tournament average) you simply test the damage with 'claimed' stats and if it's higher than the damage preview rolls you disqualify them for being impossible.
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    Tri-element at a most Imo, full Omni is when you start to lose too much damage and a lot of huppers spells are very similar with different elements. Especially on spells like runic overcharge which require you to have high +damage to be extremely effective. As a lot of huppers spells are also low in AP cost, you don't necessarily need to be of that element to use one of the elements spells. (For example; if an enemy already has the strength state but you're full chance, there's no reason as to why you can't then follow that up with inflicting the fire state for 2ap to combine the two for an 120% damage buff, through doing this you also can remove unwanted elemental states that are already on an emeny without wasting contribution)
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    Me pvm?? What a noob. I'm a pvp pro, i even know what erosion does! :D
  49. 2 likes
    Finally something different than vulbis in this topic :D
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    They're not random, they're based on the char's HP if I remember correctly. When I started Count, I just had a "cheatsheet" on the side to look up the rotations. It took me a while before I won, because I was always too slow with rotations until I knew them from the top of my head. Some helpful tips to make it easier: - 270 degrees is 90 degrees the other way - On close combat for each hit that chars rotation changes with 90 degrees anti-clockwise. (A dagger with 2x damage would change it 180 degrees for instance) - Kill cycloid first, it's the biggest pain - Play Iop last to get the most damage out of SoF - You can only vuln Count on even turns - On odd turns if you hit Count you will jump 180 degrees to the other side of him, if there's a static obstacle on that cell you kill the entire team. - On even turns Count will jump 180 degrees around you (put a char on the cell he's going to end on to vuln) - For a beginner I'd say keep Count for last, if you feel like you're becoming good at it you can kill it after Cycloid on T4 (assuming you charge wrath T1) This cheat sheet, for instance