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  4. Quite an old post seeing that it's about 5 years and a half ago. It doesn't hurt I guess to say goodbye to someone. His last visit on imps was on 2017 unless came to visit as a guest out of curiosity. Good luck to you Handz and treasure the moments you made for this game.
  5. Whatever been released between the two dates will probably be new for me. You can start anywhere within the timeline. Like I heard about Infinite dreams changing and I have no clue about it, or how to get to the new zaap in astrub, general summary of special quests, etc. I will be looking at these sources you provided. I find your guys' personal experiences can provide me more perception depth rather than just the surface. If it happens to not be new, It's okay and will be a good reminder.
  6. The first thing to ask would be: what is "new" to you? Where should someone start from? Also, personally, I would recommend you pop on over to https://www.dofuspourlesnoobs.com/; it has a wonderful guide for every area / quest / achievement / dungeon in the game if you don't mind Google Translate. Another great resource is https://dofensive.com/en which is everything the bestiary in Dofus wishes it could be, and then for your set building needs I recommend http://www.dofus-stuffer.is-great.net/, which is truly a tour-de-force in gear optimization.
  7. Would anyone be willing to give me information in depth chronological order on the current Dofus version? Not just what was introduced to the game and things like what are the monsters (are any of the areas not too difficult to master), how do their spells work (you can give a short basis if you want), how to get to the new places, what classes and spells been in haul and what ones before and now popular/unpopular? There could be more missing parts and anyone who sacrifices the time to make a great reply, thank you, I appreciate it.
  8. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment. The game is constantly evolving making it difficult to keep up with the latest changes. I've stopped playing for around 6 to 9 months and can already feel the heat of missing out on a lot. The good news is the majority of the latest content are revolved around extreme end game (level 200 is such a wide scale in power) and it doesn't have too much significant impact on here in terms of completion and crafting to use. How I know this is only a few major players that ever completed sufokia, ecaflipus, and enurado while even less with srambad and xelorium (queen of thieves and vortex) especially. We won't even bother talking about turtlelonia, solar, bethel, and the list continues on. Oto Mustam been out forever and you will only find a few players that carries such gear in their merchants since they already have it themselves too. Now to your question. Yes, any number man team to 8 is viable. I would take the scenarios of a bigger team in place. Let's say you are going to run an 8 man team by yourself. You would need a scout or two on top of this making it 9 to 10 accounts. That's very stressful to move around even with a hotkey script. Even if you had a good computer, you would need another monitor more likely to keep track of dangers easier. You'll eventually do the frigost dungeons and that's when it gets very sticky cause the scout or scouts also have to fight with you. You could split 4 to 5 and do 2 fights at a time although this exposes you slightly since some people will know someone is in there with the eyeball icon lighting up. Even if you were in the middle of the run and others are already about to start another fight; you can be reported to their buddies about potential targets coming up. 6 is definitely more tolerable since the scouts can fit in perfectly in an 8 fight when needed for a circuit like frigost. You will have big fights and be slightly handicapped since you normally don't put real gear on your scouts. Just make sure you have a solid composition if you or your friend are absolutely set on the idea of a big team together. When you both have scouts together, it's nice knowing that you have an extra set of eyes in case you miss something moving or stationary. I personally find 4 to 5 more than enough to complete things without too much difficulty. However, I can see why you both may be interested in creating a big team up to 8 since if he or she can't log on the same time while you're playing, you are still independent and can still get things done. Well depending in which area you're in popularity and the time zone which plays big roles in risk and safety. Class combinations you will definitely have to discuss with your close friend about it too since you both may not be on the same time at different periods. I don't know how many characters each of you will be taking within the numbers you provided so it is difficult to bring some ideas. There's always a few things you want to keep in mind. A good map manipulator, a good range, a reliable erosion without gimmicks, a tanker, good disabling with ap/mp/range/subtracted turns, and a healer. Then you sort out the classes that best fit these roles and find what you will enjoy and be most comfortable with using. Examples are (Panda/Xelor), (Cra/Enutrof/Eliotrope), (Cra/Iop/Ouginak/Sram/Fogger/Eca) [The thing is just because they all can erosion doesn't make it the best choice. Some take longer to build up or land while others are direct on the mark. You also take into account whether they can take hits to survive long or not at all.], (Feca/Ouginak/Hupper/Masq/Panda), (Enu/Cra/Sadida/Feca), (Eni/Elio/Fogger/Osa). I know that I definitely left a class or two out on many of the categories and the main point you want to figure out is what classes fit into a category, excel at it reliably, and what situations are they designed for? If I were to take Panda over Xelor in the manipulator category for PvM setting, it would probably be the better choice. Why? You can move things exactly where you want them to be whereas Xelor needs to find the right opportunity to set a telefrag and we know that it isn't a tank either so you would have to be very careful and incredibly skilled. In PvP, Xelor can shine completely compared to Panda even though Panda is still okay for it. You're able to make powerful team plays on a huge map and isolating one completely then returning for example can already decide a fight. You also could argue you might not be able to execute the right move since there's so many combinations you could take as a Xelor resulting in a full turn pass. You can always defy all odds and play classes that do have a unusual tendency in certain situations, but that doesn't mean you will find the best outcome. Now back to the classes in general, you probably will want to lean onto something that you confidently know can get things done. Iop/Eni/Panda/Enu/Cra/Rogue for example as a 6 man team can get a lot of things done or Iop/Eni/Panda/Enu/Cra/Rogue/Elio/Masq for an 8 man team. Pick a welcoming synergy depending on how many characters each of you will play resulting in that big team you and your close friend want to do. If it is 2 + 4 = 6 for example, then the duo better be incredibly potent for that person like Iop/Elio, Rogue/Panda, or Cra/Enu while the other quadruple does something like Iop/Enu/Panda/Eni.
