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Found 2 results


    TOURNAMENT OF THE DAWN Hello everyone! The Aurora alliance is excited to announce that we'll be hosting a tournament within Ech’O beginning Saturday the 30th. Everyone is welcome to register. All official announcements regarding the tournament will be posted here on this forum, but we strongly encourage you to join our tournament discord here for the most up to date information. The rules for the tournament are as follows (note; tournament rules may be modified and any modifications will be posted both here and in #announcements): DISCORD https://discord.gg/Cbe9gtV #announcements - get the most up to date info regarding TotD! #general - use this channel for team search, questions, and general discussion! #registered-teams - check out the officially registered teams! #prize-pool - logs of all entry fees and donations #fight-results - screenshots of all fight results ORGANIZERS & REFEREES Animuffin............Discord: Animuffin#5839 Alchy..................Discord: Marz Barz#6351 Tezar..................Discord: tezar#5477 Defuse...............Discord: Defuse#4822 Snark-Hunter.....Discord: The Snark#0069 Bootiful ...------.. Discord: Bootiful#5388 Meme-God . .. ..Discord: Mug O' Rum#9802 SCHEDULE -Registration is now open! -Thursday Sept. 28........(23:00 DST) - Registration closes -Friday Sept. 29 ............(20:00 DST) - First round opponents are announced -Saturday Sept. 30 ........(20:00 DST) - QUALIFIERS: First round .......................................(23:00 DST) - Second round opponents are announced -Sunday Oct. 1 ..............(20:00 DST) - QUALIFIERS: Second round .......................................(23:00 DST) - Third round opponents are announced -Saturday Oct. 7 ............(20:00 DST) - QUALIFIERS: Third round .......................................(23:00 DST) - Fourth round opponents are announced -Sunday Oct. 8 ..............(20:00 DST) - QUALIFIERS: Fourth round .......................................(23:00 DST) - Top four teams are announced and randomly matched -Saturday Oct. 14 ..........(20:00 DST) - Semifinals // Losing teams will immediately compete for 3rd place -Sunday Oct. 15 ............(20:00 DST) - Finals BO3 REGISTRATION -Register your entire team and substitute by posting on the forum here, on imps, or DM Animuffin on discord using the following format: Team Name (Optional, must abide by ToS or will otherwise be referred to by Captain name) Team Captain: Character name, class, level (Main contact person) ........................ Character name, class, level ........................ Character name, class, level ........................ Character name, class, level ........................ Alternate Character name, class, level -The fee to register is 500kk per person, or 2mk per team -Entry fee must be paid to Animuffin by Thursday Sept. 28 at 23:00 DST to secure entry -All entry fees and donations will be logged in #prize-pool on discord for transparency -Teams wishing to withdraw must do so prior to the announcement of first round opponents, or the team's entry fee will be donated to the prize pool -Officially registered teams will be posted here and in #registered-teams on discord -8 teams minimum for this tournament, no maximum TEAM COMPOSITION -4v4 format -Lvl 197+ -Maximum of two pillars per team -Pillar classes include: Eni, Osa, Sac, Feca, Xel -No duplicate classes -Multilogging permitted at maximum of two per team -One team max per person -One alternate character permitted (the entire team of five must abide by two pillar rule, the chosen team of four must abide by no duplicate class rule) -Alternate character must be registered before the first round begins and may not be changed after -The alternate may substitute a registered team member for any reason (i.e. fill in an absence, change team comp according to opponents) -A sub may be used only with prior approval of a referee and must be the same class/build. This will only be permitted in extenuating circumstances. RULES -You can access the Goult maps by walking through the orange zaap at [-6, -12]. Go right - this is where teams will meet before each round -Both teams of 4 must check in with a referee before the fighting map is chosen -Teams must come prepared with a list of three maps that they would like “banned” for this round. Teams may be transported to the various maps by talking to the NPCs. Each team bans three maps, and a referee will randomly choose the fight map from the remaining maps using a random number generator -One member of your team must screenshot the results of every fight and post it in the #fight-results channel on discord (one point will be deducted per offense for failure to do so) -Candies/treats are not permitted TOURNAMENT SYSTEM -We will be using the following point system to determine the team standings during the four qualifying rounds: .................WINNING TEAMS will receive... .................60 points for winning with 4 characters alive on their team .................55 points for winning with 3 characters alive on their team .................50 points for winning with 2 characters alive on their team .................45 points for winning with 1 character alive on their team .................LOSING TEAMS will receive... .................20 points for losing with 3 kills on the other team .................15 points for losing with 2 kills on the other team .................10 points for losing with 1 kill on the other team .................5 points for losing with 0 kills on the other team .................*Revived characters will be counted as killed -Teams will be randomly matched in the first round using a random number generator -In rounds two through four, teams in the top half of the leaderboard will be randomly matched against each other while teams in the lower half will be randomly matched against each other -There will be no draws -Should a team be missing a member and/or the alternate, they may choose to fight their match with an incomplete team. Failure to complete a fight will be counted as a loss. -Teams that are more than 15 minutes late will be considered forfeited and this will be considered a loss -The top scoring four teams following the fourth qualifier round will be randomly assorted into a bracket -Losing teams in the semifinals will immediately fight to determine a third place winner -The final round will be best of three (BO3) on the following day REWARDS -Tournament champions: 50% of all entry fees and donations, (4) Ughats, AND Battler Shields* for each player on the winning team. This is a linked shield you can only earn by winning official tournaments -Second place team: 30% of all entry fees and donations -Third place team: 20% of all entry fees and donations -Note: *8 teams minimum must be registered in the tournament. Requirements for the battler shield can be found here. -Note: Rewards will be distributed evenly among the four registered team members. It is up to the team to decide how much of the prize to distribute to the alternate, if any. DONATIONS Animuffin - 76mk (5m towards spectator screen off) Morcha - Ughat x 4 America-The-Greatest - 15mk Steam-alb - 50mk Alchy - 20mk Snark-Hunter - 100kk Teufelus - 1.5mk Somniatis/Sram - 3mk Ex-Ray - 1mk Defuse - 10mk Shingun - 2mk If you’re interested in donating to the prize pool, please contact "Animuffin" here, in game, or on discord! Always make sure you're speaking with the right person when making trades. Animuffin has no alts. STREAMING Snarklesparkles Mapleminou morchaa le_chaf KillerSpiritual Animuffin John If you’re interested in streaming this tournament, please contact a referee! SPECTATOR SCREEN-OFF Thank you Feca and John for the beautiful banners!
