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  1. Today
  2. Asking price is 6.5m. Merch Esecutore usually located at [-2,1] or nearby.
  3. Thanks for your comments folks! I appreciate it! Currently I don't have Shadow Helmet codes. What you can do now is to reserve them until I get some more codes to sell again! First to order, first to get!
  4. As the title says, 400-500m+ nego
  5. Bought a Shadow helmet and it worked out very smooth and easy. Thanks Marko! Cheers, Daceratops
  6. Yesterday
  7. Just bought a skullcrasher from Marko. Legit seller pretty happy with it!
  8. Bump! Bought Tritun Palms 4% Air Res and Allister's Crown 2% Air Res.
  9. Going 'hogmeiser aswell, to try and unite, & avoid Ques ;s Ign : Arxy
  10. Last week
  11. 1.29 isn't my schtick but was kralove that much of a problem? :')
  12. Our guild UtE is the biggest EN community in 1.29 and we are going Hogmeiser. Then again, they shall merge us within a month or 2.
  13. Nabur all the way. It's 1st announced so there will be most interest in it.
  14. Here are the lastest news : https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/announcements/1052728-dofus-retro-additional-details So 5 servers, that will be merged later, and kralove xp nerf. So where do we meet???
  15. It looks like theyre releasing 5 servers at the start to balance the load and then eventually merging them all together, so I dont think it will really matter in the long run
  16. So excited to play 1.x again with all the old farts from Rushu.  Considering there will be 5 different servers launched (instead of just one as announced previously), we should maybe pick one for the international community to play on? See you next tuesday !
  17. Put up a gucci fight bois n grills, gonna be fun to watch !!
  18. All my friends quit someone adopt me into a team k thx
  19. Selling pvp ass any char with any equipment possible
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