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Micro Blogs

So far we have been rather discreet about our work in progress, but today we would like to offer you a little preview.

Builds pages

Many of you asked us for characteristics pages where you would be able to save your builds. We are currently working on the development of this feature.

The idea is to replace the fast use equipment system, already present in-game, with one that takes into account not only all the stuff, but also the characteristics points and the added variations from the spells.



Encyclopedia at your fingers

In order to make it easier for you to access information that until now was only visible on our website, we feel that it is time for the encyclopedia to be accessible in-game too.

In addition to the bestiary, you will find new tabs: equipment, consumables, and resources.  


New filters will allow you to refine your search, making it more dynamic.

Average prices in the Marketplaces will be displayed.

The idea is that you will be able to estimate the cost of a craft or compare two pieces of equipment directly from this interface without having to leave the game client.

All that we revealing to you in this Micro-Blog is WIP (Work In Progress) and is likely to be modified, but please do not hesitate to give us your feedback.

See you soon!

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Get a preview of what we're working on behind the scenes of the game DOFUS.

You gave us a lot of feedback on the first micro-blog about build pages and the encyclopedia. We'll have the opportunity to go deeper into these topics and thereby answer your questions in a future post, once their functionality has been improved.


One small point: We work on many aspects of the game every week, but we will concentrate on one or two subjects at a time in each micro-blog.


Over the last few weeks, the level design team has been reworking the Sacrier Temple. In light of your feedback about update 2.45 and the new version of the temple, we decided to review it both inside and out so it will better match the 2.44 version and worship of the goddess Sacrier.



Everything that we reveal to you in these micro-blogs is WIP (Work in Progress) and is therefore subject to change.

See you soon in the next micro-blog!

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My eyes are bleeding...

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