  2. Ech'O

    Hello everyone, I’m making a new tread to open the registrations. So this is the final and clean version, for more details I explained in this post the reason of most of the rules. Registration : CANCELED !! Composition : - Format 3 vs 3, lvl 198 minimum. - - The composition must be the same during all the tournament. - The pillars are osa feca sacri eni xel, pillars can’t play together. - - Two same classes can’t play together. - - Except for the two above cases, every duo of classes is allowed. - - Multi account is allowed. - - To avoid a possible forfeit one, and only one, sub is allowed but I advise to choose him wisely. The composition must be the same, the sub must not be involved with another team. You can register your sub later. Selection phase : Unlimited number of teams,6 rounds will be played. In each round you fight a team that has the same or close to the same score than yours, a ranking will be done. If you lose some fights, it doesn't mean you're disqualified or have no chance to qualify for finals. The map will be randomly drawn for each round and will be the same for everyone. Final phase : The top 8 teams in the ranking will be selected for the final phase A tree is generated and the 1st and 4th teams are placed in one half of the bracket and the 2nd and 3rd in the other half. And for the direct opponent, in the first round of the final phase the best team fights the last, the second fights the before last etc. Starting from now a loss is definitive, so to reduce the luck part different things are added : - - The possibility to ban 3 maps for each teams, then a map is randomly drawn between the left ones. - - The BO3 system is included. It means you need 2 victories to definitely win the match. - - 3 Maps will be selected but the 3rd map will be played only if the two first fight result in a draw. Fights rules and schedule : - Friday 25th August : Registration open - Friday 8th September : 20:00 Registration end and Live stream for the opening ceremony. - Sunday 10th September : 1st and 2nd round 20:00 and 22:00 Paris time. - Thursday 14th September : 3rd round 21:00 - Sunday 17th September : 4th and 5th round 20:00 and 22:00 - Thursday 21st September : 6th round 21:00 - Sunday 24th September : ¼ final 21:00 - Thursday 28th September : ½ final 21:00 - Saturday 31st September : Little final 21:00 Sunday 1st October : Grand final 21:00 All schedule is given in Paris time (UTC +2), here or in other website you can check your current time. You can change the time if your opponent agrees but be careful it doesn’t cross with the second fight of Sunday which we won’t allow. It is also your responsibility to contact your opponent and ask for a time change and then notify us only if they agreed. - - Organisers are Defuse, Fe-cabrun, Steam-alb. - - You can be 15 min late, passing that time you’re declared forfeit. - - Win is 3 pts and lose is 0. - - There is no limit in turn and time if the fight is going on. If both teams are intentionally avoiding the fight and no taking consistent damage (not simply a temporization of a few turn) then the fight will be stopped after 20 turns when the last players turn pass ( the turn 20 is played and the turn 21 is not played). - - If the fight is stopped, the team with the most players alive excluding osa leash is the winner. If both teams have the same amount of players alive, it is a draw and both team obtain 1 point. - - Except for the multimen and the incarnation, every item is allowed. - - It is forbidden to leave if it affects the fight, typically making your team or your opponent team losing a buff like truce, pull out, roulettes, powder, spiritual leash,... Ranking : - Win 3pts, lose 0, draw 1. - In case of an equality, the PVA will make the difference. It is the total % of victory and loss of all the teams you’ve fought so far. - There is no goultard points system, in 3 vs 3 it would penalize and advantage some composition too hard. So it doesn’t matter if you win with only one player alive or with every member alive. Screen : You’re asked to screen the result of the fight and to post it in the screenshot section of Discord. Discord : In construction. Google doc : In construction. Streaming : https://www.twitch.tv/steam_alb Any streamer is free and welcome to record the fights. Reward : 1st team : 60% cashprice 2nd team : 30% cashprice 3rd team : 10% cashprice - Kamas from two sources : The registration fees and donations. The amount is not decided yet but efforts will be done to make this part as clear as possible and anyone who is willing to make a donation for the price pool is welcome but must respect some rules. To avoid false promise and any confusion, you're considered as a donor only when the donation has been made, no promise or words are accepted and your kamas will be put in a chest and not be used until the tournament is over. Also, donations are not accepted once the tournament starts (basically in the opening ceremony after the registrations are done), so the total amount will be fixed and everyone know what they can win. But in any case I won't reveal the names of those who want to be anonymous. THE TOURNAMENT IS CANCELED DU TO A LACK OF PARTICIPANT