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  3. Finally finished Ochre and got 20k on ilyzaelle. Feels weird posting it after Veldin getting 20k on 8 characters though
  4. Meanwhile I've just stayed on Echo, where my character was already at for some reason. Subbed for 7 days, then subbed for 30 days and am finally approaching level 200
  5. I think this is a permalink to the English discord https://discord.gg/YR2cwZb. Would recommend you stop in Tweak!
  6. Maybe you should activate messages so I can write you ><! Henual. Ask for the guild "Guild". Say you know King and every single Alex in it.
  7. Dofus Retro mono-account Temporis planned for 2022 February. x3 XP/Drops/Profession XP/Runes All equipment drops from monsters Class passives No characteristic softcaps New pet that gives AP and eats other pets Custom PvM fights/challenges to earn Tempokens that can be exchanged to get Characteristic Scrolls/Mounts/Pets/Dofus No XP potion at the end, only cosmetics Goultarminator on Temporis Krosmonote slides about Temporis and a 2022 update roadmap: https://imgur.com/a/spsWegi
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  9. Update 2.62 is now available on Dofus Creator, and you can test the new equipments, sets, weapons and the new balancing on class spells https://dofuscreator.com NEW EQUIPMENTS Added new equipment and sets from version 2.62 of Dofus Beta: Relics of the Crimson Dawn Destroyer Set New sword and two new scythes Ramake on White Rat and Black Rat set CLASS BALANCING Change in Cra, Osamodas and Rogue classes. The Rogues have had a makeover to the Dofus Creator dashboard, according to the new changes the beta s
  10. If anyone wants to join pm me in game IGN : Erik
  11. If you use to have multiple accounts then you are on echo. Im pretty sure you cant transfer to the single account servers or the retro servers so both options would require you to start from zero again. Personnaly I woudnt mind starting over again since trying to fiqure out all the new systems can be alot to deal with at first.
  12. I used to have multiple accounts, but I think I'd be happy just playing solo. Is moving to a server (either retro, solo or multi) a permanent choice?
  13. I reccomend taking a look at the retro servers (version 1.29).im playing on crail and its a realy good experience.
  14. The solo account servers like Ilyzaelle are booming since their launch while the multiaccounts (merged Rushu, Rosal, Solar,..) server like Echo have been in a steady decline ever since. Just sub a week to test the waters and see how you like it.
  15. Is it still a thing? I played it for quite a lot for like 5 years (on Rushu), and used to be pretty active in the community here. I still find myself holding every other turn-based game to the bar that Dofus has set way back, but nothing so far has even come close to it. I'm utterly confused by all the server changes and considering if it's worth the time to read up on it... These forums seem pretty slow now, but should I sub?
  16. Buying lvl 100 snailmate Comment here or message me in game -Corlesz
  17. Buying Ochre and Vulbis dofus Comment here or message me in game to discuss - Corlesz
  18. Train with Putch on Dofus Creator I bring you a new feature in the Dofus Creator tool which is training against Putch. https://dofuscreator.com You can open a training window (shortcut key T) and preview your damage against the training puppet by adding fixed resistance, in percentage, critical resistance and pushback! In addition, the spells panel works as in real combat within Dofus, that is, your spells have minimum and maximum damage, so when attacking with a spell, you will not only have the damage variation as the calculation of certain critical! If you get s
  19. My goal is to explore new things. It's always nice to find new merch, such as new Astroworld hats. The feeling I get when I find a good product for myself is amazing.
  20. When you purchase a tablet You must see the viewable size of the tablet because this thing is so important to know about this before buying. Best Tablets For Medical School
  21. Good evening, If you have a couple of spare minutes, maybe you'd like to have a look at my latest (almost) monthly contests on Dofus forums : https://www.dofus.com/en/forum/2-general-discussion/339334-c9-sep-welcome-autumn https://www.dofus.com/en/forum/2-general-discussion/339444-c10-oct-happy-howin Prizes pools are, for each of the two [ C ] : 3 krmaleons with various ceremonial items on them, kolo scrolls, incarnation weapons. One of them even has a mini challenge: the player who posts first the coordinates of a certain map
  22. Set yourself an obtainable goal. Treat yourself when you reach it. Set a new goal. Rinse and repeat.
  23. Hi guys, as a lazy head, I’m desperate to know what your motivation is. I’m also a procrastinator, so is there any effective way to get rid of this? Thank you so so much!!!
  24. Halloween is here on the Dofus Creator website and for this event you can redeem an exclusive reward, the Al Howin 2021 Emblem Take part in the event, it will only last until November 2nd! Access: https://dofuscreator.com Find the 6 Al Howin Tofus hidden throughout the Dofus Creator website (I hear they are even hidden inside the equipments) Redeem your exclusive reward this year Alright, everyone can see your achievement by accessing your profile in any of your projects on the site! This year's reward is exclusi
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