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Back from a Hiatus

Hey guys, I'm back from a year or two long hiatus from the game. I saw that the server merge finally happened, which I guess can't be that bad of a thing. I'm currently running 2 accounts around level 50 trying to get back into the game. Does anyone know of some lower-level (or just more active) guilds that I would be able to join? I'm looking to play with an active group of people. Finally, are there any good Iop guides that people have laying around? Being gone from the game this long has caused me to be bit rusty on builds and leveling. Best regards! 


(PS feel free to add me on Echo my nicknames are MozaBug and MozaThug!)

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Welcome back! These guys enjoy helping lower leveled or newer players. I'm not sure how active they are though. Good luck with your search! 



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