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Spamming a dungeon for xp on 1.29?

I was wondering what dungeon you recommend i spam with my team to get some xp and drops i guess. 


70 Eni (cha)

69 Xelor (agi) 

53 Cra (int)

57 Eca (str) 

32 Panda-Wisdom atm

Sac 28 (cha/vit)

Feca (wisdom) 37

Sadida 47 (str/damage) 



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Posted (edited)

Before 2.0 I remember doing tons of blop dungeon, which was really easy for my str sadi to clear fast and safe. It was also really easy to recover the mats to make the keys, drop the materials or simply drop the keys. It yielded the best xp while keeping it easy and cheap. Raised my whole 8-man team up to 100 there, before frigost came. 



Now, I honestly think you should raise one of your characters first to a decent level (100) and put the rest on wisdom. That way you will save tons of time. After level 60 it will becaome tedious and you won't see much progress. I also recommend to get an enu (ditch  one of xelor/cra/feca/eca) and perhaps a sacrier. I remember the holy grail on 1.29 being panda-eni-sacrier, plus enus are amazing in keeping enemies at distance and drops (which I guess is still really important there without achievements).


Anyways, having  a main character that can carry your whole team is the best strat. I think there's no superior leacher than sadida btw, both in 1.29 and 2.4x.

Edited by sebas8181

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welli currently have a eni panda sac on my team too!  and okay ill try blop  spamming 450kk for 100 keys here i come lol

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Haha. Before using that amount of kk try one run and see if its good for you, and by yourself other dungeons or zones. I recall rats on brak/bonta sewers with sadida+damage strat was amazing but not sure if it applies for 1.29 or older versions. As I always say when someone asks for leveling places, search good stars for bonus and do it efficiently/according to your team characteristics.   


But I'm pretty sure blops are very good if you manage to get good clearing speeds. 

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Yeah!  the sadi needs 61 and than i can start ratting myself!

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