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    So I see that you're new around here...
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    They really should rather do a step in the other direction... wouldn't it be fun to have a very low chance to drop (for example) a CB set piece of CB? It's no more neccecary to run dungeon anyways with all that achievement rewards, this would make it at least slightly more interesting...
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    I like to share you guys how i was able to defeat Sphincter Cell (DUO) with my whole team. (panda + x) Styx! :D ...so Sphincter can't jump anymore =) Enjoy My video encoding skills are very poor, so plz dont shoot me :P Edit: Btw you can also beat Peki with this in case you can do >1200damage / turn at its res^^
  4. 1 point
    The whole point of the achievement system is so people with little to one accounts can craft gear without endlessly grinding or saving up for weeks for one piece of gear. A lot of the boss materials did plummet in price, but a lot of non boss monsters materials stayed the same, dropped a little, or even went up. Overall the achievement system was a really good idea. And prices probably wouldn't have dropped so badly if a lot of people didn't multilog. Which a lot of us are guilty of, and why we have so many resources with nothing to do with them sitting in our banks.
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    I wouldn't say diamond farming was a viable way to make money for most low level players. You needed to have decent wisdom, pp, be a str build with decent AOE damage, and have at least a couple alts to have any efficiency. The money to get the gear and the XP to level the alts you need to make money: not provided. Finally, you needed a LOT of patience and be content doing the same simple thing around the same level for a long time. There's a reason why very few old players scrolled all their spell points even though diamond scroll exchange was in place for many years. It was too tedious for most people. I myself had planned to scroll poison wind and earthquake, farm plain cracklers and eventually scroll all spells, but just scrolling those two spells was all I could bear to do. Low level PvP alts are not as much a problem with kolossium as they were with headhunters, because it's 3v3, and has a rating system. High rating players typically get teamed with low-rating players, and/or against high-rating enemies. That also means if you don't have hax gear, there is still a good chance to get strong teammates and win if you play well. I leveled a Foggernaut in a large part through kolossium, using low level AP/MP gear but no exomages or dofuses except cawwot. This is more than most low level players can afford, but I still maintained an approximate 1/2 win ratio. However, even lost fights are valuable because they teach you how you can do better in the future. You can learn strengths and weaknesses of other classes and your own, and you can apply that knowledge in both PvP and PvM. (Yes I know you have read wiki or played all the classes already, but I'm talking in the perspective of a low level player, and remember the strengths and weaknesses of classes interact too.) Of course, there are flaws with kolossium, and some people might have very low win ratios even though they make a genuine effort. And people who already have good gear and spell repertoire will be better at getting spell point scrolls--that hasn't changed whether it's through diamonds or kolossikens, and it applies to everything in PvM as well. I wouldn't make the claim that kolossium is a change for the better for everyone, but I also disagree that it hinders low level players as you claim. It is a needed improvement for most PvP players, and I think it has also encouraged many players to start participating in PvP.
  6. 1 point
    I don't understand... If Dofus went full f2p, an optional subscription would sustain the flow of profits...? Can you elaborate on this?
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  8. 1 point
    As has just been brought up, Dofus is a tactical game and in many senses different to other content offered on the market. By virtue of its individuality and niche market, I struggle to accept the premise that freeing up all the [or a substantial part of the] in game content is going to attract an insane number of new players. Dofus, unlike some MMOs, can be the sort of game where things take a long time to achieve! Your average John and Jane Doe, who perhaps enjoy a more expedited road to success, could very easily struggle with a model whose fights can be lengthy and often fruitless, thanks to the joys of the Prospecting system... But even assuming there was a free model adopted, you preface the success of your scheme on players buying/enjoying repeated cosmetic benefits and enhancements. Without locking to an account, or providing short life spans on said items [which would obviously annoy many players, myself included] you are wanting 'devoted' players to invest constant and relatively high sums of money into things that have no direct character benefits... The success of such items can clearly be seen on the existing servers and their p2p model! Even strolling around Rushu, the prevalence of things like Piwins, Parasymbics, Alverols, Cameleon DTs [All very much cosmetic based items] is substantially limited. Sure there are subsets of the playing base that love those items, myself included, but they don't represent a large enough portion of the player base to support its income. In fact, under a purely paid model, those items would surely be LESS common? Right now, one can get a lot of things with in game currency and not even have to touch their wallet, and yet you propose to make items that only appeal to a niche market cost real funds in an effort to support your business model? Perhaps you are more adjusted to a different server composition, but as far as I've seen on Rushu, on and off for the last 5 of so years, there just is not the support base for your system... And so the counter to this is your influx of players? Those that are new to the game will probably lack