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Found 6 results

  1. You’ve been waiting several weeks now, and it’s finally here: the DOFUS CUP is gonna spice up your evenings from March 11th until April 2nd! Are you ready to experience a Dantesque month of March? From March 11th until April 2nd, 2017 winning the DOFUS Cup will become the sole objective of hundreds of warriors; with the clatter of sword on steel, the roaring of the crowd and dizzying fights, don’t expect any peace and quiet in the World of Twelve! A maximum of 1,500 teams comprised of 3 players per team will battle it out for 1 month to find the ultimate champions who will take home a cash jackpot of €3,000! Who will emerge victorious in the competition? Who are the three players who will go down in history and take home the DOFUS CUP? Could it be you? How to take part: To register for the tournament, you will need a team that includes 3 different players, including one character of level 150 or higher. But be careful, the composition of your team must respect the following criteria: It cannot contain more than one class from the list below: Osamodas Sacrier Xelor Eniripsa Feca The following class pairings are forbidden: Sadida/Osamodas Masqueraider/Osamodas Masqueraider/Xelor Masqueraider/Sacrier Ecaflip/Feca Enutrof/Xelor Enutrof/Sacrier Enutrof/Eliotrope Enutrof/Osamodas Playing an Ouginak during the tournament will be forbidden. Your level and your character’s equipment at registration are not definite: the tournament will be held on a special server where all characters will start on an equal footing with the same advantages: Level 200 All level 6 spells Basic characteristics of 100 in addition to 995 characteristic points to be assigned as you choose. A bank containing nearly all of the equipment available above level 160. So please register, even if you’re not an expert: you have the same chance of winning as everyone else! Important Note If you want to change the class of a character that is participating in the tournament, you have until 11:59 PM (Paris time) on Sunday, February 26, 2017. Registered characters who change their class after this date will be disqualified from the tournament. Registered characters are also prohibited from transfering servers on Tuesday, March 7th, 2017 upon pain of disqualification. Dates to remember Thursday, March 2: registration opens Tuesday, March 7: registration closes From March 11 to 26: qualification stages Saturday, March 11: rounds 1, 2 and 3 Sunday, March 12: rounds 3, 4 and 5 Saturday, March 18: rounds 7, 8 and 9 Sunday, March 19: rounds 10, 11 and 12 Saturday, March 25: rounds 13, 14 and 15 Sunday, March 26: rounds 16, 17 and 18 From March 27 to April 2: final stages Monday, March 27: the sweet sixteen Tuesday, March 28: the elite eight Wednesday, March 29: the quarter-finals Thursday and Friday March 30 and 31: the semi-finals Sunday, April 2: the final The tournament format The qualification stages will be played based on the Swiss system: this is a system we’ve been using for many years now and has already proven its worth. The final stages will be played in competitions of two match wins (B03*), except for the final, which will be played as a 3 match win (B05*). That’s right, to win first place in a tournament you have to work hard! *BO3: In this format, a team must win two matches to be declared the winner. The results of a BO3 could be 2-0 or 2-1. *BO5: In this format, a team must win three matches to be declared the winner. The results of a BO5 could be 3-0, 3-1 or 3-2. During the final stages, the team composition restrictions will no longer apply. Each team can change its composition before each match in a draft stage. This stage will proceed according to the following schema: A forbids a class B forbids a class A chooses a class B chooses a class B forbids a class A forbids a class B chooses a class A chooses a class A forbids a class B forbids a class A chooses a class B chooses a class When a class is forbidden, none of the two teams can choose it or forbid it again. When a class is chosen by the two teams, the other can no longer forbid it or choose it again. The map where the combat will take place will be known prior to the draft stage, so it is possible to plan your team composition to suit the location and your attack strategy. The full tournament rules will be provided before registration opens. Until then, tell all your friends and start preparing your teams! Think you’re the best PvP players right now? Come and prove it by winning the DOFUS Cup!
