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    Boi that was quite annoying, but slowly getting back to PvM after long break
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    What? Literally none of that rant is relevant to his point. (Also, using dregg hat in PvM lmao) Pebbles in recipes is fine imo, they're cheap and everyone can get them. It's really nothing in comparison to 90+ mats that are like 50kk ea for certain items, so still complaining about this makes little sense to me. No and no. The game is dying because people that have been long time players are losing interest, and Ankama doesn't seem able to haul in enough new players to counter that. I think the game itself isn't dying, it's just the international community. I don't complain because I simply don't care enough, but if you try to deny it it's because you're either blind or just stupid. Seeing you argue people complain because they suck, it's most likely the latter. It really isn't weird that for many, after 10 years of playing they start to lose interest and develop an actual life where there is no time or place for Dofus anymore. Trust me, at some point you will too lose interest to log on just to perform some tedious and repetitive tasks to keep your p2p or farm a new item you want. I HAVE THE ATTENTION SPAN OF A 6 YEAR OLD AND AM FAR TOO POMPOUS TO READ THAT, BUT FEEL FULLY QUALIFIED TO COMMENT ANYWAY EVEN THOUGH I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL THIS IS REALLY ABOUT. HERE IS MY RESPONSE THAT WILL NOT CONTRIBUTE TO THE THREAD. the game is too old and messed up, ankama can't easily fix it without taking a huge amount of time to undo some of their terrible design choices
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    Many of us (the people posting here) has been around practically since start. We know what our community used to look like contra what it is today. I've had over 1000 people in my guild (Blank) over the years. I remember a majority of them, at least by name. Do you know how many of them that still are playing? Max 20. It's not about becoming "adult". I'm 36, I have good jobs, educations, houses, wife etcetera and I still log on to play with people in similar situations from servers all over on 1.29 servers. I even know players who got kids in the early days of dofus where their kids are playing too. Many of us are still around but majority quit 2.x to get back what was lost. Some things could definitely be better on 1.29 but overall it is 100 times better then 2.0 in some aspects (the ones we personally prefer). Now Bob explained it pretty good. It's players like us who make the community. If we are gone, there will no longer be a community. People that are "new" (2012 and after) have no idea what our community used to be, why someone like "Rambopl" was such a huge deal or even who he was. How to efficiently farm kamas without using bots, third party programs or real money to progress. Experience and drops is out of the question. On 2.x servers it's a joke compared to what it used to be. MMO <--- Good luck when you have no history, no welcome and no knowledge. Who the hell did you think shared how to do anything in this game from start anyway. Without us, wiki, youtube, dofusplanner etc wouldn't be around to lean on when you have too much problem figuring out this game. Give us credits and listen to us at least once, BAH. So freaking frustrating. Our communities could fix this game, no doubt. Ankama keeps saying they'll lean on us but once their projects starts - it gets put in the shelf again and we get ignored (just look at the breeding system). Mentorship, moderators (how many years has the applications been closed now?), Game Masters (not Moderators) - do we even have any? How many community managers have we gone through - 10? How many of OUR ideas have been implemented? That project when certain players were invited to a community platform in OF (I even forget the name) to discuss improvements. How many remember Serianne, how it was managed and why only Jiva and Djaul had it while we were left without? Harvestpale is the #1 person I can come to think about. Livitems (Tweaks still make me nostalgic ^_^), items, resources etc with referrals to players in our community - those are the only credits we've gotten since 2007. Everything people like Gravestorm, Veldin, Rob, Ala, Belokk, Blueballs etc have done without even getting a thank you. They focus on money rather on a living community and that is where they fail, no doubt. If they just would listen, this game would flourish - I have no doubt. People would come back and people would start playing and stay.
