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    Months passed after that incident. I had graduated from university and moved out from my parents' house. That whole fiasco was behind me now. I had moved on. Some nostalgia, coupled with a few days off work had spiked my interest in Dofus and I began playing again. Since money was tight, I could only use one account at a time on my shitty laptop but I decided to give Dofus another shot anyway. I opened up my old fisherman account: Level 198 Fisherman I had forgotten. Prior to the incident that had haunted me in my sleep for weeks on end, I had completely abandoned my project of hitting lvl 200 on my fisher. I knew what I had to do. Being an 'official' adult meant that I couldn't play Dofus as much as I used to due to work, friends etc so the progress was slow. Some days I would get back home from work and level up my fisher at around 11pm going till 1am at which time guilt and self-hatred had guilt-trapped me to sleep to prepare for work the next day. One night, I left my fisher at lvl 199 with only 20% to go till the glorious lvl 200 but I was tired and I went to sleep. The next day was a blur. Work seemed to go by longer than usual but I was focused on getting home to hit those fishing spots. After work ended, I raced home, skipped dinner and logged onto Dofus. You are now a level 200 Fisherman! "What the flying fuck?" I blurted out. Perplexed, I checked for any evidence of keylogging but only then did it dawn on me- who the hell would keylog me just to level my fisherman? All my equips were there but as soon as I opened my resource-inventory, I shuddered. Swordfish. A FUCKTON of them. I began shivering as the nightmares started to latch onto my brain once again. The old sacrier. Kanig Village. Swordfish... No. That is what I said. "No." I wasn't going to relive those demonic days. I was a grown adult now, I didn't have time for petty hackers, or whatever that thing was. I uninstalled Dofus and made an oath to myself to never play it again. Months passed. I was doing well at work, I had started hitting the gym again, my rent wasn't stacking up...things were going well. Until one day. I went back to my apartment after another day's work but as I fished for the keys inside my pocket, I realised that I didn't need them as the door of my room was bashed open. I looked around for signs of robbery but to my surprise, nothing was stolen. The only problem was that there was a smell of fish in my room- a faint one. I thought that it was probably some guy outside unloading fishing crates or something so I just thought I'd go to sleep for the day. As soon as I thrust my foot inside the bottom of the sheets, it hit a slimy object at the bottom of my bed. "What the fuck?" I got out of bed and started dragging the sheets away. The smell of fish became a full-on stench by now and as I dragged my last sheet away, I saw it. A swordfish. To be continued if demanded.
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    I don't see how a new game solves those problems. A company doesn't suddenly get better at communicating or advertising simply because they made a new game. Ankama isn't going to have a sudden surge of competency for their new game. The problem with that line of thinking is assuming the population from both of those games is going to jump on the train for the new game. If they do, it's a classic case of product cannibalization. Players have a limited amount of time to divide between games. Where are all these new players coming from? New games don't just magically attract new players. Ah yes, advertisement. You've stated it yourself. Dofus doesn't get much advertisement and judging from the amount of advertisement Dofus has seen, the new game probably won't be getting much of it. I pray that I'm wrong, but Ankama doesn't exactly have the best track record on that sort of thing, at least outside of France. Slightly off-topic: The only way I see the new game even becoming mildly successful is through luck. Most successful companies got successful through a lucky event, Ankama could hit it big with one of their new products and the customer overflow could carry on to their other games. The game I most likely see this happening to would be Krosmaga once it's out of beta.
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    UPDATE: The bot is actually not banned. I sent it a pm just to see if it's on and it was. Not only that, but the player replied to my pm lol. I didn't respond after that. Given the nature of this situation and the fact that people seem to like creepypastas, I'll continue the story creepypasta-edition. I reported the bot to a Moderator and he said he'll look into it. Days passed and the bot was still there. I was now becoming annoyed but at the same time, almost creeped out. I directly contacted Izmar and told her that this was a real issue now and it's time to bring out the big guns. She herself logged into Rushu and identified the bot. After some tests, she confirmed that it was indeed a bot and she banned him. Later the next day, I was doing my patrol of the Kani Village fishing spots and it was there again! I saw the bot fishing as if nothing had ever happened. I was so angry that I slammed my mouse onto the table and it stopped working. But what happened next turned my anger into sheer terror. The bot invited me to the group and I accepted it. Now it was not I that accepted the invitation, since my mouse broke. The bot spoke, "Do you want to go fishing with me?" I tried typing but it seemed that my keyboard wasn't working either. A few seconds passed and the bot sent the same message again. I was now in panic. I held the power button of my computer until it turned off and the monitor did too. I sighed. I went downstairs to grab another mouse that I had in my garage and as I came up the stairs and into my room I saw a message on my supposedly-turned-off monitor saying, "Do you want to go fishing with me?" I was going to throw up. I threw the mouse at the monitor in a state of panic, thrashing it immediately. But it wasn't over. My phone rang and I tried to calm myself down before picking up. A robotic/satanic voice spoke into my ear, "Do you want to go fishing with me?" -to be continued-
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    So, I just came by to check the place out, and play a little bit more of Dofus, how's everyone been? ;]
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    My pride and joy he's what keeps me going <3
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    Club Wakfu should do nicely =)
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    Good to know I'm not alone. I have the same bug, lol. To get to Sacrier temple from Masq temple, Starting at [1.-8].... Go left 1, down 1, left 1, left 1, through tunnel, up 1, and you are there!
