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  1. 34 points
    Three weeks ago my 18 year old grandson went to a party at 10:00 p.m. and played a stupid drinking game......less than 2 1/2 hours later he was in a coma.....four days later he died. His parents, who is my son and daughter in law have shared their story. Here is a link to an audio interview. Maybe hearing it will save another life. https://youtu.be/a9kWsjGPo2U I made the character, Grammiesue special to play with Brady 7 years ago. I made a guild called Look What the Cat Drug in, so we could all play together and he could be SIC of a guild. He was a little boy playing with me as was his brother, but Brady enjoyed playing Dofus more. We had a lot of fun together. Losing Brady has changed my life forever. My family all suffer horribly the nightmare of losing him. He was a great kid, fun, ambitious, smart, going somewhere and now he is dead. How did this drinking game kill him? He drank so much, so fast, he passed out. His friends carried him to another room......he threw up and possibly drowned. Someone took a picture and put it on facebook. Another friend saw it and rushed to the house. He called for an ambulance. Brady had turned blue. They took him to the hospital which was only a block away from the party. They did everything they could but couldn't save him. I care about kids. Most of the people in this game have been respectful to me, knowing I am a senior lady. They helped me...had fun with me, helped me learn things in the game and sat and talked to me around zaps and places. I'm making this post because I care about all of you, young and old. Please share this story wherever you can. Below is a pic of Brady and me in Dofus. I have been so sad for losing my grandson......I cry a lot, walk the floors....no words can describe my hurt. Please, watch over each other. If you are at a party and there is drinking going on, one of you watch to make sure everyone is ok. If you come across someone passed out from drinking, they may be suffering from alcohol poisoning too and on the road to death. This happens all too much. Drinking games can kill.
  2. 34 points
    Swaggy ornament alert! Initially I was recording to review fights, but the last fights were on potato laptop instead of proper computer (and that couldn't handle recording). So no video. But once someone changes the icky Cyclic Power mod, I need to redo the same fight on my other rogue and maybe I can recruit someone to record from spec. I don't know if anyone cares, but here's some info about the fight:
  3. 33 points
    Hi y'all, For those who don't know me, I'm the guy who started Imps a whole lot of years ago. I haven't played Dofus for 10 years and haven't considered myself a part of the community for quite awhile, but Imps is and has been my responsibility as the owner of the community to fund and maintain. Approximately five and a half hours before this post, I learned that our site had been compromised by an attacker who took advantage of a security flaw in Invision Power Board to upload and execute a PHP toolkit known as c99shell. This tool gives the user nearly full access to the server machine and the databases it uses. While it does not produce logs of its actions, it's always safest to assume that the attacker got everything we have stored, including information not publicly available on the forum. This includes: Members' email addresses Members' IP addresses The uniquely salted and hashed password string for every user That last item is the big one. Invision Power Board and Imps Village do not store passwords in plain text, however anyone who has the above hash can run password cracking suites on them to try to discover what the password for an individual user might be. Users who use common passwords based on dictionary words with numbers are the most vulnerable. We have evidence that this was done to gain access to two admin accounts, but have discovered nothing further. Regardless, for any Imps members who use the same password here as on other sites (or Dofus), I strongly recommend changing your password on those other sites. Please consider using a password manager such as Lastpass or 1Password to enable you to use highly random passwords for each site you have an account with. I also recommend all Imps users change their password for this site as soon as possible. Immediately after discovering the breach, I built a new server for Imps independent from the one that had been compromised, and installed a fresh and brand new version of our forum software on it, with that particular exploit patched. I'm also in the process of utilizing an external file store for user-uploaded images, that will prevent any similar exploits from affecting us in the future. The transition to the new, uncompromised server is still in progress (he says, at 3:30am local time), and that's why things look all crazy here! The newest version of IPB treats images differently, and our old theme is no longer compatible. Please bear with me and the staff as we spruce the place up! I thought it would be better to open our doors in the current condition than leave the site offline until it was fully stylized. I apologize deeply for both the lapse of security and our under-construction appearance. While no organization can honestly promise security issues will never occur in the future, we are making the best efforts possible to reach that goal. Optimistically, Kyek
  4. 32 points
    Finally maged a better exo today and could duo.... First on english community servers I guess? [21:40] Ferish has unlocked the achievement [Vortex (Duo)]. [21:40] Avesta has unlocked the achievement [Vortex (Duo)].
  5. 31 points
    Agility sram / int eni tears of joy First international one? :P EDIT: It puts me 2ND on the global ladder, gogo Rosal amongst the frenchies
  6. 30 points
    Okay, but just because you're special and it's so damn relatable! No more for today after that, I don't wanna blow my whole stash in 2 hours ._.
  7. 30 points
    Title Obtained: No Lifer All are x1, on separate accounts. took... alot of years... I think I'm good waiting for the next class to come out...... So I guess now it's time to play the game? Someone find me that southpark scene.
