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  1. He hasn't logged on imps since about 8 years ago so he probably stopped looking for one. The problem with private servers are how they can be skewed in ridiculous amounts of exp multipliers and higher. 12x or even 32x which is a fast-forward button. There's also the risk of going on malicious ones where they can take your logs from those private servers and apply it elsewhere whether it's on the current retro or 2.0 servers.
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  2. I was also considering this since I used to enjoy a lot of old school pvp (head hunting and camping Bonta bank) in 1.29. Although, not sure if I have enough interest to start all over again. Thanks. I still have all the old dofuses (excluding vulbis and cloudy) so that would not be a problem. I think I am like 50-60% done with the cloudy questline when I played last time. I did some research and noticed that there really haven't been that many new sets, so I guess I would still be fine rocking treadfast + bearbaric for pvm and treadfast + missiz for pvp (for omni cra). My bigge
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