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Found 5 results

  1. A need a good place and idol combo to make it easier to get to 110, Im solo but I have access to some sidekicks.
  2. Before you dive in oysters and chocolate, let's briefly review the year 2016. Tot also takes the opportunity to give you a brief overview of 2017. In short, because all the details will be given to you in Gamakna! Good evening everyone, I hope you are well and that you are already planning to enjoy the end of the year. First of all, I would like to apologize for one thing: we promised you more communication and exchanges and I know that in recent months we have not fulfilled our commitments. The reasons are as many as the projects we have to manage, but in reality there is no excuse to have. So I'm sorry about our lack of feedback on some topics and I hope to catch up with this "intermediate" topic. It is not a true "letter to the community", but it will look a bit like it, from a distance, in the mind. I promised you something great at the end of the year to replace this famous letter to the community, and I am sorry to say that this will not happen until early January. But wait is worth the candle because it is unheard of for a studio ... Well, ok, I may add a little to put pressure on the team, but for us it's still one of the major subjects of 2017 and I will talk about it in more detail a few lines below. To close this little introduction, know that I will also take the opportunity to make a point with you on the premise of what 2017 will be in terms of content for different games. I want to make it clear that the lines are drawn but nothing is fixed. So here is the opportunity to gather your informed opinions (do not hesitate to leave us comments). GAMAKNA: The interactive magazine As I told you a while ago, we've been working a new way to communicate with you, more pro, more efficient, more complete, more regular, more full of things. It bothers me deeply because I wanted it to be Ankama's "Christmas present" to Ankamians, but the project is so big we're going to be late. The idea is to make a virtual magazine bimonthly decorated with a few exclusive series. We have invested in a rather incredible solution that will allow us to present our concepts and productions in the form of texts, visuals and videos. The images can be fixed, animated, interactive... We have a lot of possibilities. On the other hand, we just do it, we test the project so do not expect to have all this in the first issue. But gradually, we will try things. Until even maybe place small games in it. The whole will therefore be as playful as instructive and available as well on computers as on mobiles and tablets. You will discover below some visuals of the work in progress but in general, imagine the Dofus Mag which comes back to life, free and full of information about all the projects of Ankama. As I wrote above, a few exclusive series will highlight the news. For example, we are already planning a special one for Krosmoz E-sport and another on Krosmaga. The advantage of this project is that it fits our relationship with you and that it excites (in the right way) everyone in-house. KROSMOZ 2017: Our thoughts E-sports / Ouginak class / Level 200+ / Server merging / ... As every year, we have a global theme for all games related to the Krosmoz universe. The year 2017 will be based on the "Brotherhood of the Forgotten" in relation to season 3 of the WAKFU series. Whether it is Dofus, Wakfu, Krosmaster or Krosmaga, we are going to have updates that speak of this group of characters that has been raging for centuries in the universe of Krosmoz. The other more "functional" theme that we will develop is that of E-sport. It's been a while since you've been talking about it and we're going to do everything we can to develop that part as it should. We will give you details very soon on all this. DOFUS 3 Thread regarding Dofus 3. (New Dofus 3 artwork) We announced to you that the video of the conference on Dofus 3 would be available... I regret to announce that our friends of the TGS can not provide it to us (I fear that the reason is "we forgot to record", so the subject is avoided). But it does not matter, we'll do another :). Concerning this project, I would like to share with you the development and the decisions that we will take. With a little distance and following the first exchanges with you, we decided to use Unity as main technology rather than HTML5 as with Dofus Touch. This will lead us to a longer production, but will allow us much more graphic flexibility. You will have access to the video presentation of the project in the 1st issue of the Gamakna and a dedicated forum will open its doors in the stride to start sharing our tracks with you. KROSMAGA The last one of the studio is like a charm. The baby is well arrived, the dads and the moms are tired but happy. While the game is in beta, you are already more than 40,000 to have tested it and, quite crazy thing, we turn to 15,000 distinct players not day. We take the opportunity to announce that the very first official tournament will be born in January! The game will be released in official version in the first quarter of 2017 on mobiles with its arena system and its first dungeon. I also take advantage of it to thank all alpha and beta testers (except those who roll me on without shame). WAKFUNDING and WAKFU Season 3 Thank you once again for your tremendous support during the Wakfunding. The series is progressing well and we are at 6-7 episodes produced. Maybe I miss a step back, but in terms of animation series, I think we have here our most impressive work. It's beautiful, it's beautiful and beautiful! Even if the writer (me) has not written any stuff for it, at least you will have beautiful pictures to put you under your eye ^^. Good news, we got the agreement of our partners to present the first episodes in preview on some events. And this will be done in January / February for the lucky ones. The series has taken a decidedly more adolescent-adult turn, I hope you like it. In any case, we look forward to your feedback. And personally, I can not wait to see our torturers-critics-background understand that "everything was planned". PRINCESS DRAGON: The top secret project we won't say much about Well... I'm not telling you anything, I'm just showing you a little visual. It is a film project that we develop "underwater" with JJ, my pooch pooch. After the non-success of the film DOFUS - Book I: Julith, we launched a pre-production on another feature. History to forget depression, misunderstanding, sons of criticism... Finally story to change ideas. The project is definitely for children with the idea of going through the classic channels of production (understand: "lower our standards because we took pride on the first film" :)). It's a story we've been developing for a few months, and I'd like to talk to you a lot, but JJ does not want me to show you more than one image. He doesn't mess with people. We won the right to present the concept to the Cartoon Movie in March and we will tell you more based on the returns. If you're interested, obviously. Bah, at least in the meantime it will make you a beautiful wallpaper: Meetups: Another very important point of next year is our willingness to meet you to do stuff. We have somewhat calmed the salons in the last two years, but with the idea of organizing more competitive events we will resume our tours. We are selecting a series of events, if you have any in mind, do not hesitate to let us know. Final words: I suggest you continue the discussion with me on the forum to answer your questions. It's time to enjoy it, I have a week of holidays and I risk getting bored. In any case, I wish you all a very good holiday season. Krosmozment, Tot Click here or scroll down to read further.