  8. 25 points
    Thank you for sharing, Amber. Sarah was one of the most beautiful, genuine and talented people I have ever met. She also happened to study at the same university as me. When Sarah found out about this, and as enthusiastic as she was, she wanted to meet up. From this first meet-up I was immediately in love. We dated for a while and I can honestly say that was one of the happiest times in my life. She lit up my world, as she did for many others. It is crazy to think about how we hung out at her place. The same exact place where she was stabbed to death by her roommate. It is crazy to think that I have seen her killer in real life. The cello playing weirdo she used to complain about. It is crazy to think that someone would dare to hurt someone so unbelievably kind and caring. Life has not been fair to Sarah. Sarah’s smile made the world a brighter place. Rest in peace Sarah, you will have a special place in my heart forever.
  9. 25 points
    Over 500 tries but its worth it at the end
  10. 25 points
  11. 24 points
    Heyo! This hardly warrants an announcement post since it's probably already hella obvious, but we now have a non-default theme! Credits to @Garne for collecting the images and designing the crux of the header (including that seriously slick bobbing airship concept), blame me for photoshopping it all into a nighttime setting and turning it into code :). This actually isn't the final version we have in mind -- the Imps at Night theme was just my prototype for getting all the code put together. There's a very similar daytime theme in the works with a few additional color, icon, and navigation changes that makes this place even more our own. But that one's still in the in the shop getting tuned up, so we thought it would be cool to put some polish on the prototype to give you a taste of what's coming. If you still prefer this night theme when we switch away from it, don't worry -- it'll still be available in the theme switcher at the bottom of the page if you'd like to go back :). The default theme is still there too, just in case sterile and bland is right up your alley! We have a lot of big fans of the old pre-upgrade design (and I'm one of them!), and I know some folks were hoping we could go back to that -- the sad truth is that Invision 4 (our current forum) has a ton of new features and totally different frontend requirements from the previous version we used to run on, so that old theme simply can't be reused -- both from the standpoint of the code itself, as well as the design (which doesn't support the new features). But I'm excited about being able to press forward with something fresh and new :). Hope you like it, and stay tuned for more theme updates!
  12. 24 points
    Le Queen of Thieves Duo. Would not recommend osa sram, stick to nub rogue panda. Video
  13. 23 points
    Delideli your wait is over! Just scroll down and feast your eyes on the image below :) Thank you!!! :D Hehehe thanks :) There's actually quite a few character genders I haven't done in a while. Including the opposite gender of some of the classes which I have been doing a lot of recently. Who knows maybe in the next batch I'll set a criteria for specific characters I want to draw ;) *Makes Strawberrie's heart jump with excitement again* Hey there, all you have to do is look out for one my announcements and post a picture of your character. This usually happens after I completely finish a set of requests. Hey guys just finished the first of 4 and damn, this took a lot longer than I thought it would :( Now I remember why I stopped doing full-body art. If you guys don't mind for I'd like to change the theme of this batch back to Half-body for my upcoming artworks, so requests can be completed at a more frequent rate. Thanks for your understanding. :) This one features Delideli's Sram. If you like it leave a comment or just hit the 'Like this' button :) When the wind doesn't blow when you want it too, sometimes you just have to improvise :o
  14. 23 points
    I know we all love tinkering for hours on end in dofusbook to make new sets so I'll be entering all the new sets so you can copy and use them yourself. Please let me know if I've made any errors and I'll correct them ASAP Missiz Frizz set: http://dofusbook.net...ano/Sets-1.html Glaciale Set http://dofusbook.net...ano/Sets-2.html Treadfast Set http://dofusbook.net...ano/Sets-3.html Cryochrone Set http://www.dofusbook.../Setsdue-1.html Sinistrofu Set http://www.dofusbook.../Setsdue-2.html Bubotron Set http://www.dofusbook.../Setsdue-3.html Seculaire Set http://www.dofusbook.../Setstre-1.html Count Harebourg Set http://www.dofusbook.../Setstre-2.html Instable Set http://www.dofusbook.../Setstre-3.html Kan-O-Mat Set http://www.dofusbook...o/setssi-1.html Nocturnowl Set http://www.dofusbook...o/setssi-2.html Klime Set http://dofusbook.net...o/setssi-3.html Cycloid Set http://dofusbook.net...setsjuse-1.html Vicieuses Set http://www.dofusbook...setsjuse-2.html Sylargh Set http://www.dofusbook...setsjuse-3.html Nileza Set http://www.dofusbook.net/perso/frigost3pano/setsyi-1.html
  15. 23 points
    All MMOs are in a state of on-going development and change. This is how the landscape of gaming has adapted to the Internet. =) Every MMO, from the venerable WoW to the tiniest Korean Item Mall must adapt and change to survive. And yes, this means that there will be bugs and problems and delays, but these things are only temporary problems. That's life on this planet in a nutshell. You can choose to go through any game (and life!) with a mindset that things are only good if they are perfect - but it means that you will never be happy. Nothing will ever be perfect. As paying customers, you certainly have a right to offer your opinion, but alone, you're just one customer, and one customer to a company with millions does not have much of a voice. Part of this service includes a community aspect - a means to amplify that voice, and your participation in that community can effect how other people participate in the community... and it can even prompt others to leave that community. If the tone of our community is completely negative, the community tone begins to drive people away, because very few people play games to increase their stress