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  1. Today
  2. No mention yet mate, but last temp it wasn't achieve score related, had to do certain groups of achieves to unlock tempokens; you then needed a certain number to unlock the reward. Eg. 21 tempokens for a seem
  3. Currently looking for 6 kamas each, but will be flexible with the ever updating prices of echo Hi just realised I'd posted in wrong channel, pls move @robert
  4. Done, thanks to who got me ingame
  5. Welp, thought i'd be fine but these guys have 12k hp and deffo not a fight for a poor lv 120 like me. Anyone online at lv 200 with a 4man team willing to help?
  6. Class: HupperBuild: Omni ( prefer crit can also be no crit) Kamas/time available: ~ 800mkLvl range: 200Extra comments: My set is 2.5 years old and idk what to use now tbh. This set will be for pvm. Thanks!
  7. Yesterday
  8. I will soon have 400 Solar's brain. Can you buy them all?
  9. Bought from my alliance leader he's a great guy. THREAD Can be Closed
  10. Catseye dice - 120kk ea Koutoulou larva wing -100kk ea Meno's hair -90kk ea Dantinea's dentures - 80kk ea Solar's brain -90kk ea bethel's akarna tail - 130kk ea tal kasha hair - 45kk ea Turtelonia's Scale -40kk ea Count Harebourg's Scapula - 45kk ea Vortex wing - 140kk ea Klime's Moustache -14kk ea Sylargh's Wool - 24kk ea The Queen of Thieves' Embroidery - 50kk ea Protoz'orror Nucleus - 170kk ea Ougaa eye - 9kk ea Kanigrula Fur -4kk ea Ice powder -32kk ea Bworker nail -24kk ea Minotot Ethmoid -34kk ea Wurmlord Eye -13kk ea Kimbo Sphenoid -23kk ea + Sparkling pebble - 165kk ea Tourmaline - 44kk ea
  11. Yo what's up Naso, it's been a while you should totally get on the tft hype with me, ranked is out tomorrow for it drop me a pm though with your discord server as I'm sure you have one lol let's see if you can convince me to play Ilyzaelle. Sunny.
  12. Xelorium [-9,-42] / 123 / 23 hours left
  13. Last week
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