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Fireklin's merchant

Hello, I selling some "hard to get" resourches and items. 

Koutoulou Larva Wings - 600kk each

Catseye Die's - 550kk each

Captain Meno Hairs - 190kk each

Queen of Thieves Embroidery - 600kk each

Merkator Beards - 170kk each

Atcham Hair - 20mk


Items (we can make deal about lower price, no problem):

Belteen - 13mk

Shorpoon - 14mk

Moum-Ra's Hood - 18mk

Meno Cap - 13mk

Hairsh Bracelet (AP exo) - 15mk

Fugitive Ring - 20mk

Mantax - 14mk

Catseye Bow - 11mk

Menobelt - 17mk

...and some more expensive items...


I also wanna buy Vortex Wings and Skt-Zo legs, if someone are interested, you can pm me in game to one of my alts: Fireklin, Fireklin-eni, Chupacabre, Balkan-Pride, Neo-Shiro, Tauriel-cro, Demotrick.



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