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Dofus 3 (Dofus Cube)

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this is the last news for dofus cube? 

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It looks interesting but i too don't like the mobile vibe I'm getting cause with a strategy/tactics game like Dofus it can be so hit or miss.

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Post from Tot's blog from November 2nd, 2017.




Hello everyone,
Today we are going to tackle a topic that you all look forward to. You have been asking for months, waiting for it more than for Wakfu season 4, some have even dreamed of it: fragments!
Okay, I'm joking, you've never heard of it. I admit, it's not going to be the article of the year, especially with so few images/animations. It will therefore be necessary to be satisfied with my few paragraphs of texts. Yes, I know, it's sad but it will happen sometimes... Articles with few pictures and just text. Believe me, I am the first affected but we will have to live with this injustice.



Background of Fragments

Fragments, but fragments of what? This is certainly the first question you ask yourself. Well, it's about shell fragments of Dofus. I had previously explained to you that the Dofus Cube story followed Wakfu season 4. But before some unleash their little fingers on their keyboard: No, we have not signed yet for a season 4 and no I have not written scripts yet. On the other hand, I advance slowly on the main lines of the scenario and as I already said, I would like to link all our news and next creations taking place in the universe of Krosmoz. The end of season 4 will therefore engage the era of Dofus Cube. Needless to say that if the world of 12 is in this state is that there was trouble.


The fragments are thus pieces of shells of Dofus (which we will explain the origins in the S4 of WAKFU) and you, players, you will have for mission to recover them for your personal needs.



General concept

Fragments are at the heart of many gameplay mechanics. I must admit, one of my obsessions for Dofus Cube is to make the drops interesting, whatever they are, and avoid the thousands of items that are only used to fill the coffers. I think I have already spoken at length on the subject. So we asked ourselves how we could integrate a system that would make the drops enjoyable. I can not hear the little sound of a ring in Diablo II, the little heartbeat less at the time of the display of the loot table in the last DOFUS dungeons, the looting of a cloak perfect on the WA WABBIT ...
To be as effective as possible, it was necessary to find an idea so that a minimum is used a maximum (it is playful, it is necessary to reread 3 times the sentence to understand it well). In addition, we were looking for something simple to offer you in your dungeons without it going in all directions. It is from these desires that the system of fragments is born. So you can imagine the fragments as resources that will allow you to evolve your spells, companions, monsters, room Havre Dimension ...


The different types of Fragments

The fragments are 14 in number. For this to be understandable in the rest of the article, I will name the different fragments and take the opportunity to tell you about my theory on the creation of new words. 


The 6 types of fragments and their rarities: Ivorite/Rukosus/Ocrus/Emerodus/Pouprus/Ebenite:



In connection with the 6 primordial Dofus, I placed provisional names on these fragments.
1. So you have Ivorite (Ivory Dofus)
on the left which is of rarity Infinite.
2. In the center you have the Common, Unusual and Rare fragments:
Rukosus (Turquoise Dofus)
Ocrus (Ochre Dofus)
Emerodus (Emerald Dofus)
Pouprus (Crimson Dofus)
3. And finally, on the right is Ebenite, another Infinite. But much harder to get because, unlike Ivorite, it is not offered during leveling.

Some words being particularly void, I propose to help us to find better ones starting with the Pouprus, the fragment of the Crimson Dofus.



Obtaining of Fragments

When leveling your heroes and sidekicks: You will get the fragments in different ways. First, it must be understood that your heroes will not get new skills (HP, Damage...) by leveling up. On the other hand you will get chests whose quantity and quality of the content will depend on several factors. You will always get a chunk of fragments during a level up, but its contents will evolve according to the level in question. The higher the level, the more the quality of the rewards will be affected. In the same way, we want to set up a bonus reward system linked to your survival. The idea is to reward players who die the least between each level. If you did not die once when leveling up, your reward will be maximum.

