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    Shalom, I've done this so many times I know it's just the yearly longing for dofus. Going to play for a week or two until I re-gear and quit again. If I know you hi, if I didn't know you, hello.
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    Five months of competing, ended #1 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/439889503
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    So the way monsters AI dealt with traps have been reverted to how it was a fair while ago (monsters cowardly towards traps). My friends the Levitrof and Kamasterisk however did forget this at times, ruining my clusterfucks of traps numerous times :( Modifier was long range liasion which helped a fair bit, fun duo that I didnt really expect to have finished so soon (without being a panda/rogue). Edit: Looks like this is getting rolled back :angry: Regardless I'm still proud of it.
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