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    Welcome back(?) Question #1: What would be the current meta for casual play, questing and running dungeons with two characters? I remember rogue/panda being very popular combination back in the days. I have access to a omni/crit dmg cra, int/cha/mp reduction enutrof, int/healer osamoda and class change is also on opinion. There's still a lot of Rogue/Panda going on if you're looking for something, "optimal" but you can play whatever you like from what I've seen so far to be honest. Omni Cras are powerful for PvM still. Gear is cheaper than when I played when CB~Kolosso stuff was 10m+. You can decently outfit a lv 200 for 60m (with exos) now (excluding Dofuses). Question #2: What would be a ideal set/gear for these characters? I still have all my gear and items from back in the days (mainly Frigost, whale and abyssal items), so I'd have to grind for new fancy sets. This will depend on what classes you end up with but I haven't been back long enough myself to comment on this. I have an Intel PvM and Agi PvM sets built for Elio, but I don't think either set would help in your case. Question #3: What is the current state of low to mid level (100 to 150) pvp? I remember having a blast with 1v1 bonta vs brak and 3v3 Kolossium before Ankama ruined both of those, which caused me to finally give up on the game. If yes, what would be a solid all around solo character to casually do kolossium? Sacriers are OP
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    I uncovered this cringe account, reset the password with an ancient email address, and logged in just to post here. An OG member of Misfits on Rushu. I remember her, the name, her recruiting of me, before the drama, the departure, and the rebirth. The fact that I am here over a decade later with memories of this game, this community, everything is so surreal. I'm randomly ranting and have no idea about the answer to your question, but I just wanted to create another footprint on a forum that will forever own a piece of my soul.
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    Yo guys, Just started playing again. Currently on a lvl 180 int Sac, doing PvM for the first time ever but was wondering how int sacs do in kolosseum. I can see that the AoE is nice but was wondering if Str is actually as strong as it seems or only in certain situations. So yeah basically what element sac is best in pvp right now and are there actually some high rated sacs still or did they get nerfed too hard?
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    Hello die-hard Dofus fans, For the people still around on this iconic forum, I have a message. Recently I started a Dofus channel on YouTube. This is the link: Wesmaster For now there are no videos in which I speak but that will be the case in the near future. All those videos will be in English.Check out my channel if you like to watch Dofus videos, let me know if you liked it or not and subscribe if you want to see more!Thanks!
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    I'm disappointed that your entries didn't go with Used Bwork Protection
  7. 1 point
    What's required is game knowledge tbh. Gear doesn't even have to be that good if you know what the monsters do.
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    Hey, I'm considering giving the game a try again, as I'm craving some turn based mmorpg action. It's probably been a good 6 years since I played. I was previously on Solar, and am aware of the server merge etc. I was mostly wondering how the PvM content works these days. I used to run 8 accounts, and I definitely don't want to do that anymore. What do people think is required/optimal these days to do PvM content? Thanks!
  9. 1 point
    Play on Retro! >=[ *stares at TwF and Riv*
  10. 1 point
    Getting Ochre on Jahash with the boys
  11. 1 point
    Not many low levels tend to PvP (Bont/Brak) on Echo anymore but if you wait long enough with your wings up at [-1,0]; you'll eventually find someone.. could take a few minutes to a couple hours though. I still log my lower levels to PvP if I see someone. In terms of Kolo at level 100-150, it's still pretty active and actually rather fun; especially if you find two other lower level players to team up with for 3v3. I suggest trying out 1v1 Kolo too once you've chosen your class & set. I believe the best solo classes for casual Kolo would be Fogger, Sac, Masq, Hupper, Enu and Xelor but it's all up to preference I guess.
  12. 1 point
    So, I don't really have answers to your questions as I'm still relearning the ropes (TWF will have answers I'm sure ) but just wanted to say welcome back
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    Now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time.
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    Well... some things never change; I returned in 2015 and 2017 briefly but the nostalgia keeps us coming back for more... I guess nothing compares... We're rallying the ol' team to come back and play again. A handful of us are playing on Ily. Give me a shout in-game if you've felt that little string pull at your heart to return to the game once again. 15 years to the date that I started playing Dofus, I guess today was as good a time as any to announce a casual return.
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    thx u 2 mr google called and said this was the best integration of scanners they'd ever seen, im now CEO of scanners for alphabet
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    That's right. Follow Imps Village on Twitter (@Imps_Village)! The feed is currently set up to automatically Tweet out updates from Promoted News, Ankama Announcements and Village Update when a new topic is posted. It will also serve as a backup communication platform if: We are facing downtime You are having trouble connecting to Imps Village Someone feels like Tweeting There will be a big giveaway at 5,000 followers!
