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    Hello everyone! I was playing Dofus since 2005 but I stopped very quickly. After Zatoishwan was going to be opened I'll decided to play again. I've lvled to 199 and... stopped again. Few days ago I decided to start playing but it's brand new Dofus for me, so many changes and I couldn't find myself now. I decided to change server and start all over again because it's seems to be best choice for me. You know, I'll discover Dofus again as a newbie. :) Anyway. I'm playing on Rushu and my nick is Infernus, so if there is any nice guild or a single player which understand someone like me, I'll be glad to get the message from you to get some advices!
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    3 Years of hiatus. Quit multiple times before in the past. Too many ochres and turqs stolen off my chars to keep count of. Finally playing again on Rosal :D Ciara (Previously Queen-Victoria which was previously Revoke) Ceri (Previously a cra which is now my eni-slave) Word to all my niggas. Peace out and swag out.
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    ^Support maintains blame sponge status along side Jungler in every ELO.
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    just testing if anybody still reads this :lol: :ph34r:
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    I'm back at home for christmas...meaning good internet, it feels so good man.
  6. 2 points
    Also known as a Bwork. :rolleyes:
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    Hello Everyone We are proud to announce you Narrated Dofus Videos. On youtube are hardly any narrated videos, this means with commentary. I'll explain how it works and will give as much tips as possible in order to win and also safely. I will do alot dungeons and maybe some walk troughs etc. Me(realmage) will narrate all videos and record them and upload it with HD. I might make mistakes here and there but I'm Dutch, So yeah sorry You can also suggest dungeons I could run that might help you with anything. So far got different types of videos and we started with frigost first Right now we have this : :--The Kamas Making Guide--: Click here to be linked to the video :--The Frigost Island Dungeons--: :--The Royal Mastogob Dungeon--: Click here to be linked to the video :--Screenshots of The Mastogob Dungeon--: good one, we never really screened this crappy dung. :--The Royal Pingwin Dungeon--: Click here to be linked to the video :--Screenshots of Royal Pingwin Dungeon--: we dont like this so never screened. :--The Wreck of the Hesperus/Buck Anear Dungeon--: Click here to be linked to the video :--Screenshots of The Buck Anear Dungeon--: Screenshot 1 So proud when we did in 6 turns : Screenshot 2 So amazed when we had 4 turns : Screenshot 3 aaand cant top 2 turns! : Screenshot 4 :--The Obsidemon's Hypogeum Dungeon--: Click here to be linked to the video :--Screenshots of Obsidemon Dungeon--: first time won : Screenshot 1 nice drops : Screenshot 2 Another one : Screenshot 3 :--Tengu Snowfoux Dungeon--: Click here to be linked to the video :--Screenshots of Tengu Snowfoux Dungeon--: First time we won : Screenshot 1 Lucky time : Screenshot 2 :--The Korriander's Lair Dungeon--: Click here to be linked to the video :--Screenshots of The Korriander Dungeon--: First time won : Screenshot 1 :--The Tengu And Fuji/Tenfuji Dungeon--: Click here to be linked to the video :--Screenshots of The Tengu And Fuji/Tenfuji Dungeon--: Screenshot 1 :--The Kolosso's Carverns Dungeon--: Click here to be linked to the video :--The Bearbarians Hive Dungeon--: Click here to be linked to the video :--Screenshots of The Bearbarian Hive Dungeon--: ScreenshotFirstwin screenshot in Arena :--The Other Dungeons--: In this bit we do random dungeons that people have asked us to do. This can be anywhere around the map! :--The Kimbo's Canopy Dungeon--: Click here to be linked to the video :--The Ougaa Dungeon--: Click here to be linked to the video :--Let's Play Amnesia The Dark Descent!--: Click here for the playlist! If you got any feedback, we could use it really well thanks for watching and reading. Feel free to subscribe!
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    So, little update guys. Since I have received payment from another server (using an account that is international because my main one is still not able to log in servers such as Shika and Rushu), I discovered that my Ogrines were linked to the server and that the amount received was not even enough for a 1 month sub. So I told myself I had to get the prices up. Specially since the commission was a fully painted one. Since all my slots are filled since June, I'm leaving the prices such as they are for them but other people wanting commissions will have to pay higher :/ I'm thinking of updating to: Estimated values of each package: - Only lineart 5 000 000kamas (additional characters add 800 000kamas) - Lineart + flat colors 6 500 000kamas (additional characters add 1 000 000kamas) - Painterly 8 000 000kamas. (additional characters add 3 000 000kamas) * Backgrounds other than white/transparent will also add more kamas into the bundle. I know this is a lot, but compairing it to my real life / real money commissions, this is almost given! :P Let me know what you guys think.
  10. 1 point
    I feel like I have a lot of trouble remembering to ward when playing carry-type roles. I'll ward fine when playing jungle or support, but most games I won't even buy one ward the entire game as AD.
