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  1. Yesterday
  2. Greetings! Yet another old fart here. My friend is trying to get me back to the game and I was wondering what is the current state of the game? It's been ages since I last time I played this game after distancing myself more and more from it after each update. After poking around my characters, I discovered that every class has now all types of elemental spells and many classes have been reworked. I also noticed that the servers are merged into one. All these new things are making me thing that maybe it's not worth it, so I would like some help with few questions that I have: Question #1: What would be the current meta for casual play, questing and running dungeons with two characters? I remember rogue/panda being very popular combination back in the days. I have access to a omni/crit dmg cra, int/cha/mp reduction enutrof, int/healer osamoda and class change is also on opinion. Question #2: What would be a ideal set/gear for these characters? I still have all my gear and items from back in the days (mainly Frigost, whale and abyssal items), so I'd have to grind for new fancy sets. Question #3: What is the current state of low to mid level (100 to 150) pvp? I remember having a blast with 1v1 bonta vs brak and 3v3 Kolossium before Ankama ruined both of those, which caused me to finally give up on the game. If yes, what would be a solid all around solo character to casually do kolossium? Thanks~
  3. Last week
  4. So guys,I recieved kickstarter codes from my friend. I have already used flopin set code so that one won't be for sale but the other codes will be. So i will be selling: Yugo set code Elely set code Yugo finishing blow code And yugo set (dofus retro) I will be taking offers until Monday so if anyone is interested msg me with the offer you had in mind. You can msg me in game my name is: Playa
  5. Good afternoon. If any of you fancies a sadida or cra dragoturkey harness, or a rogue seemyool harness, then feel free to participate at the new contest from Dofus forums : https://www.dofus.com/en/forum/2-general-discussion/338224-c1-jan-still-winter-fall-red-skies-gleaming-oh-sea-gulls-flying-over-swans-floating-smoking-chimney-tops-i-dreaming Or if you hate/ mistrust using links, just go: >>> Dofus forums >>> General discussion >>> post [C1-JAN] It's (still) winter-fall, red skies are gleaming, oh // Sea-gulls are flying over,swans are floating by // Smoking chimney-tops,am I dreaming Good luck @ all !!! & Have a fantastic day !!!
  6. Welcome back to Retro Am on Crail, not the mono, but if you ever end up popping over feel free to say hi *edit* Or Echo, I guess, because TWF/Leah. *blames*
  7. Hi ImpsVillagers! (Villageites?) ... Villagimps! My name is Admiral Nok, and I've recently rediscovered my love for Dofus through Dofus Retro, specifically the single account server Monocompte X. It feels so great to play at the casual pace of Dofus 1.29, and to see all the fantastic work Ankama has put into remastering it, it really brings me so much joy! I'm here introducing myself to try to find an English speaking community to play with, and hopefully even a guild in Monocompte X, as it seems to be primarily French(although I've heard Bonta is English), which I can read and write just fine, but it's not my primary language by far! Haha I have a fair amount of previous experience with Ankama Games, having played the original Dofus when it was first released, then moving to Wakfu during the alpha phase, where I played under the name "Icarium Lifestealer" on the International Remington server prior to the merger into Rubilax. (Shoutout to any Fiends lurking about here, message me!) I just found all the changes being made to Wakfu were encouraging solo play, and the community was becoming very toxic in general. All that being said, I am not a newbie when it comes to Dofus or its mechanics, and I dislike toxic people. I love PvE, chatting, farming ingredients, dungeon running, helping others and the occasional PvP, though I will absolutely get my ass handed to me (no boasting here) haha. If you're interested in playing with me, or even recruiting me to your guild, leave me a message here, or you can try and find me on Dofus Retro under the ign name Admiral-Nok. Cheers Villageimps, it's nice to meet everyone, and I look forward to playing with all of you!
  8. I suppppossssseeeee so, retro server going down in 10mins :(...but lousy pigs until then >:)
  9. You know, that only means you have to come play with us on echo . Really, it is a lot of fun though, I’m genuinely enjoying it. (Still confused 95% of the time but that’s fairly normal for me ).
