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Found 26 results

  1. Hi everyone, after many days of working on the Ivory Quests I reached the final fight and I am stuck. I see that the fight is easy for really mobile characters such as Srams, Iops etc. but I am a Cra and I can't win the fight. People told me to use MP red build, with 190 mp reduction set it is still impossible because every time I mp rape or push him he gains + 2mp. Half the time he backs himself against Pylon so I can't successfully push him and also paralyzing arrow is useless (0 net gain) and poisoned arrow at best reduces 2 mp. Does anyone here have tips or strategies they used in this fight? Much appreciated.
  2. Hi all, I am stuck in the 83rd Bonta Alignment quest where it says "Look for Lars Tord in Gisgoul"... Couldn't find anywhere. Does any of you know a guide for these quests? I could find some for Brakmar ones but not for Bonta ones :7 Thanks.
  3. I am stuck, I am in the part where you are supposed to "Ahon" but he says he is in anger and he needs "spice from the Queen" does that mean I need to run the dungeon? Thanks.
  4. Hello, I am on the second stage of the quest "He wants to be buried at sea", where I have to enter the wreck and fight some monsters. The fight is quite impossible alone, so if anyone else is stuck on this stage, or is going to be stuck here soon, let me know so we can team up and do it together; it can easily be done with 3 chars. Cheers
  5. Hello, I'm doing the quest 'Is Andybody there?' and there's a fight which involves killing 5 chests, 4 being 'lures' and one having the item you need to end the fight. In the fight I killed all of the chests (so including the real one) and the fight hasn't ended, or rather I am stuck in the fight. I've reported it to Ankama but has anyone else encountered this recently? I've done the quest on a different character before and had no problems. PFA of all chests being killed
  6. Hello everyone, Right now I am completing the Crimson Dofus questline for two of my characters at the same time. In order to continue in the questline I need the Totankama's Cursed Mask which drops from Mummy Nova after you complete the Legendary Treasure Hunt My question is can I complete 1 tablet and do the treasure hunt once, and then join the boss fight with both of my chars and get 2 masks? Or will I have to farm 20 000 rose of the sand twice? Thanks in advanced
  7. hey i was looking for quests to do on the daily like Dopple hunting or Almanax
  8. In order to make your game experience even better, we've been working on a new feature that will make its appearance in update 2.41: Quest Tracking! In this interface, you'll easily be able to track the progress of your ongoing quests and their objectives. The days of opening the Quest Book hundreds of times to check your progress in the An Eternal Harvest quest are over. Now, you can play in comfort! How It Works When you receive a new quest, it will be automatically added to the Quest Tracking interface (you'll be able to deactivate automatic adding and add quests manually via an option in your Quest Log). The Quest Tracking interface will open once you begin tracking a quest and will close when there are no more quests to track. You'll be able to track 3 or 5 quests, depending on the option selected. If the interface is full when you receive a new quest, it won't be tracked. You will also be able to track quests directly from the Quest Book using the "Track" button, by clicking on the "pin" icon in the quest list or by clicking on an objective's "landmark" icon! The names of the stages will no longer appear in Quest Tracking. You'll simply see the quest name and the objectives, which will update automatically. To find out more about the stage, you can consult your Quest Book. You can use the pin-shaped button to activate or deactivate specific tracking of certain quests. Each quest added will display the 3 first objectives and will activate the associated landmarks if there are any, so as not to overburden the interface and the landmarks on the map and the minimap. If, however, you would like to see all of a quest's objectives, you can display them using the "See More" button. A "See Less" button will display just the 3 first objectives again. As soon as an objective is attained, it will disappear from the list and the next one will appear. The Quest Tracking interface for the An Eternal Harvest quest, for which the landmark is activated for the first three objectives. Quest objectives are given a specific color for each tracked quest. This makes quest tracking easier, especially when you're looking at the map or the minimap! The quest name is displayed when you pass the cursor over the area where it's located on the map and the minimap. You also have the option of minimizing the interface to a simple icon, placed at the edge of the window (movable). You know, just in case you'd like to pause your "Doing Quests" activity in favor of the "Tearing Apart Mobs" activity! "I'll do some quests later! Over here, Droopik!" Interactions By right clicking on a quest you can: Stop tracking this quest. Display or hide quest landmarks on the map and the minimap. Move the quest up in the list. By left clicking on a landmark you can activate or deactivate the landmark on the map or on the minimap. By right clicking on an objective you can: Remove the objective from quest tracking. If there is only one objective, this will also remove the quest. Hide the landmark for this objective. By left clicking on the green item name or monster name, you can open the bestiary where you will find more specific information about it. Please note that various information messages (commonly known as "feedbacks" in the studio) are displayed in the chat, in particular to warn you that you've reached the maximum amount of quests trackable in the interface when trying to add a new one. Options Track 3 quests maximum / Track 5 quests maximum Automatically track accepted quests Automatic resizing of the window: this option is selected by default. If you untick the box, you will be able to change the height of the window to suit you. The width of the window can always be changed, whether this option is ticked or not. Hide all landmarks Font size: small - medium Opacity of the window background: 50% - 70% - 90% We hope you'll find this new interface especially helpful during your adventures in the World of Twelve. As for me, I wish you all the best in game! Now, I'm going to get back to the mock-up of the interface for... Q & A Why don't the landmarks always show the exact location of the objective? This is mainly due to transitions between external and internal areas, which are problematic for us (especially underground, in the mines, etc.). This is an area where we'd like to make some improvements.
