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Found 17 results

  1. Title ^ PM me ingame Thefook
  2. Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a Cloudy Dofus. I'm willing to pay around 85 mk. Thanks PM me in game: Apolena or Horacek :-) -------------------------------------------------------- Bought for 90 mk, this topic can be closed
  3. As title says paying 60m+ pm me here or in game for offers /w Putin
  4. Hi guys! I would like to sell my cloudy dofus ! I Wish a good offer over 80 m ! I know its an High price but i think this dofus worth It ! So leave an offer here or in game if interested ! GL and hf Anubi-x in game
  5. PM Thefook in-game.
  6. B> Cloudy Dofus 75mk Pm me in game: Caitir
  7. Hello, I'd like to buy a cloudy dofus for 60mk. PM me on impsvillage or IG: Miss-Ceremonial; Hehe-Ceremoniale Have a good day!
  8. Selling: - Ochre Dofus (29m) - Dolmanax (20m) - Ice Dofus (20m) - Turq-/Crimson Dofus (8m) - Cloudy (68m) Got a few unlinked today so let me know asap while I have 'em. (Available on imps or in-game on Thefoq or Thefook, prefer imps for now since busy with Clash of Guilds)
  9. Hello. I'm looking to buy a Cloudy Dofus, I'm offering 71M but I'm open to negotiation.
  10. Hey all, I'm looking for 3 more to do this quest and get the cloudy dofus, please pm me in game or leave a post here if you're up for it, thanks in advance! Edit: you'd of course need to be at the same stage or to have completed it to be able to join.
  11. Hi, Looking to buy a Cloudy Dofus (60m) + Jammy Jack Ring/Cape (13m ea? Better the stats, better the pay) Pm Zatopishwariaan or Skellog :)
  12. CLOUDY DOFUS - 89MK pm me here, leave a message or shout me ingame - IGN: Shush you can find my merch! in the photo
  13. As it says in the title. I'm selling srambad daggers The stats are as follows Srambad daggers 383/400 Vitality 63/70 Strength 66/70 Chance 31/40 Wisdom 1 Range 18/20 Neutral Damage 18/20 Earth Damage 20/20 Water Damage 24/25 Critical Resistance 10/10 Fire resistance. I'm Looking for 25M for them. I can negotiate. Pm me in game @ Erah ---- @ Chasm Edit : Sold for 20mk. Please Close.
  14. I am selling a Cloudy Dofus. Because of the amount of skill it takes to get one, I would like to place the selling price for 140mk. To contact moi, Either reply to this post. Or Pm me in game /w Erah , Chasm Edit : Please close.
  15. Selling 2x Cloudy Dofus - ea 160m
  16. On the 30th of june my cloudy will unlink so thats when i can sell it. looking for about 170mk Looking for about 40mk for the Helmet. 389/400 vit 74/80 chance 47/50 wis 1/1 summon 14/15 water dam 0/15 pp 7/10 lock 6/7 mp resis 10/10 % fire 10/10 % air 10/10 earth Message me on imps or in game on beehiveone