and experience negativity. Even if it doesn't drive people away, it encourages people to abandon the game with each change instead of adapting and growing with the game. This weakens our collective bargaining power and diminishes us as a community. My point is this - these other communities are growing as we speak, even in spite of what some people in our community seems to believe are insurmountable obstacles. Ankama is finding huge success in France, even though the projects that are increasing their success are written off by players in our community as being frivolous. It is the loyalty and fidelity of the French players that allowed Ankama to strike out into other languages in the first place. The French players paid for the manpower that it took to create the English community. Also, as we clearly pointed out in the Frigost devblog, only a tiny portion of the high-level community have the ability to grind the CB. When the percentage of players 190 to 200 that can grind CB reaches over 50%, we can talk about this again, but that's part of the purpose of this update - to help more high-level players reach the existing content that is completely under-accessed. The following statements are true for most players on this forum: There are fewer bugs and errors in Dofus today than the day you started. There is more content in Dofus today than the day you started. The game is improving, but because people are focused on the negative, the improvements are dismissed during discussions, and people fall into a rut of complaining and criticizing. Negativity is easy. It's right there all the time, because nothing that humans can create is 100% flawless. And I'm not trying to say that DOFUS or Ankama are perfect - far from it! I'm saying that if we as a community don't decide that we can do more than complain, we will never feel that same kind of joy that was so prevalent in DOFUS back in the early days of the English Beta, when content only rolled out once a year (or maybe every other year...) and classes were glitchy and unbalanced and quests didn't work... etc, etc... You see what I mean? There have always been problems, but gradually, our response as a community to those problems has changed! INCORRECT (sorry for the caps, but you can imagine me doing a bombastic FOR SCIENCE! voice there, not an angry shout)! A community doesn't need new content to adjust its outlook, just like a person doesn't need to win the lottery to be happy. In fact, just like winning the lottery, new content can bring plenty of unhappiness to the community (as this update has proven)! Basically, we're turning ourselves into the bitter angry girl at the dance who won't stop talking about how much everything sucks and who then gets frustrated at the highschool quarterback for not asking us to go to Sonic afterwards for a chili dog and a clumsy attempt at second base... Hm, that analogy may have slipped out of the hypothetical and into memories of my Sophmore Winter Formal... Ahem... Moving on! Challenge accepted! Ok, you try to make it sound like 2012's schedule is something that's worse than poop on a stick, and I'll try to make it sound like something that wouldn't make you want to blow your brains out. ;) Mike: Some new sets for endgame chars comprised of drops from existing dungeons. Izmar: New sets to help people who haven't reached the end of Frigost 2.5 to play content that they've missed out on and increase rewards for replaying existing content until Frigost 3 arrives. Mike: Tweaks to classes that don't particularly need tweaking while ignoring the ones that do (assumption admittedly but based on 6 years of observation). Izmar: Tweaks to classes that the developers believe will bring us towards a more balanced and single-account-friendly game. Mike: More 50% damage pets. Izmar: More cute items aimed at encouraging new players to join and subscribe. Mike: Dumbing down the existing endgame content to allow those with special needs to complete everything in the game. Izmar: Reducing the difficulty of existing endgame content in order to allow the majority of high-level players to have enough people to play the endgame content with. Mike: Continued ignorance of the fact that kolosseum is drowning under its' own weight on most servers and PvP is mostly dead. Izmar: Continued adjustments to the Kolossium system - which replaced the universally loathed Headhunter's Quest with something that's greatest flaw is that it's sometimes takes an hour or so to get some of the best possible exp-per-fight bonuses in the game. Mike: Some more 50% damage pets. Izmar: More items that bring joy to certain parts of the player base and require zero effort to ignore by others. I honestly couldn't ask for a better example of the kind of over-the-top negativity that we as a community should be struggling against. Thanks, Mike. =) As you can see, we're both talking about the same thing, but where Mike has chosen to interpret each change in the worst possible light, I've tried to show that maybe these are not changes sent from the pits of hell by a posse of raving demons pretending to be devs in order that they might be able to eat our spleens. This kind of sarcastic, negative talk is really easy to access and it's also got that mature flavor of cynicism that's very appealing - but that way lies hipsters and open mike poetry nights. Don't do it, man. It's a trap! Anyway, who are we trying to convince with these types of posts? Certainly, there's a chance that the devs might happen across this forum at some point in the future and read a post like this, but that possibility is remote. The people that we're talking to here, the people we're convincing are other players. We're talking ourselves into seeing everything that happens with Ankama and DOFUS in the worst way possible. That makes it harder and harder for us to see good things when they happen. Well, I've spent way, way WAY too long on this post, and I should get back to my other projects. Naturally, no one is forced to see things the way I do, but I think that the only way for our community to have the same kind of organic, explosive growth that other communities are experiencing is for us to make a choice to ease up on the negativity and focus our efforts on helping each other.