  9. Cawwot Dofus: Guide Table of Content: Introduction Preparation Navigating Wabbit Island List of Required Achievements and Quests Introduction Update 2.14 brought a new way of obtaining Cawwot Dofus. Gone are days where you had to run Wabbit Castle three times to complete Wa Set and then run Cawwot Dungeon to finally discover that you rolled a +7 wisdom Dofus. That is, if you had luck on your side and Wobots didn't one-hit you on a critical hit. No, sir! Although you still need to run two dungeons, you only have to do each of them once. You also need to do some quests beforehand. At least the reward for your troubles is a guaranteed +60 wisdom Cawwot Dofus. And in the meantime you will get some cool new emotes. Plus, you might drop couple of Cuwsed Cawwots, which will provide hours of entertainment at Amakna Village zaap. Let's get started! Preparation Access to Wabbit Island Wabbit Island (which, technically, is an archipelago) is separated from Amaknian continent by a body of water. Swimming ain't gonna cut it, so if you've never been there before, you have to talk to Lily in Madrestam Harbour at [9,-2]. She will take you on her ship to Wabbit Island. Immediately save the zaap at [25,-4] so future visits will be easier. At first you are restricted to a small portion of the first island. If you try to cross the gates at [24,-4] you will get a message that only valiant people can access it. The solution is simple: you need to obtain Wabbit Potion, which is a cure for myxomawosis (it causes swelling around balls; I am not kidding). You might already be in possession of said potion; if not, take one pair (x1) of each Blue, Red, Green, and White Scaraleaf Wings to Otomai's Assistant at [-2,-4]. In any case you also need to talk to Fixou the Foux to validate quest Finding Wabbitland and fully unlock the whole island. Access to Cawwot Quest Cawwot Dofus is now obtained through achievement The Empawow's New Cawwots. In simple words you have to fool Cawwot guardians into thinking you're a true Wa Wabbit. To do this, you need to wear full Wa Set (crown, cloak, and staff). Each piece is craftable by respective craftsmen (six slots, so at least level 60). You have to wear it both before entering the dungeon Wa Wabbit's Warren, and before talking to NPC at the end of dungeon (after defeating Wa Wobot). If you have old, pre-2.14 Wa Set (the one that gives only vitality), you don't have to craft a new one; it will work just fine. This achievement is obtained during the quest Egg or Cawwot. To unlock it you have to do a whole chain of quests: starting in Incarnam, continuing in Astrub and Pandala, and finally finishing on Wabbit Island. It might seem strange and unnecessary at first, but this quest chain follows a coherent and logical plot of introducing new adventurers to the world of Dofus and the Dofus eggs themselves. In the past, it was possible to do Astrub quests independently from Incarnam ones. This was fixed some updates ago. So if you already completed Pandala and Astrub quests, you probably can skip doing Incarnam quests. If not, you have to go back and do them. Keep in mind that the quest Journey to Astrub resets saved recall point to your class statue in Astrub. Speaking of which, when you're doing quests in Astrub, buy x10 Astrub Beers from the inn. You will need them later to access Pandala Bridge (if you already have full access to Pandala, you can skip this step). Quests in Pandala send you to conquest villages. Don't worry, you don't have to be in their respective alligment. You only need to speak to the guard in front of the village gates. He will teleport you inside the village to a quest location. You can't leave these buildings in an ordinary way; you have to talk to the same guard inside the building again. He will then teleport you to Neutral Pandala zaap. To solve puzzle during the quest Journey to the Centre of the Wabbit you need three characters who are either at the same step in this quest or have completed it before. Quest Pwince Not-So-Charming has to be completed before Egg or Cawwot. An NPC called Wawitna at [24,-4] gives quest Waw and Peace. It's a standalone quest and you don't need to do it to obtain Cawwot Dofus or any of Wabbit Island achievements. You can find a full list of all required quests in a section List of Required Achievements and Quests below. Navigating Wabbit Island All monsters on Wabbit Island are aggressive (range of one cell). In addition, several maps (notably on Gravestone Island) have holes in them. If you fall down you will end up underground - walk through several maps to reach a ladder leading to the surface. The islands are connected through a web of underground tunnels. You also have to use them to reach places on the same island which are inaccessible from the surface. Consult a map below to find your way through the island. If you want a more detailed map, which shows all possible tunnels, click here (Courtesy of JeuxOnline). If you are still confused and lost, check out this French website where you can find meticulous screenshots of every Wabbit Island quests (Courtesy of Dofus pour les Noobs). Underground passage at [23,-7] features completely dark room. Stepping on a wrong tile makes you fall down and start all over again. Bottom exit leads to overground parts of the island where you can find one of key keepers and the last cawwot from quest Smells Like Cawwots. The top exit leads to an NPC Wob who updates quest Houston, We Have a Pwoblem and exchanges 100 cawwots for a Cawwot spell. Consult a map below to ease your pain (Courtesy of winged-one). List of Required Achievements and Quests Learning Stages - main Incarnam