  2. Hi Everyone! :lol: Exciting news! INT is about to hold its second PvP Tournament! There are two upcoming tournaments on the INT agenda: 1. INT Tournament (any members from INT can join this tournament) 2. Inter-Alliance Tournament (any alliance on Rushu is welcome to submit a team) We've reviewed our last PvP Tournament, and are running this next tournament with the following changes in mind: 1. The INT challengers may choose teammates from various guilds in INT: for example, they can choose one teammate from Thanatos, one from Plague, two from Outer Heaven, etc. 2. The teams will consist of 5 players each, not 4 like last time -- and double-classes are allowed. 3. The INT Tournament will have 2 time blocks in order to accommodate players in various time zones. 4. Both Tournaments must have a minimum of 8 teams, and we have removed the entrance fee. 6. Players are not limited to one character during INT Tournament -- for example, a player can play an eni on one team and a sram on another team during a different match. Please let us know if you are playing more than one character so we can avoid matching you with a team that contains another one of your characters. 7. Other alliances are welcome to enter their winning teams to compete with the top INT team in the Alliance Tournament. All fights will take place on Goult maps, with Goult scoring. Please sign your team up below (alliance you'd like to rep, ign's, levels, classes, and contact person) if you are interested in joining us for the tournament, or if you would like to donate prize money for the winners! If you have any questions about the rules of the event, please pm Ex-Ray in game. Update - If there are a minimum of 8 teams in the running: First prize for the 199-200 category in the INT Tournament will be 20 mk Update - We have changed some of the tournament details (see above), in order to comply with application guidelines for prizes from Ankama. Here are some pics from our last INT PvP Tournament: http://integrityforum.altervista.org/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=100 Thanks, anjulica :wub:
  3. Hi Everyone, We have some exciting events coming up, just in time for the holidays! Please note that other alliances are welcome to participate in our Kralove Hunt (Sushi Party) and 5 v 5 PvP Tournament (one winning team from each alliance is welcome to register to face off in our finals). Members from other alliances who help defend INT in defensive KOTHs will also gain points towards Rank Defender Wings. All other events are open to anyone who has a char in INT Alliance and is in good standing (not blacklisted or on probation). 1. First of all, we have our: Sushi Party & Late-Night Horror-Grawn Movie Join us Dec. 18th at 20:00 DUT & Dec. 19th at 02:00 DUT as we invade the Lair of the Giant Kralove! If you need help completing the Eternal Harvest Quest for your ochre, please post on the INT thread above, or on impsvillage here, and we will try to help you find a team. Disclaimer: We are not liable for any pet fish that are eviscerated or eaten during this hunt. Please leave pet fish at home. 2. Make sure you enter a team into our: 5 v 5 PvP Tournament This time, we're not limiting teams by guild -- you can team up in any group of 5 INT Members for our PvP Tournament. There will be an extra category for teams with lower level players. The deadline to sign your team up is Dec. 20th (Sunday). Please pass the word on to other alliances who may be interested in having their winning teams face off for an exciting final event! Here are some pics from our last INT PvP Tournament http://integrityforum.altervista.org/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=100 Disclaimer: We are not liable for any dismemberment that may occur during PvP battles. If this does occur, please place your teammate in a Fair Trade nugget recycler. 3. Post your best screenshot of your new home for the: Haven Bag Contest Show us pics of your new house, restaurant, shop, library, dungeon...or whatever else you may have been building in that Haven Bag of yours! Disclaimer: We are not liable for any destruction to property that may occur, even if it is intentional on our part. Please behave responsibly to counteract our irresponsibility. 4. Please post your most Kwismassy guild pic for our: Guild Kwismas Contest Please post your most Kwismassy guild pics on this thread! We will vote to find out everyone's fave! Disclaimer: We are not liable for any Post Traumatic Stress or psychological damage that may occur from viewing ugly Kwismas sweaters. 5. Pre-register for tickets, or donate items/kamas for our: Kwismas Lottery Our Kwismas Lottery Tickets go on sale Dec. 18th! I will also be collecting donations this week, if anyone would like to donate items or kamas ;) The lottery will be similar to the Hallowe'en Lottery we held in October. 6. Please volunteer to help run a Secret Santa: And...lastly, if someone would volunteer to run a Secret Santa for us *cough* Tyzii *cough* that would be much appreciated! :D 7. Please continue to post portal positions and screenshots for Rank Defender Wings: Although we are behind on our Dimension Portal Position Draw (we've been too busy to stream the drawing lately), the pot has been accumulating! Currently, the draw is over 3 mk, and we will be drawing 3 winners for 1 mk each. In order to enter, be the first to post a portal position on our thread -- each post = 1 entry! Please note that you will need to log in to view the Portal Positions thread. Post Portal Positions here We've recently added "Rank Defender Wings" for the defenders of our alliance! Watch your wings grow on the forum, and win kama prizes! We've provided ways that even lower levels can take advantage of to level up their wings! Details, and guidelines for the requirements for Rank Defender Wings are on this thread: Post screenshots for Rank Defender Wings here Thanks everyone! Looking forward to a fun and eventful holiday season! anjulica :wub:
  4. Hi Everyone, We have 3 very exciting alliance events coming up! 1. PVP Guild Tournament - organizer = Ultrox Entry deadline is Oct. 24th, tournament will be held on Oct. 25th *please note the day has been changed to Sunday* 2. Hallowe'en Costume Contest - organizer = Ultrox Held after the PVP Guild Tournament Oct. 25th *please note the day has been changed to Sunday* 3. Hallowe'en Lottery - organizer = Jus Tickets will be sold starting on Oct. 25th, and the big draw will be on Oct. 31st! Join us for fun, healthy competition, and lots of prizes! For more info, check out our INT Alliance Forum under the heading "Events": http://integrityforum.altervista.org Looking forward to seeing you all at our upcoming events! anjulica Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any mutilation that may occur at our events. Contestants are in no way liable for accidents occurring when the opposing team carries sharp swords in their pants and trip over their feet. Commencing a fight does not legally bind you to matrimony with the recipient -- contrary to what some opposition may say.