  9. Hi Guys! Moonagi here aka Supersaiyan, leader of Supersaiyans and Moon Brigade! New heroic server coming end of February or Early March. I am here recruiting for my English Guild and English Alliance. I've already started the process of forming an English Guild! I will also be leading an English Alliance yet to be named for now we're just calling the discord "Thanatena English Alliance". We have many heroic legends and vets already joined up and we're looking to recruit more new or experienced players! If you're English speaking and looking for a guild or alliance to join for the new server then look no further! If you've played Oto Mustam before, come join us I'm sure you'll see a lot of familiar faces as we've already started putting the word out there about the new server and so far have rallied some great players to unite for the launch! With that being said if you need a guild I'll be leading one and I've always had great success with guilds in the past you may remember the guild Moon Brigade from servers past! This time we will be using a different name as multiple guilds are coming together to unite as one for a hard rush on Thanatena! If you're interested come chat with us! Discord just pm me and let me know you saw this reddit post and we'll chat! If you're a guild leader or planning on making your own guild for Thanatena that's great too! Come join our English Alliance! We already have some of the greatest English players of Oto Mustam and more well on their way! Come join the hype train! Discord just pm me and let me know what your plans are! TLDR: Making the greatest English Guild and Alliance for Thanatena! Come join us Discord!
  10. Hey, Good description of Heroic server. As I have played a lot and still have 150+ team on oto. Sadly, but I haven't been playing 2.0 dofus for a while and me and my friend are planning on trying this server. As for newest standart. Is ir really worth to go as 8man or 6man is viable option as well? If so, what are the best class combinations to take?
  11. I'd like to thank you for taking a leap of faith to read what I have to say. This is the outer surface of topics where people need to be aware of. Make sure to read until the very end. Few issues and truths need to be addressed for those who plan on taking this server's unique experience long term. There will be a sudden burst of short-lived hype and excitement. I would say even quicker than Retro, Echo, Ilyzaelle, Shadow, etc. Why do I say this? The reason goes back to most previous experiences from Oto Mustam throughout the past 10 years. What do you commonly hear about it? The harsh nature of the server's players, economy, and playstyle leading them to stop completely. The minute I set out of Astrub's safezone, almost immediately, I get attacked and ganged by several others. How is this a fair pvp fight? Our mindset is set by the standard that PvP should be fair and chivalry-like, yet we never come to a balance even with equal numbers due to constant change of spells. Where does it say that killing the perceptor makes you the worst or slimiest player of all times? That ganging an enemy is wrong? You only have one life. Natural impulse, you are going to do everything in your capability to not die. That fighting 1 v 1, 2 v 2, 3 v 3, and so forth is fair by set standards from kolossium and amakna village? Is it because you are supposed to fight head on with your team even knowing by heart that you will probably lose? Wars and fights have always been about strategizing ways to minimize your losses without using too much economic resources. You do what it takes. If you claim to be a good player, you find ways around it. The perceptor and alliance prisms are there for you to protect. If you lose because of its death, then you didn't defend well. You die once or twice, see you later. When you play on normal servers daily, you always can rest assured that you keep everything without worry. There's no real inherent value. It may be expensive when it first comes out into the game and then declines rapidly in value. You must come to realize that everything you obtain will be vital to your one life. Gobball set, Blop set, Ancestral Set? I'm not wearing that again. Wrong. Always treasure everything you come across when it will make transitions easier as you die throughout the process. You cannot escape death, it is a fact in real life and here it will be the same. You can come to argue that you lost time since you have to start all over again at level 1. What I'd say is you gained more real-time experience. You sincerely ask yourself, how and why did you die? Then you engrave those thoughts in your mind to avoid repeating that same mistake. The more you do this, the stronger you become at playing the server. Did you know that reaching a high level on your character is the best investment you can make? You're indirectly working on your 6 times multiplier that brings you to speed quickly. You also will have possessions inside your house, bank, and haven bag that stays with you forever. If you're wise, any white, ivory, or gold parchment scrolls you drop. You will keep in these spots to skip the early levels quickly and get back on your feet. Therefore, you do accumulate a lot more than you think overtime. What in the world is going on with our economy? You heard right. The economy will never be the same like any other servers you've came across. What we all know is supply and demand. When items and resources are few or scarce, the price increases; likewise, the price decreases if items and resources are plenty. This concept becomes completely foreign since people will always die with loads of resources and gear in their unfortunate mishap. The bad news, is navigating around the normal markets in