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  1. Yesterday
  2. Least thing i thought i'd find coming back on here was this post. Hell man i don't even think you remember me. Been what. 8 years? Aside a lil comeback i had on Imps Village. I see there have been quite few changes in Dofus in this almost "decade". Just when i got nostalgic watching a Wakfu advertize. I've gone through a quick read, but i guess i need a lil more infos on all this mess lol. Good to see some legends stil around tho... might pay a visit...
  3. Thanks All weapons/equipment is in as well (that I know of). Let me know if you notice any holes. Gravestorm's equipment finder is slick and anybody can create their own custom "look ups". Take a look at my profile for a good example! https://129dofus.fandom.com/wiki/User:Rtaulbee
  4. Was a fun koth but dayum so many multi loggers but all good, was fun gg ez. as title says bruv not enough drama on this war room the fuck is going on imps
  5. waw another legendary cloud member returning #bringbackcloud
  6. Last week
  7. Interested in buying the rare melodious cape (winners item from the 2018 gobbstock event). Paying between 40-45mk. Let me know if you have one or know someone who has one ^^
  8. Yeah good job! I have seen second one and it was seriously really close for them, but that revive made your game
  9. Five months of competing, ended #1 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/439889503
  10. Class: Eca 200Build: OmniKamas/time available: 600mk. Can be more.Extra comments: Just came back after an almsot 2 year break, not really sure what is good right now.PvP or PvM oriented: PvM
  11. Ecaflip is also there and probably few more. They are adding every two days nexts I guess.
  12. fez do you have discord
  13. My advice is dont play this game xd
  14. here though :> bad side is that it's in Spanish, would translate but too busy at work atm. Google translate should work fine!
  15. Yet again, not all classes are updated. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I definitely can't see the changes on any class but Osamodas, Sacrier, Huppermage, Foggernaut, Pandawa & Enutrof.
  16. It's on Heroic actually, but you can test here. There is NPC with XP scrolls and items for 1 kamas.
  17. It is not though? Unless my launcher didn't update properly?
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