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  • Welcome to Imps Village

    ...the largest English speaking Dofus fan-forum. You can browse these forums completely ad-free as a part of our community by creating an account below! Begin your adventure at the Airport.

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    • Today, march 5, 2021, a new update has arrived on the Dofus Creator website where you can see not only all the invocations of Osamodas, but you can also see the damage caused by them! Take a look there: https://dofuscreator.com   See how beautiful the display of damage from summons was: Don't worry about the photo, the Dofus Creator has translations in English and also in French.     If you still don't know, or deliberately don't use the Dofus Creator but play Roublard, also know that on our website you can see the damage to all the bombs! You can even choose the shifts in which they are buffed and see the damage from explosions and glyphs, check out:     I’ve already mentioned here other times, but there are always new people coming, so know that currently Dofus Creator has exactly 10,623 public projects created by other players, you can see all these projects and filter by your character’s class, the element, game style (PvP or PvE) and you can even filter the price of the set you want to find! It seems like a lie, right? But it is not, take a look at the projects tab of the site: https://dofuscreator.com/projects   This update that just arrived brought several other news, you can follow everything that arrived on the website on the release notes page: https://dofuscreator.com/release-notes   Remembering that the Dofus Creator has a strand for the Dofus Retro! You can use here: https://retro.dofuscreator.com/   Currently, the Dofus Creator also has a beta application available on the PlayStore that works offline, but for now the only version of the database is in Portuguese, but soon it will arrive in English and French, take a look if you are interested: click here.   Thanks XD
    • That was a great idea, game upgradation is must, Actually I bought many Mimisymbics before, and I really enjoy with that upgradation.
    • Friends and Players Iconic to Me:   Zatoishwan:   Cra: Lifeinmyarrow - He is on the server's iconic list, but as for me, I found that he was more than just a 1 v 1 Amakna Village PvPer. I don't remember what we talked about in most of our conversations, but it always ended on a high note. I do know that he still saw me as a somebody even when he was far more accomplished. I found appreciation in that. Even though we eventually lost touch, I knew that he was going to be a name I couldn't forget easily. Fun fact. I ended up using his character name for my cra on Mono Retro server in respect and because I ran out of ideas for a character name.   Hidden-Bow (Sasha) - He was a close friend and confidant to Lady-Lips (Brant) even though they owned separate guilds within the alliance. Once I got to know Lady-Lips, he was the next person to talk to afterwards. He was nice to talk to even though the conversations may have ended up short.   Osamodas: Asians-Summon (Matt) - One of my first Asian friends in the game and always enjoyed talking to him which made my server experience less lonely.   Sleeping-Whip (Bohemia) - She's also on the server's iconic list. For me I found that she was a great fit for what I wanted and needed in the guild (Guardian Legacy) I was leading in the very late stages of the server. About a month or so remaining of the server's life, I would end up requesting a transfer to Rushu. I thought it over hard of who would be the right fit to take over and Sleeping-Whip came to mind. I had no regrets and she eventually would change the guild name to Utopia. To then see what she was then to the amount of breathing life to the current dreaded state of the official forums, I'm glad to came across someone that made positive impacts.   Beckydee - She was in my late guild for a short period of time before quitting the game. We didn't stay in contact for long. I found her to be very physically attractive after she showed me a few pictures for fun.   Huppermage: June - She was fun to talk to. Met late into the server.   Iop: Dean - A guy I bumped at the Frigost zaap in Frigost 1. He was advertising on recruit chat that he offered a big leveling service for a reward of 10 million kamas. In Zato early era, that was tremendous amount of kamas and it seemed more of a scam than an honest bargain. We would then discuss if he had all the right wisdom gear for this undertaking. He was missing the 120-150 pieces and asked for a recommendation for it. I would point out to notwithstand rings, mastralis cloak, dora bora, obsidemon amulet, floramor root, moowish belt, the maidartes, pure golden dragoturkey, etc. and he bought them all. I began to be more convinced and agreed to level him hard at kanigloos and mastogobs with my dissolution sacrier which took a long time. When he started to reach mid 100s, I started to care less whether the bargain would actually be fulfilled. When we finally reached to the mid 180s which was his desired goal, he actually exchanged me and placed the 10m, and accepted. Later on in the game, I would learn that it was generally better and secured if you have the person pay you for what you're capable of doing, before you actually do the service. Although to have this situation succeed, it brought back the power of hope. After it was over, we ended up exchanging emails, and kept in touch. Few months down the line, he would tell me that he had to go urgently to the hospital. I don't remember whether it was for him or someone that he knew, but that would be the last message I would hear from him.   Airandi - I don't remember how we met, but I know that we had a good understanding of one another.   Pandawa: Swanny - I met him when running Kwakwa dungeon to crush for elemental dam runes. He was my guide which eventually led me to join the guild Corruption. This opened the doors for me to meet some of the strongest players on the server.    Xelor: Alan-Mohammed - He was one of the only players that would drop everything and do things that was on my to do list for the day. This would go on for most of the days of that one year. I was naive and still can be which resulted in me finally agreeing to let him borrow my most prized sacrier at the time. All of my items were stripped when I checked the next day and my spirits were crushed. I ended up leaving Zato for this reason and began a new adventure on the server Solar. However, few years down the road, we would meet again by accident. While on Oto Mustam, I spotted a potential English speaker, and began to have a long conversation. We were under different aliases on heroic and told me what character and server he also belonged to. After a surge of painful memory, I decided to tell also which resulted in him being very surprised. His mood shifted and became apologetic of how greed blinded him and wanted to repay the debt. He would exchange me and put heavy sum of millions kamas before hitting accept. I ended up refusing the trade. At first glance, I thought I was entitled to compensation for the loss. I found that the sincerity in asking forgiveness, with the course of action, and acknowledging the issue covered the void I held for a long time. After that encounter, he completely disappeared.    Sacrier: Yess - She made my stay in the guild Strawhats worthwhile. We used to level on a lot of otomai grassy plains mobs at the lower levels of 60s-80s even though the exp was beyond terrible and talked nonstop in the guild chat. When the guild started to make a name for itself; tensions would grow between me and an Intelligence Xelor named Grentoine due to verbal misunderstanding. I put her in a tough spot which put strain on the friendship.   Harry - He would be one of my main duo chance sacrier partners when mastogob leveling was goldmine by locking them for days. A sacrier that was in the guild Illuminati which was mainly a PvP oriented guild.   Mini-Plizi - I can't remember if I spelled the last part of her name correctly. Even though we had difficult time understanding each other due to language communication barriers. We had a good time joking lightly in the short period. She eventually told our friend group at the time that she was going to transfer to another serve from another community that would be better understanding. It was not Shika, Solar, Rosal, or Rushu.   Sram: Novan-Flor (James) - I would enjoy watching his kolossium fights even though it may not have been the most skilled or strongest type of battles.   Lady-Lips (Brant) - He was leader of the alliance Resurrection at the time to Kochavi's alliance Valiance. He always knew how to keep the conversation interesting and flowing when the server was a complete ghost town.    Xelor: Tells-Best - Even though we were in big separate guilds of Strawhats and Avarice at the time, we would always have cool casual conversations in pm.   Chazzler - He was always easy and comfortable to talk to. Had the good vibes.   To be continued.....      
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