  16. 22 points
    Many thanks, I'm really grateful for the comment :) :) Thank you Jericho and you're welcome :> Thank you! ^.^ WOW! That means alot :O Thanks I really appreciate it and stay tuned, yours is up next :) Thanks Strawberrie! It seems like the small change made a big difference :) Thanks a bunch :) :) Just managed to squeeze together the right amount of coolness with cuteness, glad it turned out okay :P Thanks for all the comments and likes guys. It really enlightened me about what you guys like to see and what minor changes I should make to improve even more. :) Swinging in at number 2 is Goatee's Sadida. Haven't done a male sadi in quite a while but I hope he likes it C:
  17. 21 points
    Because Jon's summary topic last year was so useful, let's have a new one this year! I am shamelessly copying the concept. More video links coming as I find them, don't panic. Selection Phase Round 1 - 03 August (map 9) Rushu Rushu A (+45) vs Jiva A (+20) - Youtube (no char info/fight chat), Twitch (starts at 18:30, with info visible) Rushu B (+70, landslide) vs Brumaire B (+15) - Youtube Rushu C (+5) vs Nomekop D (+80, landslide) - Twitch, Youtube Rushu D (+20) vs Pouchecot B (+45) - Youtube (starts at 2:28:20) Total: 6 points, 140 SGP Rosal Rosal A (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Raval A (+60) Rosal B (+45) vs Amayiro D (+20) - Youtube, Youtube² Rosal C (+20) vs Aermyne A (+45) - Twitch Total: 3 points, 40 SGP Solar Solar A (+5) vs Edass A (+60) - Twitch (1st turn missing) Solar B (+15) vs Jiva B (+50) - Twitch (starts at 28:06) Solar C (+65, landslide) vs Bowisse D (+20) - Youtube (starts at 4:30) Solar D (+0, no result sent) vs Maimane D (+80, landslide) - Twitch (starts at 42:57, last turn missing... watch the beginning of Solar B's video for that last turn) Total: 3 points, 85 SGP Shika Shika A (+80, landslide) vs Shadow C (+5) - Twitch Shika B (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Ulette C (+60) Shika C (+5) vs Silvosse B (+80, landslide) Total: 3 points, 60 SGP Zatoishwan Zatoishwan A (-20, forfeit) vs Otomai D (+60) Zatoishwan B (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Spiritia B (+60) Zatoishwan C (-25, forfeit/late?!) vs Jiva D (+60) Zatoishwan D (0, no result sent) vs Spiritia D (+80, landslide) - Twitch Total: 0 points, -70 SGP Round 2 - 05 August (map 3) Rushu Rushu A (+80, landslide) vs Hyrkul A (+5) - Youtube Rushu B (+80, landslide) vs Silouate C (+5) - Youtube Recommended for 4 turn lulz Rushu C (+5) vs Maimane A (+60) - Youtube (first 2 turns missing) Rushu D (+15) vs Tinieblas C (+50) - Twitch (Spanish, starts at 1:45:10) Total: 12 points (+6), 320 SGP (+180) Rosal Rosal A (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Tinieblas B (+60) Rosal B (+20) vs Vilsmisse D (+45) - Twitch (1st turn missing), Youtube Rosal C (+55, no result sent) vs Shika B (-25, forfeit/no result sent) Total: 6 points (+3), 90 SGP (+50) Solar Solar A (+45) vs Domen D (+20) - Twitch (starts at 7:30, 1st turn missing) Solar B (+15) vs Hyrkul D (+50) - Twitch: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (This stream had technical problems hence the 3 parts, but it's the only one I found for this fight) Solar C (+80, landslide) vs Lily C (+5) Solar D (-20, forfeit) vs Oto Mustam C (-20, forfeit) Total: 9 points (+6), 205 SGP (+120) Shika Shika A (+5) vs Lily A (+80, landslide) - Youtube Shika B (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Rosal C (+60) Shika C (-20, forfeit) vs Li Crounch D (+60) Total: 3 points, 20 SGP (-40) Zatoishwan Zatoishwan A (-20) vs Amayiro D (+60) Zatoishwan B (-20) vs Shadow A (+60) Zatoishwan C (+60) - Pass Zatoishwan D (-30, forfeit/wrong result sent) vs Maimane C (+60) Total: 3 points (+3), -80 SGP (-10) Round 3 - 07 August (map 4) Rushu Rushu A (+80, landslide) vs Alma D (+5) - Youtube, Youtube² (from Rushu eca perspective) Rushu B (+80, landslide) vs Danathor A (+5) - Twitch (starts at 01:06:34) Rushu C (+5) vs Helioboros D (+80, landslide) - Youtube (part of 1st turn missing), Twitch (starts at 16:35) Rushu D (+5) vs Bolgrot A (+60) - Youtube (Spanish, starts at 01:25) Total: 18 points (+6), 490 SGP (+170) Rosal Rosal A (-20, forfeit) vs Shika C (+60) Rosal B (+5) vs Mylaise D (+60) - Twitch (starts at 01:46), Youtube (French, from Mylaise team perspective) Rosal C (-20, forfeit) vs Dark Vlad A (-20, forfeit) Total: 6 points, 55 SGP (-35) Solar Solar A (+5) vs Bowisse D (+80, landslide) - Youtube (French, starts at 0:43) Solar B (+15) vs Tinieblas D (+50) - Twitch (Spanish, starts at 21:55) Solar C (+50) vs Maimane D (+15) - Youtube Solar D (+60) vs Zatoishwan B (-25, forfeit/no result sent) Total: 15 points (+6), 335 SGP (+130) Shika Shika A (-20, forfeit) vs Lily A (+60) Shika B (+60) - Pass Shika C (+60) vs Rosal A (-20, forfeit) Total: 9 points (+6), 120 SGP (+100) Zatoishwan Zatoishwan A (-20, forfeit) vs Djaul B (+60) Zatoishwan B (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Solar D (+60) Zatoishwan C (0, no result sent) vs Danathor D (+60) Zatoishwan D (+15) vs Oto Mustam C (+50) Total: 3 points, -110 SGP (-30) Round 4 - 10 August (map 11) Rushu Rushu A (+5) vs Menalt C (+60) - Youtube Rushu B (+55, late) vs Nomekop C (+5) - Youtube Rushu C (+60) vs Helioboros C (-20, forfeit) Rushu D (+60) vs Zatoishwan A (-20, forfeit) Total: 27 points (+9), 670 SGP (+175), rank 15 Rosal Rosal A (-20, forfeit) vs Helsephine C (+60) Rosal B (+55, late) vs Raval A (+5) - Youtube Rosal C (+15) vs Agride A (+50) - Twitch, Youtube (French, from Agride team perspective) Total: 9 points (+3), 105 SGP (+50), rank 48 Solar Solar A (+50) vs Brumaire C (+15) - Twitch (starts at 45:59) Solar B (+5) vs Pouchecot D (+60) - Twitch (part of 1st turn missing) Solar C (+5) vs Djaul C (+60) - Youtube Solar D (+50) vs Otomai A (+15) Total: 21 points (+6), 445 SGP (+110), rank 38 Shika Shika A (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Danathor D (+60) Shika B (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Otomai B (+60) Shika C (-20, forfeit) vs Goultard D (+60) Total: 9 points, 50 SGP (-70), rank 49 Zatoishwan Zatoishwan A (-20, forfeit) vs Edass C (-20, forfeit) Zatoishwan B (+60) - Pass Zatoishwan C (+50, late/no result sent) vs Oto Mustam C (+5) Zatoishwan D (-20, forfeit) vs Rushu D (+60) Total: 9 points (+6), -40 SGP (+70), rank 50 Round 5 - 12 August (map 7) Rushu Rushu A (+80, landslide) vs Menalt A (+5) - Youtube, Twitch Rushu B (+15) vs Hyrkul C (+50) - Youtube Rushu C (+20) vs Jiva B (+45) - Twitch (1st turn missing) Rushu D (+50) vs Rykke-Erel D (+15) - Youtube (French, starts at 31:42) Total: 33 points (+6), 835 SGP (+165), rank 18 Rosal Rosal A (+60) - Pass Rosal B (-20, forfeit) vs Spiritia B (+60) Rosal C (+55, no result sent) vs Aguabrial D (+5) - Youtube, Twitch Total: 15 points (+6), 200 SGP (+95), rank 46 Solar Solar A (+5) vs Lily D (+80, landslide) - Twitch (1st turn missing, video title is wrong) Solar B (+60) vs Helioboros B (-20, forfeit) Solar C (+60) vs Goultard B (-20, forfeit) Solar D (+80, landslide) vs Zatoishwan C (0, late) - Twitch (starts at 14:55, video title is wrong) Total: 30 points (+9), 650 SGP (+205), rank 33 Shika Shika A (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Sumens D (+60) Shika B (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Edass A (+60) Shika C (-20, forfeit) vs Edass B (+60) Total: 9 points, -20 SGP (-70), rank 50 Zatoishwan Zatoishwan A (-25, forfeit) vs Dark Vlad D (-20, forfeit) Zatoishwan B (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Brumaire C (+60) Zatoishwan C (0, late) vs Solar D (+80, landslide) - Twitch (starts at 14:55, video title is wrong) Zatoishwan D (-20, forfeit) vs Edass C (+60) Total: 9 points, -110 SGP (-70), rank 51 Round 6 - 14 August (map 5) Rushu Rushu A (+50) vs Hecate B (+15) - Youtube Rushu B (+40) vs Rykke-Erel B (+25) - Youtube Rushu C (+50) vs Bolgrot B (+15) Rushu D (+5) vs Domen D (+80, landslide) - Youtube Total: 42 points (+9), 980 SGP (+145), rank 16 Rosal Rosal A (-20, forfeit) vs Zatoishwan B (-25, forfeit/no result sent) Rosal B (+60) vs Aermyne A (+5) - Youtube Rosal C (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Raval A (+60) Total: 18 points (+3), 215 SGP (+15), rank 47 Solar Solar A (+5) vs Nomekop A (+60) - Youtube (Spanish, starts at 2:29) Solar B (+60) vs Ereziah C (-20, forfeit) Solar C (0, no result sent) vs Silouate A (+80, landslide) - Youtube Solar D (+5) vs Raval D (+60) - Youtube (French) Total: 33 points (+3), 720 SGP (+70), rank 