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    As for good points, I'd stress the class changes (along with spell variants, shields being relevant and Dofus revamp). Classes are very "clean" today as opposed to old times where classes were a huge mess (weapon spam, half of spells irrelevant, several times the same spell like Sacrieur punishments or Feca reductions). If the game is worthy of "tactical MMO", it's clearly today and not in its past. You can't list Idols as good since they've damaged the game a lot, not fulfilling their goal at all. The idol pool is big and diverse enough, meaning you can choose specifically the ones that you won't care about, for example "intouchable" idols on a big map and a ranged team (very typical) or "CC" idols as Kyoub or Payo. For the benefit, there's just no reason to increase difficulty when you can just put ignorable compositions. At the same time, they allow to increase drop and XP rate as was never possible before, so they've highly contributed to price dump of PvM ressources. Quests or drop for Dofuses are a matter of taste, but quests are the healthier way. If they're only obtainable as a rare drop, solo accounters have more or less no chance to obtain them (or name me a solo character that grinds Vulbis^^). It's a bit the same principle as with the achievement ressources that lower a lot the price of boss mats, but that give a chance to solo or duo accounters. Otherwise, repeating the same dungeon dozens of times just to craft some items is just insupportable for solo chars. not to mention repetitive and dumb (sorry, this part is subjective!). The era of Dofus being a 99% farm game is over. Come to think of it, rare drop still exists with Vulbis and is getting reintroduced with 2.48 and future updates. Also, modern questlines are driving away from frequent running from NPC to NPC (of course, you still need that to tell a story!). I think for example of the Abyssal Dofus questline that is quite short and rather bases on your skills. You can do it in a single day if you're very experienced and familiar with the content. You could say questlines are also inaccessible with a single character, but recruiting friends for 2-3 group fights is a completely different thing than to have a big team to begin with. Not convinced by your argument of forcing PvM players to do PvP. PvM mats still sell (me for example, I buy 100% of the monster mats in market if I make a new set, and plenty of others too, there are still quite expensive ones especially for the newest areas). Other than that, there are a lot of ways to make money and it's natural for players to possess a certain amount. If someone is disadvantaged, it's by far the PvPers that entirely rely on kolo tokens, not the PvMers. As for the decline of players, you shouldn't forget that back in the day, you were younger and exploring the game for the first time. Now we are all getting older with less time for the game. Also, the competition is just enormous today as opposed to a decade ago (LoL, Fortnite, OW, etc). As the game has remained an MMO with grinding, it just barely stands a chance to attract new players as opposed to let's say Fornite. I feel like these aspects have more weight than all the supposedly bad evolutions. For me, it's obvious that from a quality standpoint, Dofus is leagues and leagues ahead of back in the day (even if there is nostalgia).
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    > Panda has some crap 3% Water overmage Pawl Amu > I figure I should mage it to like 450-500 Vitality instead > Buy runes > Slap one Ra Vit > Best magus Echo
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    Selling the Powerful version of this belt. It has superior stats to this one. You can basically one-up anyone who would link the Dazzling Belt by linking a Powerful Dazzling Belt with superior stats. Since it's better than the Dazzling Belt, I'm looking for approximately 350M, though the price is debatable.
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    I think Ankama in general just need to have a sit down and really think about which direction they want to go and whether they're happy to continue the way they are. I'd personally like to see them stop getting side tracked and taking staff and time away from their main projects to create games which won't and never will generate an audience or a profit margin. Instead they could be working on their own form of project such as dofusplanner or something similar i.e dofusgo, there's no excuse as to why their player base as beaten them to create such things. Another issue I find is that - A. Subscription expenses are extortionate, if I sub 8 characters every month it'll cost me roughly £32, or £380 a year, give or take, which makes you ask yourself, who are Ankama's target audience? And to subscribe 8 accounts through kamas is near impossible. B. They REALLY need to stop adding pre-existing, rare and expensive cosmetics into ogrine packages, imagine playing the game for years and years, finally being able to afford a cosmetic that you've wanted, only for them to add it to a package a week later, causing you to lose your dofus careers worth of savings. There's other ways to push profit margins and revenue, whether it's through marketing or advertisements. C. Are they ever going to try and push dofus in other countries through advertisements? It's a worrying thought for a player of the international community to constantly see our numbers dying, in all honesty we may as well all be merged into French servers, at the moment we're just waiting to die out. D. Isn't it about time guilds were revamped, maybe something past just obtaining level200? infact, whilst they're at it they may as well work on the flop that alliances have always been. Give us a reason to actually be part of an alliance. E. Community events? I don't remember the last time a mod logged in game to organise something for the community other than maybe to hand out a few fireworks. 1.29 days where they'd organise guild 8 v 8's, PvP tournaments, GOULT FFS!?! given that these are all PvP orientated, but I tell you now, there were thousands of players, even on shika at the time, flooding In to be a part and see what was going on. F. I mean, what even is the use of prospecting anymore? It's completely and utterly lost it's value through achievement drops and dofus questlines to the point where half of the new end game gear doesn't even include prospecting anymore, because guess what? Even ankama realise it's pointless. Want 8 of a certain drop per character per fight? Use some idols. G. Dungeons and access to dungeons, crafting certain keys are near impossible for you to obtain in masses such as royal rainbow blop or dreggon dungeon, the recipes are extremely outdated and so are the amounts of experience you gain from the majority of dungeons, -nidas with 20000 idol score. H. Give us an actual decent service with decent response times and informative replies to issues, with a much better attitude than copy/paste replies. All in all there's been far too many neglected aspects of dofus and I honestly believe it's down to mismanagement, not really knowing which direction they want to take the game and throwing staff onto unwanted spin off games rather than fixing/updating what could be a GREAT game.
