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  3. At a brief look at least, for a Str/Lock panda for PVM: https://d-bk.net/en/d/zq9Q Good luck on a PVP one May want a corruption cape for PVP tbh, crocobur, ebony and corruption cape makes for some nice damage output via poisons.
  4. Yeah, the sac is going to be "out-tanked" by the Panda so he will definitely become the odd-man out on your dungeon team. For ID, the Cra, Cra, Enu, Panda is definitely solid especially if you're just looking to blast through levels and then reset. If you're trying to go for higher levels, I think you'd want more defense. Maybe swap out one Cra with a Feca or possibly an Eni. The masq wouldn't be a bad choice ... but he's same account as the Enu so that's a limiting factor.
  5. What I Have Acct1: eni, sac, cra Acct2: iop, cra Acct3: panda Acct4: enu, masq What I Want Number of New Accts: none Goal: a team (or multiple teams within these accounts) that can do most or all endgame dungeons with achievs and get into infinite dreams Leaning Toward: cra, cra, enu, panda team (i read on a french post that this works well for infinite dreams). eni, iop, panda, masq for dungeons maybe. Extra Comments: i can level other characters on these 4 accs and get the kamas needed to gear them up. I wanna have the characters needed for end game activities on these 4 accs and switch between them depending on what i'm going to do.
  6. Hi guys, I need some advice on a possible endgame Class: Pandawa Build: Pure strenght is what I'm going for (I'm str/cha atm) Kamas/time: A bit of both Current team: Undergoing big changes, so still not sure LVL: Endgame PVP/PVM: I'd like to be able to do both (maybe a bit more of PVP) Extra comments: I'm looking to have a lot of res and HP, because I want the panda to be a kind of a tank. But at the same time, I don't want it to be just a tank. I've seen sets that make you just a tank and that's it. I want the panda to be able to hit as well (probably with Filthipint and I guess Hammerture, with it being a tank). 11/6 is a must, and I guess the range isn't that important. Idk, I've been looking at Fashionista for almost 2 hours now, and I'm still not seeing it. So any suggestions are welcome
  7. Scour

    Erzal Fight

    Good luck! This fight is an absolute pain in the ass. I recommend finding a Rogue and someone with a lock tank Panda. That's the way I did it.
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  9. Mavvo


    Sorry ... The hosting has expired and I have lost all the settings, the configuration and probably also some site data.
  10. This is my first post on here, so I hope I'm in the right place. I'm looking for someone who can leech me through Erzal fight (#100 alignment). You can reach me here or in game /w Mecoe
  11. Scour


    Upon further thought, I've decided to just share my setup for my panda in case you want a stretch goal. P: https://d-bk.net/en/d/RV3M The exomages are: Anerice Shield - 2% Fire Res Slobberpuss' Collar - 1% Melee Res Paztek Sandals - 1% Melee Res Lady Jhessica's Belt - 8 Lock Anerice Cloak - 1% Melee Res Dreggon Helment - 8 Lock Aermyne's Rolling Pin - 1% Melee Res Pawl Ouatnos' Ring (1) - 1 AP Pawl Ouatnos' Ring (2) - 2% Melee Res (I got super fucking lucky with this) The end result is an 11/6/6 50/50/50/50/50 200 Lock 31% Melee res tank panda with 3529 Initiative (who applies -50 Lock to enemies she ends next to) that has an Ivory on top of that. Oh, and you don't need an MP exo. :')
  12. Yes this is awesome! Thanks so much for your hard work!
  13. Proxy-Error


    Personally I would suggest exomaging 8 Lock Transcendence runes on where possible (any item that naturally has 5 lock or less) and then overmage res% where any fall below 42%, then do Melee Res% with the remaining. One thing I do wish to trial at some stage is putting RANGE res% onto my pandas set to see if I can lure monsters into Melee Range and sit locked...
  14. Scour


    The only real optimizations left here (and I say optimizations because your set is perfectly serviceable as is and doesn't really need further improvements unless you have a huge amount of excess money to sink into it) are to: 1.) Get an Ivory Dofus. 2.) Fit in a Lady Jhessica's Belt to the set. 3.) Exomage %melee resistance onto pieces. That's what I've done for my tank, at the very least. If you're not interested in doing any of that (and I don't blame you if you're not, except for perhaps the Ivory) then your set is perfectly good in my opinion.
  15. New guild on jahash looking for mainly brakmar/neutral players any level to join, looking to get a tight knit group and do some roleplaying possibly! Message my character Kuromu or leave a reply here to join!
  16. I've seen people use the Pawl Ouatnos ring over the Deep Sea, not sure if that's a better switch or not. Overall, looks great!
  17. Freddy


    Hello guys it's Freddy from Echo! Just recently completed my 4th 200. I now made a panda tank. With resistance to stand against all the monsters and viscous lock to hold them, this set is not super expensive it was made all in about under the the cost of an ivory. Perfect resist and 212 lock 5434 hp. What do you guys think!? Yay or nay
  18. Thanks to you for subbing 18 accounts, you da real mvp!
  19. Opened. Big thanks to Rainy and Sweetkraz who helped fill the low-level rooms, and the people who showed up for the 200 room.
  20. Me and Jaelia are already organizing it. If you're reading this and could join, it would be much appreciated
  21. 101-150 room is full and ready to go whenever. If someone's interested in filling one of the other low rooms, let me know and I can hook you up with backpacks and pod fillers (although those are pretty easy to get).
  22. Unless someone already has chars for it, I'll work on filling the 101-150 room this weekend.
  23. Me too, I'm ready to help from next week.
  24. Hearts are done. I don't have any connections left in-game, so I have no idea if an opening is being planned. I'm up to help open if anyone's interested.
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