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    Credit to @Owyn for this graphic summarizing the survey's results (eyeballed but based on Ankama's graphics/data): Note that the color gradients are per column - the redder, the lower the value compared to the rest of the column, the greener, the higher compared to the rest of the column.
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    Eca is on 1st place in damage output when cra is on 3rd XD gimme some green, I want to smoke what others smoke
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    Let's face it, Dofus 1.29 and Dofus 2.0 are two different games. For every post in the current "Post your goals and achievements" thread, 1/40, 1/50 or even more is Dofus 1.29. I actually think nobody really posts 1.29 stuff there because they feel it's not the right place, like posting a car review on a cooking blog. If the 1.29 community could have their own "Post your goals and achievements" thread, I bet they'd post much more often. Simple screens like "Up lvl 80! Time to kick some ass with my new royal blop set!" is what is a big thing in 1.29, whereas in 2.0 that's absolutely nothing. I won't post anything on a thread if I'm sure 95% of the people won't be interested in my post. Considering those kinds of percentages, posting in that case would be SPAM wouldn't it? It shouldn't be much effort to just create another official thread by the admins. I hope other 1.29 players manifest this common interest so the admins can care a bit more. Have a nice day every1.
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    The official 1.29 servers are long standing Spanish communities which pre-date the release of 2.0. Many of these gifts were likely acquired through their original means and may not have been attainable since.
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    Dude...look what I found. Picture of TA from 2008 and there you are!
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    We're continuing our study of the changes to be made to the DOFUS classes; we'll present the results of the previous survey and talk to you about the next steps. The first survey on the roles perceived and desired for each class is now closed. We can now present a general feeling and a few keys results below. You can also find explanations, class by class, in their respective forum topics. We were impressed by the number of participants (over 20,000), despite the length and laboriousness of the survey we gave you, so we'd like to thank you. We're taking into account the feedback you gave us on how we ask you for your opinion, and we're already thinking about ways to improve this. There's Nothing Automatic About Nerfing You'll be able to see for yourself – some classes really do diverge between what you think their roles should be and what they actually are. And we know you'll be all "go nerf that thing". Easy amigo – it's not that simple. There's just one thing to keep in mind: There are many solutions for any given situation, and nerfing and upping are not the only weapons in our arsenal. Besides, this is only the first step in our process, and that'd spoil all the fun. We'd also like to remind you of the scope of the actions relating to this project: We'll mainly be acting on the gameplay management and values of certain classes, not a complete overhaul or change of central mechanics. How to Read the Accompanying Table Rather than presenting you with the results by class, which is only of limited interest, we'd prefer to show you how you feel the classes should interact with each other. By role, this is the ranking of the effectiveness of one class compared to the others. You can find the perspectives, class by class, in the topics below: Classes Ecaflip Eniripsa Iop Cra Feca Sacrieur Sacrier Sadida Osamodas Enutrof Sram Xélor Pandawa Roublard Rogue Zobal Masqueraider Steamer Foggernaut Eliotrope Huppermage Ouginak Second Step: The Elemental Paths You can now take the surveys below and tell us your choice about the elemental paths of each class. You are, of course, not required to provide responses for all classes – if you feel you don't have the knowledge required to respond for one or more classes, then you can skip them without any trouble. However, feel free to fill the survey as many times as you need. TAKE THE SURVEY We also observed that a number of you expected these improvements to be incorporated into Update 2.51. As we told you, we want to take the time necessary to complete this project properly, with a logical BETA phase. We'd rather let you know right now: We're aiming to put the changes into production for Update 2.52. We'll see you soon for step three, which will concern spells! https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/announcements/984508-class-improvements-work-continues
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    This is great, I'm jealous!
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    I recently subbed a month on 1.29 for my daughter as a 12th birthday present. I sat with her and walked her through each class on the selection screen and she gravitated towards an osa. After playing, she liked the game and fell in love with gobballs. When we team up and I kill them, she always gives me crap ha. Anyway she wanted a gobball cake for her cake of choice, so my wife made her one. I think she did a great job!
  9. 1 point
    I like the idea of nerfing popular leeching areas. They could push it even further and finally remove exp gained dependence on wisdom character has. Most characters are useless with full wis build, so this shouldn't be an option (there are exceptions like full mp red enutrof or reducting feca, but those two not full wis will still work). This wouldn't stop leeching, but it would make leeching endlessly boring and maybe would encourage people to put on sets for their 100s when other 7chars are 200s and actually do something with this 100lvl "leecher" in bwork set, couse bwork set or naked char, still'd get same amount of XP, therefore small but free dmg would be nice. This could maybe resurrect economy issues of items <190level. (I'm saying this being person with multiple 200s and leeching another characters from time to time. Yes, I find it stupid, but there is no better option. If in-fight involvement worked as it should after changes and would be more efficient than leeching on full wis, I'd be glad to put on jellix set on 60, ancestral on 114 and moowolf on 143lvl to do something with the char I want to level up in fight). Same for prospecting, but this is even more ridiculous for me; any characteristics besides Vit give some bonus to character either outside of battle or inside battle bonus, but not in dmg output. Wisdom gives XP bonus and AP/MP red/res, Strength gives pods, Chance gives flitzpunkten, agility gives dodge/lock and intelligence gives heals bonus. How can be pods bonus from strength compared to better drop rates? Now when comes to dropping quest stuff my str/int/agi iop having 108pp struggles with 1 out of 100needed stuff, when in same time Enu being chance/wis could have 200 if he didn't need only 100. It's annoying. Maybe even making only quest items same drop rate not depending on pp would make it more acceptable. If prospecting was separated from chance stat it would be much better. Maybe even prospecting on items would metter then.
