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  1. 16 points
    Hello my 4 babies Big Thanks to Sneh,r000ni,Pat,Martin and everyone else that helped me during this awful quest
  2. 15 points
    Playlist of all 200 dungeons solo with a Sadida (some among the easiest ones are missing, but not worth recording anyway)
  3. 13 points
    And last but not least 8th char 16k achievs ^_^
  4. 12 points
  5. 11 points
    Late af to the party as usual but finally got x8 Abyssal Dofus done after playing again recently :). Farming x8 exploration items was not fun/10. Shoutouts to the homies for telling me to stop being lazy, and big shoutout to @ReaperSurm for keeping me company/leeching me when I was too lazy to farm exploration stuff :^) (nice sadi hackeur strats, very balanced) Also congrats @-Siegfried- on the x4 Sylargh Incisor :^)
  6. 10 points
    DOFUS FASHION WEEKS *Note: Need some skin inspiration, or want to share a really cool look? Join the Skiny discord server! Where it all began... You might have heard otherwise, but did you know that the concept of “fashion week” began in Astrub? It all started when Alit Elfminate would hire women to wear his latest creations in public places for a week – twice a year-, from standing next to the fountain to sitting on the city benches. “Astrub Fashion week” was an overnight success; people from all faiths would save their kamas to get their hands on Alit Elfminate’s pieces, including many of your “Miss and Mister Amakna” pageant participants! Of course, they could always find talented tailors and shoemakers around the city to craft a mighty fine Gobball cape, but as NPC priest always says, “The 12 gods are in the details”. It didn’t take long for Paro Cabanne to start his very own fashion events, displaying his latest collections on city style runways. Glamour, style, haute couture… A week was simply not long enough anymore… Location, Location, Location! For a long time, the DOFUS Fashion weeks were just held in the main cities; while the number of creative crafters grew, the same cannot be said for the fashion show locations. Designers have attempted to modernize the style and presentation of their collections by integrating Sufokian technological advances as backdrops to their fashion show, or at times having the models walk the runway on the back of dangerous monsters, not always ending well for neither the models, nor the garments. Ever wondered what those burned adventurers around Dreggon Peninsula were about? Having had enough of the bad press surrounding all the incidents of their events, and Eniripsa care for so many injured individuals does not come cheap, the DOFUS Fashion Weeks Association is changing the rules this year, putting the focus on the models and the clothes, away from the creative pyromaniacs: “Every day is a Fashion Show, and the World of 12 is the runway.” It is a return to the basics: everything is about the garments, the glamour, style and creativity, the lifestyle, natural backdrops that complement an outfit. Rules and Guidelines This contest is open for entries between now and Friday, June 15 at 23:59 DUT Prizes will only be awarded to players on Echo The goal is to create a look for your character that is both unique and fits in well with the theme of the map There are 12 categories. You may participate in one or all of them, and it is possible to win in more than one category. Please limit entries to one entry per category per person. We recommend playing around with gear on Dofusbook before finalizing your looks Once you've created your look, head on over to the same map and take a screenshot of your character! Pets, incarnations, and item effects can be used to enhance your looks! Flashy emotes or anything that makes it difficult to see your character should be avoided Looks must be your own. Skins stolen from Skiny or other platforms will be disqualified at the discretion of the judging panel. Be inspired, don't copy. The look with the highest combined score from the judging panel in each category wins Your post MUST contain the following along with screenshots: (Nickname(/whois)), Character name Bonus Twitter Raffle Are you especially proud of one of your looks? Share it with the world! Share your favorite look on twitter using #DOFUSFashionWeeks and your character name to be entered into a raffle for one of five prizes (see prizes) Participants must be following both @DOFUS_EN and @Imps_Village on twitter Feel free to share as many looks as you'd like, but raffle entries will be capped at one entry per person The Judges Your looks will be judged for creativity and accuracy to the category theme Each look will be given a score from one to ten by each of the members of the judging panel Grab your finest capes and dress to impress, because [Manaia], [Sabi], anjulica, John, Capngoat, and Kikn are the toughest critics around! Prizes The winner of each category will receive 2mk, sponsored by community donations The two winners with the overall highest scores out of all entries will receive 2 mimisymbics each, sponsored by Kikn 5 twitter submissions will be randomly chosen to win a Blue Mystery Box Categories 1. Nimaltopia Oasis [-65,29] 2. Feelin hot, hot, hot [-27,23] 3. Belly of the Whale [-85,-59] (room one) 4. Lost in another Dimension [6,13] (first room) 5. Oh, wymi? [9,-72] 6. Catch me at the Trool Fair [-11,-38] 7. Feelin Royal [4,-6] (inside Allister's castle, back room) 8. You jelly? [9,29] (Use a multijelly) 9. Mist Opportunity [4,1] (Incarnam) 10. Life's a Beach [12,-28] 11. Do you mine? [10,-19] (first room) 12. Honey, I'm home [-63,-75] (first room)
  7. 9 points
    Ankama - We're going to open a conversation about the breeding revamp. Players - YAY! We have several suggestions! Ankama - Nah, we're going to do what we wanted at first anyways
  8. 9 points
    Quest finished: [Apprenticeship: Guardian of Torture] Achievement unlocked: [Your Desires Are Disorder] Ornament obtained: [Glorious Unsound Mind] Thanks to @Animuffin, @Siegfried and @Latakia for the help with the Order #5 questline. And so many other people over the years for their help on various Brakmar alignment queststeps. Brakmar forever!
  9. 9 points
    Im so happy finally did it ! #firstpost #lyfisgood
  10. 8 points
    99 Red Balloons XD I got a few other colors in there too
  11. 8 points
    Acc nick - Toasterstoasttoast IGN - Barley-Maid Part I: The Fresh Feca of Bel Aire. It says here that the spooky skeleton boss is nearby. I hope he drops some nice gear! Well, no luck there. Guess I will just have to mine for a decent weapon. After many hard years of work, treasure hunts, and conquered dungeons, the feca at last fulfilled her dream. To bee or not to bee? There was no doubt in her mind.
  12. 8 points
    Hello imps villagers im here to present you the brand new 2% water + range belteen exo with sadly 19 crit dam and no flitzpunkte.
  13. 7 points
    Hi, 10. Life's a Beach [12,-28]  3. Belly of the Whale [-85,-59] 2. Feelin hot, hot, hot [-27,23] 7. Feelin Royal [4,-6] 5. Oh, wymi? [9,-72] 8. You jelly? [9,29] 12. Honey, I'm home [-63,-75] ProfuSoNicE, Profus.
  14. 7 points
    who needs pandas when u got qued :^))))))))))))))))))))))
  15. 7 points
    @Casino-Royal its a good thing you're going to med school bc your layout gave me cancer
  16. 7 points
    "Breaking 'News': Jodx is still Zaap Sitting"
  17. 7 points
  18. 6 points
    day at the beach with the kids tanning and fishing : } love it
  19. 6 points
  20. 6 points
  21. 5 points
  22. 5 points
    Had to use a diff image host, or Rob gon' go bankrupt. Part II (cont'd) Me and my partner sometimes hunt jellies. Really useful stuff! I saw something truly magical when I went to Nimaltopia. My worries vanished when I saw this creature, so full of joy and light, frolicking in the meadow.
  23. 5 points
    (Not an entry) After a hard day's ride, Barley took in the view of Arrak- err, Ohwymi.
  24. 5 points
  25. 5 points
    F3 is really hard guys !!!

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