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Retro Servers

Adventurers here are re-living the original DOFUS experience

When creating a topic in these sections, make sure to include [server] in your topic title. Topics without this or similar risk being deleted without notice.
Also, a reminder that all posts on Imps Village should be in English.


  1. [Retro] Online Marketplace

    Your only stop for buying and selling items online.

  2. [Retro] In-Game Merchants

    Advertise your merchant here!

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  3. [Retro] Imps Realty

    Buy and sell houses and paddocks here.

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  4. [Retro] Village Professionals

    If you need gathering or crafting done, this is the place to look!

  5. [Retro] The War Room

    Recruit for your guild, hunting party, or join up! 

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