quests Follow Your Path On the Trail of the Dofus From Nhin to Nhin Life After Death The Relics of Setsun The Relics of Ryzsun Journey to Astrub A Dream Disciple - main Astrub quests Discreet Arrival Remarkable Advice Class Quest Devotion Quest Astrubian Rumours Nowa's Ark In Search of the Missing Enus Main Pandala Quests Pandavignon Pandala: An Island Unlike the Others Mysteries in Pandala (if your character class is Pandawa) or Pandala: Its Goddess (any other class) Pandala: Its Villages Pandala: Its Fresh Air Cunning as Lenald - quests featuring Fixou the Fox Save the Species (screens, in French) Make Love, Not War (screens, in French) Smells Like Cawwots (screens, in French) Houston, We Have a Pwoblem (screens, in French) The Gastronomic Art (screens, in French) A Culinary Expedition (screens, in French) Journey to the Centre of the Wabbit (screens, in French) Pwince Not-So-Charming (screens, in French) A Bogus Wa - quests featuring Wanald the Wise Lenald In Never Wains But It Pouws (screens, in French) The Wa Castle (screens, in French) Egg or Cawwot? (screens, in French) This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
  10. Let's do this again. Emerald Dofus: Guide Table of Content: Introduction Preparation Navigating through mazes List of required achievements and quests Detailed quest guide Introduction Update 2.17 features change in obtaining yet another Dofus - this time it's Emerald Dofus. The quest line is aimed at medium-leveled characters. While it's relatively short, it engages players with various game mechanics, including breeding, souling, and professions. At the same time some steps can be skipped if players decide to use kamas and buy their way through quests. Emerald Dofus gives a fixed bonus of 200 Vitality. Preparation If you already completed main quests in Incarnam, Astrub, and Pandala (for example if you did them for Cawwot Dofus quests) you're in luck! You just need a couple more of them and Emerald Dofus is yours. You can find a full list of all required quests in a section List of Required Achievements and Quests below. Navigating through mazes Quests for Emerald Dofus feature two mazes: the Swamps and the Evil Forest. It's easy to get lost there and even the bravest Boy Scouts can lose their composure and soil their pants when aggressive monsters are lurking around. To cut the running time to minimum use the following maps: Swamps (click to enlarge): The Evil Forest (Chafers and Bworks aggro; click to enlarge): List of required achievements and quests Learning Stages - main Incarnam quests Follow Your Path On the Trail of the Dofus From Nhin to Nhin Life After Death The Relics of Setsun The Relics of Ryzsun Journey to Astrub A Dream Disciple - main Astrub quests Discreet Arrival Remarkable Advice Class Quest Devotion Quest Astrubian Rumours Nowa's Ark In Search of the Missing Enus But Where Are the Dofus? - main Pandala quests Pandalan customs quest Pandavignon Pandala: An Island Unlike the Others Mysteries in Pandala (if your character class is Pandawa) or Pandala: Its Goddess (any other class) Pandala: Its Villages Pandala: Its Fresh Air Lenald Legend See Dark Vlad and Live The Sorceress from the Swamps Green Emerald - Emerald Dofus quests Still Not Dying at the Sight of Dark Vlad (screens) Who Kicks the Kicked Ass's Ass? (screens) The Soul Stealer Nabur's Lost Love (screens) The Birth of a Mission (screens) The First Time Pregnant Or Just Fat? The Cania Bandits (screens) Draconthrophy (screens) A Trip Back in Time (screens) Detailed quest guide The Sorceress from the Swamps Talk to Lenald the Wise Lenald at [27,-47] to start this quest. He will send you to Meriana at [-6,-3]. Still Not Dying at the Sight of Dark Vlad Merina asks you to collect six ingredients scattered around the swamps: Marsh Flowers [-5,-2] Slimy Stone [-5,0] Putrid Clovers [-7,-3] Marshy Plant [-8,-4] Sanguine Roots [-9,-3] Odiferous Bellflowers [-9,0] To collect simply click on each of them - you might be attacked by an Aggressive Crocodyl (lvl 40-50) each time you collect the ingredients. Take the ingredients to Merina and then click on the cauldron. Speak to her again. Select the first option, which will teleport you to the Evil Forest. Talk to Hell Mina at [-7,16] and defeat her (she's a lvl 50 Iop). She will drop Dark Vlad's Letter - click on it. Leave the Evil Forest (you can do so by talking to Hell Mina again without leaving the map) and show Merina the letter. You will receive a compass. Double click on it to see the latest known location of Dark Vlad. The first location is at [5,1], so go there and talk to Bowisse inside the workshop. Who Kicks the Kicked Ass's Ass? Head over to Brouce Boulgoure's Clearing and collect 10x Woody Mushrooms. Then go to [14,17] in Bandit Territory and defeat Dark Shoemaker (he's with a Dark Baker and a Dark Miner). Return to Bowisse. Craft Windsoles on the special bench inside the workshop and talk to Bowisse again. To craft Windsoles you need: 8x Seed of Contention 10x Wind Kwak Feather 2x Emerald Stone (unpolished) 4x Treechnid Resin (you can buy them at every grocery store) 6x White Scaraleaf Wing. Use the compass again. Go to [29,-43] in Fire Pandala and talk to Tungussi. Note: Sometimes Bowisse will say that your level of competence is not high enough. To progress, you need to level up your professions; having at least one profession at lvl 50 should be enough. The Soul Stealer Take the souls of the following dungeon keepers to Tungussi: Kwakwa, Boostache, Kanniball Andchain, Nelween, Wa Wobot, Help her with the ritual and then defeat Yor Solismynao Spirit (lvl 80, 1500 HP). Talk to the Spirit and check your compass again. Go to [-9,-56]. Click on the grave on the right side. Move one map to the right and talk to Fiuina Ramarch at [-8,-56]. Nabur's Lost Love Go to Kerub Crepin in Astrub [6,-16]. He will instruct you to find legendary Master Nabur. He can be found inside a tavern in Dreggon Village [-3,25] (use the stairs on the right). After talking to him, you need to find out more information about the demise of the village (talk to Ziho inside Kajendo at [-4,24] and select option Find out more about the Devastated Village) and his daughter named Nabura (talk to Dreggon Tamer at [-3,24]). Return to Master Nabur and defeat the Plunderers (one lvl 90 and two lvl 80). After the fight, take the Master back to Amakna Castle [4,-6] and talk to George Segrob (he's inside the castle's library on the left). Consult the archives in the library by clicking on the the pile of books in the left corner. Head to the Amakna Cemetery and enter the tomb at [11,16]. Inside, talk to Oona and then to Master Nabur. Once again, use the compass and travel to Bonta Militia [-33,-56]. Inside, talk to Captain Starky. The Birth of a Mission Go to [-33,-55] and fight Blasfema and Riko Noklast (1500 HP each). Return to Captain Starky and show him the Compromising Document. Talk to Oogius at [-35,-56] and then to Edemaga on the same map. You need to teach this fine lady how to breed... dragoturkeys, of course (you sick perverts!). Anyway, to do so you need to complete related achievements and tasks first: learn Mount Taming spell (taming) complete an achievement The First Time (mating) complete an achievement Pregnant Or Just Fat? (birth) Additionally, you need to bring her a complete set of Wild Dragoturkeys (Almond, Ginger, and Golden) so she can practice breeding herself. After you complete training her, talk to Oggius again. He will instruct you to look at the archway in Bonta's Breeders' Quarter at [-34,-57]. Click on the archway on top left part on the map and then use your compass again. Go to [2,-12] in Tofu's Corner and talk to Nistracolamus. He will tell you to look for Dark Vlad - he's hiding in Cemetery of Heroes at [-1,-10]. When you talk to Dark Vlad he will turn you into a ghost. Revive yourself by touching a nearby Phoenix Statue (the closest one is at [2,12]) and then continue the quest by using the compass one last time. Go back to Meriana at [-6,-3] and talk to her. The Cania Bandits To defeat Dark Vlad you need to unleash the powers of a special amulet. To craft it, you have to collect scales from three Cania Bandits: Eddase the Killjoy, Eratz the Protector, and Nomekop Wodly. Cania Bandits are treated like bounties. It means they don't have a fixed location. Instead, each of them appears in a monster group on a different random map in Cania Plains. Each time they are killed they spawn in a different location. Their respawn time is not immediate; it takes between 6 and 18 hours for each Bandit to respawn. After defeating each Bandit you will get a following character. You don't have to escort it anywhere - it servers no purpose and it will simply disappear after one fight. Different Bandits drop different scales. After defeating each bandit, only characters who have quest The Cania Bandits active drop a full scale. All characters, no matter if they are doing The Cania Bandit quest, drop a scale fragment. You can craft a full scale from five scale fragments and one Smoked Pebble (obtainable for 100 Dopplons from Temple Merchants) on a special crafting bench inside Meriana's hut. The scale fragments (which belongs to Skin resources category) can be exchanged or traded, so players don't have to hunt the Bandits themselves. Each Bandit has two favorite areas: Eddase the Killjoy - Coast Road and Rocky Road Eratz the Protester - Cania Lake and Cania Massif Nomekop Wodly - Cania Peaks and Rocky Plains After you collect all three scales, show them to Meriana. Dracontrophy Scales alone are not enough. You have to collect more magical items in preparation for the ultimate battle with Dark Vlad: Obsidian Pendant: go inside a tower in Gisgoul, the Devastated Village [-16, 17] and defeat Rasuman the Green (a Bwork Magus) Flower of the Tormented: click on a flower in Cemetary of the Tortured [-10,29] Moowolf's Enchanted Ring: a quest drop from Moowolf (100% chance of dropping) Return to Meriana after you've collected all the items. A Trip Back in Time A wild goose chase after Dark Vlad leads you to Incarnam. Use any class statue in Astrub to travel there (warning: your recall save point will reset to your class statue after traveling to Incarnam). Start your investigation at the local inn [4,3]. Inside, buy a lemonade from the barkeep and then talk to a Regular Customer of the Inn. He will direct you to Kerub Captain at the Militia [5,1]. Follow his lead to the local cemetary [7,6] and pay 1,000 kamas to Kerub Militiaman Hatten to get more information. Go one map down to [7,7] and defeat Chafer Bandit (others can join and validate the quest at the same time). After a fight go to [7,4] and click on a stone skull on the right side. Defeat three Invisible Chafers (1000-2700 HP each) and then talk to Throbbing Ed. Return to the Militia [5,1] and after receiving a key click on a cellar entrance on the left side, right next to the stairs. Inside, talk to Orbalantyr and select the following dialogue options: Ears (3rd option) Mouth (1st option) After short debriefing with Meriana head to a hut in the meadows [1,1] and talk to a Mysterious Stranger. Dismiss her advice and carry on to [9,3] (use zaaps to save time). Talk to the owl Wedhig at the bottom of the map and travel to Dragon's Tail. Follow the path and confront Dark Vlad. You