Monster drops: Whether monsters you face in the open world or in the dungeons of other players, you will also have the opportunity to drop fragments. Of course, the more complicated the dungeon, the higher your drops.

Harvest in your dungeons: I quickly told you about the dungeons of your Haven Dimension. This is the very mobile part of the game. Your dungeons will allow you to harvest fragment chests every X hours. Obviously, if your dungeon has no defense, the other players will come to steal them for you.

Expeditions/quests: Unused sidekicks may be sent on expeditions to retrieve fragments and other items.

Business model: Before some people get too much ideas and to avoid questions in the comments, I'll defuse a topic right away. This mechanic, if integrated into the business model, could quickly turn the game into pay-to-win. It is still too early to talk about the business model, but be certain that the goal is not to go into the extremes of ultra-aggressive mobile games and that our goal is to do something fair.



Utility of Fragments

And yes, even if I can talk to you for hours, the goal is still to know what's the point...

Spells of heroes and sidekicks will have 10 levels each. To make them evolve, it will be necessary to spend fragments. Each fragment has some of the Dofus magic from which it is drawn. Fragments are linked to the spell element. A lot of Earth will (mostly) ask for shell fragments of Ocrus. Our will is to allow you to gain the first 6-7 levels of spells very easily (in order to smooth the power of the majority of players) and make the final levels much more complicated to obtain. Here are two small tables to give you an idea of what it could give. Be careful, these values are only indicative and have no other ambitions than to serve as examples:



Ivorite fragments are very rare and allow you to unlock a spell. At first, for each class character you will have dozens of different spells but to unlock them you will have to use an Ivorite. Rest assured, these fragments will be offered to you when leveling up. The idea is to work a good progression system rather than giving you access to 50 spells from the beginning.

Ebenite fragments will require more effort. This is the ultimate fragment that allows you to pass the last level of your spell.



Finally, understand that the power differences of level 9 and 10 spells will be quite small. We do not want there to be too big power gaps between players. To give you an idea, we want a maximum ratio of x4 between a novice player and a veteran player. The idea behind all this is to ensure that all players can always play together in the same spirit. In our current MMOs, power gaps between old and new are such that game compatibility is almost impossible. There are of course many other reasons but it would deserve practically a separate article.

Leveling monsters in your dungeon: Be careful, here we are talking about raising monster levels and not their spells. You will have the choice between evolving your characters (to attack) or the monsters of your dungeons (to defend your dungeons). The idea is to allow you to adapt your game according to your availability. If you think you have time to play, maybe you'll focus on your characters to beat dungeons (open world or other players). If you have less time, perhaps you will put your hopes in the fragment harvest in your own dungeon. In this case, you will prefer to bet on good powerful monsters and increase your harvested fragments according to their level. And if you are a big player, nothing will prevent you from playing both aspects.

Haven Guild Construction: We think, at this point, that Haven Guild will be a different area of your Haven Dimension. Reserved, as its name indicates, to your guild. And to unlock it will be necessary that each member puts his hand in the pocket... It is only a beginning of development, it is, for the moment, far from being our priority.


Back to Table of Contents.

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Okay, as much as, I still do want to try it out. I am more and more starting to see what everyone else has been complaining/worried about. The game is more and more, beginning to look like more of those terrible mobile games more so, then an actual mmorpg. I do love the fact that it will be played across all platforms and I don't mind the mobile portions having specific content they can only do on that operating system but it is kind of scary, beginning to see so many "mobile" elements into an mmorpg, rather than the other way around of an mmorpg fitting that mobile niche. 

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With the blog post above, it looks like it pretty much confirms that there are no traditional drops (or a very limited number of them), and that must also mean no profs. They mention kamas, but they seem redundant to fragments at this point. I also don't understand how fragments are linked. They would have to link level up fragments to chars and drop/harvest fragments to account wouldn't they? Otherwise, you just use the char level up to get the rare fragment that unlocks new spells and use it on a dif char.


I'm going to extrapolate a bit...

