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n 2008 Twofingers (first level 200 enutrof) created an academy-guild for Blank and Critical Failure, named Under The Edge which he lead under his alt Reqonsuita. His supreme leadership and helpful hand lead to a lot of new members for both our guilds. During his leadership he singlehandedly helped 100's of players evolve to become bigger players at Rushu. Some playing still today. I'll go ahead and say that Twofingers was, without a doubt, the best leader Rushu ever encountered.

Jumpermina was one of these players, and this guild is his creation.

Who we are

In our guild you'll find many names you'll recognize from Imps Village. Me, Jumper, Kikn, Pantaleo, Hendzors, Topinator, Veldin, Bobeur to mention a few. If you feel you're starting to get tired of the constant changes on Echo and want to try out something new old - you are welcomed to join us. Here's a very stabile server with good economy, nostalgia, friendly and (semi)mature atmosphere in a mixed community. French, english, spanish or even swedish works!


What it's like


You can be a solo player and play with others, or you can do it the old fashioned style and run with 8 characters. You have unlimited chests on enus, your sacrier with it's crazy buffs is nearly unbeatable in pvm, your xelor will take down any monster to 0 ap, your eniripsa heals like a god, you can do "ratting" with your sadida or be an overpowered osa/eca/sram/feca. Every class is what it was like when it was at it's prime but the most amazing aspect is the music! Apart from this, you can actually drop items and resources. Start with adventurer set, then gobball, then prespic, then jelly and finally build up your character in a chanting bora to inky veil with a dropped turq and crimson. You'll need this when you start hunting perceptors (which is a welcoming thing here).

Why we want you

Many of our members are on breaks, but just as me - they will eventually return. We are cool with that as we play dofus as a game and understand that life can be busy. Others joined another guild called "International" - which is a very solid, friendly and strong english speaking guild. Why am I inviting you then? Because we want to get to know you. We don't mind if you move on to another guild and use us as you start out. The main thing is we'll get to know this community and actually have fun together. There are no updates, no revamps, no nerfs. No changes at all actually. This makes Henual the opposite to what Echo is today.

I can make this topic 100 times longer so I'll sum it up:

If you want to try this out - you are welcomed to join our guild either to stay or to make acquaintances until you decide to try another guild. We wouldn't mind more company either way.

Pm me here and I'll get in touch with you. Most of us had our nicknames taken on Henual, so it can be a bit tricky to find us.



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Looks good I use to play on eratz quite a bit but a lot of people quit nice to see people staying committed to 1.29 (:

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Heya! Are you guys still around?


Id like to join the guild if possible.

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Is this the real perc class in those screens? 

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The guild is still around, but most players aren't playing anymore, due to lack of time.

Theres always Void you can join on henual.

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We are still around as well either server maybe play both just let me know if you if you need an invite on eratz (:

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