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    the truth is that dofus is cancer, it’s just that we love cancer (c) :^)
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    I would prefer if you would stick to selling carpets..
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    Dofus got sidetracked for almost 2 years because ToT got an existential crisis and sent a portion of the dofus team to create dofus3/dofuscube/waven/wakfuheroes. They created mechanics and animations for like 3 or 4 dofus-like games, and all they got out of it was some NPC designs (that look out of place in dofus, in my opinion). It's not just the wasted resources, but it alienated a portion of the community when they kept bait and switching dofus development for this other projects. A whole year of "We will add spell variations in dofALSO LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT DOFUSCUBE". They dubbed 2017 the year of communication, but most communication wasn't about dofus. And then they promised a 2018 roadmap that they were in the process of ignoring until they recently killed most of the sideprojects. By now we were supposed to have the ebony dofus, a proper dungeon matchmaking and some proffesion revamp (unless that was covered by fusing markets and doubling harvest xp). My impression is that for a while the devs thought that they could skip on making content and make players create their own content. This is what gave us AvA, idols and community challenges. AvA is exclusive by nature, so a lot of people don't benefit at all from it. Idols were abused to farm with little added difficulty and since their introduction, they've only been nerfed instead of expanded upon. Community challenges were used to scam people for a few days and then forgotten. I think in the future they should look into making community content cooperative instead of competitive. Like, getting bonuses just by being in a guild with many (active) players and such. I'ts not all bad, though. I think the recent pet revamp was mostly positive. The xp values and some of the bonuses are not balanced, but they managed to make a unified system that removed a lot of outdated stuff (pet certificates, pet ghosts, feeding times, pet dungeon) while also adding value to other content and properly integrating pets into the game instead of being treated as boutique items.
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    Thanks for this thread, really great insights going on! The game is great but whenever I think of Dofus a part of me gets depressed. The reasons are aplenty but most of which only boil down to really serious issues like: -End game dungeons difficulty + specific characters requirement I loathe the fact that unless I have a specific composition of characters, I can forget ever successfully running a dungeon. Why do I have to have an elio/cra/enu to run 99% of dungeons? Why can't I run them with whichever character I want? If not, what's the point of playing with said character if it's allure lies only in PvP or nothing at all? This is one of my biggest pet peeves with the game. I can eventually manage to complete the dungeon with my chars but at what cost? At the cost of countless brain cells lost as a result of 50+ futile attempts. Nowadays, I have much less time to play the game and I feel that I speak for everyone when I say that the one thing that nobody likes is to come home from work, hop on Dofus and die twenty times to a dungeon boss. -Immunity of dungeon bosses What's with all this immunity horseshit lately? Almost every end-game boss is immune nowadays and in order to vuln it we have to complete a specific procedure that normally requires specific classes. Why? Why can't there be more than 1 way to complete a dungeon? Push this, pull that, hit it on turn 3, hide behind a wall and if you wait X turns it gets vulned! Where in the fuck is the fun in that? -Outdated houses A few years back I took a hiatus (1-2 years) and left with the hope that houses would get revamped. I raged pretty hard when I returned to realise that not only did they do absolutely nothing to houses but instead implemented the colossally useless Haven Bags instead. As if houses need a change. The only interactable items in a house are the chests, stairs and a door. Oh, my apologies for forgetting the eternally-paramount clocks and mirrors which prompt a little sentence in your dialogue box. Sure, they wanted a money-grab (Haven Bags) but this really disappoints me when they could have implemented ideas such as: 1) Furniture interaction 2) Addition of furniture/chests/workbenches via recipes/ogrines 3) Purchasing of new rooms to store stuff 4) Addition of the option to have your own garden (plant flowers, trees etc) or even cave extensions (for ore veins) Etc. I've refrained from opening dozens of cans of worms but the recurring motif of this game is that it's wasted potential. The game could be so much more appealing if certain issues were taken into account. Apart from that, the fact that there is absolutely zero advertisement being done outside France is suffice to show us that the opinions of the international community matter very little if anything at all.
