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Register for the 4v4 'Echominator' PvP tournament! Registration closes on Friday, June 1st. [Click Here] for more information!

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  3. Echominator [TOURNAMENT]

    Discord registration: 10. Ryu on Ice Season 2: Electric Boogaloo (awaiting entry fee) Team Captain: (sparkylucky), Ryu-roo, Osa, 200 (seanshepherd), Dr-Ayelid, Fogger, 200 (Olisaurus), Ryoz, Iop, 200 (Unexplained), Quoris, Masq, 200
  4. Echominator [TOURNAMENT]

    Discord registration: 9. FD - The team (awaiting entry fee) Team Captain: (matrix4342010), Fd-drunk, Sadida, 200 (Zozo5), Tiredness, Enutrof, 200 (AllSeeingEye1), Spike, Osamodas, 200 (NEW529), Narazaki, Pandawa, 200
  5. Post your goals and achievements

    numero 7 at 16,000
  6. Hi all, I'm looking for a Jammy Jack collar over 135+ vit. Stats I want are those: 485+ vit 79+ agy 46+ wis -5% cc 1 AP 1 Range 19+ air dmg 10% fire res 7% water res 7 mp dod 17+ push res I'm looking to pay between 25 and 28mk (it depends on how close are stats to perfection). Hit me in game to discuss about the payment. Taoh
  7. S> Four Leaf (HISPANIC SHIELD)

    10/12 dodge. Crush
  8. 8 Man Team Composition?

    I'd 100% add a panda to that setup, the 8th really doesn't matter tbh. Maybe a xelor, it's a good char overall and can buff AP. Personally I don't think enu teams aren't viable for end game content, you might be able to do it but it'll be much more efficient with a solid team like posted above.
  9. Current offer is 260m. Ideally looking for 320m. -Arbitur
  10. 8 Man Team Composition?

    From what I seen mostly on my time playing 1.29 was a couple of enus with a chance panda and cra iop is really all u need maybe a eni to :D
  11. Wakfu Heroes (Dofus Cube | Dofus 3) - Blog

    I understand all the sassy comments and partly agree; Ankama's touch is pretty well-known at this point (for people who played their games atleast) and I personally don't expect much from this game anymore. As I stated in one of my previous comments, at this point is pretty clear what their main-plan is/might be, but I'd be glad to be proven wrong: It reminds me of Krosmaster in many many ways...A huge focus on the boardgame aspect and then, later on, add some support for the other platforms aswell. We all know how that went: For how much Krosmaster was a neat lil' boardgame, their desktop/mobile app wasn't the best nor that famous to begin with, and now that they wanted to make a true Dofus/Wakfu end-product (They even defined those 2 games as experiments for this "last" one) what are they doing? Basically Krosmaster 2.0, but giving the desktop/mobile app the artstyle used for their past games; It seems pretty clear, especially from this post, that they are focusing a lot on the combat/PvP aspect (which still seems too simplistic with the whole 1 action per character thing), but not enough on what made the previous games great for many: A community-driven sandbox MMORPG with a complex combat system and many other ways to interact with other players and enjoy the world together: I wouldn't have played Wakfu all the time I did if it wasn't for my guildies and the fact that we could do something challenging together like a very tough dungeon or UB for example; Player-to-player interaction and activities are crucial not only for the life/longevity of the game itself, but for the "feel" the whole game is gonna have. Personally speaking, I'm sick of the whole "competition comes first" ideal that many companies seem to apply nowadays for their online games...I (and I might not be alone on this one) want more "cooperation". That's what brings people together and makes for a great community and a great MMORPG. By nature of this game's genre, PvP will come automatically as long as it's properly balanced and implemented. With that said, their artists are amazing and the game looks gorgeous, that's undeniable (except for that huge UI clearly designed for handheld devices...yuck! Hopefully we get a better/smaller one for the PC), but that's gonna carry them only so far...especially if you have to start buying packs/spending money for a chance of getting a good Sidekick and things like that. As I mentioned previously, I personally don't want to be in my little hub-world, with my sidekicks, doing other people's "dungeons" (already seen in Mighty Quest for Epic Loot by Ubi) and doing PvP...I want to play with my buddies and work our way through a tough dungeon/fight, together. I'm no game designer, and all my assumptions are just that...assumptions, and I repeat, I'd be glad to be proven wrong on all the stuff I said, but judging from what they showed up until now, it seems like this game won't be for me, probably. I just wish they made a real Wakfu/Dofus 3.0: With an updated engine (Unity) and a whole new code to work on, they would definitely be able to build something grand and, most importantly, with little to no limitation (Java was a big ball-and-chain attached to their ankle). One little thing I wanted to write before closing this whole post is referred to their said "marketing team"..."Dofus" is not a well-received word, too similar to "doofus" and so we changed it to make the game have a chance in the US market? Oh god...not to sound rude but that's pretty silly, especially as a company with a very well-known franchise...but at the end of the day, understandable. It reminds me of the Subway's name story (the restaurant chain): What bothers me is what they went for with the new name...Wakfu Heroes...really? Really marketing team? As if we didn't have enough "[Add random thing] Heroes". That's either yet another sign that they're gonna heavily focus on handhelds and the boardgame, or they just don't understand how this name is gonna automatically label this game as any other appstore mobile-game out there, nothing special (and it might as well be), and kill any interest in people that despise both those types of games and mobile gaming in general. Please Ankama prove me wrong and release a great interesting and "complex" game, enjoyable solo and with friends; Don't go the mobile-way; Stop with the boardgame thing and focus on the game itself...the boardgame can come later if people actually like and get to know your game...
  12. Yesterday
  13. Post your goals and achievements