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    - Moved to Suggestion Box because suggestion That's not a bad idea. However, anyone can start a thread of that nature and ultimately it is natural forum activity which will determine whether something is adopted as an 'official' thread on the site. Staff shouldn't be required to be part of that process until it gains enough traction to be pinned, believe it or not despite me being a fascist dictator I still can't force people to post. I'd invite you or someone else from the 1.29 community to open such a thread and promote it to that end and we'll see where it goes. I should note that in the age of live communities such as Discord, forums are becoming much less popular overall. Imps is not what it was several years ago in terms of activity and that is unlikely to change to a significant degree. In a slower moving community, I wouldn't expect to see any rapid adoption of new threads which you might be envisioning.
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    I second this. I was browsing the 'Post your goals and achievements' forum and some dude playing on the live server just finished a full set that was a bit dated and and some older gear. He was getting ripped on for is damage being 'low' and having outdated equips. I wanted to post pics of me hitting bench marks on 1.29 but after seeing those comments I gave that a second thought lol. I feel that there are enough users here to keep a 1.29 screenshot thread going if we sticky it.
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    They're not really nerfing leeching as much as nerfing everyone's xp and drops. Nerfing leeching would be to set a cap to idol, wisdom or pp bonuses. This is changing global xp and drops from a 100%-300% range to a 50%-200% range. Lower max and min, and in a way that a single player can't influence by itself. It's not "I'll rotate my activities to manage my bonuses" like with a previous anti farming measure, but "the server has ruined these zones, so I'll be forced to drop twice as long". Just a simple example: Lots of people do the daily merkator quests, so it's one of the most populated level zones. It will be at 50% all the time, which means dropping toolboxes becomes more annoying (not only lower chance, also stronger mobs). Many of those players need the daily quests to subscribe with kamas and stay even or get a marginal profit.
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    This is the kind of unpopular design that makes them lose players. The rest of the stuff sound ok/interesting, but I don't get why do they feel the need to "balance" whatever good ideas they have with crappy ones.
  14. 1 point
    You'll be missed, gl in your irl journey friend
  15. 1 point
    You could buy 2.x items from the shop and transfer all compatible ones to 1.29 before they've added the 1.29 shop. They're looking to bring more items to the shop sometime though.
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  17. 1 point
    Yoo Haven't played in like a year now and just redownloaded and checked imps to see what changed. I remember being in Illusionator like 2-3 years ago. Just grinding PvP as an osa and absolutely sucking at PvM. In general people would look down on you if your achiev score was shit and you didn't do any dungeons. Specifically platinum bois. (even though I could take any of you in a 1v1 u lil bitches) but quadro didn't. Quad was always THAT guy who would send you a pm and say something nice of offer some help when everyone was hating on you. Now don't get me wrong this isnt no cyberbully sob story everyone hates on everyone on the internet and thats okay it makes the game fun and competitive but quadro just want like that. After becoming leader of Illu and then leaving it after a year or so I decided to hit Quadro with a pm asking him if I could join platinum, he accepted me into the guild and I was now a member of the plat family. And again Quadro didnt change a bit, I dont think I ever heard the guy speak negative about anyone. I dont know what I'm trying to say with this post, I guess its thanks for being such a cool dude? I also dont believe ur actually quitting lol u'll be back. You can honestly be proud of yourself man, there was no reason for you to be nice to me when I was like a 180 but you were and you didn't expect anything back. A great quality to have.
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    3 gearless leechers + sidekick. This is a Count/Klime run with 200 Score, Nomad and Limpwrist (For Klime), done as a 4v8. Went in thinking it's impossible, apparently not.
  20. 1 point
    Wow, this is wholesome as h̶e̶l̶l̶ heck, good job!
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    Updated main post as Dofus 1.29 has been added to the Ankama Launcher.
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    Reorganized the post to include an all-in-one package for convenience and separate packages for people who want to pick and choose, also added Sources. Updated the AHK Script to work with the Flash.exe Launcher. Added the newly released HD pack. Added Dofus 1.29 reskinned to 2.0.
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    @Germy excuse me, you don't play dofus but you DARE to like a comment on an imps post? YOU'RE APART OF THE PROBLEM. PLAY THE GAME OR GET OUT
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    Finally something different than vulbis in this topic :D
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    I found a soft oak soul for 1/3rd the price in sellroom. Figured why not give the enus a challenge! +15
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