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Collision Checking Sheet [Seemyools]

Since so many people have been having trouble with it, here's a spreadsheet I made that will automagically check for genetic collisions in the family tree of seemyools.




There is some example data there to demonstrate, but I would suggest using longer IDs than shown.


How to use it:
Give each first generation seemyol a unique ID
When breeding, make an ID not being used already each time you breed 2 mounts that haven't been bred together before (siblings should have same ID)
Fill that into the sheet
Don't leave pregnant mounts able to give birth (keep them as a cert until birth time)
When the pregnant mount gives birth, give every child the ID from step 2

As long as you use the sheet as above, you should be warned of possible collisions before hand.

You can't use the version I linked, you need to copy it or download it to edit it.

The formulas could be cleaned up a bit, but I was being lazy and just hid a bunch of the ugly stuff.

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