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    [22:12] Achievement unlocked: [Ivory White] x 8 Special thanks to @Veldin for his clear guide. Took me about 1.5 week (including aligment quests, nimaltopia achiev and other). I have to admit, the questline is awesome and I did enjoy every single step (except for solo fights which I had to repeat 8 times :D ) <3
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    Seriously, that part about sacriers. "We decided the punishment system was too rigid so we made the suffering system, which is more fluid. We are satisfied with it. However, we are aware of the following problem with the system: It is too rigid." And they just noticed that positive suffering sacriers can't heal themselves properly.
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    w0w so adorable *____________* luv u kikn <3 kikn <3 kikn <3 am ur biggest fan ^_____________________________^ even got a special imps background just for u =*
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    Anyone still alive? It seems like Dynamic Queue and Overwatch really murdered this thread lol.
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    Can be closededed, HUGE thanks to mr. Mochio