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Register for the 4v4 'Echominator' PvP tournament! Registration closes on Friday, June 1st. [Click Here] for more information!

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  3. Gaint Kralove Lair

    Looking for some to help to get my team of 4 get through Lair Of The Giant Kralove dungeon for my Eternal Harvest Quest. IGN Ice-Bandit and Kylie-Jenner.
  4. Post your goals and achievements

    Playlist of all 200 dungeons solo with a Sadida (some among the easiest ones are missing, but not worth recording anyway)
  5. The "What gear should I use" thread

    Class: SramBuild: ?Kamas/time available: 50mCurrent team: Enu MP red, panda cha/int, omni craLvl range: 200Extra comments: Changing my main once again. Probably from sadi>sram, but not sure what element to go. Any advice on what element would go best with my current team? PvM
  6. Work is hapiness

    I think im gonna give it a go on saturday its probably the only day left i can next 3 weeks
  7. 8 Man Team Composition?

    +1 for Shatofu. <3
  8. Yesterday
  9. B> pets without stats

    Hi, i would like to buy these pets without stats Boarhog 1mk Tatouh 1mk Fosfor 400 kk Maulleycat 1.1mk Black dragoone 440kk Friendrake 1.4mk Bulbutting 200kk I can negotiate the price
  10. ill buy 320 kamas. the friend discount? <3
  11. S> Four Leaf (HISPANIC SHIELD)

    Shut the fuck up Robin
  12. Work is hapiness

    oh btw dont hesitate to write here should u arrange the quest cuz lately am busy af and not rly logging on
  13. Echominator [TOURNAMENT]

    Discord registration: 11. Concilliare Team Captain: (Hallocity), Trize, Iop, 200 (Lucariofan), Crash, Eca, 200 (Biased187), Likey-Likey, Enu, 200 (TeamElo-Hupper), Elocence, Sac, 200
  14. Woop Accepting just Ivory or 120mk please just buy it
  15. Bought, feel free to close it, Rob2. Thanks!
  16. Work is hapiness

    ty got it directly from a certain
  17. Work is hapiness

    wow nice name
  18. Work is hapiness

    hi /w breaking_tos_4.3.1_squed for at least 1 smith/carv person (and if lucky then 2 more smith/mags)
  19. 8 Man Team Composition?

    Elio! xD Eca & Osa would be nice to add to that comp. I miss the old Osa buffs being AoE
  20. Work is hapiness

    So I missed the opening of the secret cave a few days earlier If anybody's interested to help, leave a message here so we could maybe arrange a time/date I've got carver/smith/smithmagus 200 but all on same account
  21. Breeding Revamp

    It didn't take as long before they started adding extra classes. I liked doing them sometimes but it definitely felt like a chore doing them every single day. It mostly takes a long time though from having to run to all the different temples. Sure they have the potions but it's not really affordable or easy to juggle so many items. Why not just connect the temples with some sort of portal? Bounties are way more annoying than Dopples, so it seems dumb to replace rewards for something annoying with something more annoying.
  22. 8 Man Team Composition?

    Personally I dig the osa/eni/xelor/eca combo. All those buffs and heals (intel eca, osa, eni) and the extra ap make my fights go way faster for obvious reasons. There are better and faster players that don't need this though. I agree that you definitely need a panda. They are easy to gear up in at least 12/6 (pdb/pdc setup with possibilities for class items - no los vulns). Map manipulation and vuln mechanisms are way too precious not to get [ab]used. Panda is a must have. Fecas are used for reflects and shields (dora ghost/ougaa/bworker). Osas are used for revive, buffs and heals. Xelors devotion (+2 ap) and ability to numb certain monster (i.e Tan san and Dora ghost) is often used. Ecas are used for high [unreliable or reliable] damage or high heals with nice buffs. If you really want to max out efficiency - make your whole team the same element and make sure to have ap-buffers:
  23. Hey, I'm looking to buy MP Allister's Crown or MP Jammy Jack. Great stats in general,max res etc, if Crown, 2 summons is a must ! 12~18mk, depends. Thanksss !
  24. image.pngshes beauty and shes grace

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    2. Quadro


      @Barley Maid hi who's the grill in ur profile pic? asking for my friend for his research

    3. Barley Maid

      Barley Maid

      Some maid who hands out cereals.

    4. Quadro


      *rezips* rip friend's research

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