  • Their strategy seems to be about isolating progression (like mobile games), which will mean no global marketplace
  • If there is no global marketplace, gear will be linked to the account, which leads me to believe that it will be mostly quest based (or able to be npcd somehow)
  • If gear is linked to the account and achievable via quest, any gear acquired will most likely be equippable on all chars (instead of needing multiple copies)
  • Also, any gear that is quest based will either need a means of improvement, or will be fixed stat

This game seems incredibly minimalist. I think that could be a good thing. As someone who would rather be a casual player, this sort of system favors me because it has removed a ton of grindy elements. What that also means is that the game is essentially its combat. With a much simplified system, Ankama will be expected to release quick updates to prevent the game from becoming stale. But isn't making new monsters and shit the most expensive thing to develop? It's almost like they are setting themselves up to fail :o


I REALLY don't see how this game will be popular among the 'hardcore' dofus players and I don't know how many casuals you can expect to launch something off their computer. Oh well, not my problem!

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Back to Table of Contents.


Post from Tot's blog from November 22nd, 2017.



Hello everyone,
It's a little tail between the legs and cheeks flushed with shame as I write this article today. Indeed, I told you three weeks ago that I could not write our weekly article. I had warned, I had played it classy... But despite all this psychological preparation to conditioning you against this future and terrible lack, I still made an epic fail. And yes, the ultimate drama... It's not one article that I zapped, but two. I imagined to explain that our plane had crashed in the open sea and that we had spent a week on a desert island. What took madness Kam began to sympathize with a volleyball named Wilson... But no, decidedly, it did not seem very credible... And then my conscience caught me. No article for two weeks? It's bad, it's unforgivable and I only had one solution: to make me "seppuku". But after three failed attempts at the toothpick, I realized it was better that I catch up with a new article containing some cool visuals and information. So I'm going to do what I can to make the subject interesting, but I admit to being still in shock from the jetlag and overtaken by my obligations as a business leader (you can not imagine the hidden pleasures if you do not practice this activity on your free hours). The writing of this article is therefore a challenge in itself but fortunately, graphic buddies have supported me in this heavy task thanks to some pretty videos.



From the beginning to now

Since the start of this new game, our ambition is to use our experience in the field of animation and video games. Strangely, when you start a new project, the hard part is to focus on the ambitions of the latter and to be sure that the various stakeholders are connected to them. Regarding the graphic part, we have long matured the subject. I do not think I'm the only one in this case but when you reach a certain stage of your life (in this case 40 years for me) we say that the remaining projects must be worth it. It may be a bit silly, but I'm starting to count the remaining years of production and if we're lucky enough to have a similar success to our first game it's not inconceivable to imagine spending 6-7 years on this new project. Therefore, to start producing such a project is almost like getting married. With the project itself first, but also with the team that will work on it.
In this context, it is important not to mess up at the start to not regret the rest. I already explained to you that our choice of 2D was justified by our experience in this field and by the idea that, in our opinion, this technique ages better than 3D.
You probably do not know but we started Dofus Cube (which was then called Krosmoz World) about 2 years ago. We were only 2-3 in the team, but the idea was to put desires and ambitions.
We started by thinking about an area to define a graphic style. This area took the form of a delirium that we named The Tower of the Arakné Man. I let you discover some visuals below:






There were already atmospheres that we liked a lot but Arnaud and his team continued to push the detail and stalling on the game design that came gradually... The big difference between this version and what we are currently developing on the game side design. Krosmoz World had some ideas that we kept but the character classes and the spell-casting were much closer to our current MMOs... Not to mention that we had absolutely not integrated the idea of a cross-platform game. Finally we opted for a more cubic rendering and bigger boxes for the fights.

