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  1. Today
  2. Post your goals and achievements

    To add to my understanding of getting leeched: First time I got through Catseye was definitely me getting leeched because all I did was place 1 tree every turn. In F5 I hit stuff, was a contributing member of the team, albeit with instructions where to hit because Sneh and Martin have the rotation down way better than I do.
  3. Post your goals and achievements

    Not sure how I'd go about doing F5 without the help of my friends. I'm a solo accounter. I'd hardly count that as getting leeched in the traditional sense.
  4. Post your goals and achievements

    To get leeched through f5 ? -- no offense to Capn, that's a great achievement leeched or not. --

    Sorry but couldn't you just maximize the chat window instead of taking multiple screenshots of it minimized ? Thx for the alert anyway.
  6. League of Legends

    Getting old sucks. I had hoped I could maybe work through the pain in my hand and get used to it by just playing a ton of games. Since I came back I legit played something like 60 games in support only to sort try and ease myself into it through a role that doesn't require as much clicks and while it hurt it seemed like things were getting better over the course of those games. Last night I played 2 games in top lane and like 6 minutes into the first one I was down a ton of CS and my hand and wrist were dying. It's pretty disheartening tbh. I'm not even really sure I should even keep trying without talking to my doctor first lol.
  7. We want more of this quality content.
  8. No communism

    The bad news: I'm still being oppressed by the facist mods The good news: I am now a memember. Will love anyone that makes IV Illuminati and invites me as mod plZ also sunbath is literally a communist mod
  9. Yesterday
  10. Dofus 2.46 Changelog

    I totally agree, the new Sacrier will be completely broken. Little bit less Damage, but much more smooth to play (faster stacking, handling stacks will be so smooth, spell pairs much better, life transfer and bloodthirsty madness don't block each other for example), tank mode improves a lot and of course ravage and my personal favourite condensation get buffed. So the changes will be buffs imo.
  11. Checking in

    back! Mono server is certainly a good choice.
  12. Checking in

    Welcome back to PC Dofus and have fun on mono account server!
  13. Checking in

    Hey guys, decided to make a post to say i'm back. I stopped playing PC Dofus about 2013, and played Dofus Touch for about a year. I've decided to give the mono account server ago. I think it'll be what i was hoping Touch was. A lot has changed! New classes, spell variants, multiple class rebalances, the screen even got bigger! Its quite overwhelming, its not the simple Dofus i remember from back in the day, but it looks good! I'll be slowly making my way through all the update threads on here, but there seems to be a lot! I've started a Feca on ilyzaelle, a friend from Touch has started with me too, he has made an Osa, hopefully they'll be a good duo. Norn
  14. Dofus 2.46 Changelog

    Sacrier was always strong, it was a pretty solid tank with cool damage.
  15. Dofus Cube (Dofus 3) - Blog

    Back to Table of Contents. Post from Tot's blog from March 23rd, 2018. I hope that you are well and that the approach of the weekend gives you a smile. No long texts this week, but a video, the one promised 2 weeks ago at the Cannes release. Between the lives and this video, I think I beat my record of time spent in front of a camera... Even Squeezie is worried about it. We will present with Kam, the boardgame version of the game. Obviously, this is our first prototype and even if the main lines are there, we still have a lot of things to work on. Back to Table of Contents.
  16. Dofus Dungeons - Blog

