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  2. time and place! pls leech. i may stick with my elio or make something else. i’m not sure if voxx will play. wakfu was overwhelming lol
  3. Well well well. Look who it is
  4. YES MAM! , bring vox too! ;D
  5. Today
  6. One of the reasons I turned more into 1.29 is exactly that. Everything is stable, no changes, it's like it used to be and will be like it is, forever. I got sick of ''class balancings'', constant item buffing/nerfing, questing Dofuses and such. I myself was never a person that's gonna quest (4.1k achiv points prove it), which is kind of the point now if you wanna progress in game. Also the fact it forces you to have achievement points (dungeons done with certain criteria) so you can play Infinity Dreams and buy stuff out of it? No thanks. I realized nowdays server Echo is just not economical at all, barely anything sells on it. So if you wanna get new equipment you might as well consider buying kamas/ogrines all over. Echo is now all about Korriander dungeon spam and %off buyers. Server is falling apart, some people do realize that, some not. No doubt that for most of you it's interesting to do quests/dungeons with certain achievements to waste your time, but there's no point doing that on a server where nothing is happening besides stuff you are doing. Server with only selfprogress. That's simply not a server people should waste their time on. Real stuff why you should join us on 1.29: Active PvP - Low level, so high level Good economy - Easy to make kamas and progress further Those are just one of the things why I prefer 1.29 rather than Echo. In my opinion Echo is just a trash server nowdays which is gonna fall apart completely in no-time, and I'm sure many people can agree with me on this one. If you are as well sick of constant changes in-game and just wanna play the game how it is, join us on 1.29! See you there!
  7. Hello boiz, As I began playing 1.29 I was sort of checking out English speaking guilds, I saw a couple, no thanks no offence. So, if anyone from Echo, that either plays or wants to play Eratz you are welcome to join, you can pm the mage exoing master Deejavus, or Pm Me Trois-cph (rip bulgari was taken) can also Pm Marko-Echo. if you wonder why I decided to give 1.29 a go here is my answer: I believe dofus 2.0 version kept changing the characters based on peoples PvP experiences, I believe the game lost its organic touch because of increasing stupid long quests (1400-1500), (achievements also ruined item values because of mass production) the dofuses lost its values, everything is questable now, even vulbis dofus, and if I dont enjoy or like to quest Echo simply does not make sense to me. Also on Echo its very hard make kamas because of it's terible economy. I kind of saw this comming with all the increasing numbers of changes (character changes) and egg quests etc, but now that vulbis is questable too, whats left with value to get? honestly? 1.29 has been stable since it came out, no maints, rholbaks, or bad economy. its way more organic in terms of playing because you can drop all the eggs, add 120301230 improvements to your characters example: 8 exos on 1 character. Dofus 1.29 is just way more challenging than Echo & 2.0 is which is why I decided to spend my time there.
  8. Oh and, everything is priced tres bien ;-)
  9. Hello frerros and frerras, as im slowly progressing in 1.29 I decided to sell my gear on echo, well most of It to avoid a big decrease in value. If you are interested in stuff like eggs, epic mages, legendary items what so ever check my merchant Bvlgari at 0,1. ps. im not quitting, im just selling my stuff br. Bvlgari
  10. Either that or wait for them to be tradable and watch them dive to 40-50
  11. Imagine it's questable now and you can do it in 3-4 days. With that money you can buy idols/pp sets and get it on 8 chars instead of buying one :v) But anyway, atm it might go 80-100mk, within 3 months will be 30
  12. Buying Vublis but im not sure about the price it should be so i'll say 100-150? if you have a different price in mind let me know IGN: Uther-Idea / Ich-Idea
  13. Finally got around to knocking this achievement out! :D Took a few tries (and no paragons ).
  14. Yesterday
  15. Turq (SOLD) Ochre (SOLD) The content can be closed !
  16. Ivory 55 Ochre 31 Turq 3 Ice 8 Ign:Bloody-Jumper
  17. No mention yet mate, but last temp it wasn't achieve score related, had to do certain groups of achieves to unlock tempokens; you then needed a certain number to unlock the reward. Eg. 21 tempokens for a seem
  18. Currently looking for 6 kamas each, but will be flexible with the ever updating prices of echo Hi just realised I'd posted in wrong channel, pls move @robert
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