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Found 21 results

  1. Selling dofuses,sp,wis pets,mats,souls
  2. Buying the following items: [Serpulax Volva] 402 [6mk] [Ap Ga Rune] 100 [4mk] [Sparkling Pebble] 30 [6mk] [Intangible Meat] 250k each On-line name: Kharonte | I usually play on the week-ends
  3. Yo, I've got some resources for sell. Mantaze Tail 16kk/ea Mol Usk Slobber 15kk/ea Gambasmak Scale 2kk/ea Yoloinist Crab Claw 3,8kk/ea Litlamprey Tooth 13kk/ea PM Me in game if u need any of them.
  4. looking to buy 1 aspen sap, will pay 5mil, message me ingame at donald-trump
  5. bank

    as in title, BANK SALE, pm there or ig Vampheita
  6. I pay 16kk ea / pm me here or ingame IGN: Punkowiec
  7. Hi nerds guys, I'm offering a lot of Bleak Legion Bastion, Winter Gardens, Windblast Barricade, Scarlet Tannery, Water Clock Tower, Enurado, Srambad, Ecaflipus and Xelorium resources that you may not be able to or are just too lazy to farm. (Yes, therefore Frig 3 and all of the current Dimension mats). Although I'm a lazy fker and despise those try-hard Whale mobs, depending on the offer and quantity of mats, I may also offer selling Albatrocious Rock mats. - Dantinea/Meno/Koutoulou mob mats added (as well as Merkator). And finally, if there are random mats that you might need from, for example, Otomai, Frig 1-2 or elsewhere, I can probably get those for you as well depending on the offer/quantity. I will give a discount off the current/standard sell room prices. Thanks a lot, /w Casino-Royal
  8. Hey guys! You can find my merchant around Amakna Village :3 or /w Pokii or Magical-Fury
  9. I'm selling all my resources and runes in my bank pm Loving-Range in game with what you need or post here maybe I got what you need ^_^ .
  10. Buying 1. Count Harebourg's Scapula x 18 - ( 400kk each). 2. Protoz'orror Nucleus x 11 - (800kk each). 3. Whale Salt x 7 - (80kk each) 4. Nileza's Embroidery x 13 - (120kk each) 5. Glass Eyes x 3 - ( 250kk each) Pm In game Too-low :)
  11. Merchant has- Nidas Gems(200kk ea), Queen embroiderys(1.5mk), vortex wings (2mk), protoz'orror nucius(1.1mk), owlmulet and fugitive wand (20mk) kamasterisk boots (8mk) x2 turq dofus (9mk) Skemage skull (100kk) and a bunch of vortex mob mats. Merchant name is Baehive and you can find it at [0,1] cheers
  12. Buying: 29x [Verminoculate Eye] 13x [sylargh's Wool] Edited: Leave ur ingame nickname down bellow in comments,so we can contact in game. :) I am willing to pay 5kk-15kk each. Price is negotiable. P.s - This is not Asklepios.
  13. I need A LOT of Iron and Gobbal Horns to finish up leveling professions Price: Iron: 55kamas each Gobbal Horns: 50kamas each Price is negotiable if you have very large amounts Thanks so much, pm me in game or here IGN: Colourful BOUGHT CLOSE PLEASE
  14. Sup! I am trying to clear my bank so I am selling mats. I have frigost 3 mats. Other mats comes from petrified forest mobs to mount scauldron. Selling for around half average price. Come visit my merch Kiliky outside Bonta's bank Also, I am selling perc summoning potions for 20kk/each.
  15. Additional available goods: Fragment of Stellia's Map 2/3 [1x In Stock] Fragment of Dremoan's Map 5/5 [1x In Stock] Cawwot Dofus (Exchangable on 11/15/2014 14:41)[1x In Stock] Orders can be made messaging me either here on ImpsVillage or directly in-game /w Jacuzzi. Further information about pricing, working hours and wares is explained by me. Current orders: #1 - laoshi - 1x Farmer Leveling Kit (1-100) - 2.500.000 Kamas (First Week Special) - Order completed. Delivered. #2 bobeur - 750x Frosteez Oil - 4.000.000 Kamas - Order completed. Delivered. #3 Goobie - 1x Farmer Leveling Kit (1-100), 1x Baker Leveling Kit (1-100) - 3.500.000 Kamas (First Week Special) - In progress. Not Delivered.
  16. offer expired. close.
  17. I've got quite a ton of Kitsou hairs/skins, and all the resources from that area such as the bamboo stuff. If anyone was looking to buy some let me know ^^. /w Martial
  18. in game name is cinako interested in either the flask or the helmet have been told it will be near impossible but i would like to at least see if any one out there is able to help thanks :).
  19. I'm looking to buy 10k+ frosteez, 250k each. PM me if we can work something out; I'm Jaelia ingame.
  20. Can't be bothered transferring my whole bank + chests, so ima just sell most of it. Everything is 80% off the normal marketprice. Also selling a whole lot of different breeding items. Can leave something here or /w hendzorz /w rick-roll Edit : grande paintskills I know
  21. I'm looking to buy Craboral pincers by the bunch (need aprox. 700) Im paying 21kk Per 100 (price negotiable) IGN: Yowza, or contact my ankabox @ Thattrollguy2