will be transformed into a dragon (10,000 HP, 4AP, 4MP). You have five spells at your disposal (each of them has a cooldown of 5 turns; 4 AP means you can use only one spell per turn): Vivacity: +3 MP for one turn Endurance: 1,200 HP restored Ferocity: 1,800 air damage at 1-3 range Courage: switches positions with the target and protects against Diagonal Flames and Kilburn Sword spells Ardour: 1,800 fire damage at 1-8 range; linear Dark Vlad (15,000 HP, 3MP) has four main spells: Mounting Pressure: 300 fire damage at infinite range; no line of sight Diagonal Flames: 1,800 fire steal at infinite range; diagonal Kilburn Sword: 1,800 fire steal at 1-2 range Speed: +3 MP for one turn - the bonus takes place one turn after the spell is cast Additionaly, each time you're hit with Diagonal Flames or Kilburn Sword you will receive permanent -50% fire resistance. Since all Dark Vlad's damaging spells are fire, they will become more powerful the more times you're hit with Diagonal Flames or Kilburn Sword. Therefore, to win this fight you have to avoid Diagonal Flames and Kilburn Sword at all costs. You can easily see which spells will be available to Dark Vlad the next turn by clicking on his portrait on the timeline. Most of the time you can safely keep the distance simply by moving away from him (you have 1 MP more than him). End up your turn 5 cells away from him to avoid Kilburn Sword and make sure he won't reach you diagonally to avoid Diagonal Flames. Pay special attention to his Speed spell: if on the next turn he gains 3 MP *and* he can use Diagonal Flames or Kilburn Sword, you have to either give yourself 3 MP or cast Courage to counter his attacks. Heal when necessary and hit him from the distance whenever possible. See the video below of a Dark Vlad fight: After you defeated Dark Vlad talk to Goultard, then to Meriana, and then finally grab Emerald Dofus. Congratulations!
  11. POKII.TUMBLR.COM WOOOT I FINALLY FINISHED IT YAY! :3 Thanks to all my friends and people who helped me make this possible :3 I really hope it helps others. Please leave suggestions/comments/corrections for me in this thread thanks! You can send me a question/message on IMPS VILLAGE, in game and on tumblr too. PM /w "Pokii" from Rosal :3
  12. Different classes can use different tactics to beat the Main Trap for the quest "Furry nearly catastrophic". Perhaps it makes sense to gather ideas here. Starting in the bottom left corner, to beat the room one has to reach the top right grey zone. Chars have -96 MP but 2 new spells, the first of which advances by 1 square, costs 1 AP and can be cast twice per turn. The second rewinds to the starting position. I have yet to find a good use for it. Eni: every turn use the hop spell to advance 2 squares, avoiding obvious traps, use Word of Youth to remove trap effects, heal. Share your ideas!
  13. Well, it's under construction, other posts are hidden for now, I gotta sleep~ http://turquoisedofus.tumblr.com/ As always, crtique/comment, bla bla bla, and you can follow to know right away when there's an update.. ZZzzzz.. Update: Fixed Ayuto Potion hidden recipe
  14. hi everyone i need 4 smith/magus level 200 - 4 carvers / magus level 200 please sign up here or pm me ingame for do it Smith ( my self Sweaven-power) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ------------ Carver (my self Xothen ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) we will pm all ingame for find a date to do it when we got all we need :) Xothen
  15. Sushi Party & Late-Night Horror-Grawn Movie Join us Dec. 18th at 20:00 DUT & Dec. 19th at 02:00 DUT as we invade the Lair of the Giant Kralove! If you need help completing the Eternal Harvest Quest for your ochre, please post here or on the INT thread above, and we will try to help you find a team! This event is open to all alliances who would like to participate, so feel free to post if you need help getting through the dungeon. Please also post if you can help people to run the dungeon to get their ochres -- and let us know if you can fill in one of the positions still open on the chart (click on the image of the chart to view the updated chart). Disclaimer: We are not liable for any pet fish that are eviscerated or eaten during this hunt. Please leave pet fish at home. Thanks, anjulica :wub:
  16. As the title says, do you guys want me to work on a guide for this? It's been a while since I made one, and before I work on it, I'd like to be sure this is something people would appreciate! I work full time and generally don't get on to Dofus these days, but working on these guides is fun, so if there's an 'audience' for it, I'll be happy to work on it. ^^
  17. Hi ^^ So, unfortunately I still need this quest more than ever, and I'm willing to pay 1mk per profession character who comes and helps out (provided that the gates open). Another downside is that my timezone is GMT +10, and so I'm not really willing to do DUT 17:00 onwards which seems to be popular with most people. For those who don't know: You need 5 level 200 smiths with level 200 magus on that same character, and the same with 3 carvers. If you can help in any way, please let me know! :) Thanks
  18. does anyone else have a problem with A Big Cube, a Li'l Cube it says that to start the quest, u need to Double-click on Vibrating Pingwin Feather after doing it, the quest begins and to finish it, you talk to Delphie Fillea (-64,-55) but after i get there, i find that the feather is gone from my bag and the quest is still active
  19. Hi, Can somebody help me with how to get the bomeomo beer. I should be able to get it at the tavern? But it doesn't seem to be sold there? Thank you.
