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142 Int/Agi Cra

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Hi all!


Been away from Dofus for awhile, coming back to a whole load of changes which has been incredibly difficult to get used to. Unfortunately it seems that whilst I was away, my account was hacked - so I get a fresh start! :) 


I've got a Cra, lvl 142, main focus is int/agi PvE!


Here's the trouble though, I can't seem to find many (if any!) int/agi based sets, so I wondered if you had any suggestions for that?


Also, what type of weapon to go for? I was thinking something close range to fall back on in an attacker gets up close and personal, but what are the best options around? Do classes still suffer with -dmg buffs for choosing certain weapons?


Any help & advice would be appreciated... oh, and happy holidays! :)

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