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Hey, help, Im lost.

First of all, hello humans! :3


So in the past few years I've been playing dofus on and of over and over again.

Sadly enough, I didn't ever achieve something worth mentioning. I always used to play with some friends, get leeched to oblivion and quit.

Now, we decided to come back and give it a fair shot with our own efforts. Despite the fact that my friend already got a 199 account, that was an amazingly long time ago and has nothing to do with me really, sorry. x_x


We finally hit out first milestone, level 100. Yay! No - no - no - no no no.

Yes we were happy, we got here by our own sweat and effort. But.. No kamas.

So hell, lets buy ogrines, which we did. Now I have to say, I don't mind doing this with every set I want to buy.. But.. I honestly don't want to, lol. It would take all the fun away.

So after we bought our sets, I kinda felt wrong about it. Like cheating. Why didn't we had money? Why is everything so expensive? Is it normal to not be able to just buy a set? I've played tons of mmorpg's but never really had a problem like this. Did we do something wrong? Was it because we simply grinded our way instead of questing? Is it because we need professions for money? I literally am lost and want an answer.. I don't want to buy ogrines everytime a new set is available. I want to honestly play the game but how?


I asked my guildies and they all said hard work pays off, or git good or.. go catch mounts and go breed them.. but this takes months?! 

There was one dude that actually explained alot to me, daily quests main quests and to not grind at all, but to just quest, and do dung achievements.. If I would need money -> prof. But he also mentioned to be able to make money, you need a prof high. But it already took ages? 


Is the best way for xp -> main quest -> dofus quest -> dung achievs?

     If yes, 

     how do I follow this? Where do I start? How do I know what Im doing? lol 

And the best way for kamas -> 150+ profs?

     If yes,

     Isn't this a huge timesink?

What about gear then? 


Honestly I don't even know what to ask anymore, I got way to much questions but don't know what I want to know, If that even makes any sense..


Would love to hear a detailed answer because honestly, Im brain farting, Im lost and don't know what to do lol.

Don't be afraid to add some general information to it, Im open for everything I need to know honestly.. 


Sorry for these noob-ish emberassing questions.



Im playing on Rushu,

Multi logging a Sram and an eni.

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Nobody will tell you how they make their kamas. But generally speaking, achievements give quite a bit of kamas. Especially dungeon ones because they also give you a lot of matts which you can do many things with. Fight shit, drop shit, craft shit, sell shit. 

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You have to try and find yourself some kind of method or business that works for you and meets your requirements, and then do it.

This means experimenting, investing and looking for ways until you find one that works for you, in my opinion. Some people will disagree with me on that, but I think those guys just found a way pretty easily. It took me months to find a viable way, as a solo accounter. 

If it's a matter of buying sets, and you have a team with you and your friends, you could always try dropping the mats and having the items crafted (assuming you don't have your own profs levelled) to get new sets, or going with below-average, cheaper sets until you can work your way up.

Good luck :p

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This is the problem that Dofus has, imo. On almost any other MMORPG, money-making is rudimentary since you can put literally anything up for sale and you'll get money for it. Here, you have to know what to put on the market and pray that a buyer purchases the item before bots/other people undercut you. You have to find out what people want and evaluate if it is worth spending your time on. As Sam said, nobody wants to put their cards on the table if it means other people will want a piece of the cake. In the end however, when you see that "[Bank] + 1,000,000 kamas : Sale of [My ass]" you'll treasure it even more.


Now I understand that this is very abstract advice but it is essentially up to you to find a lucrative money-making scheme. For a good test, try and support yourself without using irl money for p2p. If you manage to do so, you've got yourself handled and if not, you have to keep on looking. 

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6 hours ago, Crajj said:

... Isn't this a huge timesink?...


Making kamas in a nutshell right there.

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I think you could do treasure hunts for some decent kamas and with serve merge hopefully gives more new players decent way to make kamas as well 

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