34 Shika Shika A (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Tinieblas D (+60) Shika B (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Bolgrot A (+60) Shika C (-20, forfeit) vs Oto Mustam B (+60) Total: 9 points, -90 SGP (-70), rank 51 Zatoishwan Zatoishwan A (+60) - Pass Zatoishwan B (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Rosal A (-20, forfeit) Zatoishwan C (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Sumens D (+60) Zatoishwan D (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Helioboros B (-25, forfeit/no result sent) Total: 12 points (+3), -125 SGP (-15), rank 50 Final Phase Round of 8 - 21 August (map 10) Rushu Rushu A vs Helsephine A - 19:45, A10/C10 Rushu B vs Helsephine B - 19:00, B10 Rushu C vs Helsephine D - 20:45, C10/A10 Rushu D vs Helsephine C - 21:30, B10
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    This wasn't as bad as it sounded... and actually just something to kill time before I can do Vortex (and change class back). (1760 int healbow rogue, 143 lock vit/treadfast panda)
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    Well it seems a guildie fell for it. I reported the website to the website host for having malicious content if the host doesn't take the website down I also reported it to Microsoft, Mozilla and Google so if someone tries to visit the website it'll come up as malicious and stop them from viewing it. I also took the liberty of sending his bot to the majority of anti-virus company's. it creates these files: %APPDATA%\agentsrv.exe %TEMP%\43535.dmp %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\launcher.exe %TEMP%\4436E.dmp %TEMP%\dw.log %USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\launcher.exe %APPDATA%\vsrss.exe %APPDATA%\msca.exe %TEMP%\tmp147852369.tmp edits these registry keys: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\RUN\AGENTSRV = %APPDATA%\agentsrv.exe HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\RUN\LAUNCHER = %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\launcher.exe HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\RUN\MSCA = %APPDATA%\msca.exe So if you ran the file delete those registry keys/files and you'll be clean.
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    Frenchies are slow this time... :rolleyes: In the last fight we got both keep moving and survivor, so I have the monster achiev as well. I'm not going to say too much about the strategy (postpone nerf ok); i'll just say that we found another way to keep queen (from first wave) busy... Better start on some ecaflipus quests now xD After 3 days we're already back on the first modifier, that's not bad either. I'm pretty sure we're the first server to go full cycle :) (Sorry for the catseye spam, i'll stop now)
  23. 19 points
    ☐ Not REKT ☑ REKT ☑ REKTangle ☑ SHREKT ☑ REKT-it Ralph ☑ Total REKTall ☑ The Lord of the REKT ☑ The Usual SusREKTs ☑ North by NorthREKT ☑ REKT to the Future ☑ Once Upon a Time in the REKT ☑ The Good, the Bad, and the REKT ☑ LawREKT of Arabia ☑ Tyrannosaurus REKT ☑ eREKTile dysfunction
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  25. 18 points
    I am one billion percent rectally ragnarok'd. Who the fuck programmed the AI for the living shovel summon? Why does it refuse to push srams away when it thinks there's a trap nearby? Why does it refuse to push fecas if they're on one of their on glyphs? I swear to Christ it refused to push a rogue into his own bombline and I wanted to slit my fucking wrists at how stupid it was being. You summon it, and if you're not fighting a feca/rogue/sram, it'll USUALLY float on over and push your intended target in the right direction. But then what? Your adversary can instantly stand in front of it and use it against you, turning your friendly summon into a liability that's better off dead and just taking up a summons slot. In fact I WISH this piece of shit would self-destruct after it pushed something, that would openly improve its current usefulness. So fuck you, living shovel. Fuck you for every single time you've screwed me and my friends over. I hope ankama would just delete the whole fucking spell and give enutrofs an agility spell in return, because that would only fucking help us.