    pvm... very grim indeed
  14. Post your goals and achievements

    the grim adventures of bamboo and snoopy
  15. ready when you are. 1v1 for the emote, you know where to find me ^_^
  16. Holy Hannah, I won! Sick. :) Thank you for the event Rob, it was great! Congrats Somniatis! P.S: In yo face Snips, wanna fight me now? Come at me homeboy
  17. Dungeon Rusher Events

  18. where's mine??? you promised. can I have my 2bk back pls?
  19. Post your goals and achievements

    In our 3rd expedition beyond [-1,0]...
  20. 8 Man Team Composition?

    Hi, I'm not entirely where to put this subject matter in regards to 1.29 Dofus team composition so I am going to leave it here where the most of the activity comes from! I'm really happy to find out that this version of the game is back and I am able to enjoy a bit of my childhood. In regards to my question, it has been such a solidly long time since I last played 1.2x ( of the last being back in 2008 when it was live) and coming back to this version of the game I have no solid recollection of what is considered a decent team or not. What is considered a solid team in terms of enjoyment and flexibility? What is considerable of holding my own in terms of PVE? My current thoughts are: 1) Iop 2)Eni 3)Sac 4)Cra 5)Sram 6)Enu 7)??? 8)??? Thanks for any feedback and taking the time to read!
  21. Congratulations to @Mapleminou and @Aureus! Please send me a private message with your emote of choice from this list, character name and server. Thanks to everyone who took part :x
  22. S> ap exoes

    inn shield : 1 AP 16/25 power 5/5 critical 22/30 pushback damage 10/11 spell damage 9.5mk / 1 AP 18/25 power 4/5 critical 22/30 pushback damage 11/11 spell damage 9.5mk four-leaf : 1Ap 23/30 power 6/6 critical 12/12 dodge 14/14 range damage 24mk ilyzaelle shield 1 AP 144/150 vit 9/10% water resistance 8 mp loss resistance 13/15 % melee damage 21m hmu here on in game " shene-heals"
  23. The "What gear should I use" thread

    Similar to what I had in mind then, but used dolmo since pow is shit for summons. thanks though ^_^
  24. The "What gear should I use" thread

    np dis is ez https://www.dofusplanner.com/c2q1B/ pvm https://www.dofusplanner.com/PqjFK/ pvp
  25. The "What gear should I use" thread

    Class: Osa. Build: Air. Kamas/time available: All but vulbis. Current team: Osa,Cra,Enu,Panda and Sadida. Lvl range: 200. PvP or PvM oriented: Both. Extra comments: Ok so, I need 1 agi set for PvM and 1 for PvP,pls halp. Thanksssss !
  26. You've got until 18:00 DST to get your entries in!
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