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  3. I haven't played with you since that decade ago, but you were always a cool chap to have around. Go go! Take care man, see you in ten years!
  4. Nice! I saw the stream, was pretty cool to watch
  5. Hello people, I am looking for someone to provide me a proto leech on 3 of my chars. idc if you take them all at once or one by one. (might as well take them all to room 5 and then do one by one with quitting fight with your chars before end) starting offer will be 10m for all thanks!
  6. Needed types: Ginger and Ivory Turquoise and Ivory Plum and Indigo Plum and Ginger Plum and Almond Plum and Ivory Crimson and Emerald Orchid and Emerald Indigo and Emerald Golden and Emerald Ginger and Emerald Almond and Emerald Ivory and Emerald Details: They need to be breedable (at least 2-3 available) Trees aren't really important Ideally I would want a pair of two genders but if you have 2-3 of the same genders (or any at all) it is fine Pricing: I believe 250kk/mount (500kk/pair) is a fair price, but the price can be changed. Contact me in game, I am usually online. IGN: Azaknami
  7. So I've decided to quit for good! I've played off and on for a decade and finally decided its time to part ways! It was easier and more fun than I thought it would be. I gave away over 250mk over the course of a couple weeks, giving random millions to random people that were running around. Then I gave away all of my equip, dofuses and resources. Even held events to win the dofus' which were a lot of fun actually. (Fight to the death last man standing battle royales) Anyhow! Thanks for the fun times and best of luck! Signing out~ and actually deleted, Go Interesting fact, August 15, 2006 was when I signed up for imps! That was 13years ago ffs! AJ
  8. not at all but I lurk on imps once every 5 months
  9. Yesterday
  10. @Tamamo-no-Mae Thefak, you still active?
  11. https://discord.gg/vNM25Zy discord server for echo players
  12. Right now i am playing on Ilyzaelle. Check it and you can see the difference. Its great Most of the remaining players are just hardcore multiloggers.
  13. I see you last visited these parts on the 13th, what are you doing with yourself these days my guy? Hit me up on Discord: [ 𝕷𝖊𝖚𝖎𝖊#1916 ]

  14. Semi active, But that's partly because that half of the nerds are on temporis atm
  15. Last week
  16. Are you the real mystic Luna? Omg xdd

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