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[ILYZAELLE] Silk Road is now recruiting English speaking players

Hello all!


This post is meant to inform those interested in learning about and possibly joining this brand new guild on Ilyzaelle.


First and foremost, I'd like to introduce myself. My in-game name is Abandonego and in the real world I work full-time for my city's Fire Department accounting services and during my free time, despite my partner hating my hermit life, I game game and game. I always have and most likely always will. Gaming is a form a stress relief, as we all know, and therefore I'm magnetized to it and everyone else who plays games with me for the same reason, fun. Community building in the gaming scene has also been an interest of mine for quite some time. If it's administering a CoD community of 50+ players, leading a 500-man ESO clan, or giving a helping hand to Rust official servers, I am in. And now, I am beginning another task and adventure with this Dofus guild.


Silk Road is a guild that I aspire to grow bottom-up into a guild that represents the English-speaking community in few ways. It is meant to represent the gamer that can be hardcore, that can be casual, that can be knowledgeable or be a newbie, that can be all those things AND that is a respectful, polite, and positive person. Silk Road is a guild meant to break bridges between players and function as a community able to play together through camaraderie and service.


If you are interested in giving Silk Road a try, please message me here, in game or e-mail me at ma.abandonego@gmail.com. Also feel free to reach out to me or our members over Discord!


See you in game!

Edited by Abandonego
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Good luck bro maybe we fan form an alliance with Moon Brigade and Seven! :)

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Hello Folks! 


I just wanted to keep those who may be interested, updated on the progress of Silk Road.


We currently house 100 members on Illyzaelle, give or take. Of those 100 members, 80 members remain active. I do plan on reaching out to those who are MIA to find out if they will continue to play. The guild is also level 15 and has an average level of about 45. 


As the guild grows and members settle in, we have also incorporated our set of rules to help avoid complications, if any. Here are our rules as of now:

1. Be respectful/polite to guild members and non-guild members. This rule isn't meant to moderate chat or behavior on a micro level, but meant to avoid drama caused by aggression, disrespect or hurt feelings.

2. Do not scam or screw over another guild member. 

3. No Racism, No Sexism, No Homophobia, No Exceptions. This includes ill-intended use of terminology and some terms all together. 


Aside from rules, Silk Road has managed to successfully host a couple guild giveaways within the last couple weeks to promote and encourage team work between guildies, and will continue to do so. As of now, any member may reach out and give another member a shout out for their friendliness/camaraderie or helpfulness/service and in return, the guild will reach out to those members on a biweekly basis to hand out prizes and rewards. In addition, guild members (special shout out to Caddy) have hosted their own giveaways within Silk Road, promoting donations in experience and guild activity and hopefully will continue to do so as the guild lives and breathes. 


Silk Road has evolved and continues to evolve accordingly to what our members seek. As of now, we are a friendly community of level-headed players who aren't rushing the game to complete server-firsts, but instead focusing on helping each other on our own quests, hunts, dungeons, gear and accommodating as much as possible to each member's progression. 


Silk Road is also currently searching for an alliance with like-minded guilds and people. We are aware that a strong alliance is highly desirable by our members due to advantages that come along with conquering territories, but our members are even more interested in being part of an alliance where the guilds involved are simply cooperating and communicating, and I know as a fact other guilds are interested in this as well. So let this be a message to other English-speaking guilds that Silk Road is interested in an English-speaking alliance and are more than willing to cooperate with you to create one or join one!


If you are interested in being a part of Silk Road, please reach out to me, or join our Discord. Otherwise feel free to lurk around and tune in on our future updates with Silk Road. ^^

Edited by Abandonego
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Fun guild, good people, would recommend 10/10. :)

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