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  3. Forum died long time ago, people are using Discord servers nowadays with ''maging-screenshots'' sections where they post their mages
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  5. Updated, Membership count, new alliance, average level!
  6. Good evening, I'm sorry, mb, I should have posted this about a week ago... Anyway, [ C8 - AUG ] Summer Holiday is on forums, Dofus ones, under General discussion part of forums: https://www.dofus.com/en/forum/2-general-discussion/339202-c8-aug-summer-holiday Deadline: September14th, 23:59 PM , DUT. (Some of the) Prizes: - 7,5 mk - donation from Heart ; - 1 pandawa rhine harness - donation from Afroo-Jungle ; - 1 house - Brakmar - 1 chest - 3 rooms - 3 floors, pos [-18,41] - it is unlocked, you can go see i
  7. People still alive? x) I started playing again and am on the echo server. If you're there as well gimme a message!
  8. Not sure if anyone is still here these days.... Just checking in to say hi!!
  9. When the server was still newish, that happened.. but, after a few months, everyone went into the grind and exomages, burned themselves out, and quit or moved to mono and THEN quit.
  10. Poingy! <3 Come back to Dofus~ Also, thank you for clearing it up! <3
  11. Updated, Members! Levels and Average Level! Currently the most active English guild on jahash! and definitely the most helpful around on the server come check us out if your on Jahash!
  12. <3 miss you! how are you doing? I returned to Dofus and started Eudai again on Echo server ^^

  13. HELLO EVERYONE! It's Pokii :3 and I made a guide for the Brakmarian Rank 5 Order quests for EACH order! yaaaaaaaay! view here: https://pokii.tumblr.com/ PUTRID EYE: https://pokii.tumblr.com/putrideye BLEEDING HEART: https://pokii.tumblr.com/BLEEDINGHEART UNSOUND MIND: https://pokii.tumblr.com/UNSOUNDMIND IVORY DOFUS GUIDE: https://pokii.tumblr.com/ivorydofus EBONY DOFUS GUIDE WORK IN PROGRESS: https://pokii.tumblr.com/ebonydofus Happy Questing! :3 Hope it helps!
  14. So Jahash's population in comparison to say Ilyzaelle is lacking, i won't lie. We have about 2 active English guilds[Mine included] and one other. Our community is quite small for the english population but it's also what makes our server great, we can level profs, our EN community is quite helpful. So overall to answer your question, if you don't mind smaller communities then it's definitely playable! i'd definitely recommend it if you arent a big fan of large servers like myself.
  15. How is Jahash population? Is it worth playable?
  16. Updated, With new guild name, member count, average level and contact information.
  17. Welcome back! We're on Ily too. Let me know if you need help with anything.
  18. Good evening, The latest monthly contest, [ C7 - JUL ] is out! Sorry for making it like last couple of them, in last hrs of the month! You do have tho the usual 2 weeks to participate! https://www.dofus.com/en/forum/2-general-discussion/339111-c7-jul-vulkanian-summer-holidays-letter-echonians-haven-been-yet-island-this-summer GL @ alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
  19. Hey everyone! My ENGLISH IVORY DOFUS GUIDE is up on my blog! View here: https://pokii.tumblr.com/ivorydofus BRAKMAR ALIGNMENT GUIDE is here: https://pokii.tumblr.com ~ Hope it helps! Have a nice day! :3
  20. Hi guys, I’m a new villager. I’m hoping to know more friends and have a good time here :D
  21. I used this in 1.29 for a few months and it worked beautifully. Now I decided to come back and try retro out again and it seems to be messing up a little in 1.35 and im not sure what to do. Ok so it refuses to put in my username, and it seems like it is spam clicking but not in the right spot because the mouse is moving too slow it looks like it is skipping along.
  22. I can offer you my professions for free Also when you get good enough with your mates we might try dreams and make some cash! IGN: Badibae
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