  20. Sample of Alchemical Liquied For the quest: Drink or you'll miss it http://dofuswiki.wikia.com/wiki/Drink_and_You'll_Miss_It We've been to all the locations mentioned on the wiki and some even multiple times, but can't find anything to click on in some way. Can someone help us out?
  21. Hello everyone as you know its kwismas time and i know there has to be a fair amount of people who are looking to get the Kwismas Spirit quest done this year! It requires a fair amount of participants so im hoping to try and plan one sometime soon that we can all take a part in. I hope we can maybe try to do this this Sunday perhaps? If any of you guys are interested in getting the quest done and have ideas on a time/date that is convenient please say so. :) Edit: Credit to Gasper for the below organized list All tile participants must have a full Kwismas Set and the "Gift" emote. This applies not only to those standing on tiles but to all who want to go through the gate as well. People willing to participate and spots they can cover: (We will attempt to contact these players to help solve the puzzle) b. Neutral Player with emote - Kit-Cat c. Wicked Protector - Martial d. Brakmarian - Itzmewtwo (if on) e. "Gold" - Jaelia f. "Mywwh" - Jaelia g. "Fwankincense" - Jaelia 1. Letter N - Solstice 2. Letter O - Fearthebeard 3. Letter W - Lokriet 4. Letter E - Eroticfishcake 5. Letter L - Lokriet 1. 0-49 wisdom - 2. 50-99 wisdom - Kit-Cat 3. 100-149 wisdom - Sharath 4. 150-199 wisdom - Cherry-Pepsi 5. 200+ wisdom - Smockz People for non-specific spots (at least 10 chars needed) : Mad-Grandpa, Vettel (2chars), Lokriet (2chars)
  22. Right. Done the Oogie Betty, Roachelf etc quests today at 2pm, told me to come back in 12 hours, so i did. Log on at 2am to repeat before i go to sleep and its telling me to come back in 4 hours? This a glitch or am i missing something here? Anyone else had this? Plis be nice, i noob. Thankies~
  23. Is anyone interested in oppening Kralove DNG this week?? So we can set a date
  24. Ice Dofus: Guide In this unbearably long wall of text that nobody's going to read I will try to assist you with obtaining Ice Dofus: a Dofus tied to Frigost Island which gives bonus to all damage. Sure, you could just look at the achievement page and work your way from there, but it's not useful, fun, and you can't read it when you're bored at work. Enjoy. Table of Content: Introduction About Ice Dofus Preparation General Tips List of Required Achievements and Quests Quest Guide Introduction Dofus veterans remember the days where there were only two ways of obtaining Dofus eggs. The first one was to run long and tedious dungeons with aggressive monsters and deep holes inconveniently placed along the road. The second one was to farm certain bosses to the death; either theirs or the player, from boredom. But the joy of finally dropping the precious Turquoise on 180th Dragon Pig soul matches nothing else. Except maybe the disappointment when you discover it's a measly +11 Critical Hits one. Ochre and Dolmanax introduced a new way of getting Dofus through a long quest while offering a fixed bonus. Ice Dofus however is a horse of a different color. To get it you need to do a series of long quests. Or to be precise a series of achievements obtained by doing long quests. About Ice Dofus Ice Dofus gives 20+ bonus to all damage. I will leave the discussion to players whether the reward for doing all the quests is adequate or not. Keep in mind that individual quests and achievements also offer smaller rewards. After doing the whole series you will easily amass millions of kamas and experience. Ice Dofus, just like Dolmanax, is linked to the account. You can trade it between characters on the same account but if you want to use it somewhere else you need to do unlock the achievement again. It cannot be traded, bought, sold, or stolen. Preparation Remember that time when you wanted to craft something but you forgot to prepare all the mats and you missed one of them, much to the annoyance of the crafter? And then when you arrived to the workshop again you realized you're crafting the wrong item? And then when you finally thought you got it right this time you discovered you already had the item crafted but you just want it maged? (True story.) A thorough preparation is important not only in crafting but even more so in doing Frigost quests. There are couple of things you should do beforehand to make things less frustrating. The Vaccine Frigost quests require you to do a lot of fighting. Just so it happens certain monsters have a chance of dropping a curse called Lurgi. It distorts your speech a little and forbids from talking to the majority of NPCs. And since quests are given and advanced by talking to NPCs you need to get rid of Lurgi each time you catch it by entering five fights. It quickly gets really annoying. Not to mention bosses can infect you with stronger version of Lurgi called Sarapox which temporarily debuffs wisdom, range, and initiative. Pretty ugly if you ask me. Therefore permanently immunizing yourself to these diseases is a priority. You need the associated quests for the Ice Dofus anyway so you might as well do it at the beginning. The minimum level to start the quest is 120. Quests needed for the permanent vaccine: The vaccine monologues Emi's ear The illness Poor Kiki Gin'n'ticks Welcome to Frigost first Sustainable Growth quest. The Dungeons It would be too easy to have all Frigost at your feet from the beginning. That's not the case however; your access to the island is restricted from the start. To unlock every part of the island you need to defeat Frigost dungeons in order: Royal Mastogob and Royal Pingwin, Buck Anear, Obsidemon, Tengu Snowfoux, Korriander, Kolosso, and finally Celestial Bearbarian. Doing so also unlocks the Frigostian Carriers which allows you to move between major locations in a couple of seconds. Chances are