bonta, brakmar, frigost, otomai, pandala, and so forth. How do you put your valuable goodies up for sale? You don't and you shouldn't on most occasions. The gaming developers I assume want to develop a risk vs reward concept so they don't make these markets invulnerable to getting attacked unexpectedly. It's hard to work around with the marketing windows taking up the entirety of your screen. It becomes very difficult knowing who's really present or nearby and you're a huge potential target for feasting those wonderful items. This is why level 61 to 200 brackets of items struggle on its true known value for a very long period of time. You will find that the very few and true 200 gear that exists will have the average price of unavailable. That's when it can become insanely difficult to measure the value of the gear. You would have to first see the 199 gear values from merchants and use it as a reference to greatly multiply. That's when you start to wonder why there are 6 merchants on nearly every map in Astrub City. First, it is completely safe. Second, everyone has to pass through Astrub after Incarnam (convenience) and its natural markets are available for shopping. Third, you have many choices of merchants to buy from and prices can become unsteady. This means you really have to do your research by memorizing and comparing all merchants items you are interested on buying if you want to achieve the best value to save your kamas. There's also merchant marketplaces that exist in Bonta and Brakmar that will eventually become semi-popular again on Thanatena. They're also safe spots and it involves less running since you have a few maps worth of players to check before moving on. Bank merchanting in other parts of the world and the amakna merchant marketplaces are non-existent to the public. It has a dangerous element in between making it difficult to journey confidently. I'm going to wander out in the open amakna and cania to attack players and farm monsters. I command you to stop entertaining those thoughts. You need a strategic game plan for both approaches and it has nothing to do with the way you learned from normal servers. This is the most important topic to navigate since this is how you will progress and find satisfaction as you continue playing. Final Thoughts: If you're serious on enduring all obstacles that awaits you on here. Find it within yourself to expand your thoughts with an open-mind no matter how experienced you are and you will find the answers that you unknowingly desire. Guilds and Alliance Information: For those that may be interested in an English speaking alliance with several guilds currently planned in place. Open discussions and thoughts. Players of different time spheres throughout Oto Mustam's journey who went through many hoops, look no further. I highly recommend to join the guilds in place when there's more than enough room. However, for other reasons. You are unsatisfied of the guild's name, emblem, or desire to create and lead a guild. Make sure to discuss it with the alliance leader through dms and provide any extra information. Thank you, have fun on the new server, and God bless. https://discord.gg/4QQsmTM
  12. Not a simple way at this time. The "flash" of the window was what allowed the ahk scripters to hook into that. 1.x does not flash. I think there was a guy that used the character preview animation and somehow captured that, but it was pretty complex.
  13. If the chatter on the french forum is accurate + the decline of the 1.x wiki searches are an indicator, it's on a decline now. Some french are saying that the merger needs to happen now because the servers are dying. People are tired of waiting for the merger (mounts/houses/etc..). Now Eratz is still busy for sure and there are servers that still seem busy (Algathe). If anybody were to start retro "now", I would encourage them to team up with the Under the Edge guild on Henual. Those guys continue to stick to it and have for years.
  14. Qcee

    6man team

    Good afternoon Gents and Gals. Haven't played 2.0 for quite a while. Since new Heroic server is right around the corner, I was hoping to get best synergies for 6man team. What classes to look for and what should I miss. PVM based with a chance of pvp? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi all, I'm looking to buy the following items at the following prices. Fourth Earth Fragment - 1mk Third Fire Fragment - 400kk Second Water Fragment - 530kk First Air Fragment - 440kk Second Air Fragment - 575kk Please PM me here or ingame if you're looking to sell any of these items.
  16. I guess i am just curious to know if Retro is still active? and if so whats the most active server? i remember when i quit it was really populated on all servers.
  17. Possible to add a feature to automatically switch to the screen of the character whose turn it is? Just curious.
  18. 59m per or trade vs an ivory /w Veldin
  19. Earlier
  20. So has anyone else had a problem on the retro servers where if they are performing an action/running/changing a map they 'freeze' for a substantial period of time and get a ping in the 6-7 digits whenever someone else changes map at the same time? I don't have any lag issues any other time,and it seems to only happen when someone is on the same map and changes to a new map/arrives on the same map as me.
  21. Always, just pm Princess, Shuckle, Sleep, Greysink, Arch, orrrrrrrrrrrr someone else
  22. I'd be keen to join if you've got room for a level 58 profession obsessed nubiop.
  23. 25 individual users online today! ROYALTY UWU
  24. Looking for this resource: It's a Fleaster Island resource but I would prefer not to wait an entire month. Help a brother out? IGN: Sharpen
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