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Dofus Dungeons - Blog

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Links to different posts in this thread about official information regarding Dofus Dungeons

  • Introduction and ideas. (March 9th, 2018) (Scroll down below the Table of Contents)
  • Macro vision. (March 16th, 2018)






Introduction to Dofus Dungeons

Hello everyone,

First of all, I welcome you to this new blog. The most diligent of you have heard me explain that we were going to take a new turn internally. A lot of messages were exchanged and as soon as I spoke about our thoughts on new directions hundreds of tweets followed one another...
It's quite crazy to see that some topics, which we announced as "thoughts", are transformed into what players want to see. Subjects go from "being thoughts" to "being in development" in the minds of some, and the blast extends to sometimes becoming uncontrollable. Strangely, the only way to calm this "buzz" is to ignore it. Yes friends, we are sometimes reduced to that and it's scary. To get things back up quickly and avoid overflows, we decided to launch this blog and communicate with you earlier than expected on what we want to do in the coming months.
I spoke of "taking a new turn", of wanting to "reinvent ourselves" and of wanting to push the conversations with you further.
I do not drag the suspense any longer: this new turn is called Dofus Dungeons and I will explain our ambition concerning this "new project" (I place "new project" in quotation marks because we will use the Dofus engine to propose you this new experience).

First, before getting to the bottom of the subject, I want to explain to you why we want to share this blog here rather than on dofus.com or somewhere more official. Those who follow the evolution of Dofus Cube will seek, for now, information on my personal blog.
This blog, created in October of last year, was a need for me to return to the simple conversations of our beginnings. As you know, Ankama has grown considerably over the years and gradually we have lost some values. The fundamentals are still there, basically, but drowned in the mass of things to do... Everything has become more complex, slower, heavier.
If I started my own blog, it's not because I wanted to short-circuit what we've put in place in recent years, but rather to find myself more creative. So for a few months now, I've been taking a lot of pleasure sharing the projects we're working on.
Wishing to initiate a new movement around the Dofus MMO, I naturally said that the simplest thing was to resume this format. Obviously, I hope that it will achieve success as well as it did on my personal blog and that the constructive conversations will be at the rendezvous.
Finally, and before going further in the explanation of our project, I want to tell you that I will not tolerate insults, aggressive messages or other malicious acts.
Don't be a Persona.



What is Dofus Dungeons?

Dodo (from its inspired code name) is a Dofus-based game mode. You will therefore simply access the project by launching your favourite MMO. Dofus Dungeons will be accessible as a normal server. No new game to install, which should guarantee you the same level of technical accessibility/performance. Concerning the gameplay, you will play the same classes (even if there will probably be no more than 10 at the start) with the same spells and the same mechanics (guilds, groups.
..). However, we are wondering whether we should offer the spells of the current Dofus or 1.29, or work a mix between the two. We will make this decision by talking to you and collecting your feedback. As its name suggests, the game mode will be based on (new) dungeons with (often) new families of monsters. This game mode is therefore, above all things, focused on PvM. It's so much PvM that there will be no trades. There will also be no open world, but rather many small instances. I imagine that all this information should leave you with more questions than anything else. Rest assured, you will have, on this blog, several times a week, the progress of the project.



In terms of the story, I won't lie that it's going to stay very simple, although the goal is to introduce you to a new very important character. In terms of the universe, we should rather see this game mode as a big dimension disconnected from the rest. I would like to avoid, at first, the big quests full of texts. The idea is to develop something quite new with a system of narrative information directly integrated into the fighting. That is, your opponents will give you information while you face them.
In Dofus Dungeons, you must also know that you will find all the heroes of our universe. We are preparing a scenario based on parallel worlds that will tell you more about the subject.



A new artistic direction

We will also take the opportunity to introduce a new graphic style. One of our developers is currently working on the 3D acceleration for the game that should allow us to add new effects, more lively animations and bring life to the decorations... I have often spoken and I think that this time, it's good: we will try to gradually merge the different artistic directions of our games. Obviously, this will be done smoothly and with your agreement. We even think that it would be possible to coexist the old graphic style with the new, in the worst case. We must ask ourselves concretely on the subject because it is a big issue for us. In terms of industry, I let you imagine the possibilities of creation if we managed to bring together the artistic teams. Rather than 3-4 animators per team, we could have 12-15 animators who would produce the same content for all our games. My point of view never changed on the subject, be it Dofus, Wakfu, Krosmaga... It is about a single universe whose adventures develop in different times. I dream of a unification of the whole, even if I know that it is a subject that will divide. Dofus Dungeons will allow us to present you something new and I cross my fingers that you will like it. For information, the idea is to be as close as possible to our cartoons.



One of the other great intentions of this project is to return to the source, the origins of Dofus. So, you'll probably say: "That's nice Tot, but in 13 years, it's not just a source, it's a whole river!". And you're right. To me, the "sources" are above all a simple and fun gameplay through a loot in the heart of the game, quick access to areas and fast, lucrative fights.



Why do Dofus Dungeons as a separate game mode?

