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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone ! I'm an old player, started Dofus in 2007 when level 100 was unreachable and wearing a gelano was our biggest dream. Throughout my experience, I played almost every character then I tried the Iop and fell in love with it. I'm only playing fire and air thanks to nomarow's set. I used to be hungry for achievements but I dropped out over the updates. I had a team that I left because of the lack of time and kamas. Now I'm just a lone player raising dragoturkeys ! For those who know more or less french servers, I exclusively play on Amayiro. For two years, I have been the leader of a medium-sized guild with a well defined goal : playing together rather than each one in its own corner. It wasn't usual on our server, most guilds were looking for power and fame while we were looking for the real personnality of each player. We were supporting values such as respect and solidarity. Unfortunately, the adventure is now over but it was a great experience. Here is a picture of us, beware of the swag excess ! One of our main activities was providing in-game events for the community. Therefore, we organized a few beauty contests, riddles, runs, hide-and-seek... It was much fun for both competitors and organizers. Here is an example with a zelda-related event conceived by tofusy, one of my guild members. Following this communal play, I've been through the english forum and created a character on Rosal months ago and I'm deeply convinced that your community is much better than ours. This is mainly due to the targeting from ankama in my country, which mainly adresses the game to preteens. Therefore, the community is quite young and I don't feel at home anymore. I'm waiting for an allowance to transfer my main character to Rosal, This is the main reason why I'm here ! Thanks for reading.