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Found 5 results

  1. So today I'll be starting my maging service. Things I will however be able to mage are: - 1-4% Resists - Range/Summon - Vitality Prices will be negotiated when applying for this service (I WILL GIVE DISCOUNTS IF IT TAKES A WHILE FOR ME TO COMPLETE DUE TO IRL-STUFF), I will try and get back to you as soon as possible. If you provide the item and/or runes I will ofcourse take that off of the price in the end. You can contact me on Imps or in-game on Thefook, Fooq or ankabox (if people are into that) and show me the stats that the items need to have (69/420 vitality for example).
  2. Hi as the title suggest I'm buying Bear band AP Exo, Bear wedding MP Exo & Neutral Bear sword Range Exo. :3 I'm looking for good stats in the 57-59 stat range and at least 11 damages on the rings. Of course perfect resist is a requirement. I also like to see 5 lock on the rings and 14-15 on the bear sword. Here's my posted prices. AP Bear Band: 55-65mk Bought MP Bear Wedding: 55-65 or 65-75 if it has 1 MP and 5 Crit res. Bought Range Neu Bear Sword: 55-60mk I plan to leave for rushu in 3 weeks. So time is of the essence. (If I don't support rosal with my money its going to rushu :P) Thanks! Message me here with a picture or PM me in game at Harukage. Moved to rushu close please!
  3. As the title says im looking to buy a Range exo'd bear sword. Looking to pay around 45mk but all depends on stats. Willing to negotiate prices. Pm me through imps or ingame at History/Eximo *If you're a sword smith and would like to mage me one pm me
  4. looking at buying a Bubotron Sword with the -range maged off and stats similar to below: High Agi Maged 345+ Vitality 77+ Agility 38+ Wisdom 5+ Critical Hits Range maged off 17+ Air Damage dont care about prospecting 390+ Initiative 9+ lock 9+ MP Loss Resistance 19+ Critical Resistance 14+ Fire Resistance Offering anywhere from 45-55mk depending on mage Thanks IGN's: BrazeeKarr / Daves-Stalker / -Daves-Chica- / AlmightyDark
  5. AP Bearbaric Ring 75mk+Free Transfer 1AP / 10 Init 246 vit 59str 59int 29wis 4crits 11 neut dmg 10 earth dmg 11 fire dmg 4 heals 4 lock 7/7 res. Range Bubo Hat 30mk Pm me Via Imps Exomaging services: http://impsvillage.c...agus-exos-only/