    Back to Table of Contents. Post from Dofus Dungeons blog from March 23rd, 2018. Characters & Designs As we mentioned before, in Dofus Dungeons, only a few classes will be available at the start of the server. This means that we will have to make a choice among the 18 heroes available to date. The Classes of Dofus Dungeons Before going into the heart of the matter, let's do a brief explanation: Dofus Dungeons will offer fights available alone or in groups of up to 4 characters, Sidekicks included. This does not mean that groups of enemy monsters will necessarily be limited to 4 Monsters, it will be totally possible to meet more or less in groups. The maximum level of a character is set to 100 and each class will have a panel of 10 spells, with no possible variants. Note also that the features will be revised to remove some, including Wisdom and Prospecting. We will come back in more detail in an upcoming gameplay article. For the release of Dofus Dungeons, we envisage 8 classes of characters, distributed as follows: 4 damage classes "Damage Dealer" 2 protection classes "Tank" 2 support classes "Healer/Positioner" We have already selected 4 classes that we think are essential for the game: Iop, for its melee damage. Cra, for its long-range damage. Sacrier, for its melee protection. Eniripsa, for its medium-range support. And now you intervene: we propose to determine what are the other 4 classes of the game, according to the expected specialties. Thus, for the Damage Dealer, two choices are expected among: Ecaflip, Ouginak, Sram, Rogue, Huppermage and Osamodas. For the Tank, a choice among: Pandawa, Feca and Masqueraider. Finally, for the Support, a choice among: Enutrof, Sadida and Xelor. To promote your choices, we invite you to participate in this survey but do not hesitate to develop your point of view in the comments. You will also have noticed that two classes do not appear in the available choices, for purely practical reasons, Foggernaut and Eliotrope were discarded from potential classes. Finally, we want each class to have its own identity and the oldest to find their fundamentals. In terms of spells, we will use the existing base but we will carefully select them and adjust them as needed so that the specialties of each are clearly defined. Class Designs Second point of this article: the design of the classes you will play! As we explained before, we are committed to unifying the artistic direction of our games for graphic consistency. Keep in mind that, whether you are talking about Dofus, Wakfu, Dofus Touch or Dofus Dungeons, this is the same universe: Krosmoz, and the desire is to be able to transpose assets from one game to another without problem. In this case, it does not necessarily mean that all games should have the same class sprites, but that the artistic direction allows the integration of all types of assets, both technically and visually. Here are the first researches done in this context: From a personalization perspective, to follow up on the Shushu Weapons, it is also a question of proposing different templates. Here is a research by Rumo on the different possible physiques and the change of looks after equipping a Shushu Weapon: Back to Table of Contents.
  17. Dofus 2.46 Changelog

    The new sacrier will be stronger, than it has ever been. As a sacrier main for 8 years now, I really appreciate.
  18. buying -->

    buying/looking for a------- tritun ring exo + 1 range & %1 resist I'm willing to pay 25mk - (35mk only if its perfect ) vit 390+ wis 35+ PP 0+ lock 7+ both resist 7% ap loss resist 9+ crit hit dmg 19+ Buying/looking for a -------- Inky veil EXO with 1 Mp & 3 crit resist or 1% resist my price 100mk vit 345+ str/int 65+ wis 35+ crits 3 range 1 dmg 10 all resist %10 dont do orders either you have it for sale or not I've had this items before so i know they are out there !! lol msg me here!! i also get on at nights in florida time Pm Aplus thank you for your time
  19. don't do something like this again please
  20. Omg im legit dying haha, this was so fun to read. I hope you can do more of these. Hilarious!1!!1
  21. For several years, a war has been waged against shitposts. Every day, alone in the dark, a small team squares off against hordes of thousands of shitposters. This small team, aided by the moderators, is now led by Rob, and his crew faces a daily fight worthy of the greatest heroes of the Krosmoz... Today, we want to introduce you to Rob and interview him quickly so you can better understand his job, how he does it, and why there are still shitposters on Imps Village. Yes, it is a dirty, ugly, endless war, but we haven’t lost and we haven’t surrendered! marsstomper (Kikn) is online. marsstomper (Kikn-Four) is online. marsstomper (Kikn-Two-[Rus]) is online. marsstomper (Zouralliants) is online. marsstomper (Kikn) is online. Hello Rob! Let’s begin in typical interview mode: your main isn't called Kikn-One, calling your alts Kikn-Two and Kikn-Four makes no sense. Kikn-One is on a different account. :) Who would steal Kikn-Two from you that he has the -[RUS] tag? My Kikn-Two was on Shika What did you do to Kikn-Three? Or is that the whole Pigs with numbers 1, 2 and 4 in the school? Kikn-three was my Pandawa on Shika but that is no more. They were breeding alts when I used to no life that part of the game. I got no more questions. Thank you. You're welcome. :D Thanks for the interview, Rob! And best of luck to you our dear shitposters, we are counting on you!
  22. Dofus 2.46 Changelog

    The BETA server has been updated, here are the changes made: Sacrier: Perfusion: Max Effect Accumulation is now 1. Gash: The damage preview correctly takes into account the Suffering gains. Sram: Larceny: The damage preview is fixed in cases where there are multiple characters in the spell's Area of Effect. Corrections were made for Astrub Mines maps.
  23. No communism

    Stop refusing my entrance to your clubs.
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