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All idols combinations which reach a score of 300 or higher

Okay, first off, there are too many to put them all in this post. But this isn't clickbait either.


Of the 625,173,825 possible idol combinations, 7,000,515 (~1.1%) have a score greater than or equal to 300


Obviously, looking through all of these by hand would be an absolute chore, and nobody sane would do it.


Full dataset available here : https://github.com/mikeshardmind/dofus-utils


Dataset is sorted by increasing idol score, starting at score 300


There is also a tool in there for paring that dataset down into more usable chunks based on which idols you want and don't want, and whether or not they should work solo. (Last part is broken, will fix later)


For help

python idolfilter.py -h


Additional stats:

There are 27, 051 combinations with a score >= 400

There are only 8 combinations with a score >= 500

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Because I've had some complaints by people who don't understand why this isn't a good idea to do:


Don't decompress the gzip'd data and then think it will open just fine in something like notepad. It wont. It is a normal text file, but most text editors are not built to handle files that large.

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