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  1. Yesterday
  2. please accept my months old ankama friends request first
  3. I cant seem to download the ankama launcher, the setup freezes... Anyone have the 32 bit file to share? I see ankama removed the option to seperately download it... Thanks
  4. Forgot to add, wanted to but amulet sold too quickly even to try that. https://gyazo.com/449e6ce7d1aec5021a62f6cca0c1bc74
  5. Better NOT to use Age-Old helmet and get a proper Int set for your Eni: https://d-bk.net/en/d/O8Yj Set is PvPM based (Changing pet, some trophy slots, shield and cloak for PvP mode). Set itself isn't costy unless you wanna get PvP pieces as well. But if you reeeeeally want that set with Age-Old helmet then I recommend: https://d-bk.net/en/d/Kk57
  6. probably better to get some bites here than trying to spam /b all day lol 1 AP 285+ / 300 Vitality 99+ / 100 Intelligence 36+ / 40 Agility 35+ / 40 Wisdom 0+ prospecting lol 8+ / 12 Heals 10 OR 15 / 15 Air Resistance 10 / 10 Fire Damage 0+ / 10 Air Damage 7% Earth Resistance 7% Water Resistance 0+ / 1 Summons 15mk if 99 int 17mk 100 air fixed res can be either 10 or 15, nothing between. price somewhat negotiable and I may accept something with lower stats depending however the int bolded stats are firm /w Tamamo /w Naganami
  7. I'm also looking for the AHK script, the retro one is super convenient for switching between characters, i'd love that functionality for dofus 2!
  8. Last week
  9. Hello everyone, I'm looking for these 3 items: Helmet (-4 AP): Paying 3mk. Mushd Cloak (-1 AP) Paying 3mk. Dark Miner's Amulet (-20% all res) Paying 5mk.
  10. It took 3 hours of your life, but nice one.
  11. Decided to try Minotot again after failing last time. This time I did it still the same gob nubs (No char died) Recorded it, gonna post it on yt soonish
  12. Running Amakna Castle Rat Dungeon and I got 7 enemies instead of 8
  13. https://gyazo.com/f96ecc4cc62147432275e706506315ee?token=fc2f09fe36ecc7a6e3e633a44e50c46a
  14. it only required echo and IV to die but I finally have that one orn that was cool back in 2016
  15. No I did not quit, I'm just selling items I don't use anymore as I don't play. Hello everyone, I'm selling 750mk +/- worth of Dofuses and items (non-maged, overmaged and exomaged). Items are cheapest around, so in market, so around village. Most of items sold 1st day, but there's still bunch of them in merchant. Leftover items: https://gyazo.com/cd9341c8bd7f3c066c1c6858c01916bf If you are looking to buy multiple items we can negotiate about the price. IGN: Маяко Discord: Маяко#6340
  16. This is from the changelog from when they simplified dungeons.
  17. out of the loop here but what was changed about those first three dungeons? I am aware that Klime just pacifies instead of killing and that makes it HILARIOUSLY easy now I certainly feel like with the addition of dreams and the difference in monster strength there compared to overworld monsters certainly makes previous dungeons feel trivial in comparison. Why would I feel any challenge facing freezz in her dungeon at her level 200 stats when I have beaten her at 350 with double the damage and hp, for example? Its true that dreams give a decent stat boost and the higher floors require specific comps (compared to most dungeons where you can run anything due to their difficulty) but I dont see why the dungeons themselves couldn't be toggled to scale in a similar fashion.
  18. Putting these here because I had the thought and that's what this part of the forums is for. :') Idea: you should be able to increase the difficulty of a dungeon for added rewards in the following ways. 1.) You can select any of the dungeon boss' dream modifiers to apply to the fight for extra exp/loot (10%/25%/62.5% bonus for dream/paradox/nightmare). 2.) You should be able to level scale the dungeon (increase only, say about 1% exp/loot bonus per increased level). 3.) To go the extra mile, for any dungeon affected by the dungeon nerfs (e.g. QoT, Catseye, Koutoulou, Klime) you could revert them back to their old mechanics for a large bonus in exp/loot (idk what value to put here so i'll say a 150% increase because holy shit were they hard in comparison). 4.) These bonuses would multiplicatively stack with all other bonuses (wisdom, pp, challenges, idols). Would be a nice way to increase rewards from dungeons and offer a new challenge (as the mechanic changes would be specific to the dungeon, as opposed to a blanket mechanic change you can impose on any mob with idols). If anyone has thoughts on improving dungeon content, I'm happy to hear them. I like talking about this game.
  19. Nothing is officially confirmed. I've done 120ish floors and dropped 14/24 so far. My eni was in all of those fights and only dropped 1 so far. My sram dropped all within 20 floors. In my experience it's completely random and PP/idols/challs do not effect the drop rate.
  20. Earlier
  21. I knew idols didn't matter ... PP doesn't either? Do challenges? TT^TT
  22. https://imgur.com/SmWv2CS Can confirm 250, PP and idols don't matter. Its random.
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