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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone on Imps~ I just wanted to make a post detailing a few things on why I've been on breaks this year and the last, why I am back, and finally what my plans are, because I have some announcements I think many would be interested in. :) I've been playing for a long, long time now, and pretty steadily, with few breaks. In the last couple years though, that changed, and I found on break more often than not, and even avoiding logging on. There are many reasons for this really.. but the main ones are that I was adjusting to new work,schedule, changes in my life, bothered by certain updates (sac revamp for one..) and that I actually felt under too much pressure to get online. Which I know sounds ridiculous: under pressure to log on, this is Dofus we're talking about right? A little 2D cartoony game with a fart emote. Well the thing is, on top of leading a guild, one of the main reasons I logged was to write more dimension/Dofus quest guides. And when that got frustrating, or I was stuck, or didn't work quickly enough on it, I'd "fall behind". And falling behind made it even harder to get back on, so I avoided logging on. And the more I did that, the more content piled up, the more I missed with my guild, and so on. When that compounded, months could easily pass before I got back on. Now, as for why I am back, and feel more confident about it. Early this year life hit me with a truck, forcing me to find new living arrangements and such, and after too many months out of work, I just recently started a new position. Something about working full-time again (ie much less free time) actually invigorated me, and gave me the energy to log on after what had been 3 months at least. After logging, I found myself doing questing, and now and then, I'd get a PM from people thanking me for the guides and all. I think what cemented my current mentality was people asking for Abyssal/Ivory guides.. which brings me to my final point and announcements. I'll make another post about this tomorrow with more detail, but essentially I intend to finally continue working on my guides. :) I'll be going about it a different way, going at a more regular pace than before, instead of tiring myself out. Additionally, and this is an experiment I hope will prove fruitful, I will be opening up a Patreon. Not only do some posts take hours to complete, but I often need to subscribe extra accounts for either fights or getting more accurate information. With my new job, I have less time than I have before, and I'm making, for now, about half I once was, so help making it possible would be much appreciated. I intend to officially launch it on September 1st, and again, more details will come tomorrow. IMPORTANT: I got into this to help others, and continued because it ended up being fun, and never for personal gain. Regardless of the result, I intend to work on guides for as long as people appreciate them, so long as I enjoy doing it, and will never put them up behind a pay-wall or anything.