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    Final update: Donee Odegard, Sarah’s mother, has been added as the GoFundMe campaign’s beneficiary and is now in direct control of the funds. Arrangements for Sarah’s transportation are in place. In addition to your donations allowing her mother time to grieve without financial worry, your kind words have also been passed on to Sarah’s family and community back home. We hope this can help paint a picture of how far and how expansive Sarah’s light had spread. Sarah, you are loved and deeply missed. Thank you for sharing your happiness with us.
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    Snips go wank or something release all that stress
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    Amber, I think what you did to bring the community together is amazing. It breaks my heart that such a good person was taken from this world. Sarah known as (Wink-Wink) was a memorable person in the Dofus community, I have known her since I first started playing and have continued our friendship throughout the years. It troubles me because I didn't see the news until late Sunday while I was visiting family in another state. This broke my heart and I immediately came back home. Sarah started this game years ago when she wasn't the greatest at socializing. I remember how much we used to talk about school, family, and friends. She was one of the strongest people I have ever known and had the pleasure of calling my friend. When I was in the darkest of times and had my family in shambles, Sarah was there. We would text 24/7 and she helped me through everything, she gave me the courage to break free of from what I was living in. Endless hours of sometimes not even gaining any xp but rather in the days of 1.29 hanging out at the crackrocks among friends. To this day the group of friends that just "hung out at the crackrocks and talked" till talk and keep up with each other after years apart. To me this girl meant the world, we kept contact up until recently because of working so much throughout the last 6 months. I wish anything to be able to of played one last day of Dofus with her, she brought so much happiness to not only me but 10 years later to a whole new set of players on dofus. Sarah you will forever be in my heart. - Chris "Aka" Cj
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    IGN: Killer-Spirituel (KillerSpritualYT) lvl 200 Elio - Echo Hi Kuru. Your VPN messed up when you were cleaning out my account and trying to pin it on another Dofus player. Also just so you know (and we both know you do because you knew to clean out the paddocks on my noob alt), breeding is how I funded community events. Tldr;; had a fight. A couple of hours later, he accesses my account after a week of not logging. Not subbed and zero reason to log me. IP is an exact match to his home city and to his main account. Two minutes after he connects on web via his own IP, he uses a VPN set to Amsterdam. Looked it up, known proxy. Subs my account (shown by time stamps in screenshot 1 and 2). Doesn't get secure access. Retries with a different IP also in the Netherlands but continues d/cing, alternating between non-secure and secure access. Each time he had secure access it was associated with his certificate, which I was able to pull up in my account activity below. Certificates are linked to the device being used by Ankama shield and the IPs shown in screenshot 3 are evidence that the proxy IP was used to connect to my account from Killer's PC. Stuff taken: set worth roughly 400m lots of cosmetic stuff --> boonax/qilby/julith/dragnir/etc etc thousands of breedable dragoturkeys and rhines (up to gen5, many chamos) roughly 20m kamas (oddly enough posted about buying 19m worth of roses of the sand on imps the next morning)
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    By the way, in case anyone is curious about the legendary items, my guild leader got this during Infinite Dreams on floor 220:
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    You're either a wordsmith or you need to buy a lottery ticket or perhaps it's because you had Aozhou in your signature for something like a year! I agree though, it's worth trying even if the chance is minuscule: it does happen once in a blue moon.
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    A couple of us had the pleasure to meet Sarah a couple years back in Brussels. We stayed at a small hotel that was sorta abusing AirBnB to get customers (I’m pretty sure it’s meant for non-hotel individuals to open up their homes) for a weekend. We had such an amazing time with her, and me and her tried our best to cook for the lot of us. Unfortunately the kitchen was terribly small and all we had was pots, not a single pan. She wanted to make baked potatoes and we ended up burning them to the bottom of the pot. It was a sad sight which we could only laugh about. @Jodx still complained to this day how he had to clean up our mess. And Sarah and I promised that the next time we meet we’d take our own pans with us. I tried to keep in touch with her through all kinds of social media, chatter her up semi-frequently, to see how she was doing. She was a sweetheart of a person, she cared so much for everyone around her, struggled with her work and her studying. The last time I talked to her I told her about the tough time I had at work. She said that it’ll be okay. I keep staring at that. I so wanted to see her again. I wanted to see that infectious smile again. I only met her once in person but I counted her as my friend. A friend that is gone now forever. This isn’t okay. And I’m torturing myself with the thoughts of her last moments. Her agony, her pain, her loneliness. She was stabbed and beaten up. She tried to be a friend to her roommate and he killed her. I miss you so much Sarah.
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    Thank you for sharing, Amber. Sarah was one of the most beautiful, genuine and talented people I have ever met. She also happened to study at the same university as me. When Sarah found out about this, and as enthusiastic as she was, she wanted to meet up. From this first meet-up I was immediately in love. We dated for a while and I can honestly say that was one of the happiest times in my life. She lit up my world, as she did for many others. It is crazy to think about how we hung out at her place. The same exact place where she was stabbed to death by her roommate. It is crazy to think that I have seen her killer in real life. The cello playing weirdo she used to complain about. It is crazy to think that someone would dare to hurt someone so unbelievably kind and caring. Life has not been fair to Sarah. Sarah’s smile made the world a brighter place. Rest in peace Sarah, you will have a special place in my heart forever.
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    I got a crimson dofus in the haven bag lottery. It's a fake one, but still (I didn't know this stuff exists, threw me off badly for a moment).
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    Always knew he was a walking, talking, breathing cunt. Didn't know he was that petty or malicious. He didn't just steal from you, he stole from the entire community. You used to do all the hard work behind the community events, and he's taken that from everyone now. Piece of shit excuse of a human being.
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    In my opinion they are one of the most overpowered classes in random group PvP atm, they're much better in 3v3 than they are in 1v1 though, Enis can deal good damage considering they heal very well, in PvP you shouldn't focus on wasting your dofus slots on heal trophies because other trophies are much stronger in PvP. Stalak is AMAZING in PvP, especially on an Eni, Corrupted Bow is very overpowered and it has great synergy with the best overall PvP shield, it gives range so you don't have to gimp your stuff to get more range, 4 range without an exo is the minimum you should have in my opinion and the bow facilitates that. Assuming you're fully decked out you'll generally have 1 free dofus slot that will be different most fights and 2 of them some fights. In that slot you'll rotate from x res, AP red and dodge depending on the fight. Enis have the weakness of being pretty immobile and rightly so, if WoR and prev were easier to cast they would be super overpowered. The key to being a good Eni is having the right balance of damage and heals in a PvP fight, over-heal and your teams damage might be too low to win the fight, under-heal and your team mates will die prematurely, over-healing is the most common because it's the safest option but if you want to be a great Eni you'll have to put yourself on the edge of not healing as often as you can so you can get a feel of how much you truly need to heal in situations. There's not much you can do about your LOS being blocked except analyse each time it happens and think about where you could have moved to prevent it or where you could have communicated with your team mates better to advise them. Sometimes you can't WoR no matter what you do and that's just the crux of having a very powerful spell - it has to be avoidable. These are the setups most Enis use in PvP and the last one is PvM: https://www.dofusplanner.com/L7gAH/ https://www.dofusplanner.com/dOmSt/ https://www.dofusplanner.com/lNNsw https://www.dofusplanner.com/FH4Gq/ As I said before, the free trophy slots depend on who you're fighting but they're usually res, AP red, dodge or intel. Good luck on your journey.
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