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Found 6 results

  1. You’ve been waiting several weeks now, and it’s finally here: the DOFUS CUP is gonna spice up your evenings from March 11th until April 2nd! Are you ready to experience a Dantesque month of March? From March 11th until April 2nd, 2017 winning the DOFUS Cup will become the sole objective of hundreds of warriors; with the clatter of sword on steel, the roaring of the crowd and dizzying fights, don’t expect any peace and quiet in the World of Twelve! A maximum of 1,500 teams comprised of 3 players per team will battle it out for 1 month to find the ultimate champions who will take home a cash jackpot of €3,000! Who will emerge victorious in the competition? Who are the three players who will go down in history and take home the DOFUS CUP? Could it be you? How to take part: To register for the tournament, you will need a team that includes 3 different players, including one character of level 150 or higher. But be careful, the composition of your team must respect the following criteria: It cannot contain more than one class from the list below: Osamodas Sacrier Xelor Eniripsa Feca The following class pairings are forbidden: Sadida/Osamodas Masqueraider/Osamodas Masqueraider/Xelor Masqueraider/Sacrier Ecaflip/Feca Enutrof/Xelor Enutrof/Sacrier Enutrof/Eliotrope Enutrof/Osamodas Playing an Ouginak during the tournament will be forbidden. Your level and your character’s equipment at registration are not definite: the tournament will be held on a special server where all characters will start on an equal footing with the same advantages: Level 200 All level 6 spells Basic characteristics of 100 in addition to 995 characteristic points to be assigned as you choose. A bank containing nearly all of the equipment available above level 160. So please register, even if you’re not an expert: you have the same chance of winning as everyone else! Important Note If you want to change the class of a character that is participating in the tournament, you have until 11:59 PM (Paris time) on Sunday, February 26, 2017. Registered characters who change their class after this date will be disqualified from the tournament. Registered characters are also prohibited from transfering servers on Tuesday, March 7th, 2017 upon pain of disqualification. Dates to remember Thursday, March 2: registration opens Tuesday, March 7: registration closes From March 11 to 26: qualification stages Saturday, March 11: rounds 1, 2 and 3 Sunday, March 12: rounds 3, 4 and 5 Saturday, March 18: rounds 7, 8 and 9 Sunday, March 19: rounds 10, 11 and 12 Saturday, March 25: rounds 13, 14 and 15 Sunday, March 26: rounds 16, 17 and 18 From March 27 to April 2: final stages Monday, March 27: the sweet sixteen Tuesday, March 28: the elite eight Wednesday, March 29: the quarter-finals Thursday and Friday March 30 and 31: the semi-finals Sunday, April 2: the final The tournament format The qualification stages will be played based on the Swiss system: this is a system we’ve been using for many years now and has already proven its worth. The final stages will be played in competitions of two match wins (B03*), except for the final, which will be played as a 3 match win (B05*). That’s right, to win first place in a tournament you have to work hard! *BO3: In this format, a team must win two matches to be declared the winner. The results of a BO3 could be 2-0 or 2-1. *BO5: In this format, a team must win three matches to be declared the winner. The results of a BO5 could be 3-0, 3-1 or 3-2. During the final stages, the team composition restrictions will no longer apply. Each team can change its composition before each match in a draft stage. This stage will proceed according to the following schema: A forbids a class B forbids a class A chooses a class B chooses a class B forbids a class A forbids a class B chooses a class A chooses a class A forbids a class B forbids a class A chooses a class B chooses a class When a class is forbidden, none of the two teams can choose it or forbid it again. When a class is chosen by the two teams, the other can no longer forbid it or choose it again. The map where the combat will take place will be known prior to the draft stage, so it is possible to plan your team composition to suit the location and your attack strategy. The full tournament rules will be provided before registration opens. Until then, tell all your friends and start preparing your teams! Think you’re the best PvP players right now? Come and prove it by winning the DOFUS Cup!
