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  2. great topic to talk about topics that interest me. It would be great to have such a great video editing app
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  5. We have been getting more into pvp lately as well now!
  6. https://t.co/dm0XW1trTE via @internetarchive

  7. https://t.co/Pb4RkZX32m via @internetarchive

  8. https://t.co/LgCQJ4XhrY via @internetarchive

  9. https://t.co/hUfNyzlSdO via @internetarchive

  10. Home and Lawn Cares About Yards. https://t.co/aEiBH9ZNjz

  11. Hopefully by summer it'll get active a bit, might pop up by then!
  12. I'm on Echo, and it's just as dead as everyone says it is.
  13. Was the overall questline easier and or less tedious than it was before? I did some reading and it seemed like the most tedious part (the arches) remained unchanged.
  14. You still old my guy?

  15. Sinister Minds is looking for amazing people to join our family! A few things our home can offer is.... 1.] Dungeons, Help farming resources, PvM and PvP 2.] Active community we are one of the most active guilds on server with peak time reaching 50+ members online. 3.] Were in a pretty great alliance KIN 4.] A helpful community. 5.] random events. Guild Level is 141. Average Level is 217 Our guild offers many benefits to joining so come check us out yourself! What are our requirements? 200+ [ we have a second guild on server Siniste
  16. wow imps is still alive

  17. About fight You're placed in the arena where you have to find pairs of Evil Forest monsters (match two memory game). There are 4 areas with hidden 8 monsters on each, that results in 32 monsters. Their position doesn't change during whole fight. We have to find 16 pairs within 30 turns. At the beginning of turn 31 you're getting killed. Avoiding damage Revealed monsters hits you for around 1 damage, but you're getting healed for each found pair so it's not a problem. However there is an enemy - Demonic Malter - that rotates around islands, ev
  18. Same. But you should log more often, Syd :3
  19. I'm on and offf of Crail, these days. The english community fell apart about a year ago, after some guild drama. Now we're few and far between so it's hard to have fun.
  20. New "Like" system on Dofus Creator! https://dofuscreator.com/ Now you can LIKE the projects you liked the most, and in addition to see your liked projects on your panel, you can also filter by the most liked projects of the week, the month or all time! Enjoy XD
  21. Not sure, but Osa looks spicy.. with no soft cap on characteristics, a potential 995 base to any element would boost those summons nicely. I hope they will do a server merger later on, as i went for Chafer with some friends ^^
  22. Hey, hey! Awesome, pumped for this. Already registered with 3 friends on Tofu. Also, what would be your tier list on classes to pick?
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