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  12. 1 point
    It's not. 59 turns of setting traps all over the map, without any enemy stepping on one of them?
  13. 1 point
    Welcome back to Dofus. If you have any questions then you can message me on IV and I can help you out if you're confused about anything ;). Hopefully you'll enjoy your stay!
  14. 1 point
    IOP: until treadfast, better have a decent weapon than a useless one for sure. a broucey set + xa combo (12/5) works a lot better than random all element set (str just works better in pvm) CRA: don't know how far an int cra can take you but you surely need a way to get more mp reduction as it will be key role of your cra in some fights, 64 is not enough. Trophy + some points in wis or set change to think about PANDA: looks all right but an 11/6 class boots option will work better in a lot of fights.
  15. 1 point
    Welcome back to Dofus~ I hear there are lots of people restarting on Rushu these days! I'm sure you'll find people to hang out with. (:
  16. 1 point
    I give 10MK to the person that can actually do exactly that in real PvP
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  18. 1 point
    Sounds like a driver problem if windows 7 was fine and 8 sux. Try rolling back your graphics card driver to the previous version. Also, what ELO do people stop complaining at the support when there's not enough wards around the map or is it just person to person. It's damn annoying. Though, I'm not good enough yet to complain about peoples attributes.
  19. 1 point
    I'll only reply to this one last time. This is not the place for accusations. You're welcome to submit a report if your notion conceives, but understand you're now dissecting semantics. I began farming before the dungeon was released, and finished farming (a new action) by spamming the first room once it was released (a span of two days, though likely 30-35 hours of gameplay). I didn't think you'd be this concerned possibilities and theories, but there's not much reason to entertain the explanations if you're going to continue it in this fashion. Either send me an inbox, or keep it to yourself, because this is a place to display your guts, not throw accusations.
  20. 1 point
    Gratz you're like the first person who gets this. :D
  21. 1 point
    Well I ran it 3 times in this week there is not really a strategy cause I noticed monsters sometimes move weird especially double :D So I play random. Dont try to get bombs together, spread on whole map and make a safe line so before the bomb explodes stay there tight. I used to die on last wave cause i was thinking too much about bombs. So just let it go :D Also Its pretty useless to watch videos cause you wont have same start / monsters play different when you run dung etc. You gotta learn how bombs work and monsters AI. Ehh I talked tooo much o.O gl!
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  24. 1 point
    Same here. I have no lags at all now while running on 1080 and very high settings. Got shadows disabled but thats just a personal preference.
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    Some replacements can be made for both decks - notably your yetis for gnomish inventors in shaman and your elven archer and shieldbearer with something significantly better, and your zoo curve is slightly on the heavy side. I'll touch on it more in detail later (gotta assemble those decks and see what's lacking first) but they're not too bad. Edit: I took another look at it - your Zoo is ok, though I'd take out Shieldbearer, Faerie Dragon, Elven Archer for 2x Young Priestess and 1x Ironbeak Owl. Your Shaman deck is solid, I'd personally replace the Yetis and Senjin with 2x Argus/Gnomish Inventor, and 1x of Gnomish Inventor/Argus, depending on how much card draw you need. To be honest it's pretty much the same as mine, except I run an Ooze instead of the 2mana 3/2 windfury (which is there in place of Bloodmage Thalnos, which I don't have), and Al'Akir instead of Rag. Also I don't put Cairne in because he's too slow. I also run 2x Defender of Argus in place of your Yetis, and instead of Senjin and Stormforged Axe, Cairne and Argent Commander, I run 2x Haunted Creeper and 2x Nerubian Egg. Slowly grinding out arena runs for GvG :(
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    Plot twist... clicking the video link is actually a key logger scam
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    I don't see the need for all of this hostility, he raises a good point. Clearly for the sake of consistency, rekop should be changed to fail the clean hands challenge :D
  29. 1 point
    what Dofus classifies as direct and indirect damage is different than what you think. Direct damage is triggered by your turn. indirect damage is triggered by the target, example, walking on traps, starting turn on a glyph or the poison activating on the start of their turn. Rekop is always activated on your turn, therefore direct damag
  30. 1 point
    As if they weren't broken enough already. Considering everyone has a tread omni eca now, that would be really broke. I still don't understand how they can simply jump around the map even with Gravity State with a spell that has 60 base damage and costs only 3 ap.
  31. 1 point
    Every person that has ever done a pvm fight together with my sram knows that trap chains are a legit use in pvm fights.
  32. 1 point
    stupid comp doesn't seem to wanna screen full thing xD 58 tries 9 dmgs 377 init
  33. 1 point
    Well. You guys were right. The Imps Village account "LaceUp" has been confirmed to be the same person as Bob-Marley despite his insistence that this was not the case. As such, the user LaceUp has been banned. Players should deal with this person with caution. Scammers, Ye be warned. We will find you and take you out.
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    *Grabs popcorns*
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