  26. 18 points
    Heheh thanks! :D :D :D Now it's time to get back on track with those requests. This one's for someone who's been trying to get an artwork for a while and is a shining example that persistence really pays off. So without further delay here's an artwork of Snarkles' Sacrier. Hope he likes it. :) EDIT: Only 1 more to go so to those who still haven't gotten an artwork, keep your eyes peeled. :P (Also please refrain from holding a position for someone thanks) :)
  27. 18 points
    "Never give up no matter what" ;) Did bad misstake in last wave but it done well xD Iop 11/6 set : Treadfast amulet + boot , Bearbaric set , missiz hat , inky and ( iop class belt ) Rogue 11/6 set : full agi - Allister set , Klime belt + cape , bubotorn amulet and sword Enjoy ;)
  28. 18 points
    the year its time to beat shadow duo bobeurs
  29. 18 points
    Whale duo with eni/sram 5 tries Cheating with word of thorn the duo lead to 11K points, a new milestone
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    TOURNAMENT OF THE DAWN Hello everyone! The Aurora alliance is excited to announce that we'll be hosting a tournament within Ech’O beginning Saturday the 30th. Everyone is welcome to register. All official announcements regarding the tournament will be posted here on this forum, but we strongly encourage you to join our tournament discord here for the most up to date information. The rules for the tournament are as follows (note; tournament rules may be modified and any modifications will be posted both here and in #announcements): DISCORD https://discord.gg/Cbe9gtV #announcements - get the most up to date info regarding TotD! #general - use this channel for team search, questions, and general discussion! #registered-teams - check out the officially registered teams! #prize-pool - logs of all entry fees and donations #fight-results - screenshots of all fight results ORGANIZERS & REFEREES Animuffin............Discord: Animuffin#5839 Alchy..................Discord: Marz Barz#6351 Tezar..................Discord: tezar#5477 Defuse...............Discord: Defuse#4822 Snark-Hunter.....Discord: The Snark#0069 Bootiful ...------.. Discord: Bootiful#5388 Meme-God . .. ..Discord: Mug O' Rum#9802 SCHEDULE -Registration is now open! -Thursday Sept. 28........(23:00 DST) - Registration closes -Friday Sept. 29 ............(20:00 DST) - First round opponents are announced -Saturday Sept. 30 ........(20:00 DST) - QUALIFIERS: First round .......................................(23:00 DST) - Second round opponents are announced -Sunday Oct. 1 ..............(20:00 DST) - QUALIFIERS: Second round .......................................(23:00 DST) - Third round opponents are announced -Saturday Oct. 7 ............(20:00 DST) - QUALIFIERS: Third round .......................................(23:00 DST) - Fourth round opponents are announced -Sunday Oct. 8 ..............(20:00 DST) - QUALIFIERS: Fourth round .......................................(23:00 DST) - Top four teams are announced and randomly matched -Saturday Oct. 14 ..........(20:00 DST) - Semifinals // Losing teams will immediately compete for 3rd place -Sunday Oct. 15 ............(20:00 DST) - Finals BO3 REGISTRATION -Register your entire team and substitute by posting on the forum here, on imps, or DM Animuffin on discord using the following format: Team Name (Optional, must abide by ToS or will otherwise be referred to by Captain name) Team Captain: Character name, class, level (Main contact person) ........................ Character name, class, level ........................ Character name, class, level ........................ Character name, class, level ........................ Alternate Character name, class, level -The fee to register is 500kk per person, or 2mk per team -Entry fee must be paid to Animuffin by Thursday Sept. 28 at 23:00 DST to secure entry -All entry fees and donations will be logged in #prize-pool on discord for transparency -Teams wishing to withdraw must do so prior to the announcement of first round opponents, or the team's entry fee will be donated to the prize pool -Officially registered teams will be posted here and in #registered-teams on discord -8 teams minimum for this tournament, no maximum TEAM COMPOSITION -4v4 format -Lvl 197+ -Maximum of two pillars per team -Pillar classes include: Eni, Osa, Sac, Feca, Xel -No duplicate classes -Multilogging permitted at maximum of two per team -One team max per person -One alternate character permitted (the entire team of five must abide by two pillar rule, the chosen team of four must abide by no duplicate class rule) -Alternate character must be registered before the first round begins and may not be changed after -The alternate may substitute a registered team member for any reason (i.e. fill in an absence, change team comp according to opponents) -A sub may be used only with prior approval of a referee and must be the same class/build. This will only be permitted in extenuating circumstances. RULES -You can access the Goult maps by walking through the orange zaap at [-6, -12]. Go right - this is where teams will meet before each round -Both teams of 4 must check in with a referee before the fighting map is chosen -Teams must come prepared with a list of three maps that they would like “banned” for this round. Teams may be transported to the various maps by talking to the NPCs. Each team bans three maps, and a referee will randomly choose the fight map from the remaining maps using a random number generator -One member of your team must screenshot the results of every fight and post it in the #fight-results channel on discord (one point will be deducted per offense for failure to do so) -Candies/treats are not permitted TOURNAMENT SYSTEM -We will be using the following point system to determine the team standings during the four qualifying rounds: .................WINNING TEAMS will receive... .................60 points for winning with 4 characters alive on their team .................55 points for winning with 3 characters alive on their team .................50 points for winning with 2 characters alive on their team .................45 points for winning with 1 character alive on their team .................LOSING TEAMS will receive... .................20 points for losing with 3 kills on the other team .................15 points for losing with 2 kills on the other team .................10 points for losing with 1 kill on the other team .................5 points for losing with 0 kills on the other team .................