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  2. Granted. He builds a statue of a man out of sand, specially, for you, with the cutest man car door hook hand. Unfortunately it's a windy day, and after about 30 seconds, it looks like a tiny chihuahua statue instead. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
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  4. As leader, at least on Retro, you will maintain ownership of the guild indefinitely. All of your other members will be gone. I don't feel they would've changed that but it's possible.
  5. You can be leader of the guild as F2P but I'm not sure what happens after the 3 months no login time. That's usually when members get booted but I'm unsure if that happens with leader
  6. As a former leader of Tropical Storm (Rushu), when I left the game, I gave the leadership to Iron-Caf, who ran it successfully for a few years. When he finally left, leadership was passed down to the current leader, Kranaquin. Now he would like to join another guild, but he is the last member of Tropical Storm and would like me to sign on and transfer the guild back to me. I no longer play... in fact, when I logged on, I hardly remember the place/game/etc! So much has changed!! I will be F2P - can I actually BE the leader? What happens to the guild if I don't log in?
  7. WELP! HI!

    1. Tweak


      KWORX! How are you man? :3

  8. Hi, i’m looking to buy a Skullcrasher shield from someone that still has a code for it. I know it’s rare but i’m shooting my shot for it. Please hit me up if you are interested. Thank you!
  9. anti..... ^_____~

  10. Sup. I'm new here. Is this place active?
  11. Hey Leah!. Did you play on Rosal in the stone ages of this game? also how's the grind?
  12. HI XD 

    1. laoshi


      what year is this lol

  13. I don't know. It's extra questline to get the title. I haven't done Ochre Dofus on any of my alts yet.
  14. Pay Skylercompany using this link: https://t.co/2qsZ0fiKiL

  15. We have been getting more into pvp lately as well now!
  16. https://t.co/dm0XW1trTE via @internetarchive

  17. https://t.co/Pb4RkZX32m via @internetarchive

  18. https://t.co/LgCQJ4XhrY via @internetarchive

  19. https://t.co/hUfNyzlSdO via @internetarchive

  20. Home and Lawn Cares About Yards. https://t.co/aEiBH9ZNjz

  21. Hopefully by summer it'll get active a bit, might pop up by then!
  22. I'm on Echo, and it's just as dead as everyone says it is.
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