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  2. This thread is for achievements. This is very offtopic, not just "maybe". Make a thread here.
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  5. maybe offtopic but here are the best agi iop rat maps? i vaguely remebmer there being a couple good maps in brak, but I cant remember
  6. Last week
  7. For 4 man I would pick Sac Eni Enu Iop/Sram if solo, good survivability. I'm trying to decide on an 8 man retro team, right now I have sac eni enu iop cra xel feca panda I really want a sram or eca on the team though, so thinking of swapping out the panda. I know they're really useful for Kralove and spammig vulns and whatnot, but I just feel like an sram or Eca would be more fun. or swap my feca, but I feel like if I make it to 70 I'll be fine with him. all my guys are still under 60, and both the feca and panda are the lowest levels, 30 something.
  8. Nicely done everyone. We all love seeing progress posts like this.
  9. Guild is pretty active. We still have some slots left.
  10. Hey heey! I'm in this guild(got recruited in game) and I'm loving it. 11/10 would recommend
  11. @Germy Come play I gift you prespic and rats .................(: hhhhhhhhhhhhh
  12. Hello, guild Bonfire is recruiting solo/duo players that enjoy playing with others. Currently we have 32 active members, with average member level 61. Everybody is welcomed. We also have a guild Discord channel. To get invited pm in game anyone from guild, for example: Horxy True Extraterrestial-Lea Old-Guru
  13. Hi guys, I am buying this set for a new character and would like to purchase an AP and MP exo in any of these items. Obviously the cheapest of the items available to exo! ~ Valella
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  15. Thanks Krindle but we've already started moving to a new guild yesterday. I'll delete Team Solo in a week or drop an alt there to lock name so nobody can use it.
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