*Revived characters will be counted as killed -Teams will be randomly matched in the first round using a random number generator -In rounds two through four, teams in the top half of the leaderboard will be randomly matched against each other while teams in the lower half will be randomly matched against each other -There will be no draws -Should a team be missing a member and/or the alternate, they may choose to fight their match with an incomplete team. Failure to complete a fight will be counted as a loss. -Teams that are more than 15 minutes late will be considered forfeited and this will be considered a loss -The top scoring four teams following the fourth qualifier round will be randomly assorted into a bracket -Losing teams in the semifinals will immediately fight to determine a third place winner -The final round will be best of three (BO3) on the following day REWARDS -Tournament champions: 50% of all entry fees and donations, (4) Ughats, AND Battler Shields* for each player on the winning team. This is a linked shield you can only earn by winning official tournaments -Second place team: 30% of all entry fees and donations -Third place team: 20% of all entry fees and donations -Note: *8 teams minimum must be registered in the tournament. Requirements for the battler shield can be found here. -Note: Rewards will be distributed evenly among the four registered team members. It is up to the team to decide how much of the prize to distribute to the alternate, if any. DONATIONS Animuffin - 76mk (5m towards spectator screen off) Morcha - Ughat x 4 America-The-Greatest - 15mk Steam-alb - 50mk Alchy - 20mk Snark-Hunter - 100kk Teufelus - 1.5mk Somniatis/Sram - 3mk Ex-Ray - 1mk Defuse - 10mk Shingun - 2mk If you’re interested in donating to the prize pool, please contact "Animuffin" here, in game, or on discord! Always make sure you're speaking with the right person when making trades. Animuffin has no alts. STREAMING Snarklesparkles Mapleminou morchaa le_chaf KillerSpiritual Animuffin John If you’re interested in streaming this tournament, please contact a referee! SPECTATOR SCREEN-OFF Thank you Feca and John for the beautiful banners!
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    today syla managed it with his "special tactics" too
  36. 17 points
    So.. I've been working on a maging guide for Youtube, and I thought I'd end the video with clips of fail after fail while exomaging. I ran into a problem with my first rune(on this belt): I really wasn't even -hoping- for it to succeed, I just needed to record the attempt! Don't get me wrong though, I'm very happy about this one, I finally have a decent exo for my sac. <3 I've made do with a crappy kring or Notwithstand ring all this time.
  37. 16 points
    Haven't played actively in about a year, a little less. Game got less and less fun as a result of some changes and the general direction it was heading. F3 to Eliotropes still golden era of Dofus. Started this game in 2006, so it's about time anyway. Fog best class forever. Shoutouts to all my friends, enemies (there were like 3 but you're all worth a mention) and guilds on the way here. Especially Knights of Fortune, Turqouise Dofus Hunters, Diamonds in the Rough, Winland, Rosalt (despite being a joke). Special shoutouts to everybody who made the official Doomed forums "F*****s of Rosal" list in 2014. Wouldn't wanna type that out, cause I'd probably get banned due to new imps rules. Catch me on facebook or through a former or current Rosalt member, if you need to. I'll likely keep logging every now and then to see who's online, but not expecting any sort of resub when it runs out. -Your Sugar daddy, Tiny-Bastard for the OG Rushuans.
  38. 16 points
    Big big thanks to Kanye, Xerathos and Benefactor for lending me gear to do this [20:19] Achievement unlocked: [Catseye (Trio)]
  39. 16 points
    This one's for bobeur who dared me to: CB duo with 200 foggeur and 167 moo set ipop.
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    took few tries but :P https://gyazo.com/e960f00e484d9478ee9f9a952ad135ba https://gyazo.com/edc7eece27e789b62a31cf1635e1892e Leeching Enu and 2nd Panda done too
  42. 15 points
    10/08/2015 The day Sugared joined the fukboi clan
  43. 15 points
    Hi, Apologies again for the outage today, apparently the issue was solved from the virtual equivalent of turning the server off and on again. Hoping it won't happen again for another few months ; ) ... Happy Impsing!
  44. 15 points
    Sooo I made a thing for Gobbstock, along with a couple friends, Orchid and Dael(group entry). This is actually a song I wanted to put out last year but never found the time to work on.. some modifications, a couple all-nighters, and lots of recording later..:
  45. 15 points
    Took me a while to update my sadidas gear, but it's finally done! AP on Hairsh Bracelet, MP on Levi Wedding, +Range on Levi Boots makes 11/6/5 + 5 summons, 1/2 crits. I can swap karmelon for my plum/almond turkey, which makes me 11/6/6 + 6 summons, losing some %res and dmg.
  46. 15 points
    Nice to hear he likes how you play, but at least have a little respect for your teammembers and the rest of Rosal. You shouldn't be posting this.
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