Below you will discover the progress of our advancements on Bonta City. As you can see, houses, floors and other props are being improved and refined gradually. The overall rendering is quite close to the first researches of our decorators but the emphasis has been placed on the cubic side to promote the link between the open world and the fighting. In Dofus Cube, we do not want to be dependent on a grid and we want the battlefields to be readable:






Dofus Cube and the 3D Decorations

Now that you have a little idea of how we have advanced on the finishing of the decorations, I allow myself to return to the subject of the article and our choice for the 3D decorations. This subject is a little contradictory with my declaration of love to 2D cinematography expressed above... But it must be understood that the choice was not made as simple as that. The developers explained to us that working on 3D sets gave us many advantages that I list below.

1. 3D in Unity: For this extremely technical part I called on a development wizard, which I named Harry Codder. Go ahead Harry and explain to us the advantage of 3D in Unity:
By definition, 2D has no volume and therefore can neither respond to light nor project coherent shadows in a 3D world. If you want to change the colour or the orientation of the lighting in your scene, you have to redesign everything! If we wanted sets and dynamic environments, it was therefore almost impossible for us to continue to produce them in 2D. In terms of benefits, 3D decoration elements can be reused from one set to another and can be placed in various orientations without having to draw a dedicated version each time. Building detail is thus greatly facilitated and it is faster to test different versions of the same area.
Being able to move the scenery elements without having to create a dedicated traditional animation will allow to create many more of these and thus enhance the interactivity of the world. From a purely technical point of view, rendering of isometric 3D and 2D imposes a lot of constraints on the implementation of an efficient rendering pipeline. The only management of the order of rendering of the elements is a puzzle easily put in pieces by the last brilliant idea of a game-designer a little too ambitious. Realizing the 3D scenery frees us from these constraints and that we can push the rendering further than before thanks to effects impossible to achieve with 2D.
Well, thank you to Harry Codder for his intervention, it's a great first and I hope he will agree to come back.


2. Reusing assets and the Lego side: In Dofus and Wakfu, if we want to duplicate the same house by simply changing the door or window to create a rhythm, we have to create different assets systematically. 3D allows us, conversely, to pool the different parts of a house to compose and recompose as we see fit. It is less heavy and also less the brothel for levels designers.






3. Lighting, dynamic shadows, reflections and other weather effects: After some tests we have seen the advantage of 3D on the subject... But rather than long speeches, I prefer to show you an example below. Attention, we have a common deal between us dear readers, you know that all that I show you is subject to change and that it is always only tests and versions that are work in progress that are shown in these blog posts. Here you will discover some NPCs in action, but especially the type of atmospheric rendering towards which we lean. You must also understand that here it is only a video and that this example is taken from the engine of the game where the events will be random. I also had to waste an hour asking Seb to relaunch the scene to see the different versions possible:



As you can see in this example the whole works fine and we do not notice the 3D. On the contrary, it serves our purpose completely.
I present this subject because we have definitely endorsed the fact that the decorations are all in 3D. It may seem trivial but for us it's a first. There was a firm condition to this choice. We did not have to differentiate between a 2D decoration and a 3D decoration. If you look at the top images that are done under flash and videos, I think the bet is successful.
Thanks to Pitch for putting a good sound on us when the timing was so tight.

4. Start a fight and define a PvM battle instance: Well, my title is a bit flawed but I come to a subject that is particularly close to my heart because it affects the entry into battle against monsters. I will try not to be too long because it is a subject that deserves its own post. I will only give you the outline. In our previous games, you trigger fights by clicking on a monster or a group of monsters. You always know what you are going to face because it is listed. In Dofus Cube, for the sake of game design, but also especially for immersion, we have reflected on another system. The idea is to integrate the monsters in the decorations, hiding them (or not). It is up to you to observe the scenery and start the fight whenever you feel like it and you have spotted a suspicious group. Below you will discover 2 examples made by Tiko about what we want to do. Obviously, this is the basic idea and we still have a lot to define on this subject. But these videos will give you an idea of the concept:




What I like most about this idea is the cartoon aspect of the whole and what it offers us as possibilities. Here you have a simple example, but we will be able to raise anything from Mulous from behind the groves, to a huge dragon...
In terms of pure game design, the goal is to have a particular family of monsters by zone and make it evolve gradually. The discovery of archmonstres or other super creatures will no longer be the result of chance but of your efforts. Take the example of the Crobak Forest. When you get there, you'll discover the first Crobaks and easily get rid of them. But the more you knock out the Crobaks, the more you will have access to bigger, more rare, more epic ones.
The idea is to have an array of achievements by region and to offer you battles that will be related to what you have achieved in the area. Thus, the farming side of the game is found valued and motivating since each fight will allow you to advance in your achievements of zones.

