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  1. Today
  2. League of Legends

    holy she looks good am a bit of a sucker for nostalgia so ill probs miss the old one and complain about it. what server do you play on ;o. I get about 125ping in NA, although am only level 10 there. i remember playing on the Japanese server when it first came out. One of my hardest bot games with master yi.. at 250-270 ping haha.
  3. 2.46 Idols and new Leech gimmick

    Idols were a great idea that were terribly implemented. It's the Ankama Way. Also bob, I don't agree. If there are only a few valid combos of 200+ what's the point having it be generic score? Might as well just require specific idols. I think the idol system will remain similar to what it is for quite some time - they're loath to change it as is and they only did this due to incredible, incredible abuse which they scrubbed out from the game with this new batch of synergies.
  4. Under The Edge

    I never seem to catch Youb online is there someone who could invite my little nublets? I'm steadily leveling, already farmed half of one adv set lol. Apparently I was confused as to which one is Henual and have been leveling on the wrong server this whole time D:
  5. Dofus 2.46 Changelog

    Those idol combos are so bad.....Kyoub + behelit + zaihn wtf.....
  6. Yesterday

    How many extra chromozones do you have? The problem is you're impersonating another player, actively trying to trick other players into thinking you're someone your not. At no point do you claim /no, i'm not the Deejavus from these servers/, you actively encourage the thought that you are.

    > u talked to an admin > ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha > u dont even know who is admin
  9. I wish to add a kys to this post Also a reaction of bobeurs face is something i need Also i want a reaction that is just [HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNNSIM] regardless of the post of person

    Aight i was just informed of this post and had to make an account to just reply The OP of this post is a friend irl of this guy and by our little chat i understood the guy literally worshiping hes buttbuddy I tried explaining him the odd's of 7-8b people in the world and a big chunk of that know what a deejavu is so needless to say ur sadida buddy isnt unique just cause he named him self deejavus or w/e in rosal or solar doesnt make him CEO and Owner of the name i talked to an admin bout this and he laughed when he saw this post,So hope your relationship with deejavus goes well hope u marry adopt many african kids and mage together all of you i find it cute that you say scam as there is already many on Mono that have my exo's but hey sure they will believe ur miserable worship post:) after all how hard can exo be?
  11. pls add "kys" button so i can use on all bobeur post
  12. we really really really really really really really really need a dislike button too
  14. Attract the French audience, I like your thinking.
  15. League of Legends

    I wonder what my ping to EUW would be these days. Last time I made an account there to spectate Somm I played a bot game as graves with 200ping and it was... really rough haha. Also new Irelia looks ridiculous lol
  16. Reactions? I need your help!

    thumbs up thumbs down love haha ??? !!!
  17. Reactions? I need your help!

    "wtf" "awesome" "love this" "why?"
  18. [Ilyzaelle] Recruit for the last alignement quest!

    Quest done, can close that thread :)
  19. Under The Edge

    U guys are doing so much better then us on eratz XD gz though keep up the good work (:
  20. Dofus 2.46 Changelog

    The BETA server has been updated, here are the changes made: The number of Royal Gobball Wool needed in the making of Royal Gobball Ring and Royal Gobball Cape is now 1. The NPC Rotabla the Shepherd no longer automatically gives a Bow Meow at the end of the Royal Gobball Dungeon. A new NPC has been added to the last map of the dungeon to be able to get a Bow Meow for 5 Gobball Wool. The main door of the big Astrub houses now brings the character correctly to the entrance of the house and not to the cellar. Corrections were made for the Astrub Mine maps. The Maple Tree at [1,-21] can be properly cut. The Tash Bin at [4,-18] is now interactive. The panel placed in the Council Tower at [4,-19] is now interactive. The guardian dog at [2,-18] is repositioned. Quests Rest is in the Field and The Invasion of the Burial Desecrators can be properly finished. In the set interface, the characteristics are no longer refreshed each time the character recovers HP out of combat. The DWS "Team JBZZ Supporter" emote becomes "Glorious Battlers Supporter". The scroll of obtaining is modified accordingly. Animal Series (Osamodas Class Quest), Piques de Solution (Eniripsa Class Quest) and Unfortunate Luck (Ecaflip Class Quest) are available from NPCs Abrazelon Sixgriffes, Nepra Lido and Meow Moew. Monster Spells Selim Llenneb and Tomb Raider now cast correctly. In the Health Crisis quest, harvesting wheat can recover contaminated resources and no longer blocks the progress of the quest. The class quest is now given straight after the class council quest, it is no longer necessary to talk to the NPC again. The bonuses of some low-level items with AP, MP or Vitality penalties have been reviewed to remove this penalty. The bonuses of these items have been balanced accordingly.
  21. "post price pls"
  22. Hi, One of the new features coming from the forum upgrade was the ability to add custom reactions to go alongside the classic 'like' function; similar to what you might see on Facebook. You would then be able to react to posts in different ways based on how you feel about the content. For example: "Like" "Love" "Huh?!" "haha" What I'm looking for is suggestions for a set of four reactionary words that you feel would fit in well with the Imps ecosystem. These will apply to all posts so try not to limit them to specific purposes. I'm not looking for the actual images just yet, only the words themselves. It's possible to include reactions that won't add to the total reputation score of a user (as seen on profiles) but please try to avoid suggestions that are going to be perceived as overly negative. Something more neutral that could be used for less useful or agreeable posts would be good though.
  23. 2.46 Idols and new Leech gimmick

    Idols were a mistake. Their fate now is to be dummied out until they exist just for the sake of achievements, because there's no way to get rid of those ever.
  24. Dungeon Rusher Events

  25. Obtaining the crown

    best of luck rob, and thanks for keeping imps alive!
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