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  1. Yesterday
  2. Monology

    Random Screenshots

    I just wanted to post these two pictures. I don't think it needs any comment.
  3. Hi Everyone I'm selling : -[Vulbis Dofus] x 1 / 350 mk / EA -[Ochre Dofus] x 3 / 36,5 mk / EA -[Cloudy Dofus] x 3 / 25,5 mk /EA -[Ice Dofus] x 3 / 15 mk / EA -[Crimson Dofus] x 3 / 8 mk / EA -[Turquoise Dofus] x 3 / 6 mk / EA -[Emerald Dofus] x 1 / 3 mk / EA (Merchant) [0,1] [Amakna Village] IGN: Plomyczek-pl
  4. Dandere

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    this takes skill no luck at all
  5. Scour

    Update 2.51 Changelog

    Oh, and these are from yesterday, I missed them. INFINITE DREAMS The attribution of the animal legends was found to be completely hazardous but it is not the case anymore. MONSTERS The monsters of the Waddict family now have the meat associated with their level and no longer that of the higher level. INTERFACE The effect display on infinite Dreams rewards when there are no conditions is corrected. Options to invite or exclude a player when he or she does not own Infinite Dreams are removed. Interface helpers for zone rewards and anomalies are displayed correctly. The tooltip on hovering a linked monster group in the chat is displayed correctly. The bonus text on feature, assembly and recycling interfaces is fixed. VARIOUS Minor corrections were made to the Chocolate Quarry area. The new system of bonus / malus experience and loot is activated. The following dungeons have been opened: Crypt of Kardorim Hungry Sunflower Barn Royal Gobball Court Skeleton Dungeon Bworks Dungeon Clos des Blops Rocky Pitons of the Crackers Dairo's Lair Capital of the Magik Riktus Dragon Pig's Den Bonta Rat Dungeon Captain Ekarlatte's Ring Excavation of the Royal Mansot Gallery of Phossile Kimbo canopy Shadow Pyramid Forgefroide of Missiz Frizz
  6. Scour

    Update 2.51 Changelog

    Again, Google Translate.
  7. bulgari

    S> 3% earth res Catseye Bow

    considering its missing a total value of 34 sink which you tried to compensate with 18 (3% res) I offer 1m would love to use it on my Pvm eniripsa
  8. bulgari

    S> Level 30 Dazzling Belt

    you mean he originally owned the item back in the days and sold it for a fortune :^)? I remember that b3lt, however you won't get a dime for it due to the nerfed eggs level requirement, also I doubt low lvl PvP is a thing anymore - welcome to m3d-s3d-b3d-town
  9. Last week
  10. 110m 1 left from vill zaap, will not be dropping any further, may accept fallanster rectitude as part ex
  11. Abraham Van Helsing

    S> Level 30 Dazzling Belt

    How did you get it by the way?
  12. Gravestorm

    1.29 Servers

    Can use this.
  13. Stryke~

    1.29 Servers

    Ah I see. I basically skimmed most of the posts in order to get a general idea of how popular 1.29 was from a community viewpoint considering how dead 2.0 servers are. Kinda wish they could have just added the names of the servers.... It will be a while before I actually get started. I'm kinda lost about how I want to play and how often I can play (My other hobby,as much as I like it,is rather taxing). However,I am kinda surprised that you chose to remake Under the Edge on 1.29 rather than Blank itself.
  14. Youbutsu

    1.29 Servers

    That's in the introduction of my thread in which you posted . Second is Henual. Ask in /r for Under The (inorite?) Edge . Just tell whoever you get in touch with, that we've been in contact here. Ling-Ling (my Henual nick).
  15. Stryke~

    1.29 Servers

    Is it just me or are the server names just gone. I have no clue as to which server I am going to start on. I wanna pick Henual due to the higher english presence there over Eratz but I have not the foggiest which is which. Ankama says that it works better using the beta launcher, but it won't install for me so meh. Looks a little something like this to me.
  16. Someone ping me when Ankama implements the hero system. until then, enjoy Dofus.



  17. I turned 30 years old 9 days ago and none of y'all congratulated me. Rude.

    1. Rob


      Sorry grandad, enjoy that pension 👴

  18. archieblacknwhite

    S> 3% earth res Catseye Bow

    @EUPHORIA hey it's got all the pvm stats max XD
  19. Scour

    Update 2.51 Changelog

    Update (again, Google Translate):

    S> 3% earth res Catseye Bow

    Lmao more like 3mk>your bow>2mk
  21. Can't really compare with market prices so I am not sure how much I want. But probably >20m. Offer here on in-game.
  22. Aerafal

    Temporal Anomalies

    Love these ideas, leeching is certainly a problem in this game and it needs to be corrected. The star system in my opinion though has too many faults and with the proposed changes I can already see two teams of 4 controlling it very easily. On the other hand single players will be left to their own devices. I do think Monology summed up the issues well with wisdom and prospecting. Right now wisdom and pp sets offer no damage and only cater to leeching. If wisdom and prospecting were to be redone entirely, wisdom and pp should not be required to get xp or drops. Instead the challenges could be made more intuitive. Instead of getting random challenges that most times cannot be done, it could be revamped giving a good variety of challenges for each class and team composition while being...well a challenge. My biggest issue currently with these proposed changes is the effect it will have on markets. For example you need a drop near a zaap or in a zone with one. The negative percent can be a real problem if you need to farm a certain resource in that area. While this could be good for markets and create demand I get the feeling this system puts too much control in the hands of those who will just want to profit out of it excessively. I say this having a team of 4 myself so I'm trying to be unbiased here. As for the pets and petsmounts bonuses, I think its unnecessary for now. Will make it way harder to balance in combination with the infinite dungeons gear in my opinion. Already seeing a lot of classes with the right infinite gear reach legend rank because the gear+the class is too op. Some things just complement too well. They need to be wary of this issue. Personally eggs should be the only thing with these special effects. Since the infinite gear has been added, its just added onto the imbalance and I hope they fix it. Sorry for the novel. :3
  23. Scour

    Silam: Passionate at Heart

    I try not to be biased but I really love that Jelly Shield. :')
  24. Veldin

    Silam: Passionate at Heart

    black dauge, duh
  25. He's part of the loyal, passionate, and talented players of our community. Silam (silamfanart.fr), known for creating DOFUS items, will enter the game thanks to you! A true artisan of the World of Twelve, Silam creates original equipment for DOFUS, a joy for your eyes. Some of you are already familiar with his work and we'd like to pay tribute to him by integrating one of his creations into the game. To do this, we've selected five items for you – vote for the one you absolutely want to see in DOFUS! 1. The Mall O'Skin Cape 2. The Royal Bluish Jelly Shield 3. The Black and Fire Dauge Pet 4. The Lucra Lucky Headgear 5. Jiva's Headgear Not easy deciding, is it? Yet now's the time to help us and make your voice heard: GET VOTING! VOTE NOW! The item that gets the most votes will be integrated into the game. You'll be able to get it straight from a monster along with one of our rare loots – more information very soon! You should also know that Silam will be visiting our offices on Friday, March 29 so he can see the result of your votes for himself! https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/announcements/985700-silam-passionate-heart
  26. Teign

    Kralove opening

    i'm going to try tomorrow
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