  5. Hello Rushushus! I'm here with a proposal for a PvP tournament that we hashed out as a group. It's only a first draft for now and we would like to see how successful it will be. Any comments, concerns or expressions of participation interest are appreciated. The purpose is of course to have some friendly PvP fun outside of the usual perc/AvA setting, maybe practice a bit for Goult, and win some prizes on the side. The tournament is aimed at endgame characters only (sorry to any lower levels!). If you think this is the event for you, start planning your team and sets now! We will set a definite registration/fee deadline later when the details (such as more judges and more tournament maps) are fixed. Here are the rules so far: Teams The tournament is fought in 16 teams of 4 characters. At least 3 characters of a team must be in the same guild. The team will then represent this guild. NEW: One person can play up to 2 characters, i.e. each team consists of 2-4 actual players. Each guild can send exactly one team to represent them. Only if not enough guilds participate, big guilds may send a second team. Subject to change, depending on the response to this. Class restrictions: Eni, Sac, Osa, Xelor, Masq or Feca may not be together in the same team. No class duplicates are allowed. In order to enter, each character pays a fee of 100kk going towards the prize pool (400kk total per team). Tournament Fights The 16 teams are divided into four groups by random generator. Each team fights the three other teams in their group. The two best teams of each group proceed to the next round. Best teams are determined by number of wins, followed by dead/killed characters. If absolutely no tie breaker can be found, the teams will fight it out again until someone wins. After the group stage, teams fight in knockout rounds: best of 8, semifinals, final and small final (for 2nd and 3rd place). A judge must be present for each fight, otherwise it is not valid. Names of all judges TBA. The two teams that are scheduled to fight can set their preferred fight time as they see fit. The time will then be publicly announced. Fights are regular challenges on a predefined map. Map coordinates for each tournament round TBA. Each team must PM the judge their init order and average group init before the fight. Changing the order during the placement phase is not allowed. Once a fight starts, there may be no foolish restarting. Spectator mode must be enabled at all times. A team repeatedly disabling spec mode will be declared losers. Shields may not be used during the fights (exception: guild shields). Prizes The prize pool, consisting of entry fees and donations, will be divided between the three winning teams. Prize pool is subject to change as donations come in. Alliance bonus prize: The tournament winner and the best team of each of the main alliances (Law, Alpha, Rivo) win 1-month immunity for their guild's percs, i.e. three or possibly four guilds in total will win, independent of the money prize. This alliance prize extends only to the respective guilds and not their entire alliance. It is to be respected by all participants of the tournament (others, especially from participating alliances, are encouraged but not obligated to respect this immunity too). Failure to comply results in exclusion from any future tournaments and makes you officially a spineless dick (yep!). Sorry to any other alliances, but we did not think you were too much into the AvA brawl to be included as a whole. You can still participate in the tournament just for fun and kamas, and win the tournament of course. Current Prize pool: 37,000,001 kamas (With donations from: Ala 4.6mk, Lubo+Vikin 10mk, wizzyzor 5mk, Darwinian 1k, Marwen 5mk, younubsu 2mk, Chebsi 4mk-paid) Judges (so far): Herosdumaroc, Marwen, Radditz (Glaciatrax), Ala (Belacqua) Teams (so far): Modra Krev 1 - Feca/Enu, Eca, Iop (WIP) Modra Krev 2 - Enu, Sram, Panda, Eni Destiny Awaits 1 - Osa, Iop, Sram, Enu Blank 1 - Osa, Eca (WIP) Illusionator 1 - Enu, Sac (WIP) Coosma 1 - Sac, Eca, Enu, Sram Zion 1 - cra/xel/steamer/something Uchiha 1 - Xel, Cra, Panda, Sadi Cheers, the planning team - Lubo, Darwinian, Ala, wizzyzor P.S.: If you would like to get in on the planning or want to be a judge, pester any of the above people. P.P.S.: Judges can take part themselves as long as they are judging for a different group.
  6. Hi everyone! If you would like to participate in the Goultarminator as a livestreamer or reporter for a fansite, now is your moment of glory! Please send me ( [izmar] ) an Ankabox message with the subject line "Goultarminator Fansite Application" that includes your account's nickname (the name that shows up when you post on the forum), your site's URL, and a brief description of your site and your streaming experience. To be clear, you are applying to be able to connect to the Goultarminator server in order to stream Goultarminator fights for the English community servers. I would especially appreciate reporters who plan to comentate on the fights, and who can be available for the majority of the English server fights. Send your app in ASAP, Friday morning (Paris time) is the absolute latest you can send an application. Thanks in advance, and good luck!