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S> Exos

MP Unsound Mind Headgear:-



345/350 vit

54/60 int

54/60 cha

43/50 wis

4 crits 

14/15 fire dmg

14/15 water dmg

11/12 heals

10 MP resistance

14/15 lock

10% earth resistance

2/20 pb dmg 


Looking for 50-55m offers. Willing to go through negociations within the price range. 


1 Range/ 2% air resistance MenoBelt.


1 Range

2% Air Resistance

346/350 vit

79/80 agi

36/40 wis 

6 crits


20 air dmgs. 

10/12 ap reduction

10%Earth Resistance


70m -80m or any reasonable offer  is to be considered. Open for negociation


Edited by Maltese-Killer
Added Menobelt

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bump :D

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