Regarding the level of the groups you will attack, we also want it to be related to the visuals. If you pass a tree containing 1 Crobak, you know that your fight will be simple and safe. On the other hand, a tree containing 5-6 Crobaks will mean a much more dangerous fight.
And what does 3D do in there, you ask me? The creation of the combat zone (disbursement of the boxes) is much more practical in this way and the game of movement in the boxes is less taxing in performance than what we can have in Krosmaga.


Back to Table of Contents.

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Post from Tot's blog from November 30th, 2017.



Hello everyone,
It's a little scary to say that this is already the ninth note dedicated to Dofus Cube. I have the impression to have opened this blog quite recently but in fact no, it will already soon celebrate three months... It will be necessary that I ask the god Xelor for a temporal slowdown if I do not want not find myself a grandfather too fast.
Today I'm going to talk about building a deck. Note that I do not find the word deck suitable even if it sounds good to others. In short, it will be called deck until I find a better name for this system.


What is a deck?

Decidedly, the more I use this word, the more it irritates me... But hey, you will understand why I have trouble finding a replacement. In Dofus Cube, the deck aims to group together several ideas. This is, even today, the most complicated mission concerning this vital concept for the game. As I explained to you in previous articles, in this new game you do not play a single character but a group. In addition, you can change your spells as you see fit within the limit of the nine spells imposed. Ninth note, nine spells, I was born on the ninth... And David Gemmell explains that 9 is a magic number. My god, I'm seeing some signs... But let's be serious for 9 seconds... In the interfaces I'll introduce below, I've limited the number of playable active spells to 9 but that's, of course, likely to move according to future tests. Today the deck thus includes 4 big points:
1. Hero:
This is the character you play with in the world and in combat. This is your avatar. You lose the fight as soon as your hero gets knocked out. You will be able to change it but it will have the consequence of making you start from scratch (well, almost since you will keep your fragments) with another character...
2. Spells: The hero's spells are, of course, related to its class. They have a tab dedicated to them. You will be able to choose 8 Active Spells that your hero can cast in combat and 1 Active Spell that will be linked to its equipped weapon.
3. Weapon: We still have a lot to define on the precise operation of weapons. For the moment, we imagine that each weapon offers a particular style to the hero who wears it. This style is defined by obtaining 3 Style Spells as soon as the weapon is equipped. A hero can not start a fight without having a weapon equipped. Of the 3 Style Spells, 2 are Passive Spells and 1 Active Spell (that is, it will be added to the other 8 spells selected by you, as explained just above). Our desire regarding this concept is to frame the style of play of heroes to facilitate better readability of classes in PvP combat. When you come across a Spectral Iop for example, you will know immediately what its style of play is and how to deal with it. Well and for there to be at least one visual in this note, here is what the Spectral Iop would look like:



4. Sidekicks: Sidekicks appear according to your good will to come to support you in combat. At the moment we start on two different principles: They must be summoned during the PvM battles and conversely, will be present alongside your hero from the beginning of a PvP fight. There is a good chance we will evolve these ideas (but as Mother Michelle says, "We have to start somewhere").

Here, quickly, a point on the 4 big elements that make up the creation of the deck. Compared to our previous games, it becomes vital to combine all these elements if you want to be effective in combat. The word deck annoys me but it seems appropriate (for now) because we are close enough to the mechanical game development related to a card game.