  10. 3 manning retro. No one wants to play retro
  11. I know the feeling lol. And ty, I’ll add you ig - just had a moment of weakness earlier and subbed all three, novice pack not so bad and I’m telling myself I’m just doing a test run
  12. Yea, I used to play 3-4 accounts depending on dungeon but I'm solo accounting this time around. I have been considering duoing, but I'm also trying to stick with my strategy of not taking on too much. To be honest, I'm spending way more time playing than I expected which could be good or bad depending how you look at it. If you're on Echo @Constructs, drop me a PM and I'm happy to chit chat or help
  13. Oh, that sounds really lovely actually. And fast when it comes to the leveling, gg! I agree everything is new and there is so much to take in but I really like it too so far, the quest system seems really nice to me - it gives you some purpose and I like that. And it makes it easier to relearn as you go I think as well. I was so confused at first btw both with professions and those spellpoints lol, was so frustrated couldn’t figure out how to put the points in I’m currently running around on three (one too many for me tbh,I do like running two but I’m trying to relearn a bit before deciding class and server), doing quests around Astrub familiarising myself with some of the old classes (cra, enu, sadi) before wanting to try one of the new ones. Still so undecided if I’ll regret locking myself to one acc or not but if Izy is as active as everyone says then perhaps no need to multi. I’ll sub one acc this week, make a decision lol. People do make the game what it is, I’ve forgotten a ton but that’s one thing I noticed, I remember it being such a nice community and from what I see here that really seems to still be the case.
  14. Yep, I came back about 3 months ago and a LOT has changed. It was really overwhelming. Like I told Riv, instead of trying to learn 20+ spells at once, I decided to start fresh. Learning 1 spell at a time, learning how it works, then later deciding if you want to continue or swap it for the alternative. Spells don't need scrolls and their levels increase as your character level increases but each spell is linked to one other spell and you have to choose which one you prefer to use i.e. you can't use both "linked" spells in the same fight. I learned what I liked the most leveling up "slowly." Another change is almost all elements are viable for all classes - epic level gear is expensive, low level isn't. Starting new gives you time to play around and find the element style you like. Don't believe me? Chance Srams are viable, haha. After playing a few weeks, I got connected with an old guildy who invited me to her guild and long story short I was lv 199 in about a month. I got tired of the Osa I made despite loving mine back in 2013, and now I'm an Elio. I'm having a lot of fun with it in this new version. Although I do miss the good ol' days, the expansion to Frigost and all the new epic dungeons have made the game pretty fun - at least for now.
  15. Earlier
  16. Sup' Want to have an estimation for these two items, and depending on offers i'll consider selling them! 5% str Unnamable boots 5% int Age-old amulet @Ace-dece ig or mp here !
  17. TFW TWF didn't miss you.
  18. But I miss timbone the most ;____;
  19. Ty, yes I think it might be a good idea since it is easier to immerse yourself with just one too. I’ve gotten several recommendations for Izy now so I’m thinking maybe that could be a way to go. Now they changed the professions too that part would make it easier, the quests too. I’ll run around a bit more then sub when finally decide where to try lol.
  20. Bumped into TwF (<3), when discussing the changes he mentioned restarting at 1 in whichever class to relearn, not a bad idea imo. Just a thought.
  21. Yeah I’m nubbing around on echo at the moment and realised this will take some time to get into lol. Looks gorgeous, but everything is definitely incredibly confusing. Still very much enjoying it though, we’ll see how it goes when I get my bearings. Retro looks interesting too, I’m happy they gave that option as well.
  22. Riv

    Nostalgia in 2020 😂

  23. Now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time.
  24. Recently came back to check things out, trying things on Retro:Crail. Retro plays exactly like the old version befpre they made the 2.0 jump, unless I've missed something, with current version at 1.34 I believe. 2.x Seems like a confusing monster after not playing in ages, tons of spell/build changes and whatnot, but looks like a lot more content added too.
  25. Not gonna lie, all the people that still play are in their late 20s
  26. Hi, I played this many years ago but cannot for the life of me remember my characters or account (no access to that email either) so am considering starting over - and it’s been long enough I’m completely blank on knowledge. A lot has changed, so I’m wondering if I could get any pointers on the different versions? Touch, retro, 2, I’m not sure where to start or where there’s an active community. Would like an active, friendly server and preferably with people also playing in late 20s and up too (so I’m not the only one feeling ancient lol). Leah
  27. :o! Took a cursory glance in Crail's Retro, nostalgia factor over 9000. Seems fairly empty so far though, in my experience.
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