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  1. Today
  2. Yea, I logged into retro for a few minutes. It looks so ancient now compared to echo. It's also post feca nerf changes, so I didn't see the allure in it. My original character is still on echo, so figured I'd relearn the classes and get back to achievement farming. So much content to catch up on. If anyone still playing in echo though, hit me up.
  4. Welcome back! You might get disappointed in Echo though. Most of the people, including Youb, play Dofus 1.29 now. Retro, server Algathe. Feel free to give it a hand, see how it goes. Really good English community on this server, so generally community and economy. You can enjoy playing alive server instead of being on Echo.
  5. Hey guys! Youb, you still playing?
  6. Aside from @Rob, Alex (Natural) and bruttos, I don't think many are left at echo. Rob doesn't play, but I know he logs on. Alex is mostly busy at Henual and bruttos is bruttos. It's nice to see you around.
  7. I want to give a big thank you to Riaan and Inescapable for helping me with Klime, Missiz and Merkator (and Joe for spectating)!
  8. If you are looking to be part of the same guild he is just message me there. IGN: Marko
  9. Yesterday
  10. Hey, Jod said hes on Algathe so I'm there also. Horxy.
  11. FINALLY got this event questline done!!! This last fight was killer, especially as a class with almost no sustain whatsoever. :+) Very fun questline, would recommend, still super surprised we got the Eliatrope Room open. :') Thanks to @Owyn specifically for lending me an Ivory for the last fight - it made a world of difference. And thanks to @Pawnz for reminding me that Synchro exists. xD
  12. https://gyazo.com/9f42fa5b1dcaeec807517a8dee34ada4 Always good service, love this guy, can vouch 11/10
  13. Probably not worth the 50 minutes but I was hell bent on seeing if I could lock down 310% in challenges. Cra + Enu army, full wis, -200 elemental stats on everyone but with 8 ap and mass greed. To Each His Pwn and Contamination. Felt good to see those two green checkmarks!! Thanks for the inspiration @Deli-Market
  14. Last week
  15. Do we have any english guild on Algathe server? I'm about to a point where I could use some help gettin that soul capture spell
  16. Server Team effort Don't forget @Jonttuboy ! Now to kick some asses that diserve a good beating for what they did to us through all these years...
  17. we fucking did it lads massive thanks to @bricolbob and @Uther-Idea for being the only other two people on echo
  18. This is taking shape, we're only a few chars away from opening, the elio room is full, we're mainly missing chars at lvl 100, 125 and 175.
  19. 4 on 1st room atm. 2 on elio room atm. Got 3 chars. Elio200 Enu200 Cra200
  20. I have a total of 8 level 200 accounts, one of which has a lvl 200 elio in it. Only three of these are subscribed at the moment, but if needed, I can sub them to create / access characters for the level room or the elio room. I have a level 174 on my main account (subbed), a level 146 on another and a level 75 on a third (these are not subbed). The first two I could easily get to the required levels 175 and 150 respectively. If a newly created elio is adequate for the rooms, i can create a few elios and fill a few spots in there for sure. Nevertheless, you can count me in the level room, and if necessary, i can help with filling the gobball set and primordial dofus rooms with extra accounts.
  21. We are the online society. We are an international English speaking social guild and we're looking for new members! At the online society you can chill, chat, trade, learn, meet new people, farm, team up and have fun! Everybody is welcome to join us on our adventure. If you're interested you can find us at our discord Here Hope to see you soon. Kind regards, Primal (Founder & leader)
  22. I decided to sub and mess around. Anyone I know still fumbling around? I'm on Echo now.
  23. Thanks guys! I now have Klime, Missiz and Captain Meno instead of Bethel and that Turtelonia. That seems much more doable.
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