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    Thank you so much! This looks great and pretty efficient to me. Will use it!
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    Attached Below is the route that I use. I start at [-2, 0] zaap and take the red route. Once I finish Sac temple, I hit a recall potion and go back to [-2, 0] and start the blue route. Once the blue route ends at Feca temple, I either run all the way to Sadida temple (green route), or hit a recall potion and use [-2, 0] zaap to go [-1, 13] zaap (edge of evil forest), and run a few maps north to the Sadida temple. This is my route, it's the most efficient route that I could think of; I can't guarantee that it is the ABSOLUTE most efficient. Edit: The blue cirle is where the rogue temple should be. For some reason it wasn't showing on this map.
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    Posting for Qedi, dunno how many tries but gg af.
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    If a company isn't satisfied with a product, chances are that the customer won't be satisfied either *rolleyes*. I don't know, but Ankamas advertisment, to me, is the wierdest and worst strategy of any product I've purchased. It's like buying a broken Volvo straight from the factory (hey, I'm swedish) and having to return it twice a year for 'fixes'. Seriously Ankama. Don't write stuff like this. It's already enough with all your changes in mechanics and 'balancing' to show you aren't satisfied with your own product. What do you expect after 10+ years of this? Of course you won't get new customers. You're killing this game by your selfs, deliberately. We're still here, but you never learn to listen to us. Good luck with the new game. You'll need it (unfortunatelly). Had a lot of respect for this company some 10 years ago but man, this is so stupid ?. Treat your employees better so they don't quit. The oldtimers within Ankama are your biggest asset because they know how to fix your problem just as good as many of the players. I can't believe they actually wrote this, lmao. I shouldn't even be posting. God damnit. I better quit again.
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    Ankama has a history of not listening to the fans and doing whatever they want and that seems to be continuing. No one wants Dofus 3 unless it means the current game in a new engine. And it doesn't really make any kind of sense to make it anyway unless they just don't want people to play Dofus 2? Sure it would be a huge job remaking the game again, but it was their choice to go with Air way back when and the game could really use some technical updates and maybe an art change too.
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    There's not many ways Dofus 2 can be improved though, besides just spamming content updates that don't seem to make people happy.
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    Not only is the engine outdated, dofus is bloated with impopular or useless features. They even aknowledge this by stating that the new game will be focused in combat, with quick dungeons and mini dungeons. AvA is mostly stale. Treasure hunt never caught on. 1 vs 1 is unbalanced (in part) because the devs try to pretend shields don't exist. Community challenges were only popular as a way to scam people with impossible fights until exploits were addressed. Most of the oldest dungeon still have gimmicky rooms that nobody likes (steping on tiles, moving through a room with holes, mazes). Sets from otomai, ougaa and bworker are too high level compared to their dungeons and underpowered compared to similar level equipments. There are chaffers invading Eltneg woods because someone thought that made sense 7 years ago even though nobody ever agreed. Monster aggression makes content impopular and it's never been addressed properly. Many low level items need rebalancing in terms of crafting after their ingredients changed levels (for example, during the Cania update) or simply because their recipes are awful (blop sets). Idols don't make low level content more challenging and can't be used to test hard/unique mechanics (Nileza autokill, Klime glyphs, Count rotations, Koutoulou swaps, QoT bombs).
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    Haven't played actively in about a year, a little less. Game got less and less fun as a result of some changes and the general direction it was heading. F3 to Eliotropes still golden era of Dofus. Started this game in 2006, so it's about time anyway. Fog best class forever. Shoutouts to all my friends, enemies (there were like 3 but you're all worth a mention) and guilds on the way here. Especially Knights of Fortune, Turqouise Dofus Hunters, Diamonds in the Rough, Winland, Rosalt (despite being a joke). Special shoutouts to everybody who made the official Doomed forums "F*****s of Rosal" list in 2014. Wouldn't wanna type that out, cause I'd probably get banned due to new imps rules. Catch me on facebook or through a former or current Rosalt member, if you need to. I'll likely keep logging every now and then to see who's online, but not expecting any sort of resub when it runs out. -Your Sugar daddy, Tiny-Bastard for the OG Rushuans.
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