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  1. Today
  2. PGR

    There's a new 1.29 wiki in town

    We all owe you guys! Thank you so much!
  3. Veldin

    Random Screenshots

    nice thanks Veldin
  4. Yesterday
  5. Uthman


    Hey everyone, Im coming off a 11 month break, and looking for things to do. im down for anything and everything. pvp/ pvm . ign is Eniripsa feel free to pm !
  6. Balu

    Giving it a shot

    Glad you are enjoying it. I played Touch for quite a while and really enjoyed it. I played on Grandapan though so can't help with the guild situation. Try using the Recruitment chat and i'm sure you'l find a good one.
  7. Last week
  8. Rob

    Random Screenshots

    That's dumb
  9. Rob

    Random Screenshots

    @Veldin What's the chocolate Dofus do?
  10. Cadderly

    There's a new 1.29 wiki in town

    Equipment Finder: https://129dofus.fandom.com/wiki/Finding_Equipment (will be more complete once all weapons are in)
  11. dildrill

    Official "What team should I use" Thread

    What I Have Acct1:Cra Om.28 Essentially multi (~600 agi/cha|300~ str/int|~+400% damage) 11/5 Acct2:Sadi 191 Str/Agi (400/300|+380% dmg) 12/6 Acct3:Enu 199 Multi Bearb ~450 160 MP red 11/6 Acct2:Xel 184 Agi/Cha ~300|~+350% dmg 12/6 What I Want Be able to complete Frigost and continue on to epic content further on, mainly six dofus questline. Number of New Accts: 0-1 Leaning Toward: An effective team of four. also in possession of 185 sac 151 eliotrope 189 foggernaut 187 panda
  12. Veldin

    Random Screenshots

    Nice best game
  13. Cadderly

    There's a new 1.29 wiki in town

    I've uploaded all gear I could find except lottery items (no pictures though). That includes all hats, cloaks, backpacks, rings, amulets, boots, belts. All swords uploaded as well and I'm working through other weapon types. There are now over 2,000 articles. Gravestorm is working on a search tool to find gear by stats, effects, etc... which will super helpful. More on that to come.
  14. Hi, I'm offering lumberjack gathering service. LIST OF WOOD: -Ash Wood -Chestnut Wood -Walnut Wood -Oak Wood -Bombu Wood -Maple Wood -Oliviolet Wood -Yew Wood -Bamboo Wood -Cherry Wood -Hazel Wood -Ebony Wood -Kaliptus Wood -Hornbeam Wood -Dark Bamboo Wood -Elm Wood -Aspen Wood -Mahaquany Wood Prices are dependent on market with some discount (around 1kk -80kk per 100). Contact me via Impsvillage or in game for more info or just send me amount of wood you need and I'll send you back the price.
  15. chebichev

    S> Paddocks

    no sorry. least I can go is 130 mk
  16. Braklash

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    Far from perfect but I feel like a 10 rune mage like this deserves a mention, i didn't even do it gg side note - that was fresh from the craft
  17. The bit about summons is not true - The changelog states this as well : "It is no longer possible to cumulate the same Osamodas invocation twice." I even logged on to be sure and this is the case.
  18. Woof-Zwei

    Sell jahash

    Sell 120mk
  19. Dandere

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    the only thing im never gonna attempt again is a 18-20 dmg rhineetle ring +1 earth res MP /w 5 crits also
  20. Braklash

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    Its pretty awful tbh, 1/10 times i'd be able to crit the last few runes to get to these stats. You didn't see all the other shit attempts with like 430 vit and sub 71-73 power, 10/10 would never mage again.
  21. Dandere

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    gz looks ez to to get good stats o-O
  22. Braklash

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    Forgot to sig
  23. ElMatematico

    Class Improvements: Osamodas and Sacriers

    There isn't a limit of 1 summon, the limit works by having 6 spells that represent 6 slots. You could potentially use all 6 spells to summon 1 albino tofu with each of them. However, there's no guaranteed spot, since each summoning spell has a utility spell as a variant. Choosing from what I find useful, I ended with summoning 1, 2 and 4 only. You still need + summons, by the way. Summons have their own stats (as has always been the case) but they also have the mechanic of the osamodas sharing half of their characteristics with them. For the record, they all have a base of 350 elemental stats and 240 wisdom. I tested sacriers and find them having the same issues as always. The primary concern is that they need to lose HP in a game with erosion. Since they get final damage reduction as the suffering goes up but erosion ignores it, they sort of act as having extra erosion on top. For example, I tested a sac with 4100 HP and to get 10 punishment for testing numbers I was already down to 3600 max HP. I'd change it so that using their many self damaging spells in considered as having -10% erosion (so effectively 0% if not under an external effect).
  24. xjoost

    [B] Great int items

    No longer need Scapu Helm. Bumped up prices for the other items!
  25. With a Limit on 1 of Each unique summon, it looks like Multi-element Osas, or Osas that rotate their summons around is a viable style - which looks extremely cool to me. Also puts a hard cap on Solo builds - Solo any element is +2 summon gear (Or others for utility) It also looks as though Summons have their own stats now (Maybe my stats were too even and I didn't notice the difference) but Vit/Str with plenty of res and dragons means extremely tanky build possible...
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