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IV Speedruns

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Coming September 4th; I present to you...



The one and only Flash Gordon welcomes you to season 1 of the Imps Village Speedruns. Prepare to be tested on your speed, skill, accuracy, and stamina! Each week, for the next month, worthy competitors will be asked to test their skills against formidable enemies in their dungeons. The objective is simple. Finish the final room in the quickest time possible while following the event rules. Keep track of rival times and fight to remain on top! There are over 40,000,000 Kamas in cash prizes to be won along with everlasting respect and glory in the WoT. Continue reading to discover how you can take part...



Prizes will be offered for:


  • The quickest recorded time from each stage,
  •  Winners of a bonus game every stage,
  • The overall fastest average & speedrunning champions!


[View Prize Sheet]



The rules are as follow:


  • Only the final room is timed,
  • Fights must only be completed in the dungeon, not from souls,
  • No more than four characters per team, including sidekicks,
  • You may not use multiples of the same class,
  • A full page screenshot must be provided in the stage thread (Use F2 to do this instantly).


Extra Info:

  • Your team composition can change between attempts & stages,
  • Idols may be used during attempts,
  • Entries close at the release of the next weeks' stage,
  • Multiple players may make up a team,
  • Use the 'Discussions Thread' for any queries,
  • The poster/forum user is assumed to be the team captain, they will handle any winnings. It is solely their responsibility to split winnings evenly amongst anyone in their team.




At the beginning of each week or 'stage', a thread will be updated at the bottom of this page. You will find within it the target boss for that stage and the bonus game. To enter, you must simply reply to that topic with your team name and a full-page victory screenshot or full-fight video against the dungeon boss.


Once you have entered your time, you may continue to improve on it until the stage ends. To do this, simply edit the improved screenshot or video into your initial entry post. It is up to you if you wish to delete your old time or show off your progress. 


Once the identity of the next dungeon boss is released, however, entries for the previous stage will be closed and locked in place. The victor of that stage will then be announced. 


After the fourth stage, weighted average times will be used to determine the fastest competitor. If a stage was missed or disqualified, the slowest time from the entries for that stage +15seconds will be used instead. The team boasting the lowest average time will be crowned champions of the world! (Or at least this small segment of it.) 


Anyone who falsifies results in any way will be automatically disqualified from the competition with their past entries voided. If you suspect someone of cheating, report their entry post. IV reserves the right to disqualify entrants who do not adhere to our terms of conduct without notice. 


You can view the process of calculating the weighted stage averages here:


  1. The mean average time from each stage minus the slowest time will first be calculated from all entries,
  2. These will be added together to create a total mean average time for the competition,
  3. The proportion of each stage compared to the total average can then be calculated, 
  4. These proportions will be weighted to reflect 25% for each stage,
  5. These weightings will then be used to create a weighted time from each competitor's fastest time,
  6. Competitors weighted times will be added together and divided by 4 to create a competition average. 
  7. The lowest average time will win.

For example:

  1. 20, 235, 117, 182, seconds are the stage mean averages,
  2. =554
  3. 3.61%, 42.42% 21.12%, 32.85%,
  4. 25/3.61=6.92521 [example stage 1 weighting]
  5. 20x6.92521=138.50416 [example stage 1 score]
  6. ~
  7. ~

In the event of decimals, figures will always be rounded to 5 places.





Event Prizes:

Speedrun Champions! 


20,000,000 Kamas

Imps Village's "Event Winner" title x4

Mimisymbic x4


Speedrun Not-Quite Champions!


10,000,000 Kamas

Mimisymbic x4


Stage Winners!


2,000,000 Kamas


Stage Bonuses!


1,000,000 Kamas



Prizes are per team. If there are multiple players in the team, it is up to the captain/poster to split winnings evenly. All prizes will be awarded at the end of stage four. Kama prizes may only be redeemed on Echo, their equivalent value may be exchanged for items from the Ogrine Boutique on any server. 

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