you probably have done them already. If not, do them after obtaining the lurgi vaccine. The suggested level to face the last boss, Celestial Bearbarian, is 190 - but feel free to attempt dungeons sooner if you have a good team or feel like having a challenge. Although Frigost 3 dungeons might seem nigh on impossible, with enough attempts you will learn fight mechanics and mistakes to avoid. If after several attempts you're still not making any progress, change your team composition (remove/add characters, switch classes). Look up videos of fights on YouTube for some inspiration, but keep in mind that some of them might be outdated. For example, final map in Missiz Freezz's Frostforge was changed in one of the updates, making all videos uploaded before it obsolete. Sorting by the upload date (as opposed to by popularity) will help you find newest videos. The Skis Frigost is like Australia: it's huge and everything tries to kill you. Quests demand you to travel from one location to another and places of interests are spread across the whole island. Walking between them takes long time and there are no zaapis and only three zaaps on this damn block of ice. Luckily there are consumable skis that act like recall potions to certain location on Frigost: entrance to Frigost Village, Frigost Carrier, Royal Mastogob Greenhouse, and Royal Pingwin Excavation. To use them you need to complete quest Star Ski and Dutch and be in snowy areas of the first part of Frigost. After completing the quest you can buy skis from ski shop (duh) at [-82,-46] for 50 kamas each. The skis are bound to the character. As they tremendously help with getting around do this quest as soon as possible. You need to unlock Petrified Forest area before - you can do it by defeating Tengu Snowfoux. Quests needed for the skis: Star Ski and Dutch Handygirl Alignment Achievement Too Cold For Zero requires you to do quests given by Brakmarian or Bontarian supervisors, Oto Mustam and Amayiro respectively. They hand out Frigost-related quests only if your alignment level is at least 1. Neutral characters can access this quest at Ankama Castle from the NPC in the second room (courtesy of Ala). General Tips Now that you know how to comfortably navigate vast terrain of Frigost here's some free tips that make it even more breezy. Multiple accounts Doing quests for Ice Dofus on one character seems like a tremendous effort. You might think doing them on multiple characters is a challenge of epic proportions. In reality it's only marginally longer, even on eight characters. Yes, on some occasions it will be slower, especially when you need to do quests one character at the time. Picking plants for Sustainable Growth is a notable example; good luck with that. But there are times when you will benefit from extra characters - any quest where you need to kill monsters for drops for example. To halve walking time use marriage teleportation as often as possible. If the quest requires you to travel between two locations back and forth split your group into two parts, one spouse from pair in each. Walk one half to the destination, teleport back to the starting location, walk second half, teleport back again. Bind spouse window to shortcut for faster access. Use Alt-Tab or Alt-Esc to quickly cycle through Dofus windows. Keeping the track of your progress Many quests call for dropping or collecting multiple items. You can check their amount in your inventory in quest tab. Or you can simply drag them onto your itembar so you can take a look at them without entering any menus. Drag and drop Quests and Achievements buttons on your grimoire bar for fast access. Or better yet bind them to easily accessible keyboard shortcuts. List of Required Achievements and Quests Friboff - Frigost introduction quests The Icefields A Frosty Mayor Full Contact Stop Right There - Frigost access quests Antiroyalist - Royal Mastogob The Crown Jewels - Royal Pingwin The Pirate of Men's Pants - Buck Anear Lavomatic - Obsidemon It's Cold But It Doesn't Matter - Tengu Snowfoux Epic Beard, Man - Korriander Up There on the Mountain - Kolosso The Frozen Peak - Celestial Bearbarian Town Hall Crawl - Frigost Town Hall's quests Welcome to FrigostThe Vaccine Monologues Emi's Ear The Frozen Lake - needed to unlock other town hall questsFishing in Frozen Waters Fishing with Mel Mel O'Dious Mel O'Drama Get Your Fresh Snapper Here! The Survivors of FrigostHandygirl Let's go for a Walk in the Woods The Hunters He Wants to be Buried at Sea Low-Cost Heating In search of Al Ive Who benefits from the MastogobThe March of The Emperor Frigost: An Island Like No Other Sustainable Growth - you have to complete either alchemy or agriculture branchBisale Vinlenta branch - alchemyOne hundred and twenty three flowers, exactly like the others Botanic-nick-nick Highly strung My lily flowers Tyler Rose, Tyler Rose, oh! Blushing blooms Happy is he who likes your lilies The name of the fungus Fangs for the add Frigost in Bloom Cassiopeia Sant branch - agricultureSowing's so in A bird in the hand Hakapik massacre Cum grano salis Bad Seed Drilling Fields Sick seed The seeds of discord The Field of Heroes Castlefield Dungeons and Dragrunts A Mine of Information Winter is Coming - Count Harebourg Castle's main quests Snowbound Village Survivors - the remaining quests of Survivors of the Frigost Supply DepotHot P.A.N.T.S. A friend who doesn't have your best interests at heart Maya the bee-autiful The Last SurvivorsDaddy's Wittle Girl Recalled to Life Spontaneous Combustion Engine Armarines on Strike Saving Gus in Private Outbreak of Ex-Emma Castle in the SnowAll Along the Watchtower A Cold War Sylargh's Plans You Want Smooth Skin? The Last Map If Only I Could Turn Off Time Mind Over Masters - defeat Count's four henchmen in their respective dungeons. Consult topic on Tester's Corner for monsters' descriptions, tips, team composition, and videos (courtesy of