  3. Hello Everyone! Welcome to Rushu's new, Trustworthy, and Quick Leeching Service! We are offering a leeching service with the prices as follows: *Level 1 to 199 for 40m *Level 199 to 200 for 20m With the recent update to patch 2.35, the required xp from 1-200 has been changed. As future revisions of the xp curve come, the price will be modified to reflect this. *We will do a service on a per level bases, min is 10 levels for this service if you are below level 150. You will be charged on xp required to obtain the desired level. (37Mil xp for 400KK) -- Example: 120-140 would be 2.2M -Having an exp multiplier will mean that you can divide these prices by the multiplier. What we require from you: We have no basic requirements from your part. A decent amount of wisdom will speed up the process though! We can also speed up the process by being given access to your account, we have found that this can shave off about 25% to 30% of the total time taken. Many of our clients have chosen this option. :) Payment: For the below a min of half up front is required, once the work for the initial half is completed you will be required to pay the rest before our contract is completed. *Level 1 to 199 for 40m *Level 199 to 200 for 20m What sets us apart: We have 3 people working this service meaning we are able to handle more contracts at one time, this also means that if for some reason one person is unable to be online for a day or so we can still complete the contract within our time frame give or take a day (after discussing with you). Time Frame: ***The below times are estimates based on if you are tagging along, and not if we have the ability to log your account, logging your account does generally make the process quicker, and less boring for you!*** 1-199 or 199-200 (199-200 is now suspected to add 1.5x time to the times estimated below.) 1x xp 3 Days 2x xp 1.5 to 2 Days 3x xp 1 Day. 4x xp 1 Day. Per level time frame will vary based on the level requested, if you want a time frame ask us before agreeing to utilize the service. We have 3 people available to take on your leeching contract! Owyn/Clint Lukiido/Thantarian Aveal/Uul Your details will not be shared with the other person without your knowledge/discretion. If you are part of the Fedaykin guild or the FIN Alliance please be sure to let us know as we do give a special rate to Guildies/ Alliance members. Feel free to PM either Lukiido or Owyn/Clint in game and if we are not online post on the thread, or drop me an inbox here! Current work in Progress: Completed contracts/References: Viviane (145-197) Laef(199-200) Elynnia(163-198) Waffel 199(56%) to 200 Nehless - 195 to 200 Qinch 199 to 200 Filitar 1- 199 Everdes 1-199 Lille-Katten - 50-199 Tre-mannen - 50-199 Kepa 19X-199 Gucci-cra 19x-199 Lille-magikaren 19X-199 Irnageu 190-199 Exiees 184-199 Mivy-Two 50-199 Mivy-One 50-151 Nudes 195-198 Shawtyy 98-160 Feroshious 181-187 Jerkyy 182-198 Wanderlei 41-199 Hal 191 - 199 (50%) Cakepop 199 (25%) - 199 (50%) Dynamo 194-199 Tate 6-199 Xreaperr 199 43% to 199 to 50% Uglyish - 188 to 199 Smartish - 84 to 130 Asleep 1 to 199 Uranius 199 (25%-50%) Andrewjacksonjihad 100 to 190 Artful (1-199) Panda-Newb 176 to 200 Eni-Newb 123-200 Compliment 199 55% to 200 Nourishment 18X to 200 Encouragement 16X to 200
  4. Hey Guys! I'm offering fast and good (xp wise) leeching service. I'm online +10hours per day at the moment just to leech clients! Places where i leech has no requirements! *I write down the xp you gain per fight. *Be full wisdom! Pricinggoes 100m xp = 1mk (if no multipliers, sometimes negotiable) Alliance/guildie discount later coming! 2.35 UPDATE: Normally i've charged 35mk for 199-200 but in the coming update. I'm offering 199-199 (51%) for price of 15mk! Since when the update is released you will ding lvl 200 with 199(+50%) Hit me with pm in here or post in this, or you can contact me directly in-game IGN: Mivyy, Mivy-One, Mivy-Two, Mivy-Three, Mivy-Four Leeches Done: Doom - 195-199 Bobby-Arrow - 22-160 (still going) Exxies - 199-200 (74-100%) Re-Shot - 195-199 Waxu - 196-199 Pakkane - 199-200 Pakkanen - 199-200 Upb-Glyphr - 191-199
  5. Hello I returned 2 days ago to dofus (since I left it for 1 year) and I saw all the idols thing etc... My question is that I have 1 yopuka 12x and 1 sacro 13x both all wisdom and I have my sram 192 inteligence/force and I would like to know where I can powerlevel them fast.