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    Just because this is so much a topic I would I write a full essay on (ask anyone here who never read my 15 pages of ranting). I'll just do this: 1. Our community was listened to for 2 years upon start. Our ideas could actually be implemented. A community manager who dealt with cheaters personally to sanction them. He's gone and unfortunately he can never return. 2. In the beginning of Kaolys carrier she tried to forward our ideas. It never worked but at least she did a wonderful job with managing the volunteers. Moderators and Game Masters (Leniad and Shashel :*). 3. One of these volunteers became the next CM. She had no influence whatsoever but she cared a lot for the community (and she has since 2005). When nobody listens to you, it can become a tad demotivating. When you shop for bananas, you go to your store and buy bananas. If a banana is brown, you get offered a yellow one instead. When you shop for subscription, you go to Ankama and buy subscription. If your experience is brown, the customer is always wrong. Have they ever given anyone credit for doing something well in their game? In a community based game, isn't this a tad messed up? Want me to list all the communityoriented projects they've launched but never fulfilled the past 14 years? Ankama could do with some help from the community. They've literally been ignoring us for 10 years. In the slight 1 in a million chances one of them would read this: no - pretending to read our content is not the same thing. They know that we know and they think they can save the situation without us. Pride? Idiocrazy? Incompetence? A new and well planned strategy? How would I know. They almost never talk to me. I like the 1.29 version because it's a lot more balanced then 2.4. You don't need massive guides to manage. You can make your self a solid income in 100 different ways (even though they are currently ruining this too right now). Most of all, you have an active and awesome community. Personally, I think more then half of this game is broken today. When you can't leave the game for 2 months and come back because of the massive overhauls. Instead you have to re-learn so much of what you used to know. Edit: Imagine Dofus as a game where the loyal players (you guys and not the new customers) could decide in which direction the game would take. You know, in an MMO that is all about social activities online. The players control the game. The developers would be gods.
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    I think you hit the nail on the head when you say about completing achievements and obtaining dofuses is no longer a great feeling but a sense of relief instead, that's what made Dofus so great was that if you worked hard you'd eventually be rewarded (either by a rare, expensive drop which was needed for nearly all end game gear, but only one of the material, OR by dropping a very expensive, rare dofus) They're somewhat bringing this feeling back for me by introducing the minowang as a droppable pet to all boss monsters but I REAALLLY DONT want to quest, I've played the game for 15 years and the only quest I've ever done is the otomai reset quests and that was because I HAD to.
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    I've heard getting good is the solution
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    Time team And I come back with an improvement
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    I wanted to overmage it by 100 vit but then it turned out just differently I guess
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    I agree with most of your points here. One other thing is that this game has been out so long that you got massive power creep for the equipment and annoying as shit pvm mechanics in an attempt to make new monsters "unique". I'm not entirely sure if I agree with you about questing. The main customer for Ankama is the french player base. Questing adds to the 'lore' and 'role playing' and it's possible the french are big fans of that. Using quests as a mechanism to get rare drops and dofuses gives players hope that they will actually get something after x amount of effort. Yes, they could still add dofuses as drops, but then it would fuck up the quest structure (if turq quest is prereq for next dofus quest, would dropping a turq mark all of the quests in turq chain as completed?). Lastly, I played for a few months when the solo servers came out and my personal experience was that quests weren't that bad. They are actually a good way to level up and gain kamas. As long as you had friends to play with, it was fun-ish to go dungeon hopping and do random shit that I wouldn't normally do. I will admit that trying to grind it would really suck (especially for multis). From Ankama's perspective, quests are probably cost efficient when it comes to new content, so I wouldn't be surprised if that was also one of their motivations. Adding a price floor is... iffy too. Wouldn't that just mean that your stuff is more likely to expire than sell because the quantity on the market is so large? There are a few mechanisms that Ankama put into place for destroying unwanted resources. I don't know how effective they are though (especially for low lvl stuff). Overall, I think Dofus has the problem that it has been around for too long. A lot of its changes make the game genuinely fun at lower levels. They did a seasonal solo account server that I think will be a popular thing for at least some time (even if it doesn't bring in much $$). Other than that, I don't know which part of the french base brings them the most cash. I would have liked them to modernize and streamline a bit, but there isn't really a business case for implementing stuff like the hero system from wakfu.
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    Have you considered not using obnoxious text sizes? I mean, having separate thread captivates readers attention enough imo
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    More and more people are finding out about us from all communities and we're growing faster then we thought. #1 guild no doubt. Join us and let James scroll you. He does that for free.
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    finally getting matched with people from my own skill level