  2. Because Jon's summary topic last year was so useful, let's have a new one this year! I am shamelessly copying the concept. More video links coming as I find them, don't panic. Selection Phase Round 1 - 03 August (map 9) Rushu Rushu A (+45) vs Jiva A (+20) - Youtube (no char info/fight chat), Twitch (starts at 18:30, with info visible) Rushu B (+70, landslide) vs Brumaire B (+15) - Youtube Rushu C (+5) vs Nomekop D (+80, landslide) - Twitch, Youtube Rushu D (+20) vs Pouchecot B (+45) - Youtube (starts at 2:28:20) Total: 6 points, 140 SGP Rosal Rosal A (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Raval A (+60) Rosal B (+45) vs Amayiro D (+20) - Youtube, Youtube² Rosal C (+20) vs Aermyne A (+45) - Twitch Total: 3 points, 40 SGP Solar Solar A (+5) vs Edass A (+60) - Twitch (1st turn missing) Solar B (+15) vs Jiva B (+50) - Twitch (starts at 28:06) Solar C (+65, landslide) vs Bowisse D (+20) - Youtube (starts at 4:30) Solar D (+0, no result sent) vs Maimane D (+80, landslide) - Twitch (starts at 42:57, last turn missing... watch the beginning of Solar B's video for that last turn) Total: 3 points, 85 SGP Shika Shika A (+80, landslide) vs Shadow C (+5) - Twitch Shika B (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Ulette C (+60) Shika C (+5) vs Silvosse B (+80, landslide) Total: 3 points, 60 SGP Zatoishwan Zatoishwan A (-20, forfeit) vs Otomai D (+60) Zatoishwan B (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Spiritia B (+60) Zatoishwan C (-25, forfeit/late?!) vs Jiva D (+60) Zatoishwan D (0, no result sent) vs Spiritia D (+80, landslide) - Twitch Total: 0 points, -70 SGP Round 2 - 05 August (map 3) Rushu Rushu A (+80, landslide) vs Hyrkul A (+5) - Youtube Rushu B (+80, landslide) vs Silouate C (+5) - Youtube Recommended for 4 turn lulz Rushu C (+5) vs Maimane A (+60) - Youtube (first 2 turns missing) Rushu D (+15) vs Tinieblas C (+50) - Twitch (Spanish, starts at 1:45:10) Total: 12 points (+6), 320 SGP (+180) Rosal Rosal A (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Tinieblas B (+60) Rosal B (+20) vs Vilsmisse D (+45) - Twitch (1st turn missing), Youtube Rosal C (+55, no result sent) vs Shika B (-25, forfeit/no result sent) Total: 6 points (+3), 90 SGP (+50) Solar Solar A (+45) vs Domen D (+20) - Twitch (starts at 7:30, 1st turn missing) Solar B (+15) vs Hyrkul D (+50) - Twitch: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (This stream had technical problems hence the 3 parts, but it's the only one I found for this fight) Solar C (+80, landslide) vs Lily C (+5) Solar D (-20, forfeit) vs Oto Mustam C (-20, forfeit) Total: 9 points (+6), 205 SGP (+120) Shika Shika A (+5) vs Lily A (+80, landslide) - Youtube Shika B (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Rosal C (+60) Shika C (-20, forfeit) vs Li Crounch D (+60) Total: 3 points, 20 SGP (-40) Zatoishwan Zatoishwan A (-20) vs Amayiro D (+60) Zatoishwan B (-20) vs Shadow A (+60) Zatoishwan C (+60) - Pass Zatoishwan D (-30, forfeit/wrong result sent) vs Maimane C (+60) Total: 3 points (+3), -80 SGP (-10) Round 3 - 07 August (map 4) Rushu Rushu A (+80, landslide) vs Alma D (+5) - Youtube, Youtube² (from Rushu eca perspective) Rushu B (+80, landslide) vs Danathor A (+5) - Twitch (starts at 01:06:34) Rushu C (+5) vs Helioboros D (+80, landslide) - Youtube (part of 1st turn missing), Twitch (starts at 16:35) Rushu D (+5) vs Bolgrot A (+60) - Youtube (Spanish, starts at 01:25) Total: 18 points (+6), 490 SGP (+170) Rosal Rosal A (-20, forfeit) vs Shika C (+60) Rosal B (+5) vs Mylaise D (+60) - Twitch (starts at 01:46), Youtube (French, from Mylaise team perspective) Rosal C (-20, forfeit) vs Dark Vlad A (-20, forfeit) Total: 6 points, 55 SGP (-35) Solar Solar A (+5) vs Bowisse D (+80, landslide) - Youtube (French, starts at 0:43) Solar B (+15) vs Tinieblas D (+50) - Twitch (Spanish, starts at 21:55) Solar C (+50) vs Maimane D (+15) - Youtube Solar D (+60) vs Zatoishwan B (-25, forfeit/no result sent) Total: 15 points (+6), 335 SGP (+130) Shika Shika A (-20, forfeit) vs Lily A (+60) Shika B (+60) - Pass Shika C (+60) vs Rosal A (-20, forfeit) Total: 9 points (+6), 120 SGP (+100) Zatoishwan Zatoishwan A (-20, forfeit) vs Djaul B (+60) Zatoishwan B (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Solar D (+60) Zatoishwan C (0, no result sent) vs Danathor D (+60) Zatoishwan D (+15) vs Oto Mustam C (+50) Total: 3 points, -110 SGP (-30) Round 4 - 10 August (map 11) Rushu Rushu A (+5) vs Menalt C (+60) - Youtube Rushu B (+55, late) vs Nomekop C (+5) - Youtube Rushu C (+60) vs Helioboros C (-20, forfeit) Rushu D (+60) vs Zatoishwan A (-20, forfeit) Total: 27 points (+9), 670 SGP (+175), rank 15 Rosal Rosal A (-20, forfeit) vs Helsephine C (+60) Rosal B (+55, late) vs Raval A (+5) - Youtube Rosal C (+15) vs Agride A (+50) - Twitch, Youtube (French, from Agride team perspective) Total: 9 points (+3), 105 SGP (+50), rank 48 Solar Solar A (+50) vs Brumaire C (+15) - Twitch (starts at 45:59) Solar B (+5) vs Pouchecot D (+60) - Twitch (part of 1st turn missing) Solar C (+5) vs Djaul C (+60) - Youtube Solar D (+50) vs Otomai A (+15) Total: 21 points (+6), 445 SGP (+110), rank 38 Shika Shika A (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Danathor D (+60) Shika B (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Otomai B (+60) Shika C (-20, forfeit) vs Goultard D (+60) Total: 9 points, 50 SGP (-70), rank 49 Zatoishwan Zatoishwan A (-20, forfeit) vs Edass C (-20, forfeit) Zatoishwan B (+60) - Pass Zatoishwan C (+50, late/no result sent) vs Oto Mustam C (+5) Zatoishwan D (-20, forfeit) vs Rushu D (+60) Total: 9 points (+6), -40 SGP (+70), rank 50 Round 5 - 12 August (map 7) Rushu Rushu A (+80, landslide) vs Menalt A (+5) - Youtube, Twitch Rushu B (+15) vs Hyrkul C (+50) - Youtube Rushu C (+20) vs Jiva B (+45) - Twitch (1st turn missing) Rushu D (+50) vs Rykke-Erel D (+15) - Youtube (French, starts at 31:42) Total: 33 points (+6), 835 SGP (+165), rank 18 Rosal Rosal A (+60) - Pass Rosal B (-20, forfeit) vs Spiritia B (+60) Rosal C (+55, no result sent) vs Aguabrial D (+5) - Youtube, Twitch Total: 15 points (+6), 200 SGP (+95), rank 46 Solar Solar A (+5) vs Lily D (+80, landslide) - Twitch (1st turn missing, video title is wrong) Solar B (+60) vs Helioboros B (-20, forfeit) Solar C (+60) vs Goultard B (-20, forfeit) Solar D (+80, landslide) vs Zatoishwan C (0, late) - Twitch (starts at 14:55, video title is wrong) Total: 30 points (+9), 650 SGP (+205), rank 33 Shika Shika A (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Sumens D (+60) Shika B (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Edass A (+60) Shika C (-20, forfeit) vs Edass B (+60) Total: 9 points, -20 SGP (-70), rank 50 Zatoishwan Zatoishwan A (-25, forfeit) vs Dark Vlad D (-20, forfeit) Zatoishwan B (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Brumaire C (+60) Zatoishwan C (0, late) vs Solar D (+80, landslide) - Twitch (starts at 14:55, video title is wrong) Zatoishwan D (-20, forfeit) vs Edass C (+60) Total: 9 points, -110 SGP (-70), rank 51 Round 6 - 14 August (map 5) Rushu Rushu A (+50) vs Hecate B (+15) - Youtube Rushu B (+40) vs Rykke-Erel B (+25) - Youtube Rushu C (+50) vs Bolgrot B (+15) Rushu D (+5) vs Domen D (+80, landslide) - Youtube Total: 42 points (+9), 980 SGP (+145), rank 16 Rosal Rosal A (-20, forfeit) vs Zatoishwan B (-25, forfeit/no result sent) Rosal B (+60) vs Aermyne A (+5) - Youtube Rosal C (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Raval A (+60) Total: 18 points (+3), 215 SGP (+15), rank 47 Solar Solar A (+5) vs Nomekop A (+60) - Youtube (Spanish, starts at 2:29) Solar B (+60) vs Ereziah C (-20, forfeit) Solar C (0, no result sent) vs Silouate A (+80, landslide) - Youtube Solar D (+5) vs Raval D (+60) - Youtube (French) Total: 33 points (+3), 720 SGP (+70), rank 34 Shika Shika A (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Tinieblas D (+60) Shika B (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Bolgrot A (+60) Shika C (-20, forfeit) vs Oto Mustam B (+60) Total: 9 points, -90 SGP (-70), rank 51 Zatoishwan Zatoishwan A (+60) - Pass Zatoishwan B (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Rosal A (-20, forfeit) Zatoishwan C (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Sumens D (+60) Zatoishwan D (-25, forfeit/no result sent) vs Helioboros B (-25, forfeit/no result sent) Total: 12 points (+3), -125 SGP (-15), rank 50 Final Phase Round of 8 - 21 August (map 10) Rushu Rushu A vs Helsephine A - 19:45, A10/C10 Rushu B vs Helsephine B - 19:00, B10 Rushu C vs Helsephine D - 20:45, C10/A10 Rushu D vs Helsephine C - 21:30, B10
  3. So, I checked all the gear I have for eni and decided to make a list of equip I still need and I dont really want to buy, because its not that useful for my characters on rushu. I'd really appreciate if anyone is willing to donate them for the backup at 15th, let me know in PM here or ingame. Thanks a lot. Essential items: Pawl Ouatnos Amulet All the new trophies Nice to have items: +10 crit res overmaged vortex items (I have only regular mages) Unstable belt with 12 in all stats (crits, heals, AP/MP red) - the one I have has only +9 crits, because I didnt need it at that time, which changed in new system