Accessing the deck interface

In Dofus Cube, I stayed for a long time on the idea of zero interface. I know (in general) that I say bullshit and we can never really do the zero interface. But repeating it stupidly can limit and spread the message. In the end, I am convinced that we will have much fewer interfaces than in any game of the same kind. And if there is one subject that can not do without interfaces, it is the creation of a deck.
From then on, the desire was to gather as many subjects as possible in the same place. We are not in the zero interface but we will continue to have as little as possible... And for this, we must centralize.
Below, you will discover images of my game design docs. It still bores me a little to communicate (it's not against you dear readers, I do not even show them to the teams) but they will help me in my remarks. Obviously, nothing is stopped. When I work on this kind of subject, the idea is always to give a track. Subsequently, the devs/UI artists will bounce on it and add their paw.
This deck interface opens from your character. The idea is not to have lots of different icons around your hero, but to trigger the opening on the first click.



Choosing your Sidekick

You will need to select the companions to bring with you before the fight. The maximum number of Sidekicks that can help you during a fight is 4. I can already hear some of you saying, "Well, I'm too strong, I do not care about your fellows...", to which I answer "We'll see well". But unlike spells and your weapon, you do not need to equip them to start a fight if you do not want to use them. At the beginning of the game, we will provide you with small Sidekicks to explain the concept, but at no time will you be required to take them for your PvM fights. As I reread my text, I realize that I used the word small. Not knowing the news, I want to clarify that I have nothing against dwarves or people of small sizes in general. I have trouble with bald people, but small and big, it's okay. After checking, I see that we are left on the same sordid affairs of several months ago and on the suicide of a former Croatian soldier who was harassed by a court trying to lock him up for 20 years... I pity our journalists who do not have much to put in their teeth right now. If it continues they may have to talk about positive things...
In short, let's return to our subject. As I explained above, it is important to understand that we are trying to put our energy on the centralization of information.
Here, the main idea is to have your deck/team composition/choice of spells on the left and always leave it visible. On the other hand, the right part (on a gray background) will evolve according to your needs/choices. You just need to use the small interface made up of 3 buttons (Spells/Sidekicks/Weapons) to access the desired page.
To select your Sidekicks, it will be drag and drop on one of the four boxes provided for this purpose (placed under the choice of the deck, as you will be able to make a few and easily switch between them).


Sidekick Deck Interface:




Choosing your Weapon

The choice of weapon works exactly the same way. On the other hand, you must have a weapon equipped to start a fight. Or, we will see to ensure that the characters have basic skills with bare hands. As explained above, weapons are entitled to a style of play and they are the ones who define the 2 Passive Spells and 1 Active Spell that will accompany you. I will not dwell on this topic because we still have a lot of choices to make about how weapons work.


Weapon Deck Interface:



Choosing your Spells

Same pattern as companions and weapons for spells. As in KROSMAGA, you can pre-record several decks but again, the deck is not composed of your spells. This is the set created by your hero through his companions, his spells and his weapon.


Spell Deck Interface:



Concerning the statistics of the hero:
I've already told you about it (at my age we tend to ramble), but the idea is not to offer Skill Points or Characteristics when leveling up your hero. No, the idea is to produce a game design easy enough to facilitate the understanding of beautiful PvP fights.
In this context, my two small game development trainees had a very good idea that we will sift through before making a separate article about it. It's about connecting your hero's HP to Spells. The amount of HP is related to the level of the spell and its power. A particularly effective spell could, for example, not offer HP to your hero. What I like about this system is that, despite your hero's level, you will always have the opportunity to challenge yourself and play with weaker friends in order to use your less effective spells. In the same way, I think that it would make it possible to balance certain spells more easily and will add a layer of choice concerning the builds of your heroes...


Currently we are working on the details of the operation of Haven Dimension and developers are advancing on 1v1 combat... We start to see things that move here and there and it's nice.


Back to Table of Contents.

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On 12/22/2017 at 9:37 PM, BjornZA said:

Any chance you could translate the newest articles? Thanks


Google translate does a good enough job.




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