understanding of its concepts [which most people are willing to concede do get rather complex after a while] and would want to buy things for the sake of looking pretty? As Ankama has already said, under a community driven model a Pay2Win style scenario [which ultimately I think your scheme boils down to] goes against the best wishes of the community. If you've ever flicked through the Wakfu forums, especially after more and more powerful/exclusive content has been added to the cash shop, you'd note that the average player is outraged by a notion of Pay2Win. You are essentially making a two speed player base [which has allegorical links to a two speed economy in a sense...] : One that strives for success under the slower/more cumbersome though ultimately more 'community' based system, and one who forks out funds to receive items? I'd be very curious to see how that would even survive on a larger scale server, having a subset of the community being so much further advanced because they have the funds to do so? As I have argued, a cash shop offering just cosmetic benefits doesn't appear to have to support needed to replace subscription revenue, so obviously they'd have to add content that actually benefits you in game? The current subscription model puts people at an even footing, and then offers cosmetic items... Your scheme, while putting everyone at an even f2p footing, then would have to offer two completely OPPOSED paths to success... You'd have a split server population and not a darn thing you could do about it? Having said all this, I'm sure the f2p model works in games where community involvement and tactics aren't such a prevalent system... But frankly I still don't understand why you'd want to essentially make a two speed server so that no one had to subscribe? Sure, you'd save a few pennies [melodramatic, but helps my point] a month... You'd also have to end up with a subset of players who could probably control in game economies and markets because of a substantial increase in power? That is, if you are willing to accept that the existing cosmetic models in the game, which are more than affordable, are not enough to underpin a substantial enough revenue to supersede the existing subscriber base... By all means start rebutting, but I think the fact that you've flared at those who have asked questions of your model speaks to a lack of a complete scheme... Perhaps once you had hypothetical figures or even more concrete suggestions as to the types of aesthetic advantages that could replace a substantial revenue from subscribing players then we would all understand better... At the moment though your proposal just seems half baked.
  9. 1 point
    lol....that has to be the stupidest thing I've heard in quite a while. Nomarrow set is easily one of the best sets to come out since Fuji. It's clearly pvm oriented indicated by the lack of vit, but the lack of vit is quite a small tradeoff for what you get. 50 Crit damage and 27 crits from 3 pieces is nothing short of amazing, as well as having high int/agi and +elemental damages. You are the fool for disregarding the set, it's one of the best pvm sets at this point in time.
  10. 1 point
    Worth bearing in mind that Persona is both #1 Mathematician and #1 Innovator on international servers though.
  11. 1 point
    A 200 Masq with all points in Vit will have 1096 base Vit. A Sac with all points in Vit will have 2091 base Vit. If you can get 7619 Vit on a Sac, then you can at least prove it without the Sac at all by getting 6624 Vit on your Masq. If you make an excuse for not doing it on a Sac, do it on your Masq. We can add the extra 995 back on to check.
  12. 1 point
    7.5k+ hp is certainly impressive, the items will have been really pushed with health rune, I would estimate the total hp overmage will be around 550hp.
  13. 1 point
    Thank you! After taking so long to finish this batch of requests, it's only right for me to bunch em together for one last group photo. :3 Lol It just so happened that everything fell into place by putting your avatar at the front (Mainly because it's short hehe :P). Thanks again! Hiya Mary glad to see you back here, and I should be opening requests pretty soon... Just can't say when :P I've now decided to try my hand at line-less art, and I gotta say it's a lot faster than having to construct neat lines before coloring. So it takes quite a load off and it gives me more time to focus on improving my coloring skills. If you all like it, you can look forward to seeing more artworks similar to this in the near future. Enjoy! :)
  14. 1 point
    Thanks Mittenz and it's great to be back. Indeed that bow meow added quite a nice touch to the background didn't it. :) Your welcome, Veldin's was really fun to work on because it was done around Halloween, so that was a great inspiration and I got a whole bunch of ideas to work with. It might be the best background I've done so far too. :3 Sure, be my guest, and if your thinking about actually printing them out like a poster, I'd love to see how the end result looks :D Thanks! *Talks while eating cookie* Mghh gffhh fhfuhfu uhgfu hgfdhu... And that's how I got the idea :P Thanks a bunch!! :> Cool, it's good to know that even my old artworks are still appealing. If I were to look back at them now I'd be like, "I can't believe I used to draw like that!" *Covers Eyes* >__< Can't forget all the awesome people who kindly clicked the +Rep button on the final 3, I really appreciate it! :D Well, now that's over, I can finally go back to doing some non-dofus related stuff for a while. (Which you all can see on my Deviant-Art page). But don't worry I'll sneak back in eventually to declare that I'm taking another batch of requests, so stay alert! :P Also to top it all off I decided to throw then all together. Though they weren't really intended to be crammed into one image but I tried anyways, and here's the end result. Let me know what you all think. Here's the actual size => http://imageshack.us...thegroupbig.png
  15. 1 point
    I use the same password for everything and I have it tattooed on my forehead along with my credit card details.
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