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    Hello everyone on Imps~ I just wanted to make a post detailing a few things on why I've been on breaks this year and the last, why I am back, and finally what my plans are, because I have some announcements I think many would be interested in. :) I've been playing for a long, long time now, and pretty steadily, with few breaks. In the last couple years though, that changed, and I found on break more often than not, and even avoiding logging on. There are many reasons for this really.. but the main ones are that I was adjusting to new work,schedule, changes in my life, bothered by certain updates (sac revamp for one..) and that I actually felt under too much pressure to get online. Which I know sounds ridiculous: under pressure to log on, this is Dofus we're talking about right? A little 2D cartoony game with a fart emote. Well the thing is, on top of leading a guild, one of the main reasons I logged was to write more dimension/Dofus quest guides. And when that got frustrating, or I was stuck, or didn't work quickly enough on it, I'd "fall behind". And falling behind made it even harder to get back on, so I avoided logging on. And the more I did that, the more content piled up, the more I missed with my guild, and so on. When that compounded, months could easily pass before I got back on. Now, as for why I am back, and feel more confident about it. Early this year life hit me with a truck, forcing me to find new living arrangements and such, and after too many months out of work, I just recently started a new position. Something about working full-time again (ie much less free time) actually invigorated me, and gave me the energy to log on after what had been 3 months at least. After logging, I found myself doing questing, and now and then, I'd get a PM from people thanking me for the guides and all. I think what cemented my current mentality was people asking for Abyssal/Ivory guides.. which brings me to my final point and announcements. I'll make another post about this tomorrow with more detail, but essentially I intend to finally continue working on my guides. :) I'll be going about it a different way, going at a more regular pace than before, instead of tiring myself out. Additionally, and this is an experiment I hope will prove fruitful, I will be opening up a Patreon. Not only do some posts take hours to complete, but I often need to subscribe extra accounts for either fights or getting more accurate information. With my new job, I have less time than I have before, and I'm making, for now, about half I once was, so help making it possible would be much appreciated. I intend to officially launch it on September 1st, and again, more details will come tomorrow. IMPORTANT: I got into this to help others, and continued because it ended up being fun, and never for personal gain. Regardless of the result, I intend to work on guides for as long as people appreciate them, so long as I enjoy doing it, and will never put them up behind a pay-wall or anything.
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    136 tries, For sale if anyone is interested.
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    Credits to Svenie, rip 39 wis #FREESVEN
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    Ornament obtained: [Srambad Visitor] Achievement unlocked: [Dark Court] Achievement unlocked: [Queen of Thieves (Tight)] Achievement unlocked: [Queen Me] What I began last year finally came to an end. Weeks of quests on my characters for title and going for First/Trio took me a lot of effort and mental strength. Tight was the last thing I was trying when I quit and I couldn't thank Goji enough for helping me with it. Don't even know what to say, it feels so good to actually have finished this and it definitely took me time and persistence. Special thanks to Joost for telling me that I needed to get a saved spot in dungeon before doing the soul at the arena for achieves (not sure if necessary but you can't be too careful :p) and Мвк that helped me in the arena mob.
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    Late af to the party but this is the only cool thing I've ever done on Dofus aside from Fantastic 5 lol. Shoutout to the lords Baehive1 and L0rn. And shoutout to Arellano/AmosHarbingerOfDonuts/Na$yna/Jeri/Jod/Plop/other nerds for pushing me when I wanted to be lazy. Panda, Eni, Eca x2, Sacrier, Feca, Masq, Iop (for anyone that cares).
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    Not an incredible mage, but defs a nice one. More happy about that fact that it ended my 400+ fail streak (234 for this hat, 182 streak on 50vit/sum jammy ring)
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