  17. 1 point
    For me When i think ICON its a perosn who was super well known or terrifying to be up against. so my list will be as follows. (and to note only the 12 classes that were available when i was pvping) Eca - Youbutsu for sure i remember him mostly from watching him do souls in the arena all the damn time. Malt for his goult appearance where frenchies cheered on his rekop like it was a game of god damn soccer. Eni - Xnbtx first eni i saw pvp videos on youtube of and Samba i remember regretting pvping him Sram - SOVIET for sure because dem wings. OTTOMAN-EMPIRE another sram that i held in high respect/expectations Mazin-Kaiser and xx-Albin-xx were the main two who inspired me to create my sram in the first place. Feca - Rambo hands down basically because world first 200. However I also think that youseff and echizen should get mentioned. Sadida - Not a heck of alot here that i knew personally. but NIBAS was a big name that i heard of. oh and Blackkrakonos (also for his eni too) Sacrier - Rael-cleap. Iop - JSPS or whater ever his name is lol really nice guy. I also have to mention Yor for his amusing youtube videos. ENU - Treasureguy or something like that. he always agroed everyone with wings up regardless and was cold as hell in those fights. but during pve he was a nice guy atleast to me haha Panda - Momo-Baggins literally the only panda i remember and mostly because i gave his main the idea for his name haha. Xelor - Lister-dragon literally the only xelor i remember haha Osa - Quarezma and -Sydney- are the two i know most and best of all. Syd is a really good friend of mine and we still keep in touch. quar was just an osa that i definately didnt wanna go up against lol Cra - INVISIGOTH for sure was someone who earned a name for themselves when it came to cras. As for the other classes only one i know is persona for masq and thats because of this forum. i dont know any elios or rogues or foggers so i cant really say anything about them.
  18. 1 point
    Love your list mate :-). People don't have to have been playing 10 years ago to be an icon. It's about the people that made an awesome impression.I've seen them all in pvp and they're pretty kickass people.
  19. 1 point
    The new races are too new to be iconic characters Eca: Maltese-Killer, Youbutsu Sram: Soviet, Lordsoth Feca: XxRamboPLxX, yousefighter Eni: cryforhelp, Anjulica Iop: JoeBlack, JPSJPS Sadi: MMT, BlackKrakonos Sac: Rael-Cleap, White-Shroom Xelor: Chebichevinovichski, DoctorTime Enu: Wonger, The-Enu-In-Black Cra: l-mary-l, Thor Panda: Jetondaci, BioKurz Osa: -Sydney-, Abyssal-Fuhrer
  20. 1 point
    Ah yeah, -Bax-! Oh, I always assumed you were him. Weren't there 3 of you back then though? Devilwings or something like that? As for iconic players, we have some "newer" ones as well. Generation two and three. It's pretty simple. A successful player gets known. If you get known it's because you've contributed with something good or something bad. No matter what, you've contributed to the community. I.e -Boski- who was mentioned before. We also have a certain pink, polish cra (Kassla or something? Not Kasslabarak). Both were hated for killing of perceptors all over Rushu, no matter which guild - and they did it solo. The later also loved to brag about his pvp skills back in the days. Even if he didn't have any. They did show a side of dofus we had never seen before and they played dofus THEIR way. Nothing wrong with that, except people like me was too narrow minded to see past the game. -Boski- loved feeding on our insults, but he was a really cool guy. All he cared about was our responses, haha. Pereb, Coopers, Darthsadida, Azn, Enu-In-Black, Twofingers, Collateralsense, Neddy, Twofingers, Herosdumaroc, Deadslim, Dozec, Ralpeh, Tahoo, Zrednic, Tuxx, Capslock/Clip, Archangel, Veldin, Killerangel, Fallen-Nexus, Red-enni, Omar, Thunderous (Trashmetalreda plz), Jon, Nicholas, Lulu, Ragura, Darwinian, Pineaja, Chebonihishihfvhfishihihcihi SKI, MMT, the new PKU, Persona, Nefarion, Pantaleo. As before, this list can continue with another 300 names easily. 300 out of millions. In conclusion. If you are successful, people will know and remember you in game. May it be through helpful/successful posts at forums, sharing strategies, being the first to show a new item or a new build, a simple picture showing you've beaten something only a minority has gone through, own a vulbis (so rare that people keep track of them), a successful scam, play better in pvp then a majority of the players (If you manage to enter Goultarminator - you will be known), or simple personal experience. The ones who set an example are the first to achieve and share. That's what makes a player iconic.
  21. 1 point
    Hey hey Hey!! Where have u been Mary? :) Come to rosal!! :D
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