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Imps Village Airport

Where newcomers introduce themselves, and leaving members say their goodbyes.

New member? Please familiarise yourself with our community guidelines by clicking here.

Imps Village Rules
The short version:


If you do anything here that you're not sure would be allowed, or if you do something that hurts someone, expect consequences. You can be anything from moderated to suspended to permanently banned here -- and we *hate* having to do that. Walk away from petty arguments and contribute to the happy side of the forum :)

The longer version:


The above is the golden rule. Below is a nice itemized list of the things we don't like to see. Below are the most common types of spam that will be immediately deleted. Other posts not explicitly stated as spam may be deleted if they are found to be disruptive to the thread.

  • Posting nonsense
  • Only posting "lol" (or some alternative form)
  • Only posting a smiley (or multiple smilies)
  • Posting "+1"
  • Posting repeatedly
  • Bumping needlessly, including posting in very old threads without any actual contribution (AKA Necromancy)
  • Quoting a post without any additional input added
  • Quoting a post, changing some words, and replying with a "Fixed." message
  • Only replying with a 4chan reference/meme/image macro
  • Posts that start with "I know this is going to be deleted, but..." or any similar form

tlktlk: We understand that not every member is fluent in English, but we can tell the difference between people having trouble expressing themselves in a foreign language and someone talking in either tlktlk or purposely being obnoxious. Make the effort to write out your thoughts in a readable way or you run the risk of having your posts deleted as spam. 

Griefing: Going out of your way to harass (or draw harassment to) another person. This includes abusing PMs or the profile comment system.
Insulting Don't like someone's ideas? Politely explain why, or walk away. Intelligent/heated debate is perfectly acceptable but throwing around insults is not. Threads that result in flames will be moderated appropriately.
Racism/Sexism/Bigotry: Racial slurs are unacceptable regardless of ethnic background. It's not allowed. 
Casual use of the above: In addition the use of homophobic, racist, violent, or sexist language even in a causal or joking context, can be harmful and hurtful to people you might not expect, please be sensitive in your speech.
Name-Shaming: If you have a problem with a person or guild as a whole, this is not your sounding board no matter where you post it. Do not mock, ridicule or accuse other players without proof. We don't tolerate hurting others here.
Scamming: If you do it on the forum, it's almost always an instant perma-ban. If you do it outside the forum, you'll be banned at our discretion, which is almost always an instant perma-ban. Learn how to report a scammer by visiting the Scammer's Registry.
Pyramid schemes: If you think you've found a great website that awards you money for every click/survey/recruit, and you want to use our members to not only boost your own account but also 'spread the love', then you're engaging in a pyramid scheme, which we do not allow here.
Inappropriate content: Posts with mature or NSFW content should be labeled with either [Mature] or [NSFW] in the subject. That said, we do not allow random pornography here, or other disturbing content. Moderators will use their best judgment in deleting inappropriate threads.
Duplicate accounts: We allow one account per person. Due to duplicate accounts being used in scams here, the admins reserve the right to insta-ban anyone who registers more than one account. If your account was banned and you make a second account to circumvent it, it will be banned without warning.
TOS Breaking: As a general guideline, anything illegal in Ankama's Terms of Service is illegal here. The following actions are strictly forbidden:

  • Selling/Buying Kamas
  • Selling/Buying In-game Items (clearly, we mean with real-world money)
  • Selling/Buying Player Accounts
  • Cross-server trading - See Market Place guidelines.
  • Advertising any of the above

Currently, the only things we allow here that may not match Ankama's TOS are discussing test servers and posting game spoilers. After all, that's why this forum isn't official. ;-) *Sidenote* Trading kamas for art commissions is acceptable.
General Negativity: Occasionally we get members who may not necessarily be breaking any other rules, but act in such an aggravating, trolling manner that they consistently make the experience worse for an extremely large portion of other forum members. The mods will use their best judgment in finding these users, and may use anything from a long-term mute to a permanent ban to rid the forum of such unnecessary negativity. If people actively dislike you and you don't care to improve, you may be a candidate for this label.
Posting private information: We don't tolerate any form of obviously private information being posted on these forums. The following information is strictly forbidden from being posted.

  • Any account username or password
  • Another member's e-mail address, Skype name, or other form of contact information
  • A phone number, or address
  • Private messages from other members
  • Private messages from moderators or admins
  • Your warn log
  • Another players IP

If you must share sensitive information, please use the PM system or a more secure communication method.
Asking for game materials, claiming you were "hacked" or "scammed: "While we appreciate and can sympathize when this happens to people, it's all too often that people claim to have been hacked just to benefit from others' good nature. Since the frequency of this is astronomically greater than the frequency of people actually being hacked, this behavior is forbidden. More details in this thread. The "Shit Happens" Clause We're sorry to say sometimes bad things happen to good people. If you drop equipment on the floor and people run off with it, if you don't lock a fight and someone jumps it, if you get aggressed on your way to a dungeon...these things happen. There's nothing anyone can do about it so don't make a huge fuss about it on the forum.
Alphanumeric Usernames: All registered forum users' usernames must comply to alphanumeric character sets. (This does not apply to your custom title).


Consequences: On these forums, between the moderator staff and admin staff, we have the following abilities:

  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Force Moderation (we must approve every post you make)
  • Silence (you can read, but you can't post)
  • Ban

Signature Rules:

Up to 4 (700x400 pixels) images, up to 4 URLs, up to 6 lines with an approximate total size of 700x400 for the entire signature. The 700x400 total size isn't hard coded. So the use of one large picture or 4 small pictures is still allowed.

Always remember, moderators can edit or delete posts that conflict with one or more of the rules without consulting or notifying the poster. If your topic or post is moderated and you disagree, contact a mod or submit a report when in doubt, do not re-post it. In every case that arises, we will use whatever tool we judge will solve the problem best. But we hate doing that . . so just refer to the short version. Don't Be A Dick! That's all for now! Thanks :) Rob, and the rest of the Imps Village moderator team
Updated 16/03/18

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