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      Buying/Selling Topics - Guidelines   04/25/17

      Please include a selling or offering price in all marketplace forums. This is clearly outlined in our marketplace guidelines, you may view these at any time in the subforum below. Threads failing to adhere to these guidelines may be removed without warning.   CLICK HERE.

Buying Elemental Fragments (&selling spares)

I'm buying the elemental fragments for Ellie's Mental Amulet :3


First Fire

Second Fire

Third Fire

Fourth Fire


First Earth

Second Earth

Third Earth $$$

Fourth Earth


First Water

Second Water

Third Water

Fourth Water


First Air

Second Air

Third Air

Fourth Air


If crossed out, I have it.

If there are dollar signs next to it, I have spares which I'm willing to sell.

Buying and selling prices negotiable but based on the average prices.


Thanks :)



IGN: Sommanker

Post here

Pm me on here

Ankabox - Ankama nickname: Matuker


Edited by Sommanker

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Bump, only need a few more - would really appreciate being able to buy these to avoid duplicates <3

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your chances of getting those when merge is trippeled three times, good luck though :)

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