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  1. I have no idea if you still need a dreggon helmet?
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  3. absolutely rigged, my ign is brutt-os thx for donate
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  4. The results are now in! Thank you all for participating and congratulations to the following: First Prize: @KillerSpirituel 15mk, Atanip Hat + Cape Second Prize: @Capslok 5mk, Geisha Set Third Prize: @Barley Maid 3mk, Adora Set Bonus Prize: @xjoost 2mk, Adora and Geisha sets Highest number of likes: @bobeur & @Up Dharma Down (10 each) Lowest number of likes: @Sommanker & @Tezar (1 each) (you will each receive 2.5mk) To ensure prizes are allocated to the correct characters, please PM me on Imps Village with both your IG
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  5. ( last seen online 2 weeks ago ) k.
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  7. Dunno about anyone else, but my friend list was at 140-ish when I last commented and is now back at 250-ish. Looks like they fixed the issue.
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  8. Codes DOFUSKWISMAS2017 10 Starry Fairywork 1 Colour Change Potion Linked to the account 1 Mimisymbic Linked to the account WAKWISMAS2017 1 Chocolate Fountain 1 Pretty Kwismas Tree KWISMASMAGA2017 200 Kamas TOUCHKWISMAS2017 10 Snowboole 10 Snowfall Fairywork 1 Magical Orb KROSMASTERGIFTS 5 Season 4 Krosbox
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  9. I like pinenuts, so enjoy your milk, Santa!
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  10. I finally got my team that i am sticking with so i figured i would pick a random area and do all/most quests in the area. Got slayhounds on all 6 and did Kwismas spirit also. Had my buddy Shones with me for most of the quests =)
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