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      There's 35mk up for grabs this year along with an Atanip hat & cape! 'Click Here' for your chance to win.  Yule regret missing out.

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Found 49 results

  1. Hi, I would like to buy 2x euphoric hemps. You may PM me on forum or in-game, same nickname. I'm in huge need of them, but unfortunately they're very hard to find. Hopefully someone can help. Thanks in advance and have a nice day :) euphorichemp.bmp
  2. Hello, I am looking to buy 158 of these potions. I will be paying 50kk each. /w Zatopeshwariaan - Senks
  3. Bought.
  4. EDIT: did my own AP mage and bought mp bear ring for 26.5m hail ring minimum stats: 240/250 vit 38/40 pow 36/40 wis 1/1 range 9/10 damage perfect res bearbaric wedding ring minimum stats: 240/250 vit 55/60 chance 0/60 agi 36/40 wis 1/1 range 11/12 water damage 0/12 air damage 350/400 initiative 0/5 lock perfect res
  5. As the title says I am looking to buy either a range maged Mali hat or a 2 crit exoed Mali hat. Willing to pay anywhere between 15-32mk depends on the stats obviously as well as the range exoed one being more exspensive. Pm me in game at Giant-Bluemonster if you have one you might be willing to part with.
  6. Willing to buy x3 Karms mimied Boarhog. Paying 60mk each. Feel free to message.
  7. Paying 20mk
  8. Hi I´m looking for an ap exomaged Head Band. Preferably with high wis. Hit me up here, or ingame (PM "Felinus").
  9. Hey, I want to buy spell point scrolls. I am willing to pay 250kk/ea - negotiable, tho I won't pay 350kk/ea or so... Need 27 atm, but I can buy more if in good price. Cheers.
  10. Will be buying the set 32-38M per piece depending on the stats 94-114M per set depending on stats Pm me through imps or in game (Maxxipad) CLOSE
  11. Looking for an MP Maged Guten Tak's Wedding Ring with the following stats. *1 MP Vitality: 330+ Wisdom: 25+ Range: 1+ Dodge: 8+ %Earth Resist: 6+ %Water Resist: 6+ Fire Resist: 17+ Air Resist: 17+ Willing to pay 20mk to 30mk or so depending on stats. Reply here or /w in-game @ Vaskii or Shippidi.
  12. bought all thanks
  13. Looking for a turq 20CH for 85m msg me here or IG: Colombo-ll
  14. B> Emerald Dofus Price is 10M Negotiable PM here or IG: Maxxi
  15. Paying 200kk for every mastigator and dremoan frag! Pm me in game at Prosanunderstatment , or feel free to post a reply here. Price can be slightly negotiated if you have good # of frags / stacks! And as always, GL to all.
  16. SELLING: Queen of Thieves Stats (70M) : SOLD 1/0 AP 378/400 Vit 75/80 Str 75/80 Agi 38/50 Wisdom 1/1 Summons 13/15 Neut Damage 13/15 Str Damage 13/15 Air Damage 14/15 Prospecting 20/25 Critical Resistance 10/10 %Earth Resistance Bearbaric Band Stats (62M): SOLD 1/0 AP 240/250 Vit 53/60 Str 56/60 Int 32/40 Wis 4/4 Crits 10/12 Neut Damage 10/12 Earth Damage 10/12 Fire Damage 2/5 Lock 7/7 %Water Resistance 7/7 %Air Resistance 12 CH Turq Dofus (27M) SOLD (Noh Cape Mimied) Inky Veil Overmaged Vit (15M) SOLD 392/350 Vit 67/70 Strength 67/70 Int 32/40 Wis 3/3 Critical Hits 6/10 Damage 10/10 %Fire Resistance 10/10 %Water Resistance 10/10 %Air Resistance Inky Veil Overmaged Vit (16M) SOLD 394/350 66/70 Strength 70/70 Int 32/40 Wis 3/3 Crits 8/10 Damage 10/10 %Fire Resistance 10/10 %Water Resistance 10/10 %Air Resistance BUYING: Range Exo Bearbaric Sword Hispañic Shield (55M) BOUGHT PM through imps or IG : Maxxi Can negotiate, Cheers
  17. I'm looking for someone to sell me all 5 krosmaster emotes, that's 700 kroz. No idea about the price, so I'm open to offers and negotiations (for imps rules, I'll just say I'd pay at least 10m). Let me know ingame, here, etc; Jaelia on Solar, but feel free to contact me if you're on another server and you want ogrines money. Thanks.
  18. pm me in game: Hello-mark EDIT: bought for 54mk
  19. any missiz freezz boots and ring will do but i need a high strength stats, PM me here IGN:Biancake
  20. throw me the stats at my char: Biancake
  21. Hey Rosalhians i'd like to seach and buy a Goultard's Headgear! So either pm me ingame or post comments on this topic :) #Edit - I'm offering like 15mk for it! ~ Cruzix
  22. Looking to get the resources to craft the new level 182/183 set. I'm unsure of it's name as of now. Currently i'm sat in college bored so i thought i'd give it a go. If you have any resources which i shall list eventually. If i forget just pm me in game between 3-10pm GMT. The set is a Agi/Str. "Nekrotic" or something. If you have any of the resources be happen to comment below and i'll subtract it from what i need. Thankyou. ign: RIften x
  23. Hi all, I am looking for a: Crimson - Any %, name your price. GIVING UP. Turq. - 20CH, 85mk. BOUGHT. Ochre - 95mk. BOUGHT. Happy to negotiate. :) Whisper Kiesza, Vahe or Grenadier in-game, or send me an IV PM. Thanks! Adam P.S. I'm also buying unlimited Dragon Pig Maze Key materials - see this thread!
  24. Buying 'Somboots'. PM ME in game (Sommanker), post here or pm me on here. Thx.