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    Hello. I've been thinking about this topic for a while, interested in other people's opinion. Back a few years, I used to run dopples daily to get scrolls, which meant making my characters a bit stronger bit by bit. After they were all scrolled, some time later kolossium came out with spell scrolls, and then some time later the doploon to kolossoken exchange came out, so another period of character growth for my team. It was nice getting more range/less cooldown on utility spells that weren't a priority before, or getting better off element damage for the random time they came handy. Back to the present, I started raising an eni and a sac for fun. I almost fully scrolled them with whatever doploons I had left. What's missing I'll have to buy because breeding is not fun and I refuse to do it. With spell points being gone, these characters only advance by levelling up, by getting a few spikes in power when a useful early spell gets levelled or a more useful variant is unlocked. The gradual progression that I could make parallel to levels is gone. Then there's equipments, of course. I have all crafting professions at 200, but it's not much help because I don't have any magus levelled (the highest is costumagus ~140, courtesy of the recent double xp). But the thing is, I don't like maging, it's frustrating to depend on luck (and a lot of time/runes) for everything to stay in place. This means that in order to progress in this game, my only chance is to buy stuff, and I have no control over what's in sale. I simply can't progress in this game by doing the content I enjoy, and that's a sad realization. This stuck even more because this new characters aren't really that different from my old: Having them "catch up" with their 1000+ quests and 10000+ achivement points difference does nothing other than allow them to have the same title and ornament. There is only one exception, which is Frigost. Doing stuff there gives you access to areas, means of transportation and unlocks buying rare resources (which have fallen off a bit since new equipment has been introduced). They did try to keep post 200 progress with the dungeon achievement condition, but it was implemented poorly. Back then some classes were too outdated, a lot of them lacked specific utilities for PvM (specifically, good positioning spells). With the current state of the game it would be reasonable (maybe that's why they kind of tried with legendary equipments, but too little, too late). Having dofus being unexchangeable was also done without much thought, so the backlash made them yield. Instead of locking the dofus behind quests, they could have done something like only locking part of the bonus. For example, emerald gives vit to everyone, but shield only to those who did the quest. I also want to bring up that alignmnent orders used to give buffs, but it was scrapped. This is a perfect example of quest-related character progression AND customization that I'd like to see. You do quests/achievements and now you are a bit stronger. What do you think? Do you like how things are now, that you can rush a new character to 200 and equip it to be endgame instantly? Does anybody even care about raising characters or everyone just focuses on level 200 content and then filling the blanks? And about the posibility of getting buffs from quest and achievements?
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    This failed miserably... If anyone sees this in the future and whats to open kralove, message me please and we can set up a date and time.
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    Yeah, in hindsight they're not even attractive!
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    Yeah ok F2 is pretty bad. Maybe post in the what-gear-should-I-use-thread what chars you have, how much kamas/time you have, what you wanna do etc. so people can get an idea of what you'd need. Edit: Inky is still meta though !!1
  5. 2 points
    1st Fight was against Hype in KOTH(Hupper enter with a pod set so is more a 1vs2 1/5 ), 2nd Fight against Hype in KOTH, 3rd fight gaisnt Hype in KOTH, 4th was vs Alive in KOTH and 5th was me attacking some Hype perc. Is pretty funny considering that Hype value themselves as the pro PVP alliance of ECHO and they like to call me a trash Sram :3
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    After about 50 masto and 40 ping runs Tezar still hasnt managed to get a crown for his eni. This morning we found tezar in his room like this. #pray4tezar
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  8. 1 point
    Thanks for info, thought I was the only one that experienced random crushes...
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    Why don't you try 1.29 servers ?
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    Update- 34 masto, 29ping, 9 nidas runs and still no luck for my eni :))) Even decided to take pp sets off alts so they don't drop them over the eni..which didn't work
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    Oh... I took it to new heights you'd never seen before.
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    I wanted to give Dofus another shot, because of all the wonderful memories, but, everything has changed so drastically I cannot keep up. So does anyone have tips for me on which gears I should get for an Iop, Pvm is in mind but a mix of pvp elements would not be bad, how do people make kamas these days? I know that people do not want to unveil their ideas, but a little clue would not hurt? Since I am totally clueless in what to do in the game now....
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