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  1. Yesterday
  2. Class: PandaBuild: Chance PVMKamas/time available: Moms Credit CardLvl range: 200 Class: EnutrofBuild: Int PVMKamas/time available: Moms Credit CardLvl range: 200 Class: IopBuild: Agi PVMKamas/time available: Moms Credit CardLvl range: 200
  3. https://imgur.com/a/PscJLX3 I know but so does Misère
  4. To be honest I would go Int build as Eniripsa in PvM. It's much better than Cha or Agi. Also most of PvP Enis are going Str or Int to support team or deal huge damage with heals.
  5. Last week
  6. Hey guys, I Just found out about this forum, lots of useful info ! I'm returning to Dofus playing with 2 friends and I thought I'd ask you guys about my gear. Class: EniBuild: Cha/Agi or full ChaKamas/time available: show me the best gear possible, I'm no billionaire but I'll make it workCurrent team: I usually play with a str sac and an int/Agi ougiLvl range: 180/185Extra comments: I tried to Build some thing but I'm not too happy with it : https://d-bk.net/fr/d/TbeVPvP or PvMoriented : 99% PvM Thanks everyone !
  7. Same problem is on Ily where there is a queue of 2000-4000 people and it takes 2 hours ~ to join into the server.
  8. Damn that is a good possibility thats a bummer.
  9. Probably there was a slot limit for now. Everyone wanted to try a new server...
  10. I was trying to get on Jahash after work and it says the server is full
  11. Shields are not based on your HP anymore.
  12. Yeah your temporis character is deleted at the end, however you'll get an experience potion and rewards depending on goals you achieve that you can send to a permanent server.
  13. This set looks good but shouldn't Masq have more HP?
  14. Hey old buddy!


    I couldn't remember how to log into my old Impsvillage account so I made this new one. Quarantine has me looking for something to do and  has brought me back to Dofus. If you happen to log in or see this let me know, I'll be making a new Dofus account too and would love to play together like the good ol days.


    - Crayon

  15. Why is this thread hidden in "Archive", I've totally missed it. I'll probably play Temporis for a while, Temp2 was fun. Anyway: nick: Ryoyu class: Foggernaut I've noticed you put Foggernaut in the worst tiers, I think being able to block paths with invulnerable turret that also deals some damage has potential, especially in hard desperate fights. Xelor seems like the best universal option, but too random for my taste, I like to plan my next turn. As weird as it sounds, I think that playing Xelor will feel not like you have extra AP, but like the RNG is taking away your AP.
  16. Acct1: Sacrier 200 Str Acct2: Mask 200 Cha/Pushback (Willing to replace) Acct3: ???????? Acct2: ???????? Number of New Accts: 2-3 Looking to have a team that can reliably take on most PvM content including Achievements. I'm not super attached to the Mask would almost prefer replacing him. I'm not very interested in Elio/Fogg/Sram gameplay. Was thinking maybe something like Str Sac/Chance Panda/Int Enu/Agi Rogue?
  17. Aye, worst timing. Fuck are they doing. Can't they wait til after Temp? -.- 75 Boulevard d'Armentières, 59100 Roubaix, France Can burn
  18. Hey guys, I returned to Dofus after 2 years break Many things change and I need your help with building my new character: Class: MasqueraiderBuild: This is good question, I'll be glad for your advicesKamas/time available: No limitCurrent team: Single -AccountLvl range: 60Extra comments:PvP or PvM oriented = Atm PvM Also I'll be glad if you have any guides for Masqueraider I didn't find anything in google and on forum. Thank you for help!
  19. For a second I thought you solod half of them lol Still very impressive!
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