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Register for the 4v4 'Echominator' PvP tournament! Registration closes on Friday, June 1st. [Click Here] for more information!

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  1. Today
  2. You've got until 18:00 DST to get your entries in!
  3. Echominator [TOURNAMENT]

    omg the anarchy WHY ARE THERE EVEN RULES?!?
  4. Yesterday
  5. Nice fur, I like it! Nice eyes, look a bit like mine! Nice lateral incisor, looks sharp, but may require some deep cleaning with some Listerine! Sever: Echo Ig name: Aureus
  6. Work is happiness / help required

    Thanks a lot for the help guys! Shout out to Quadsquad, Muffins and Cryx for the force brought into this
  7. Echominator [TOURNAMENT]

    UPDATES: -We're excited to announce that we've reached our 8 team minimum for this tournament! Registration is open until June 1st. -Thanks to our donors Mahon, Stalamuerte, Arbitur, two anonymous donors, we're also excited to announce that, with entry fees for 8 teams, our prize pool for this tournament is currently at 105mk! Thank you so much everyone!
  8. Selling Exos AP/MP

  9. Work is happiness / help required

    My osa still needs it too so i'm down for it. Smith or carver on same acc jk need to drop the key 1st so i'll be on hold
  10. Work is happiness / help required

    Do they have to be 200 rooni? Centaur is smithmag @Quadro quedsqued more like breaking tos 4.3.1 squed
  11. Echominator [TOURNAMENT]

    Recnac Team Captain: (Enutrofz), Defuse, Rogue, 200 (NimpNimpNimp), Enimportequoi, Eniripsa, 200 (julienonziemedunom), Iopekan, Iop, 200 (julienhuitiemedunom), Enureuil, Enu, 200
  12. [Stats] PvP Ladders

    Until such time as I am no longer playing or Ankama either removes these stats from being visible or creates a better tool for viewing these stats (ha....), this will continue to receive updates approximately monthly.
  13. Work is happiness / help required

    /w quedsqued for either smith or carv p.s speaking of which i also might be able to log 1-2 of my guildos both with smithmag if they aint on or smth
  14. Post your goals and achievements

    hehehe we /E L I T E/ now, boys
  15. Work is happiness / help required

    I have both on the same character, so i can also be one or the other, can help if I am online or if you can get a time situated /w Arleigh /w Dovahkiin
  16. Quest needs 5 smithmaguses and 3 carvmaguses to open the gate. I can be any of those two, so need 7 more characters to help me out. IGN: Pagonis
  17. Echominator [TOURNAMENT]

    Please share these rules, too lazy to look up.
  18. Last week
  19. Breeding Revamp

    Guess they just want to make rare food a valid alternative to scrolls :^)
  20. Looking for price cheaper than current market (5.2mk) Message here or PM Bellutrix IG
  21. Echominator [TOURNAMENT]

    thx bobe for concern! i'd also like to ban all teams and organisators too for not complying with section 4.3.1 of the dofus ToS!!!
  22. Echominator [TOURNAMENT]

    I'm gonna need you to disqualify Azuram for not complying with the first point of section 4.2.2 of the Dofus ToS
  23. Breeding Revamp

    For people playing solo, dopples are main doploon source.
  24. Echominator [TOURNAMENT]

    tnx 4 support. god bless u
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