Melii).Defeat Nileza Defeat Sylargh Defeat Klime Defeat Missiz Freezz Guilty On All Counts - defeat Count Harebourg in his dungeon Too Cold For Zero - Snowbound Village's main quests Prologue Fate (if Brakmarian), Destiny (if Bontarian), or Rivarly (if Neutral) Curses! Snow BusinessHot P.A.N.T.S. Hot 'n' Cold All Is Not FrostIce Hotel The Ice Foundry Shadow and Ice Freshly Laid The Ice Dofus - automatically validated upon completing all of the above quests and defeating Count Harebourg once againQuests Guide All quests related to Frigost are explained in detail on Dofus Wikia. Still, there are some information that might be helpful and are not so obvious and are presented here. Feel free to ask fellow forum members if you're stuck and you can't find the answer. Quests Order The above list shows quests in order in which they appear on related achievements. It might be a little confusing to follow, because not all quests are available from the start. As you complete quests, more will become unlocked. But where to start? Where to go next? Fear not! You can use this handy flowchart which shows all quests requirements and dependencies (click to enlarge): Quests related to dungeons In some quests (The hunters is one of them) you need to defeat boss monsters. I know what you're thinking but souls don't count. To validate quest you need to reach the specific map found only inside the dungeon. Multiple quests require you to visit the same dungeon more than once. To save time use the following list to plan your quest order to validate many quests simultaneously (Frigost Access quests are listed first and are in italics): Royal Mastogob: Antiroyalist, Hot P.A.N.T.S. Royal Pingwin: The Crown Jewels, The Hunters, Fishing in Frozen Waters Buck Anear: The Pirate of Men's Pants Obsidemon: Lavomatic, Hot P.A.N.T.S., Supply Depot, In Search of Al Ive Tengu Snowfoux: It's Cold But It Doesn't Matter Korriander: Epic Beard, Man Kolosso: Up there On the Mountain, A friend who doesn't have your best interests at heart Celestial Bearbarian: The Frozen Peak Nileza: Mind Over Masters, Hot 'n' Cold, Saving Gus in Private Sylargh: Mind Over Masters, Hot 'n' Cold, Sylargh's Plans Klime: Mind Over Masters, Hot 'n' Cold, You Want Smooth Skin? Missiz Freezz: Mind Over Masters, Hot 'n' Cold, The Last Map Count Harebourg: Guilty on All Counts, All Is Not Frost Additionally, souling rooms with Revishes in Missiz Freezz's Frostforge will help with quest If Only I Could Turn Off Time, as Revishes can be found only inside the dungeon. (courtesy of Melii) Quests related to monster drops In some quests you are required to get special quest items. They can be dropped from certain monsters only if you're doing that particular quest. Usually the drop rate is 100% but sometimes it's limited to one drop per monster per group; no matter how many characters in a group are doing a quest. Some other times quest items don't have guaranteed 100% drop rate - use prospecting equipment and do the challenges to increase your chances. If you have problems locating monsters that drop a particular item you can use Bestiary for assistance. Just make sure to tick the option Display conditional drops at the bottom. The Survivors of Frigost It is advisable to do these quests along Sustainable Growth. Many of them overlap - for example Low-Cost Heating and Tyler Rose, Tyler Rose, oh!/Bad Seed both require you to kill Tears of Ouronigride monsters. Snowbound Village You can only talk to NPCs in the Snowbound Village if it's free of Snowfouxes' invasion. If Snowfouxes are present, you have to clear the village. It is advisable to do all three quests from Snowbound Village Survivors line in a quick succession to avoid clearing the village multiple times. Sustainable Growth This series of quests is long but pretty straightforward. You talk to NPC, kill monsters from respective area for drops (100% chance of dropping when the quest is active; the number of monsters to kill increases by 5 each quest), collect ten plants from respective area (you don't need profession and the respawn time is about five minutes), and then return to NPC, rinse and repeat. There are usually three locations of flowers and seeds in each area. You can either do rounds and collect all of them (takes about 20 minutes) or camp one location (takes about one hour). Sometimes the plants (especially seeds) won't show on the map after five minutes. To see them you need to relog, enter a fight or a challenge, or simply change the map. If you're doing this quest on more than one character, consider splitting them between flowers and seeds path. This way you can harvest unique plants twice as fast (courtesy of Azn). Dungeons and Dragrunts There's no need to run the dungeons again - if you completed them before Lou Bricante will validate the quest. A Mine of Information In this case yes, you need to run Sakai Mine again. There's no quest associated with it so the game cannot know whether you finished it before or not. Any corrections and suggestions are welcome. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
  25. Hi Guys! I know a friend who started up a YouTube channel dedicated to making guides to assist the Dofus community! It's only just started up and is taking its first steps towards regular and high-quality content. Please give it a go! Leave any suggestions or requests for guides in the comments! I'll make sure to get in contact with Blip with them. You can also reply here with feedback and suggestions! You can find the YouTube channel here. Short Synopsis: With over 10k achievement points - Blippero has been playing Dofus since its creation; forging friendships and skills over many years! She wants to now spread that knowledge and other helpful tips to any of those who are interested. Give the channel a go and hopefully you'll find something that helps you out. Give it a go, hopefully it helps! Kind Regards, Heavenly