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  • Welcome to Imps Village

    ...the largest English speaking Dofus fan-forum. You can browse these forums completely ad-free as a part of our community by creating an account below! Begin your adventure at the Airport.

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    • I know it is a lot to read and needed to get all my thoughts out there haha. If I leave a missing part out, then it is hard to get a clearer picture. Maybe one day we'll meet on Ily again.
    • 2long 2read bochi, but get your smexi **** to ily :3
    • Where to start? I'll tell you a little bit about myself and the server. I've played starting from the opening day of the server 2020 February 25th. The server would reach at its highest peak 2-3 months in at about 10,000 to 12,000 characters according to the alliance fellow pages. It was overwhelming for most since it became difficult to move around freely without having to worry about every single step you take. Fast forward another few months into the summer and that number became approximately 500 to 700 characters. It was an unexpected downward spiral that hit the server hard. There were so few of us remaining that everyone lost interest very quickly. I never thought that would happen to me and ended up taking a 5-6 month break as of today. Some old friends told me to take a sneak peek at the server again and I was surprised to see it go back up to about 3500 characters. 2.5 to 6% and back up to 30 to 35% capacity. It's not as much from the start, at least it has an upward trajectory for the time being which is a big positive.We had an English alliance that was always small from the start. It was a simple name called English Empire. Why? Because that was one of the best ways to know that the place had players speaking that language. It can quickly become confusing to know if there's even a community of a minority on the server that exists. We had a lot of stressful moments because every mistake you make can either effect you or the entire team. You're the one person that is a valuable asset to the community. You can be the difference between life or death. Your contributions go a long way to each and every one of our own journeys. The doors open to a new world unlike anything you expect it to be. There's so many different ways to go at a certain situation and some are fatal or a blessing in disguise.It's comfortable knowing that you will always have everything you own whether its on Echo, Ilyzaelle, Jahash, Boune, and the list goes on. However, you only get that momentary high when new content is finally released and everyone rushes at it full speed making the value go down quickly before your very eyes. Then the withdrawal symptoms appear and you're left thinking; "What is there left to do?" Don't get me wrong. There's plentiful of monster achievements, acquiring every piece of gear you can get your hands on (especially level 200 gear), reaching the top of kolossium ladder, and drifting in another imaginary world of infinite dreams. There's very few emotions that gets checked on after long periods of time and you have that inner desire of wanting something more and unexpected. That's where servers like Shadow (Ombre) and Heroic (Thanatena and Oto Mustam) come into play for those seeking an adventure that'll never end.What's fun in dying a lot? I get that question a lot over the years. You'll lose items, some kamas, and definitely character levels from the beginning of progression even to the later stages. It's the gaining of situational experiences, newfound respect and appreciation of the server elements, and the people that you'll end up close with since the fights and experiences you come across are magnified by many multiples. You need each other to have success. A solo game is not enough. Patience is something you'll continuously be tested on. There'll be times when you win as well and when they do happen, let me tell you, you are in for a treat. Some wins can make you have tears of joy cause it was a tug of war. It's hard to describe that feeling in many words until you actually decide to go through it. Each experience is always a learning curve no matter how good you start to become. Even the greatest players stumble, although they will find quicker ways to be at the top once again.To summarize it all up. I been reflecting on nostalgic memories I made throughout the heroic server experience and now my burning desire is slowly returning. The English community is a complete cemetery right now and if we're going to make this work for a while, we're going to need anyone who's willing to stick it out thick and thin. Death is unavoidable, but so is reaching to glory if we want it bad enough. We're going to have to discuss your progress and goals, understanding and accepting the vision of the server, how we're going to have to operate in group PvP and PvM (voice chat specifically discord is a must have) because it makes a whole lot easier to communicate when a situation gets intense and our hands has to be elsewhere on the keyboard and mouse, how we're going to organize on the time frames that plans happen (that will only happen if we can get enough long-term interest meaning enough people), and guild or alliances.I find that it is a good time to return or begin again after so much downward negativity on the server. Be warned that there will always be cheaters on the server, let us rise above that with dignity. If you're interested, leave a reply here and we'll need to sort out the discord, guild, and alliance situation. I'm looking for players that are able to play at around the time of this post or slightly earlier so we can experience more realistically. If you are at the far opposite of the time spectrum, you can still give it a shot even though we may not meet online so you don't get the wrong idea. I also will add in that it is a new experience for me too and there's a lot I don't know either. God bless everyone.    
    • Today, march 5, 2021, a new update has arrived on the Dofus Creator website where you can see not only all the invocations of Osamodas, but you can also see the damage caused by them! Take a look there: https://dofuscreator.com   See how beautiful the display of damage from summons was: Don't worry about the photo, the Dofus Creator has translations in English and also in French.     If you still don't know, or deliberately don't use the Dofus Creator but play Roublard, also know that on our website you can see the damage to all the bombs! You can even choose the shifts in which they are buffed and see the damage from explosions and glyphs, check out:     I’ve already mentioned here other times, but there are always new people coming, so know that currently Dofus Creator has exactly 10,623 public projects created by other players, you can see all these projects and filter by your character’s class, the element, game style (PvP or PvE) and you can even filter the price of the set you want to find! It seems like a lie, right? But it is not, take a look at the projects tab of the site: https://dofuscreator.com/projects   This update that just arrived brought several other news, you can follow everything that arrived on the website on the release notes page: https://dofuscreator.com/release-notes   Remembering that the Dofus Creator has a strand for the Dofus Retro! You can use here: https://retro.dofuscreator.com/   Currently, the Dofus Creator also has a beta application available on the PlayStore that works offline, but for now the only version of the database is in Portuguese, but soon it will arrive in English and French, take a look if you are interested: click here.   Thanks XD
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