  4. Hey Everyone, Since the official pillars have been release for Goult, It might be a good idea for us to start working on or modifying some possible team compositions as a community(all drama aside as always), i've been told a few ideas and id love to get to know some more, i personally wanna try out a few but it would be nice to start this early, may not want to discuss everything on here directly but in game or something. We can even get some more practices going, Goult time is coming quick so the more prepared we are, the better it will be for Solar! so lets go, hmu... let me know what you think, any support is welcome, and also i know it might not be as easy as it sounds but a bit more attendance would be nice, even if you dont plan on going to goult, you can still help us out in practice.
  5. Hi all Rushu PvPers, the Goultarminator is getting closer and all servers around the world are exploiting the PvP maps on regular server (yeah, we were begging Ankama for it for years), so its time for some Goultarminator style PvP event. But you know, organising regular tournaments doesnt work on Rushu with all the international and timezones stuff so we decided to try something different: The Rushu PvP challenge It cant be simpler, the bravest warriors from Rushu'll get chance to face me (Marwen), Lubo and Vikin on one of the Goultarminator maps in 4vs4 fight following the last years Goultarminator rules (slightly updated for easiness and things we cant enforce) ... and here comes the interesting thing ... if they manage to beat us, alongside the eternal glory, they'll receive 20 Mk (there is no entry fee). Lets make it quick to the details: Challenge time start: sat 3 January 2015, 8pm dofus time (the event'll be held +/- 4 hours) Entry fee: None Prize for winner: 20 Mk I'm sorry that there is double exp weekend going, but I announced this before I knew about it and tbh the few hours of exp arent so important for skilled endgame players with the class change and toons of exp modifiers. Rules: Teams and players: 1) We'll follow the standard team composition of last years Goultarminator, 4vs4, osa/eni/feca/xel as captains (they cant be together in teams, but every valid team needs one of them). 2) There needs to be at least 3 different players in valid team (1 of them can play 2 characters). 3) We'll prefer endgame known PvPers over teams with "PvP wise unknown players" in case there are more challengers than we can handle. The match: 1) Before the challenge starts team captains tell referee (we'll find neutral referee somehow) their ini order and average initiative and referee'll make sure the order/starting team is the same. There is no other function for referee. 2) Once the match starts, it wont be restarted. 3) There is no draw, the match'll be played until one team wins. 4) The match'll be held in Goultarminator arena A12. 5) Spects'll be open for the whole duration of match, so everyone is welcome to watch :) Other rules: 1) shields are not allowed, candies are allowed 2) This is the first run, so there might be slight changes in rules on the go if we forgot something or something is unclear. 3) if the challenger wins, all kamas'll be handled by Marwen to the team captain after match, its up to you to split them. Good luck to everyone, pls write here if you want to accept the challenge, or if you noticed any problem in rules. The teams "registering" here'll be prefered over teams registering in game or at the time of event (but its still possible).
  6. Hi everyone! If you would like to participate in the Goultarminator as a livestreamer or reporter for a fansite, now is your moment of glory! Please send me ( [izmar] ) an Ankabox message with the subject line "Goultarminator Fansite Application" that includes your account's nickname (the name that shows up when you post on the forum), your site's URL, and a brief description of your site and your streaming experience. To be clear, you are applying to be able to connect to the Goultarminator server in order to stream Goultarminator fights for the English community servers. I would especially appreciate reporters who plan to comentate on the fights, and who can be available for the majority of the English server fights. Send your app in ASAP, Friday morning (Paris time) is the absolute latest you can send an application. Thanks in advance, and good luck!