This is certainly the big question you ask yourself. It's really about making big experiments that could not take place in the current Dofus because it is too risky. Here is the list of what we want to test (and I insist on the word "test"):

Free to Play: No need to subscribe to play Dofus Dungeons. We will see if the mechanics that we propose to you are viable (economically speaking). Depending on the feedback, we can think about adapting some ideas to our historical game.
Art direction: Completely change the artistic design on decorations and characters. As I explained above, this is one of the big projects that will allow us to save time later.
Character classes: Adjustment of class spells according to your proposals. Hard to achieve on the classic MMO, much less risky on this separate game mode. We must decide whether to keep the current spells, return to the old 1.29 spells, or to propose something new.
3D acceleration: Run tests on this development and check if everything works well. The goal is obviously not to redo Dofus in 3D. 2D will remain in the spotlight, but with better performance.
A new way of communicating: I talk about it below as it is perhaps one of the most important topics.

As you can see, most of these points are virtually impossible to apply in our historic MMO and we will take advantage of this game mode to test them. The idea is obviously to integrate everything that works into Dofus.


Ankama and its community

We hope, through this project, to develop a new way to exchange our ideas with you. Each week, we will present our progress here. But above all, I would like us to be able to propose working groups and use the ideas that we would all have together. For example, for 2 weeks we will open the topic around the "Loot". The goal will be to think of new ideas around this feature and develop them. How to renew a mechanic that is present for so long? I'm sure we can have hundreds of ideas. We will take the best ideas and list them and then implement them in the game.

Of course, this can not happen without some order and maximum respect and we will remove any messages that are anti-constructive or have nothing to do with the subject requested.



Regarding Dofus

I will finish this first message by talking a bit about Dofus and Wakfu MMOs. For having already experienced such situations, I know we will have thousands of responses of the type "during that time, you will not work on your key games". So I want to announce that the games will experience a drop in pace in terms of updates. But that does not mean we will not do anything, far from it. We will work on new features (which we will talk about soon) and especially, spend a few months purifying the games of their bugs. In addition, you must understand that all the tests we are going to do on this game mode are intended to prepare the ground for our historical games.

In terms of deadlines, we will do everything to present you the first tests in July. We do not know exactly where this new game mode will be, but the idea is to go fast and experiment with it.

Edited by Gravestorm

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Free to play game mode in the same client as their subscription-based modes???


Lots of missing info... The way its framed today it sounds like a strategy to give new players literally no reason to try the classic servers unless they want an ultra complex and somewhat inaccessible MMO. Why join the real game and pay when you can enjoy the cute art and unique battle mechanics for free in a super simple-sounding format instead?

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It's mostly to do big experiments, don't think much progress will be saved.

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For bigger experiments I think it might not be bad. Like graphical updates and dungeons that might be added to the main game? I'll judge it when the time comes. For now it sounds to me like a beta server that's for big concepts instead of gradual updates while also being a game for people that are more interested in pvm overall?

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don't like this... i would prefer if they focus on the main game and bring the "free to play" there...


this "new game" with only dj, no pvp, no trades.. and maybe quest? sound just a "test server" 


i love pvm, i love quest, but i also like kolo 3vs3 and fight perce 5vs5 with friends... but this? 


nope... the should focus on making dofus better and free... not always try to create new game with the money they gain from dofus and then waste all of them.. 

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Back to Table of Contents.


Post from Dofus Dungeons blog from March 16th, 2018.





Breathtaking brains, dozens of sketches, overheated Cintiqs, wall-to-wall post-itings and plenty of ideas: that sums up pretty much this first week of pre-production! As much to tell you that it has been very productive and that the project is already moving in the right direction.

For this first post, we will discuss the first tracks of Level Design of the project in macro vision.




What is macro? Simply a broad and global vision of the project, with big ideas and the direction in which we are heading.

To put yourself in good condition, let's forget the level design of Dofus and start from a blank sheet: on arrival at the game, no open world, no dispersion, but a progression corridor that defines your circuit. We will call it the Hub.



Composed of several rooms, the HUB has multiple functions:
It first serves as a meeting place for other players, although this is not the only place where you can gather.
It also determines your geographic location and by extension, your game progress.
Last but not least, it is your gateway to the dungeons that make up the areas of each room.

To better visualize the whole, imagine a horizontal directional line (= the Hub) sequenced in several parts (= the rooms) which lead each vertically (= the doors) to different zones (= the dungeons).

Or, you can thank Poolay for this little summary sketch:



At this point, you have to understand that a room is necessarily more than one dungeon and that the progression of the game works in stages: to pass in room 2, you will first have to perform missions in the dungeons of room 1.


Zones & Dungeons

If the Hub is relatively neutral like a long endless tunnel, the zones and their dungeons are part of a universe specific to the current room, the idea being to propose very different atmospheres from one room to another. We are talking about unique mini-worlds:



The number of zones remains to be defined and may vary from one mini-world to another. The focus is placed on the coherence of the progression, from a graphical point of view as well as game mechanics and the storyline.

Mapping side, we focus on simplicity with a watercolor rendering on a real 16:9 (exit on the side edges will be lost!) And a slightly modified grid to have larger boxes.

Here is a first idea with Snowy's research:



That's it, you should now have a vision that is a little (a little bit?) clearer of the world in which you will be able to moor Dofus Dungeons!


Back to Table of Contents.

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